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      1. Author

        Hi Ruby thanks for noticing that a DA of 50/52 could be higher 🙂 In the industry is already quite high and I didn’t need to buy any link, what you see is the result of hard work. I already know the websites of my colleagues who accept guest posts and at the moment I’m not interested in such a collaboration.
        Kind Regards
        Clelia Mattana

    2. Hi,

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    3. Hi!
      I’ll be arriving in Olbia by cruise, on 4th of June, with a family of 4. We would love to just enjoy the day at a beautiful beach, possibly in San Teodoro (La Cinta).

      My question is: how can I get from the cruise to San Teodoro and back? Are there buses that run this itinerary?

      Thank you for the time you take to put together this web site, which is an awesome source of information!


      1. Author

        Hi Sofia, Thanks for stopping by! From the port there is this service that will take you directly to San Teodoro for 10 euros (but you have to book online and I’m not sure how their level of English is!) 🙂 Otherwise, don’t worry, just search Olbia town with public transport or taxi (super quick) and you will find plenty of buses that will take you to San Teodoro. Olbia-San Teodoro is one of the best connected via buses so I’m sure you won’t have any issue!

        1. Thank you so much for taking your time and putting out this precious help!

    4. Oh Gosh,
      Think I just did this wrong… I filled out the form….when really I should have posted here. Sorry about that!!!

      I work for a company that has an Affiliate program and wanted to see if this is something of interest for you.
      Thank you.

    5. hi . i would like to request that our resort or our place can be featured in your blog, its a great honor to get in touch with you…thanks

    6. Hi, We wanted to get in touch with you to increase traffic on your website. Please reply to this email so we can send you an audit report of your website. Thank you

      1. Author

        Hi Alice,

        I reply to you in here so I can make clear for all those companies that, even when I state that I don’t need SEO/marketing help for my website, still try to contact me about it. I thank you all for your enquiries but as I say, I don’t need it at the moment, and sending me emails about it is just a waste of your time.

        Thanks for your understanding!

    7. Buongiorno,

      Ho trovato il tuo sito molto molto interessante tanto da rileggerlo più volte, io sto programmando per le ultime 2 di luglio ma non so decidermi dove.
      Ho visto che di posti ce ne sono tanti ma tranne in alcuni casi lontani gli uni dagli altri quindi volevo chiedere un posto strategico sia per le spiagge di giorno ( e li mi sposto ) ma anche per la sera se voglio fare una piacevole passeggiata la sera con la famiglia dove c’e’ un po di movimento ecc.
      Grazie mille

      1. Author

        Buongiorno Davide,
        Per quanto riguarda la tua richiesta e’ focalizzata sulla Sardegna o sul resto del mondo in generale? te lo chiedo perche’ di solito mi arrivano molte richieste sulla Sardegna in particolare ma nel tuo messaggio non e’ chiaro. Se mi fai sapere, vedo come posso esserti di aiuto 🙂

        Buona giornata!

    8. Hi,

      I am emailing with regards to our #blogmanay campaign here in Edinburgh for our annual Hogmanay Festival.

      Do you have an email address that I can send information to?

      Many Thanks
      Leah S

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