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Your beautiful pictures and summary of your trip have made me want to go to Sri Lanka (and the Maldives) even more now! Those hotels look especially beautiful!

-Emily Ray

Wow!This looks like a true paradise. Thanks for the great advice. I really want to go to the Philippines, and I will definitely be staying in that place you recommend!


Thanks so much for your brilliant blog. I based my holiday completely around this and stayed in Orsei for a week in July. Cala Marilou IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL!

-Cara Murphy

Hello Clelia. We went to your beautiful island last year and followed a lot of advice you were kind enough to send us for our itinerary. We had an amazing time thanks to you!

-Trevor Jones


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  • My website covers destinations worldwide, but I am an expert in Sardinia, Italy, UK/ European Holidays, Mexico & The Caribbeans. My sweet spot is beaches, adventure travels, tennis tournaments & Spas/Wellness centers.

    We’ve had Sardinia on our list, but for some reason, it keeps slipping down. Not now…cos we just found your blog, and it’s awesome! 100% convinced. We just booked our Sardinian vacation!


    WOW! I’m completely blown away by the detail of your response. That is so kind of you; This will help me a lot in choosing my hotel! I’ve never had such a detailed response from a blogger!


    Fantastic article Clelia! I’ve been flirting with the idea of visiting for almost a year but will definitely go now, thanks to your super useful suggestions. I can’t wait. Thank you!


    This was a really helpful post, I’ve already been to Greece 3 times but I never considered the North and after reading your blog post I’m very tempted to organize my next vacation in there!





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      firma kle ok

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      1. I am interested to publish my content on your website, I have Travel, Places to see content. At least 5 articles for your blog, can I send some of them to you for your review?

        All are unique, fresh. Hope I will get a good response soon.

      2. Hi,
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        I’m a blogger outreach executive at a digital marketing firm.
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        Looking forward to building a long-term business relationship with you.
        Feel free to ask any question.
        Waiting for your response.

      3. Hi! I see visitors from Italy, do they know english or you have an italian version of your site?
        Site (or i mean blog) is grate!

        1. Author

          I guess they know a bit of English, I am in the process of launching my second website just for Sardinia holidays and that one will be bilingual, but oh boy it’s a hell of a job. Not sure this one will ever become bilingual! Too much work 😮

          1. Author

            As a matter of facts, I am translating this one too, first in Italian and then in German. Yes, I like to suffer a lot 🙂

        1. Author

          Hi Shirleyshi, as per my comment policy, I had to remove the link. If you wish to cooperate with me, please send an email to and we can discuss it further.


      4. Hi Clelia,

        I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our little slice of tropical heaven outside of the colonial capital of Merida in the Yucatan Peninsular.
        If your future travel plans include Tulum, Holbox or Merida you might want to add us to your itinerary.

        We’re located outside the colonial capital city of Merida and a 3 hour drive from Cancun, Tulum and Holbox. We are surrounded by cenotes and Mayan ruins. Of course there is Merida itself along with several other smaller historical cities and beaches to visit.

        The one item of note I will point out is that our place was the 1st place recipient of the 2011 Cemex Architectural Design Award for residential category for Mexico and then competed against the other country winners, it went on to win the international award as well. This is the only time that I’m aware of a residence winning this prestigious award that is available as a rental property. Historically, winners of this award are private home and not available to the public. So if you’re a architecture & design fan, you’ll love these properties.

        If this is of interest to you, we welcome you to be our guest and during your stay watch the large lawn at dusk twinkle with tens of thousands of fireflies!

        Thanks for your time, Howard


        1. Author

          Hi Howard

          Thanks for your comment! The place surely looks lovely. Just a note for everyone interested in cooperating with me. Please don’t leave any link or reference to your website in here. Send me an email with your proposal/invitation at
          Thank you for your cooperation!

          Kind Regards
          Clelia Mattana

      5. Hi

        I hope this email finds you well.

        My name is Aoife and I am part of the marketing team for our newly refurbished luxury resort. We are currently trying to build awareness and would appreciate your help.

        May I take this opportunity to offer you an exclusive complimentary weekend stay at Balmoral Resort Florida.

        This will give you the chance to personally experience all that we have to offer.

        Should you have any particular time or dates in mind for this,  please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange your stay.

        I look forward to hearing from you.

        Kind Regards

        1. Author

          Hi Aoife,

          Thanks for your interest in a possible cooperation. Please note that I reply to this kind of inquiries only via email
          If you could please send me the details via email, I will reply as soon as I can.

          Thank you!
          Have a nice day

          Kind Regards

      6. Ciao
        La tua storia mi e’ familiare….dammi qualche tips per iniziare dal nulla come hai fatto.tu please
        Happy life Clelia! 😉

        1. Author

          Flo, parlarne in due parole sarebbe difficilissimo, posso solo dire che ci vuole coraggio, tanta passione e mai farsi abbattere dalle porte sbattute in faccia tante volte. Quando riusciro’ a creare il sito in Italiano ne faro’ un articolo semmai! 🙂

      7. Vorrei avere lo stesso coraggio che hai avuto tu… Complimenti e continua così 😉

        1. Author

          Grazie Annalisa! Non conosco la tua storia, ma a me per trovare il coraggio ci sono voluti parecchi anni, quindi non demordere! 🙂

      8. Ciao Clelia, bella scelta di vita! Ho viaggiato sempre molto e a lungo da quando avevo 16 anni. Ora ne ho 64 e anche se sono diventato più “stanziale” continuo a farmi i miei giri assieme a mia moglie un bel po’ più giovane di me e a nostro figlio di 7 anni. Ti scrivo però per un altro motivo. Sono un omeopata e mi piacerebbe offrirti un trattamento gratuito per i tuoi attacchi di panico perchè so quanto sono spiacevoli. L’omeopatia funziona molto bene con questi malesseri. Fammi sapere se ti interessa che ti mando un questionario da riempire. Se non ti rispondo subito è perchè sono in partenza fra qualche giorno per Alonissos nelle Sporadi dove ha sede l’Accademia di omeopatia dove ho studiato e dove ogni anno torno. Te la consiglio è un’isola stupenda.

        1. Author

          Grazie Federico, appena ho un attimo di tempo la contatto! Ho gia’ provato con l’omeopatia (le ho provate un po tutte a dire il vero) ma con risultati altalenanti, pero’ un altro tentativo lo faccio sempre volentieri! Grazie ancora 🙂

      9. Hi I love your blog you are so informative and very helpfull. Where would you recommend to go in Sardina walking distance to a beautiful sandy beach, near places to eat, restaurants, supermarkets as we will NOT have a car. We would like to be able to walk and visit local markets, shops in a village/ small town and visit other places on the train or bus. On another note I would be interested in talking to you about doing some marketing for me if I was to get a holiday home in Sardinia. If you can get back to me asap thank you Sophia

        1. Author

          Hi Sophia, Thanks for your comment! Since you won’t have a car the places you could visit in Sardinia are limited but this doesn’t mean that they are less beautiful! The 2 places I always recommend to people who can only use public transport are :

          1) Villasimius: Easily reachable by bus from Cagliari and the town is in front of the beautiful white sandy “Simius” beach. If you want to walk to the beach you’ll have to rent a place or find a hotel that’s near the beach as the Village is pretty big and some locations are better than others of course! You will find shops, markets, restaurants, bars and everything you need! Also, from Villasimius there is a bus service run by ARST Sardinia and other private bus companies that will bring you to the nearby beaches and to Costa Rei /Muravera Village. If you didn’t already checked out you can see what properties/hotels are still available in Villasimius in here, as this is one of the most popular destinations in Sardinia and it can be difficult to find a suitable place if you don’t book asap.

          2) San Teodoro: Also good for transportation (I went there by bus and it was around 2 hours by bus, but a very comfortable ride), same applies in here. The beach “La cinta” is beautiful and at walking distance from the closest hotels and apartments in town. You can either relax or have fun in the many cocktail bars and aperitif places scattered around. Moving by bus in here is much easier than many other places in Sardinia and you could even get to Palau for the boat trip to the “arcipelago della Maddalena”, an activity that I highly recommend as it’s awesome and costs around 30/40 euros for 1 day trip including lunch. The plus of San Teodoro is also that it’s very close to Olbia airport and well connected to it, so ideal if you don’t have a car. To see the properties available in San Teodoro you can check it in here.

          I would also recommend Santa Teresa di Gallura, but it’s a bit trickier to move around without a car and only using public transports. It is still possible, don’t get me wrong, but compared to Villasimius and San Teodoro it is slightly trickier but I’d say you should consider it. It’s truly beautiful and you can reach Palau from there pretty easily and also the north-west coast, which is less crowded. The best airport is Olbia and it’s well connected to get to Santa Teresa.Check the availability for properties and hotels in here.

          I don’t know which month are you planning on visiting Sardinia but keep in mind that July/August is peak season and it’s going to be a lot more crowded in these destinations and also the availability (and prices) for the accommodation is going the scarce, that’s why I suggest you to book as soon as you can!

          Regarding a possible cooperation, you should explain to me what you need in more detail, you can use the contact form in here and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can (I’m about to leave for a week so now I’m going to be very busy, but I try to reoly to everyine when possible!)

          Thanks again for stopping by and I hope I was able to help you in planning your vacation!

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            Kevin Chambers

            Groundhog Worldwide

      10. Great travel website. I love to travel to new places. Thanks for sharing the information!!

        1. Author

          Good choice Matt, I’ve never been there..but it’s on my list 😉

      11. Good afternoon,

        Next week we will be travelling to Sardinia for three weeks. I would appreciate it if you can advise me on good restaurants in the neighbourhood of Villasimius, Chia and Porto Cervo. We have a car so a bit further away is no problem. Thank you in advance.

        Kind regards,
        Joke van Deursen

        1. Author

          Hey Joke

          Regarding the restaurants, you can find some good info for Porto Cervo on my new guide here (it says it’s for couples but it really covers everything), for Chia there are no nearby restaurants, you’ll have to move a bit towards Santa Margherita di Pula, where you will find some good ones. Check out this link from Tripadvisor as I’ve been to the top ones (Bithia and Luna Tonda) a few times and they are quite good!

          For Villasimius I recommend Grill Su Gergenti, it’s a bit pricey but the food is good and the location is lovely, another one is Mesa the Janas, which has a great view and the food is delicious. Of course, you will find many other small local restaurant in Villasimius town (sometimes they change the owner so you better ask when you’re there if the food and service is still as good as always).

          Hope it helps and have a great time in Sardinia!

      12. Ciao Clelia,

        ho letto la tua intervista su ItalianIndie, mi sono un Fisioterapista e ho messo su un mio sito web, con Blog, da circa 2 mesi, in quanto un settore di nicchia spero di essere bravo e fortunato per almeno in parte realizzare quanto tu hai già fatto.



      13. Hi,

        I would love to write for See My Travels and would appreciate if you could send over some information on your sponsored post costs etc?

        I have a few topic suggestions:
        – splurge or save when choosing a hotel?
        – How to stay in luxury without breaking the bank

        Any thoughts would be great



      14. Cara Clelia, leggendo l’articolo su L’Unione Sarda mi sono ricordato di averti scritto mesi fa e ho pensato che tra l’altro non mi hai mai risposto.
        Bene, anticipavo i complimenti che ti avrei fatto dopo l’intervista che ho letto sulla carta stampata.
        Spero che ti abbiano fatto piacere.
        Erano sinceri, spontanei, disinteressati.
        Buona vita e buon viaggio.

      15. Ciao ho letto il tuo articolo, e volevo dirti che noi siamo una nuova ADV e ci piacerebbe collabborare con te
        in attesa di un tuo riscontro porgiamo i più cordiali saluti

      16. Hi Admin,

        I am interested to publish my content on your website, I have Travel, Places to see, Restaurant, Hotels related content. At least 5 articles for your blog, can I send some of them to you for your review?

        All are unique, fresh. Hope I will get a good response soon.

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      18. If you want to leave me a comment directly here on the page, feel free to do so! I will reply as soon as i can:)

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