Travel Opportunities for people who like travel

Top 10 Jobs With Travel Opportunities

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Let me take a wild guess here; I suspect you like travel?

Travel Opportunities for people who like travel

Well you are reading a great website about travel so I think I could be along the right lines.

So why are you reading this blog? Are you also a traveler, do you just like the stories or maybe you actually aspire to travel?

If you search the internet you will find many travel blogs, often offering a unique and independent view of travel.

You maybe wonder how these people can drop everything and afford to travel. Maybe they have some wealth, rich benefactors or there is something they are not telling you? Or as in most cases they are working whilst travelling.

This may sound great but it is a daunting prospect. You want to go somewhere but you need a visa. Yet you need some work lined up at your location to get the visa? Okay but you can’t get the work until you are in the country so you need a visa. Bit of a catch 22. Do you get my drift?

Well here is an alternative solution. Rather than trying to get there or save for a holiday to the unknown only to be plagued with diarrhea let someone else pay for you to go. Yes, find a career and an employer who will send you places and pay for your travel. You can try all sorts of places around your country or the world, even ones you never considered visiting.

All your visas are sorted and plane/train tickets paid for. Even your accommodation and meals can be covered too. Sounds good doesn’t it? Well here I list my top 10 jobs with travel opportunities:


1. Travel Industry

travel industry job opportunities

travel industry job opportunities

Well I suppose it goes without saying for the first one. If you want to travel then work with travel. By working for travel agents you will often receive discounted or free trips. Maybe to fill a quota or just to try a place out so you can tell customers what it is really like. Of course the more glamorous option is to work for a company who travels. Say be an air hostess or pilot. Work on a ship or rail company.

You have to go to places to do your job and you’ll need some downtime when you get there.


2. Auditor

auditor travel job opportunities around the world


Okay so you don’t want to be as dull as dishwater and be a boring auditor. Yet is it really all that bad? I know, I’ve been there. As an auditor you have to go out and visit you clients wherever they are. You don’t have to be a financial auditor either.

There are roles in Internal Audit too where your skills whether in IT, process or Health & Safety can be just as valuable as knowing how to read a balance sheet.



3. Engineer/Builder

Engineer /Builder travel job opportunities

Engineer /Builder

Working in the construction or building industry can require the need to go to the location of the project. Do you ever read of the construction boom in Dubai or China? Can you imagine getting a placement there as an architect or engineer on the project? Expenses paid and you might be in a great climate to go with it. Even laborers and brickies could find opportunities within the building industry to be a long way from home.


 4. Consultant

Consultant jobs travel opportunities

Consultant jobs

Maybe you already have a particular skill? You want to be your own boss? Why not become a consultant in your specialist field? In the period 2000-01 I went in a consultant role to a position in the Middle East. This was a life changing moment for me and I’ve never stopped travelling the world since. Turn your current skills into a marketable strength. Whether you seek to go on long term assignments or maybe just fly in to give a lecture or presentation you could potentially cover the world.


5. Teacher

Teaching-English travel job opportunities


No doubt you’ve heard of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). It is a highly popular career choice of people who want to travel, particularly in their twenties. You don’t have to restrict yourself to English though, you could almost teach anything. Ex-pat schools (schools for foreign children) exist in many places around the world. You might also receive some lucrative pay if you get into an established private school.


6. Translator

Translator travel job opportunities


Rolling on from the TEFL theme maybe you are strong at languages. There are always roles somewhere for someone to translate. Either home or abroad you could work with interesting people in a whole range of businesses. Have you ever seen President Obama meeting foreign leaders? Look closely and you’ll see some people hovering in the background. They are not all bodyguards, some are translators. Okay, maybe you won’t get an assignment for the U.S. President but there are a whole host of opportunities for translators.



7. Journalist

Journalist travel job opportunities


Writing is a skill and so is reporting. Maybe you are a budding reporter in the making? Journalists can very between moving to assignment by assignment or receive a placement for a set period of time. If you watch BBC News you will often hear them interview their Middle East or US correspondent. These senior journalists are often home-grown and worked their way through the ranks. Then they receive that gold opportunity of an overseas posting. Organisations such as TV News and print media like to send their own people out when they can. They trust the quality of the reporting and know it is geared towards their audience. Don’t forget that journalism takes many forms. You don’t need a microphone in your hand, if you are handy with a camera you could become a photo journalist.


8. Sales

Sales travel job opportunities


I often refer to this job as “the gift of the gab”, but maybe I am being unkind. If you can sell then why limit yourself to a confined market. My next door neighbor is a sales man and a pretty good one at that, at least that is what he tells me. He has taken on numerous roles over the years and travels the world as much as I do. We are often comparing locations and seeing who has how many frequent flyer miles.


 9. Actor

Actor...well.. Maybe NOT as famous as Leonardo Di Caprio...)  travel job opportunities

Actor…well.. Maybe NOT as famous as Leonardo Di Caprio…)

Thespians have long been a trade which has been sought to entertain and enrich our lives. Whether on stage or screen there is a host of opportunities. You can travel around with a theater company, musical production or appear in TV dramas and films. My wife’s uncle is a well-established actor. He’s appeared in London stage shows and TV programs. He even went to America to appear in a film where you can see him sat beside Demi Moore!



10. Volunteer / Charity Worker

Volunteers and Charity work travel job opportunities

Volunteers and Charity work

This last option is probably the least lucrative yet in many ways the most rewarding. There is always a demand for people to go overseas and assist in projects with the less fortunate than ourselves. Whether it be a building project, either a school or a village well or even just helping in a local school or community project in a third world country. This is undoubtedly a life changing experience and you will obtain first hand an insight to these peoples lives. If you are religious then your local church can direct you to religious projects overseas or you can approach some of the big name charities for a lead into a project for a good cause.



So there you have my top 10 jobs with travel opportunities. Some are more achievable than others, I’ve got little chance of achieving number 9 yet all the others are not out of reach without some determination.

Author: This article was written as a guest post by “The Guy”.

TThe Guy is a frequent international business traveler. He has been travelling with his various jobs since 1994. In the year 2000 he received a 17 month overseas consignment in the Middle East. Since then he has traveled internationally almost every month. You can read all about his travels and experiences on his travel blog Flights And Frustration. You can also like his page on facebook. Don’t forget to follow him on twitter too or Google Plus

Do You have any other job to add to this list? i bet you do! πŸ™‚


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    1. Many thanks Sarah,

      Yes you have first hand experience of what it is like to teach abroad. We can learn a lot from your time in China.

  3. Great list of suggestions for jobs that you’ll travel with. I think now more than ever, travel is increasingly important in a variety of positions due to the globalized economy. Nothing beats that personal touch.

    1. Many thanks for reading Andy. That is a very good point, with globalisation the world is a much smaller place (or feels it) which creates more and more opportunities to work abroad.

  4. Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to guest post. It looks great and I’m really grateful to be featured on your fabulous site Klelia.

      1. Hi Kle, I don’t suppose there is any chance you could update the link to my Twitter profile please? I changed it a few months ago to @TheGuyWhoFlies.

        Many thanks πŸ™‚

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