RIOS SPA “REVIEW”: I Ended Up In a Sex Sauna in London! By Accident.




WARNING: this read is for an adult audience only (sort of!)

Last Updated: July 2022




sex-hotels-clelia hotel Q!

The amazing package we chose at the Hotel in Berlin. We had a full night on our own in their SPA facilities. Including a Sauna, a beach (yep!) steam room, a gym, and Japanese showers. IN ONE WORD: AWESOME!

If you read the messages from Rios Spa fans (even an ex-employee landed here!) I’ve been called a nun,  a repressed sad person, and whatnot. Well well, this “sexy” London sauna story happened approximately in 2011 and now I’m about to review one of the most sensual and exciting experiences ever in a Berlin Hotel, how do things change huh?!

Stay tuned because if you love Rios Kentish Town you might also love this Hotel. No swingers there but for couples is fabulous.

Furthermore, another post about the best sex hotels and “clothes optional” full-inclusive resorts around the world is on the way (and I bet you want to read that!). Cheers from the nun πŸ˜€ 

In more than 20 years of living abroad, I saw a few interesting things, but the story I’m about to tell you will beat them all.


Now back to the old story, I’ll obviously leave it as it was! Still funny as hell for me to remember the day I was abruptly  “introduced” to the swinger’s lifestyle πŸ˜€ 


PREMISE: I’m the most reserved person you could ever meet. The only time I dared topless on a beach was at age 17. My cousin promised me 100 euros if I were brave enough to walk out of the water with my E-cup breasts showing.

It was horrible.

I lasted 15 seconds, ending up running to my towel, with my hands trying to cover my breasts (to no avail). Given the premises, how in hell did I end up in a nudist-sex- Sauna? The short answer is: because I’m totally, utterly naïve!



Longer answer: A typical Saturday night in London. Bored, I decided to join a friend at a sauna birthday party. The day before, my friend had been almost run over by a car. The guy pulls over to make sure she is Ok. After chatting for a few minutes, he asks her to join him at a Sauna party.

Fast forward to the weekend: I put a bikini and a towel in my bag and met her at the tube station. Destination: a mysterious SPA called “Rios” in Kentish Town (London). While everyone here seems to know Rios Spa. I was not one of them. 







I was fooled into it, as both Rios entrance and changing rooms had nothing to be suspicious about. It was a very nice and clean place. A pretty sizeable room with a maxi screen that was streaming Wimbledon’s semi-finals, and around ten “beach beds”, where a few people, wrapped in towels, were relaxing while watching tennis.

And then, we entered the bar: It’s been like someone had just pushed me into an ice-cold pool without any warning.

The bartenders were two flashy topless girls. I soon discovered they were naked, but the bar covered this detail. Note: To Rios Spa ex-employee who commented below saying that they were not fully naked, this is what I saw. And I don’t imagine uncovered “items” where there are not πŸ™‚  To be clear: I just want people to know exactly what I saw. 

Not only were they topless, but they also looked like porn stars. I was puzzled, and I glanced at my friend, laughing nervously. She was clearly as surprised as I was. Everyone in the room was naked. I started to hyperventilate, not knowing what to think. The only clear thought I had at this point was:  I’m not going to remove my leopard-printed bikini! 

You will never see me naked!!

You will never see me naked!! (and that’s never going to change) 

We didn’t dare to ask the two guys anything about it. They were still behaving normally, like we were in a bar in central London, with fully dressed people and businessmen all around.

It’s one of those moments when you sense something is not quite right, but you just stay there as a broccoli plant.



After sipping a glass of water (no, thanks, I won’t drink any wine to get drunk here), we entered the Spa: 2 big Jacuzzi, one swimming pool, two saunas, and showers. Nothing special was going on. A few naked couples were inside the pool but relaxed and talked normally.

I started thinking that maybe I was overreacting to the whole nudity thing. I chose an almost empty Jacuzzi trying to forget all about that madness. Nobody asked me to take my bikini off after all. I felt safe. I only noticed a few sneaky and seductive looks, but I didn’t notice them. I closed my eyes and let the bubbles do their job.

When I re-opened them a few minutes later, I deeply regretted it.




The couple before me was engaged in a naughty hand game under the water. I could see the guy’s fingers busy giving pleasure to the woman, and her satisfied face and fast hip movements confirmed what was already too obvious. The strange thing (for me, at least) was that they weren’t even trying to cover what they were doing. On the opposite, they seemed to gain even more pleasure from the fact that everyone could see. Especially me.

She must have seen me gawking at her, so she smiled in a seductive way winking at me more than once while biting her lips. I started getting increasingly uncomfortable and tried to turn my attention elsewhere.

Something similar was happening in the swimming pool next to mine, where a 40-year-old woman passionately kissed her husband? (I wasn’t sure of anything at this point) while touching another guy underwater at the same time.

OK, I had seen enough. Now I was sure this was a “special night.” Honestly, I didn’t even know such things could happen in a SPA. But I was in the middle of this “sexual paradise!”

So what I was supposed to do now? Run away as fast as possible? Stay? Call mommy?! I was genuinely curious, so I decided to stay and see how far this thing could go. As long as the sexual acts didn’t involve me.



Most of the people in the sauna must have assumed that being there, we were also part of the game. I didn’t consider this detail, as I was too busy trying to understand what was happening. Given that the woman in front of me was now moaning quite loudly, I decided to leave the pool to look for my friend, who had disappeared in the meantime.

I entered the first empty sauna I found, trying to relax, but all I could do was laugh at myself for the situation I had put myself into. I reluctantly went back to the pools when it was already 8 pm. Most of the people were already gone upstairs, where Rios provides the special “massage rooms,” aka “Sex Rooms.”

I had no idea how they organized these sexual nights and whether they had common rooms, private ones, or both. I didn’t dare go upstairs to have a look. And it was pretty quiet too. I couldn’t hear sounds or moaning or anything. The Jacuzzi pools were empty, and I sneaked into one, hoping to be left alone.

That didn’t last long. A young couple decided to join me (the other Jacuzzi was empty so I guess they wanted some company). They were wearing a swimsuit so I thought that maybe they were there by accident, just like me.

How naïve! After five minutes, I felt a hand touching me very inappropriately. The guy was smiling at me while rubbing his hand between my legs. I was about to slap him, but considering the situation, I refrained and gave him a killer look. I took his hand and put it back where it belonged, as I wanted to make clear that I wasn’t part of the game.


He thought I was playing hard to get, in some sort of exciting sexual game, and he gave it another try This time on my breasts. That was enough.

I rushed out of the pool, leaving the couple giggling while making fun of me. I finally found my friend sitting in a sauna chatting with an older man about politics; I grabbed her arm and told her I wanted to leave. NOW.




On my way home, thinking about all the things I saw, the naked bodies and people having sex in front of everyone, I started laughing. I couldn’t believe that a relaxing Saturday afternoon turned into that embarrassing sex experience. It was funny to realize how naïve I still was. I felt like such an amateur!


Coming from Italy, our culture and open-mindedness in regards to sexuality are quite different and we have a different perspective on things (Thanks to the Vatican mostly), so don’t tell me I’m an idiot for not having recognized what I was getting into.


In London, you can go by yourself to a sex shop in the center during the day, and no one pays attention to you. Try doing that in Italy, and you’d be labeled forever as the “perverted neighbor.” Such is our culture.

I don’t think I will be going to another place like Rios again. I’m open-minded enough to be glad that people who want to experience such sexual experiences have the right places to go, but I’m an old repressed nun (or so I’ve been called in some of the comments below) and proud of being the way I am. And which way am I exactly? None of your business πŸ˜‰



In the end, I was glad that I stayed and to have discovered this “new world.” The story has become one of my friend’s favorite travel tales. Those pervs! πŸ˜‰

Did something similar ever happen to you? What would you do if you were in the same situation? But most importantly: I’m the only naïve person who didn’t know about these places?



  1. I read your so called blog, saw your instagram handle as well.
    i happened to visit the spa after you posted the review.
    the special day you are talking about is the couples night where stags are not allowed. i just dont know how you and your friend got in if you were not a couple.
    no one touches anyone without consent, so i believe you are just making things up to gain followers or attention.

    Also when you knew after say 15mins that its a naturist place, then why didnt you leave. or maybe no one hit on you and your friend was getting too much attention made you jealous.

    you say to others to not be judgemental but you are drawing judgements on the spa and also on the people who dont agree with you.

    you posted this in july 2022, as per your instagram you were never in UK In July 2022.
    so i feel its a pretty made up story to gain attention or you have had a good experience with spa including the private rooms.

    keep an open mind dear, there is no need to impose your opinion or stories on others.

    1. Well hello there πŸ™‚ Thanks for (not) reading my review, which was a simple account of what happened to me just for fun, let’s see where to start?

      No Idea how the rules are today, we entered as COUPLES with these guys my friend met. If you pay attention reading you find the info, not so difficult. And I was touched inappropriately although, obviously I couldn’t make a scene as I was the one in the wrong place and decided to stay.
      Why? Again,If you had read the story, I explain why. But you probably were looking for Porn, or your NYE celebration didn’t go as expected and you needed to vomit your frustration somewhere in my so called blog? πŸ™‚ Who knows…
      The funniest part is the dates, these are the first lines of my story, LITERALLY: Last Updated: July 2022


      “If you read the messages from Rios Spa fans (even an ex-employee landed here!) I’ve been called a nun, a repressed sad person, and whatnot. Well well, this β€œsexy” London sauna story happened approximately in 2011“. I Put it in bold so you won’t miss it this time, allright?

      FYI, people with so called blogs sometimes add content to it, like I did, and we write when we did it. Hence the word “LAST UPDATED in 2022”, everything clear?

      Gain followers and attention? No need for the job I do, if you saw my instagram you realised that I use it sporadically, I don’t care one bit and have no idea how many followers I have these days. You do the math.

      All in all, I suggest you to chill and you’ll find plenty of juicy stories for you, or simply go back to Rios. Heck they should pay me for how much people talked about this silly article started as a joke, as any publicity is good publicity πŸ˜€

      I also doubt you read the end where I say I was in the wrong place for me, and I wasn’t bashing Rios, people who go there or any similar place.Go back there, you being so upset over a silly story on a so called blog tells me you might not be too much satisfied with your life, or you wouldn’t waste your time commenting on blog posts like these, clearly self ironic πŸ˜‰
      Cheers and Happy New year!

      Oh almost forgot, who is imposing people to read my story? πŸ™‚ Not me… It is online, you search for who knows what, and it might pop up, there isn’t an alarm attached to it saying: “READ THIS OR YOU WILL EXPLODE IN THE NEXT 5 MIN” lol.Chill, my mind is opened πŸ™‚

  2. I had a very similar ‘shock’ experience in Korea!
    After a night out drinking, had chatted up this one guy who seemed to know the Γ‘rea better than me. He recommended a sauna.

    Ended up seeing an American GI guy i recognized from a gay bar.

    I’m not shy at all about Nudity, even being born in the USA. Definitely lean More towards a naturalist.

    Long story short, I had walked into a VERY sketchy gay sex sauna. The jacuzzis weren’t all filled, and I avoided the upstairs, pitch black “sleeping room”. Apparently there was a huge, blind orgy happening.

    I decided to see myself out

    1. Hi Josh, glad you went out from a place where you didn’t feel safe! As for the nudity, I think we have different levels of comfort and privacy and I respect others as long as they respect mine. Sometime I’d like to be more open but I always do what I feel and until that day I will simply cover myself πŸ™‚
      Have a great start of 2024!

  3. Fantastic piece of writing! Me and my female friends actually got inspired to visit Rios. Said and done we did. After warm up in the pub we were all a little buzzed when we got there. And wow what a place! We took saunas, jacuzzi, interacted we people, for instance two older west indian women who frequent Rios quite often and who look for younger and well hung men. Cant blame them, there we some of them there. Especially one shorter man, shaved head and with a pxnis with a size we hade only seen in p0rn before.

    1. What a funny article. I can understand your reaction Clelia. I am a woman in my 40’s and visited Rios with a female friend of mine. Must say we loved the atmosphere once we got used to it and it got very relaxing. Some men were very curious but also respectful.
      However I must agree with the former. If you are looking to see or meet men with large penises Rios is the place. Some of these men very insanely emdowed.

  4. Interesting. The majority of swingers, shemale, group adult films comes from Italian producers .
    Shemale are queens in Rome and Milan.
    Religion spoils everything makes resist , accept fail ire and then guilt.
    Many gay friends from Italy are very uptight, or are over 30’s and still haven’t accepted themselves.
    Hopefully the next generation will leave free of dogmas.

    1. Uhm not sure what shemales have to do with this. I have no issues with the LGBT community whatsoever. I’m just a private person by nature. That’s all. Cheers!

  5. hehe funny and really well written article, one this i can confirm tho – the story with the sardinians I have tried myself!

    1. hahaha Nice try if you are implying that you were with us? There is a detail which is not correct, sorry πŸ™‚

  6. Rios is a Naturist Sauna so people are supposed to be naked. If you want to go to a regular sauna that is not naturist you have plenty to choose from. Shock horror! hostesses are naked. Well, this is exactly how they are supposed to be in a naturist sauna. I am member not of one but of several naturists clubs. If you are really an adult I am sure that you will be capable of doing what you want to do and of not doing what you don’t want to do. As an adult you set your own boundaries and if you are not capable of settting your own boudaries then you are not an adult. When you access the website it is clearly stated that ‘this is a place for liberated adults’. If you didn’t know where you were getting into then you did not read/understood very clear messages.. To sum up: it is a naturist place so people are supposed to be naked – without clothing. but if you wear a swimsuit or cover yourself with towels it is up to you. All the talk about being shocked is absolutely childish.

    1. Did you read the intro? I didn’t know the sauna (and that was a special night) and I am not comfortable being naked in front of strangers. Whooo big shock these days πŸ˜€
      Childish is to judge people you don’t know based on a few words written on the internet. Cheers, Clelia.

      1. Personally I think you’re just making stories to gain views. Get over yourself.

        1. You are entitled to your opinion. So no matter what you think, this story is true.
          Have a nice day! πŸ™‚

  7. How do I search for / where do I find the blog post for the couples experience hotel in Berlin please?

    1. Hi, The post is not up yet, but the hotel I referred to is Hotel Q! in Berlin. Super recommended especially for their package for the exclusive use of their SPA by night πŸ™‚

  8. I’ve been to rio’s as well, but i went when i was considerably younger (about 19) with my family. rio’s host nights that are meant to be just your normal spa sessions, some night are ladies nights etc. i went on a more normal night, but i still felt kinda uncomfortable. while sitting with my family in the garden, i got approached and asked to join a 3some! And in the steam room another guy kept trying to massage my feet (thankfully another older lady was there to defend me! I’d definitely go again on a ladies night, but shy of that my attendance would require a lot of Tc’s & C’s!

    1. Evening we are Hertfordshire couple male 65 and female 50 we would love to try rios as first time goers we would like to know the prices plz we are in letchworth SG64JE.

      1. Sorry can’t help here I went a long time ago and I have no idea about the prices:)

        1. I went recently and thoroughly enjoyed it. Very relaxing and I like the free feeling of walking around naked. I confess, though, it’s a bit of a kink for me so I went with that in mind. I loved your account though and can imagine it would have been awkward for you. Also, very much don’t approve of the guy who groped you uninvited. That ain’t right.

      2. I used to go to rio’s all the time when I was in college with my ex girlfriend. She loved to take on multiple guys while I watched. I would love to play with older women. It was a lot of fun. My only regret is that a lot of people would not wear condoms.

        1. Not wearing condoms is quite bad. They should ensure the safety in the place, my two cents.

  9. Cleliteris..I understood your meaning..it’s so channeling your inner Carrie..haha the way you write your blag makes me feel like I’m Carrie getting up to all sorts of mischief in the city hehe.
    But sadly Carrie you are not and certainly not bushnell. If your blag was today I’m going to an adult spa, at rios and it’s blah blah. Fine, love it hate it your opinion. But to be so stupid and not know what you were going to makes for neither entertaining reading or useful feedback.
    Anyway..my real reason for replying was to say hi to Denise..you two sound like fun. I’m there with a young short red head girl..I’m older..say hi one day.
    Clieriteros..knock yourself out with a reply..I seriously hope you have a day job..please focus on that.

    1. “I seriously hope you have a day job..please focus on that”. Thanks for the suggestion Donk-ey, I might not have entertained or informed you, but you surely entertained me with your chaotic comment trying to put me down and flirting with other commenters, good luck with that:D

  10. You sound very uptight & angry while being intolerant of her experience. It was what it was & she was observing and not judging…you should try being so open-minded yourself!!

    1. Her experience? who are you talking about? My friend? ahahhah oh my, I love these comments, please keep them coming!
      PS, I got the real meaning later, definitely talking about the other person who commented telling me to get a day job (basically this one since 2012) πŸ˜‰

  11. sounds like fun ,would love to go as a 1st timer,Im an Australian guy visiting London any females like to join me ? I dont expect sex just come along one night as a couple maybe ,any takers ??

    1. Hey Michael, I publish your comment but remember that this is not a website for finding people. Thanks!

  12. Hi Guys,
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    Thanks everyone! and have a wonderful year ahead…


    1. Terry… I have the impression that you commented on the wrong post πŸ™‚

      1. hi Clelia,
        you are not the only one who has made that mistake about Rios
        A Chinese girl who I met for a first date wanted to meet there. it wasn’t so open when I was there. it was the afternoon and very few girls there. but it didn’t take me long to see what was happening. I enjoyed reading you’re humour about it and you made me smile. keep being yourself. good luck

        1. Thanks for the kind comment! And what a relief that I wasn’t the only one, but hey it can happen and it was certainly an experience that opened my mind in a way, so all good! πŸ™‚

  13. I don’t think I would want to frquent one of these types of places as, I think the gay saunas in London are just basically gay whore* houses for gay men to go and get drugged up and have noholds barred sex which , in my opinion is quite sad because I think it’s depraved and sick and these people simply have something deep seated that they are trying to escape from.

    1. I didn’t see it in such a bad light. Simply not my thing and not necessarily sad for people who are more open minded to new experiences. To each its own I guess!

  14. Me and my bf go to Rio’s all the time !. And we have fun there . We have never had one bad day there. The problem was not really the spa the problem is the way you had taken coming to the place before hand! . In your head you had already demonised the place before walking in the DOOR!. I mean what chance did the place stand. You have to understand that when you go into a place like Rio’s you have to be able to have a relaxed attitude on thing’s . If someone touches you just laugh and take there hand and say (did I say you can put you hand there. ). alternatively if your with your partner of friend just tap them twice as a signal letting them know ,and he or she will say we are not playing today, and they will stop dead. If you want to play, then you say do you want to play.!. (done). Don’t go with a negative attitude you only get one life go live it. Oh and the place is far from a rape house as there is hidden security and trust me you would not mess with him! (The guy is a 7’foot Russian and there’s other’s). There are security alarm buttons in every room and the regulars will deal with anybody tries to mess with you (not to mention the staff). If you are or want to be adventurous then this is the starting place . But psychologically if your going to come with that attitude then your doing yourself no justice and the club no justice. These men/women in there are men/women who are there for many different reason’s and from many different back ground’s (NOT A BUNCH of PERVERT’S ) as you would make them out to be. We met a guy there who just wants to have fun rather then be in a relationship, (WHY) because his wife had died, and he took his love for his wife as the only women he would ever marry!. Every time he mentions her you can see he just want’s to see her again. We met a man he was not to big down below and all the girls would shun him … until at least they found out he was a (off the grid) billionaire. We met A investment banker. couple’s from japan on holiday. We found a good community of swing friend’s who know more about life you ever will. We have met people there that we knew, (but never new they played ,now closer then ever), and we have found a Great sense of family there. For the first time in a long time we have found a place we belong … but not just this place many place’s. You went into Rio’s with a bad attitude (negative ) (With fear). You came in with the kind of attitude that displayed a status quo in the world that everyone had to follow when Rio’s is a place of freedom liberation!. And then you tried to make it out to be a rape haven, when its nothing of the sort (almost as if you escaped with your life ). No Rio’s was never the problem ,the problem was you. Did you speak to the staff….. NO!…. did you find out the do and don’t’s ……NO!….. did try to talk to people instead of giving them dirty looks …… NO! ….. we know surgeons .doctor’s, pharmacist’s who go in there (THEY SAVE LIVE’S ON A DAY TO DAY BASIS) are they rape merchant’s ….. NO!. The one thing I will say there are lots of men/women who go to place’s All over Britain because there wife/gf/husband/bf/partner will not give to them at home what they are looking for and all of them know that they come to these place’s. For me anyway if your wife/husband/gf/bf doesn’t want to come play if he/she is not willing to come see or even try to understand you then there are plenty of us out there that will. I have been with my bf for 20 year’s (we go to church on Sunday like anyone else). But we are not married the reason why is because of my bf.. he wants to change the vow’s and the mother/father/priest…. is not having any of it. You see it’s the obey bit of the vow’s … my partner just said I don’t want you to obey me…..And I certainly don’t want a faithful wife. Why because it was never about the sex.. it was about being put second place …he is fine with sex (trust me!). So we have a rule As much as you want in front of me just never behind my back and that was true for me to. So you want a idea of what its really like ,well all I say is don’t send a girl to do a women’s job. So where’s the fun ….. you say!…..mmmmm. Its like this we choose a guys after chatting away, and we go where ever! (a room) lol. And we play . So lets just say my partner’s sitting with his back against the wall . Now I am on all four’s and there’s this white guy who is pounding away (WITH CONDOM) at me from the rear and I am face to face with my bf as the guy’s doing it. So I am looking him in the eyes and he can see everything on my face and me on his …Now he is rock hard. And with each thrust its like saying this is for the time you made me do the washing up ..this is for the time I had to make the bed… this for the time I did the washing…. this is for the time I went to the shop for you. ……lol. And he and I are loving it, because he know’s what I am saying and I don’t even have to say it. And then I say I love you when we all finish and why… because I do. (how ) because if it had been anybody else looking me in the face at that time ,then it would never of been as much fun, it would not of been the same …( It had to be him) . Then I want to see him with other women and have him do the same (in a different position because he doesn’t take doggy ) to me. And when he does I love him all the more for it. When we come out of a place like Rios’ we get upset/sad … because we don’t want go … now we have to go back to our live’s. (so if you wonder why we get upset about people bad mouthing the people the places and our friends and what has become in a sense our family).. Its because you are taking away from us, taking away from our friends, and taking away from those people who are trying to find a way into what is our life, But cant because of ignorant stories such this (you scare them through inexperience ). Stop trying to destroy that which is important to other’s, and for once and Just once in your life GO and take a look in the Mirror and ask your self who am I (BEFORE JUDGING EVERYONE ELSE). You could not of got it any more wrong!.

    1. Thanks for your thorough comment Denise… I’m glad you always have a good time, that you don’t have any filter and so on. I just have one question for you if you ever stop by again: Did you read my post? I mean, read it as understanding the meaning of it? πŸ™‚

    2. Hello my name is Michal I live in London exactly South east I’d like to find out where it’s possibless to have sex I mean club for swingers because I am single

  15. Hi just to say I think it’s a cosy place. Although obviously sometimes u get the odd dodgy man but as broke myself I like to think I respect others privacy. Love the relaxing warm steam rooms and baths. I go on my own but I’m used to it. Don’t go as much as I’d like. But overall I’m glad we have places like rios.

    1. Kevin, I said very clear in my post that I have NOTHING against places like Rio. It’s just not my thing and when I went there I didn’t know that it was not a regular sauna, hence my surprise and “bad” experience. People like to distort what I say and there is no need at all.

        1. Jose, I think that if you go during those special nights, you shouldn’t have a problem.

  16. I didn’t even know such prudish and boring people exist. I was shocked for my life when I read the article. How naive of me to just assume everyone is fun, tolerate and inquisitive.

    After all just another fake story to get attention…

    And regarding Americans from the comments who are shocked, pretty hard to understand how a nation can be so uptight about sex and sell weapons in wall mart and not to forget elect trump as president

    1. Wow, I’m so sorry for getting you shocked for your life, Daisy!! That must have been a pretty intense moment πŸ™‚
      To shock you even more, brace yourself, the story is not a fake. I hope you can take it. In case you read my reply, I’ll make sure you are in my prayers tonight <3

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  18. Kle, I have been to Rios several times at different times of the day and possibly a Saturday evening it would live up to its reputation! I haven’t seen the things you have but then I’m one of the oversupply of men even tho I go to enjoy the clothes free aspect of the place
    May I suggest (if you wish to try a similar experience) you make your way to Alexandra Palace where there’s a smaller but genuine naturist spa now called Naked Hands Spa formerly Elixir Health Club. I think you will leave there relaxed & with a different outlook on naturism and if you take time to enjoy a massage you’ll want to go back Ric

    1. Hey Rick, thanks for the suggestion, but I am simply a reserved person, that’s all. I have no problem with nudity or sex whatsoever, I just share my nudity in my private life. Call me old fashion but if everyone has seen it, for me, it’s not special anymore πŸ˜‰

      I never criticized naturism, I practice it when no one is around and it’s a beautiful experience to be in contact with nature. I’m just private, that’s all. And I love all the nasty comments I receive. they always make me laugh out loud πŸ™‚

  19. Love to go but need someone to go with who’s very confident to drag me in cos I’m very shy! Once I’ve been once I’d probably go again after I had the feel of the place !!

    1. Ahahaha I’m sure you will find someone! If you are into these things, you’ll relax in no time with the right company. Don’t worry, it’s not as traumatic as it was for me πŸ˜€

  20. Why, in 2016, no one bother to google the name of a place looking for reviews before to go blindly to a party. Rio’s is quite famous as one of the Place in the swinging scene in London.

    1. First, it happened in 2011, second…why should I bother googling the name of a sauna I was invited to with a friend when I hadn’t the slightest idea that these places even existed? It might have been famous for you and thousands of other people but for me it was simply another sauna.

  21. Hey I stumbled across your blog earlier & I am sitting her laughing so hard!!! Your reaction is EXACTLY how I would have reacted. (and yes I am American) I figured I need to say that based on the comments!

    This story is hilarious and just proof that you never know what you are going to get on your travels.

    Thanks and I can’t wait to read more of your blog.

    1. Awwww thanks, today I got two very nice comments in here and one is yours! πŸ™‚ So is that true that I could have passed as American??

      1. Absolutely. We are very prudish according to a lot of my foreigner friends πŸ™‚

  22. Pretty amusing article.

    Having traveled pretty extensively, I have only found a few places where a public, co-ed nude sauna is a normal thingβ€”Finland’s saunas and San Francisco’s Russian banyas (e.g. Archimedes) come to mind.

    I find it’s like any repressionβ€”in the cultures where nudity is no big deal, nothing too seedy or sexual is usually going on. But if you’re in some place like England, it’s probably devolved into some sort of fringe swinger / sex party.

    I prefer the formerβ€”to feel free and enjoy the extreme climates, truly let my skin breathe. And yes, if there are attractive members of the opposite sex, to look but not touch. There is something undeniably positive and special feeling about being in a sauna with attractive naked people when nobody is lurking or groping you.

    The best situation perhaps is the former Soviet Union where banya / sauna / hammam facilities are something you normally rent for just you and your friends by the hour (like a Karaoke place in Asia). I have been to some extremely fun parties that wereβ€”by virtue of only including friends acquaintancesβ€”self selecting. In particular, there were a couple fashion label and model parties in Odessa that I still dream blissfully about.

    The only thing funny about banya facilities in the Soviet Union are the obvious “Rest Rooms” (sex bedrooms) replete with garish color schemes and erotic art. But I guess that’s because in these countries banyas also function as their equivalent of a Japanese Love Hotel. Some people choose to entertain their friends and have relaxing, fun parties. Others carry on illicit love affairs or are just trying to escape their house.

    Anyway, thanks for the article. And I highly recommend you go and try to enjoy a nude sauna in a culture where people haven’t sexualized it so much.

    1. Ah! finally a well thought comment in this section! Thanks for giving me your perspective on the subject, it is really interesting to know the different approaches to nudity, based on the cultural aspects!

  23. Hilarious! Can’t believe all the negative comments from frustrated men who obviously were looking for porn! Love all your answers and you somehow manage to keep it classy. Simply amazing!

    1. Thanks Patrizia, as I always say…the comments are the best part of the article!;)

  24. I’m a guy and on the rare occasion I quite like going. I booked a massage once and I’m not sure whether I was supposed to pay more to the lady who massaged me and I say that because the first 15 minutes of the massage was fine. I was lying on my front, she did not put a towel over me, but considering it’s a naturist place I didn’t think anything of it although it did feel a bit strange because of being massaged in a room away from other naturists. Anyway she was massaging my thighs and as she started moving up and more towards my inner thighs her fingers massaged over my private parts and she did say, “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do that.” I said it was ok, but because I said it was ok she poured more oil in the area and started massaging my privates from underneath. Don’t get me wrong I did enjoy it, but I was shocked to and i think the shock of it made it more exciting. I was still on my stomach at the time and she asked me if there was anything I would like do that was specific. I told her that she could do anything she likes to me so she went on with the massage and had a “happy ending”
    I can’t remember the name of the lady, but she was tall, very slim and had very large breasts.

    1. ahaah oh my, this space is becoming more and more like an announce page or whatever is it called πŸ˜€

  25. If a guy in any town in the world (including in Finland) nearly ran me over and then invited me for a “sauna party” I have no idea what else to expect than what happened.

  26. We love Rios
    (email deleted: this is not an article to meet new people, please refrain from posting your email and telephone number. Thank you)

      Thank you!

  27. I was in London 2 years ago, with some time to kill… took the tube to Kentish town… went to Rios, but chickened out last minute… I am a male…. sorry now that I did not go ahead in

    1. Tell me about it, as I always say…the comments are definitely the best part πŸ˜€

  28. Hello, I am an Italian man of 50 years, very attractive tanned and clean, physically muscular and I love going to relax in some spa, I see that you speak very well of this name is that Rio and next week (from November 16 to November 20) I want go there every afternoon at 6 pm I will be there at the club Rio to see what the situation is.
    I hope to find some single women or couples to spend an afternoon of relaxation and fun talking and meeting people, and also something more if possible but not required.
    If it happens, fine otherwise just as well, because the aim is to stay in relax after a day of hard work.
    If there is some friend in London who wants to join me is welcome and so we can also make friends
    I await proposals from girls, ladies or couples
    Thank you for reading my comments and I wish you a good weekend

    1. What can I say? Good luck! πŸ™‚
      Ps… I don’t speak very well about the place, I simply reported an embarrassing episode that occured to me in there!

  29. Hello there Clelia. This post is super funny. And the comments even make me laugh harder. I used to live in Finland, where being naked in the sauna is the norm. When I move away, I realize that if the sauna welcomes nudity, there is something shady about it. I am still smiling to the end of this comment. Thanks for sharing the experience.

    1. Glad you liked it! πŸ˜€ I actually still laugh when I read it! Unfortunately I can’t help you out with Barcelona, hell I can’t even give advice for London as I’m apparently a nun (as you saw in the comments, so hilarious!)

  30. I went with a female friend a few years ago. Nothing happened we just relaxed and had a chat.
    It was great we could do that as friends. I had a massive erection but wasn’t bothered.

  31. I went to rios recently after plucking up the courage for quite some time. I’m a guy and felt a bit paranoid going in for the first time. I kept my towel on for ages, firstly because I was nervous and secondly because I was almost constantly turned on. I went into the sauna when there was no one else in there and took the towel off and lay down, but as soon as I did a woman came in and literally sat next to me leaning all over me and said quite openly, “My back’s feeling a bit stiff are you any good at massage?”

    I just said, “Yes love massaging”, but what i really meant was, “I’d love to feel you up” and sure enough I started massaging her and she started stroking my xxxx and the rest is history !!!

    Keep calm note: sorry I had to edit a bit, I’d rather not publish certain words to avoid getting more perverts on the post! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for your confessions James πŸ™‚ Unusual to see a guy being shy in a place like this!

  32. as an ex employee I can assure you nobody at the bar works fully nude, I was told to always wear my sarong/wrap.

    1. Well, I remember them being completely naked. I don’t know the regulations or how the employees have to behave in term of dress code. I simply reported my experience.

  33. I’m a gay man and my female friend (straight) wants to go to rio’s for her birthday my question would be is there anything there for me? I’ve been to gay saunas before and I’m not body beautiful but I love who I am, but I’m thinking this might be the worst night of my life if I go lol

    1. Akif…sorry I have no idea whether the Sauna is OK for gay guys or not… from what I saw it seems to me that the Special nights were suitable for couples not for singles, either straight or gay. You had to enter as a couple to be admitted. I’m sure there are other places in London that are good for guys, just keep looking around and you’ll find them!

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  35. don’t be a prude. just because you didn’t have fun didn’t mean you had to kill it for your friend

    1. I didn’t chain my friend anywhere, not that I can recall…

      1. Hi I am doing some research for my book and came across your blog. This now confirms the gut feeling that I had but could never prove. I was informed by my daughter that she went to one of these evenings with her father my ex and was quite explicit about these events. I thought this was her wayward imagination. However after reading your blog I felt my stomach churn as this was the man that changed her nappies. I had since asked her sister about this and to my horror she said β€˜they are consenting adults’. I have the text and will use this in my book as a working mother, had I known I would have administered my own punishment to him. They knew my feelings on such matters perhaps that’s why it was maintained as one of their dark secrets. So one will never know in those places whether you are a witness to incest.

        1. wow, I hope this is a joke. If you are sure about what you said, why don’t you confront your ex directly? I’d do it without thinking twice.

          1. I sent a text to him but he has blocked my number, possibly after reading my text.
            As I mentioned I am writing and will use this story in my book too :).
            Unfortunately I found out too late they are now in their thirties. I will air this in my book and he will not escape, my book is illustrated just names changed. I want to make a reference to your blog if that ok.
            I had an Italian mother and both my parents were strict so I always thought I would be a little more liberal minded with my own children, I feel they may have been coerced into dark secrets by the man they called father.
            It’s a sad day when these people are allowed to get away with this type of unacceptable behaviour, unfortunately there is not really much one can do.
            However these places existed in Roman times and through the centauries have continued as a source of adult amusement and entertainment. Not everyone’s cup of tea.

  36. i love fxxing in saunas and my hubby loves watching

    1. Good for you both… did you leave the email so people can contact you directly? πŸ™‚

      1. Yes i did its the easiest way to find like minded guys who want a fxxk

        1. Well, I don’t really mind, as apparently people who find my articles are looking for some good fun, even if some of them deny it, but I guess you’ll be luckier in your research on some more specific websites..
          Good luck!

        2. Which websites??? I’m not an expert but i figure that if i wanted to find like-minded people, a simple google research would do.

      1. Sorry, I don’t play games with people who can’t even write in correct English πŸ˜‰

    2. hi im an Australian guy visiting London,would love to meet you there ,or meet a woman and go as a couple one evening

  37. Hi there..sorry for my english…..so i am interesting to go on this plase…..so i am a man 26 y old straight :)….my question is….can i find some girl there for sex or is it some special girls who just waiting for some mans and they offer sex… ? thanks !

    1. Hey Vanst, not sure I’m the best person to reply to your question here! πŸ™‚ I think that you should go there already as a couple. No idea if they have special nights for single people. You should go to their website and maybe contact them directly!

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  39. Im a single man and went to Rios on a Wednesday night I was in the pool and a couple came in and sat next to me and in seconds the lady started to maturbate me! So it goes both ways, I was shocked but can’t lie I enjoyed it. Later I went into a steam room that was packed by men? Found out why 2 woman were laying naked on the side letting the men grope them and touch them all over..one of the women was the one from the pool earlier, i tried to shock her when see saw me by giving her the same she gave me but she wasn’t shocked at all…so moved down an inch and Wham that shocked her πŸ˜‰

    1. Darren, thanks for doing what I didn’t in the article. Maybe the people who will stumble upon this post in the future will be at least satisfied by reading your detailed story!

  40. Hi there all just read your review I’m a guy in to naturist but not in to all the voyeury I went to rios .kentish town on a week daty for the first time I. Had heard bad and good about that place I had no problems at all I will go again
    But I was in formed Saturday is couples only

    1. Not sure how I’d rate Rios. I think it depends on what you’re expecting. Glad you enjoyed your experience.

  41. Why don’t you just tell the truth? I bet you were dying to say yes. You fucking prude.

    1. If that’s what you like to think… go ahead, keep imagining things and have fun!
      Ps: Frustrated men, you’re seriously THE BEST!

  42. thank you for sharing your experience and it’s sad some people feel the desperate need to try and insult someone who has taken the time to share their experience and try to force their own narrow minded thoughts upon you.

    Good on you for being open minded and brave enough to share what happened. Don’t stop blogging because of the few morons that exist.

    I stumbled across your article after I was searching for a genuine, no nonsense sauna experience in London. I am by no means prudish, naive or closed minded… I’m a male, why would I be?! However I too don’t wish for your experience when all I want is a nice relaxing few hours in an unhurried, non orgy, non sexual environment! (A simple search shows me exactly where I can find those thank you) for me it looks like Banya #1 will be my choice as it appears to meet my needs.

    Keep blogging and keep smiling

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment EC, and don’t worry… I’d never stop blogging because of the rude comments! They are actually pretty hilarious and even if I have the choice to moderated or simply don’t plublish them, I do it anyway as I find them quite entertaining.
      I put myself and my point of view out there every day with my blog, and I have no problems in dealing with people who judge my work or my opinions.
      My aim is to inform and entertain people and I’ll keep doing it no matter what they say πŸ™‚

  43. Clelia,

    I’m suprised that that the environment was so pushy on you getting engaged with them.
    I was in Rios twice also not knowing exacly for the first time how this place looks like and how it is, but I haen’t noticed such pushy behaviour. I see that some people are looking for privacy in seperete massage rooms but in gerenal I haven’t seen people doing it in front others openly.
    In gerenal athmosphere was good.
    Accoring to the page of Rios http://www.rios.co.uk/specialevents.htm – n Saturday thare are couple only days. and Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday are Strictly Naturist Nights. I was on Monday and indded evrybody was aked.
    When it was when we ware thare?
    If it’s couples only on Suturday – how you entered single?
    What about you friend’s feelings about this place?

    1. I think it was a Saturday and we weren’t single so to speak, we entered with these two guys (one of them was the one who invited my friend). My friend was as surprised as I was… probably they were pushy because I was NOT naked. You know what they say? people always want what they can not have πŸ˜‰

      1. Hi Clelia,

        I really enjoyed reading your blog and heartened by your non-judgemental attitude to people who like to go to these places, despite your awkward experience there! Clelia, please ignore all the negative comments and continue bringing us your blog.

        It’s a shame that in Britain especially we seem to have such a puerile, furtive and repressed attitude to sex. It seems to be something to be sniggered at and sexual innuendo can be found in even the most innocent situations.

        Of course, sex is important but it’s equally important to keep a relationship fresh. Me and my partner like to occasionally do ‘spur of the moment’ activities, for instance the other night we went to a local restaurant. My partner ordered the fish pie and I ordered the vanilla stick and when the waiter served us our meals, we decided to swap plates! So, I ate her fish pie and she sucked my vanilla stick! It certainly helps to keep things fresh for us.

        1. You certainly have a good sense of humor David πŸ™‚ Don’t worry about me and blogging, as I already said, by writing my posts and expressing my opinions and experiences I’m also expecting reactions from people. I can deal with them.

  44. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!
    This is funny. Very funny. And as I sit here explaining my smiling face and shock to my girlfriend sat in front of me, she’s like, “yeah, of course those places exists”…. ok then. Learn something new about someone everyday! She is from London I guess.

    Really enjoyed reading this. And the negative comments, they are almost as funny. Morons. It is much more attractive to meet a girl who respects the privacy of her body than to parade it around for guys with limited bandwidth.

    Question though – was the guy who invited your friend there present? How did that conversation go?

    1. Raj…. when you talk about your girlfriend you say “she is from London I guess”…. you guess? Just tell the truth, you met her at Rios! πŸ™‚

      Regarding the guy, me and my friend made it clear that we didn’t expect such a thing and all we wanted was a relaxing afternoon. He acted like a real gentlemen and didn’t try anything. I appreciated that.
      Oh and the comments…well. I actually laugh when I see one, and I wish there were more like that as they are very entertaining. But I guess that pissed off guys, looking for porno don’t waste their time by commenting in here. Pity!

  45. Rios..smelly testosterone whiffing around the steam room with Turkey giblets and melancholy egos that made a memorable nite..

    1. OK, I had to google “turkey giblets”, and still didn’t get a satisfying answer. Then I checked out the related images. I started laughing! πŸ™‚

  46. call ME old fashioned but its a sad place with lonely people..hot and steamy more like smelly testosterone whiffing around a crazed asylum
    As for a few of the females I’m afraid they are a little vulnerable and not right in the head
    Please put away those Turkey giblets and women let’s face it no one would look at you clothed never mine naked.

    1. I don’t know if that’s a place for lonely people…maybe not…I’m not judging the people who go there. Is their own business and people might like to have these kind of experiences.
      Regarding the women, we are always beautiful no matter if we are dressed or naked πŸ˜‰

      1. Hi! I feel the some as you really!
        My partner and i are planning to visit Rios for 1st time! Now I’m having one 100 questions about this place!
        My opinion is If women is naked of course men will be arroused and no doubt desperate to touch any women or even pester you to into sex!
        But in other hand of course we ladies should be able to say no and meaning no starting from don’t touch me as I don’t really fancy you!
        Last thing should be security and kick the desperate sort of gang rape men!
        Only behaved educated people should practise this place!

        1. Gill, if you are going with your partner and you know what to expect, then I don’t think you’re going to have any issue. In my case, it was totally different. I don’t think the guys over there were necessarily rude people. They simply assumed that I was there for the same reason as them and that I was playing hard to get. Other than that, I didn’t see any aggressive behaviour towards the ladies in there. They were all consentient after all. All of them, except me and my friend evidently. That was the real issue!

  47. I have had fun a few times at Rios. As you say it’s a place for consenting adults. I knew what I was getting into when i entered. There are much better places though in London. Let me know if you want to go again! πŸ˜‰

    1. Ah, well glad you enjoyed your experience, as you said… you knew what you were getting into! Thanks for the offer but I think I’m going to pass, definitely not my kind of thing! πŸ™‚

      1. Marc, I’m afraid I’m not exactly the best person to ask for these kind of information!

  48. Rios ain’t a sex place I been there several times at all hours of the day and night your experience is very unique

    1. Weird, as other people went there for this very purpose…probably they have “special” days. I don’t really know how this whole thing works πŸ™‚

  49. You fucking boring, spare us crap like this confessed (to ‘dear diary’ was it?) by idiots like you.

      1. I can’t speak for the other dude but I wasn’t looking for porn myself. Despite that, I would still rather have read about you getting into it and getting shagged by some random couples. I think you would have enjoyed it but you are too frigid to give it a chance. I guess that’s your loss. πŸ˜‰

        1. Ahahahaha, why I don’t get more of these comments?! they seriously brighten up my VERY frigid existence, Thank you!
          PS: Just out of curiosity, if you weren’t looking for porn, how did you find my article? Hiding behind a “J” and a fake email address lead me to think otherwise. Come on admit it,there’s nothing to be ashamed of after all πŸ˜‰

          1. Hi!

            I share similar sentiments as those other posters, though slightly less hostile.

            You run a travel blog right? You’re well traveled? You must have experienced some interesting things in your travels right? Then how could you be so shocked by such an innocuous experience and how the hell could you think that being invited by some strangers to join them in a sauna was a normal innocent experience?

            I’m pretty well traveled also. I love real experiences, in real places, away from tourists and expats. I shudder to think about what would happen to you in some of the places I’ve visited, I assure you they would be a lot worse than a horny guy in a sex club touching your leg.

            Really, it casts aspersions on the validity of your site as a whole. You write and seemingly behave like a twelve year old girl, which is fine if your blog was about braiding hair and ponies, but real travel requires savvy and “street-smarts” that you clearly do not possess. Unless of course, the majority of this tale was fictionalized to appeal to a certain demographic.

          2. Hi Almond, thanks for your comment and for taking the time to, at least, share your honest opinion without insulting. You don’t know me of course and I know that having a blog where I talk about my experiences puts me in the position of being “judged” by strangers, which is fine by me.

            What I’d like to point out here, referring to your comments is the following:

            1) When I wrote the post, I did it for the simple fun of sharing that experience. So yes, the story is 100% true and I definitely wasn’t trying to appeal to a certain kind of audience, more so because I wrote this when my blog was just a mere diary and I wasn’t blogging professionally. I decided to leave this post, as well as other posts with a more personal tone, because this is a part of who I am.

            2) I know it’s kind of weird that I could get “shocked” by this “innocent” episode. The fact remains that we are not the same and don’t have the same level of comfort when it comes to certain experiences.

            3) Does this mean that I’m behaving (and writing) as a 12-year-old girl? If this is your opinion, I won’t argue with that. Some people found it a funny, light-hearted read, some other loved to offend, some other uses this post to meet other people as it was a personal ad website. To each his own, I guess.

            4) Does this one blog post casts aspersion on the validity of my blog as a whole? It only does (for you, and again this is totally fine by me) if you took the time to read some of my other articles such as my visit to Auschwitz, How long term travel changed my approach to people and other blog posts. If you still think that my website is not a valid one, then ok, we are cool. I guess you won’t bother reading it and that would be the end of it.

            5) I disagree about the equation: being well traveled—-> “I know it all” attitude. It might be partially true that the more we travel the more we should be aware and ready for weird, dangerous situations. And I had a few more on my back (I didn’t have the time to write about them yet) and I handled them the right way, managing to stay safe. So just reading one story and tearing apart my whole life as a traveler is a little bit of a stretch don’t you think?

            6) On the same topic, this article was written when I still hadn’t started my nomadic life in 2013. It was about my times still living and working in London. This doesn’t mean anything, of course, it’s just a note I wanted to add.

            7) “Real travel requires savvy and β€œstreet-smarts” that you clearly do not possess” : Again, your opinion of me is based probably only by reading this article, not knowing the rest of the misadventures I had while on the road and how I handled them. This is why I’m not really offended by your comment. You don’t know me and people can have whatever opinion they want about me. I know who I am and I don’t like going out there bragging about the things I did right all the time. I am mostly a self-ironic woman who likes to make fun of her misadventures and, sometimes, her being naive. This is a part of who I am, and doesn’t represent my whole personality. I am stating the obvious here but I like to be clear.

            Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to write your comment, I appreciated your analysis because it gave me the opportunity to clarify a few things and also state my own point of view.

            Have a good day!

        1. I love these comments, I approve them only for the entertaining part of replying to them πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Johnny don’t worry,I will surely tell Cielia to grow up! She must be Clelia’s more reserved alter ego!
      Oh and if you feel the urge to mention God, make sure you write it properly.. (and I’m not even religious)

  50. Mommy would suggest that you are American. That would explain some things,. But quite honestly: where were you brought up, what went wrong, ahve you never had sex, do you take your bikini off for that?

    Maybe you are just living in the wrong century.

    1. I didn’t know whether to approve the comment or not,but it’s just too hilarious!

      I don’t think a reply is really necessary.Just make sure to tell mommy that I’m Italian not American, and that I thought that to have sex you needed to take off your underwear, not your bikini…unless you are on a beach, and I’d NEVER do such horrible, despicable, sinful things on a beach! ahahah πŸ™‚

  51. Quit shoking for London standards, but it wouldn’t be such a surprise in Amsterdam at all!

    1. I don’t know, London is well known for being a very “open minded” city, so I’m not surprised about these places (now that I know they exist!), I’ve been to Amsterdam and obviously the sex culture in there is well, we all know how it is!

  52. That’s what exactly happen to me yesterday πŸ™‚ how boring to see a man walking naked swinging his thing omzzzzz lol

  53. Hi Kle
    I know this place. Its quiet during weekday afternoons. I went wih a female friend years ago which was nice. Id like to go in a small group. Im always curious as to what women think of it. I could never touch a woman the way he did to you.

    1. Hey Tim,
      I obviously can’t talk for all the women out there… plus I went to the place not knowing what I was putting myself into. I actually said that i’m glad that there are places like these for people who want to try them out. I’m open minded and I don’t judge people who go there. I am simply not really into this whole sex thing πŸ™‚

      1. Gill, I’m starting to think that they hired you as a PR at Rios after your first visit…well done!

  54. Wow, what a story. I’d never expect quite such goings on in such an established place in London. Maybe that car driver had his eye on your friend and it was an indirect advance. I’d have been out of there at the first sign of trouble. You were brave to stay in so long.

    1. Well, despite the hateful comments that I receive from time to time, I am a curious person and as long as they didn’t touch me I was fine! Quite an experience..

    1. Hey kieron, yes absolutely weird! glad i’m not the only one who didn’t know about these “sin places” πŸ™‚

  55. Hahahaha ohhhh dear! I had a similar experience when I went to a hamam (sauna) in Istanbul a few years ago. Sure, the Lonely Planet said it was a gay sauna, but also described it as ‘discreet’. It was not discreet. After being hit on several times (I just laughed), I went into the steam room where there were about 20 guys just staring at the wall, their hands moving furiously underneath their towels – but not touching each other. I left in fits of embarrassed giggles.

    I mean, I’ve been to gay saunas for their, erm, intended purpose before, but I just wanted somewhere to chill out and make a few new friends in Istanbul. That was not the place.

    1. Tom!!nice one! you can understand my embarrassment.. I’m really open minded but, just as you, i wasn’t prepared to the madness! After reading your stories i don’t think i will be trusting any travel guide’s suggestion anymore πŸ™‚

  56. Hi Kle, new reader here πŸ™‚ Glad I found your blog. I love this story and will be coming back for more!

    1. Hi Deane, welcome on board πŸ™‚ i’ll make sure to add some more fun stories very soon. Unfortunately (or fortunately, it depends on the point of view) they are my Trade Mark!

  57. No way!
    I didn’t know that SPA could have “special nights”! i guess i’m as naive as you are..i will be extra careful next time someone invites me to a Sauna!:)

  58. How embarrassing…i would have probably left after seeing the naked girls at the bar! I hope they let you in for free at least πŸ™‚

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