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Hello there! Do you feel a bit lost? Keep calm, you are in the right place! If you are here it’s because you probably landed on my website for the first time, so welcome to Keep Calm and Travel! This page is your compass, I will show you how to browse the site and find the highlights or simply research for specific topics.

But I warn you right away: you won’t find much about food in here. Uhmmm How come? Don’t I eat anything? You’ll find the answer to this in my FAQ section (but don’t go there yet…), stay here with me and let’s go through the main articles/pages of Keep Calm and Travel…



After more than 5 years on the road, reading the posts before my departure is so cute! I was so excited and unaware of what I was getting myself into, even if my writing was terrible I decided to keep them all, and I’ve even highlighted a few old articles as they are part of my “Journey” as a traveler and a blogger.




Five years have gone by in a flash, and to be honest with you I’ve always been more focused on living the moment than writing about it… Result? I have so many posts still in the making! The memories will never fade, but I want to share with you all my fantastic adventures as well as the difficult moments of my trip, as per usual…so stay tuned!


I have a little confession to make here: I am a cheater! I fell in love with so many places during these years, and if you ask me which one is my top of the top, I can’t really give you a straight answer. My emotions and the interaction with people play a huge role in this process. Below is a list of some of my favorite places (and so many more to come, obviously!)



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  1. nice blog, i havent look all the post, but its good if travel to some eastern europe too 🙂

  2. hello Clelia,congratulations for your posts!
    please help me with a short ‘to do’ list for 4 days in april,19-23, in northern Sardinia.
    We are a couple and will land in Alghero.

    thank you!

    1. Author

      Hey Sergiu, did you check the page about things to do near Alghero? I’m partnering with a local amazing girl, Gabriella, who organizes tours and can give you some good tips on things to see and do near Alghero! Check it out in here 🙂


  3. Io viaggio tutte le sere quando torno dal lavoro perchè ho un figlio bellissimo con cui condivido tutto. Penso che tra dieci anni comincerai a sentirti davvero sola. Non lo dico per sostenere che è migliore la scelta che ho fatto io , ma perchè credo che sia davvero così.

    1. Author

      Il mondo e’ bello perche’ e’ vario, almeno cosi si dice 🙂 Sono contenta che tu abbia trovato la tua dimensione, ma il mio stile di vita non implica necessariamente sentirsi soli, tutt’altro. Ognuno poi e’ libero di credere in cio’ vuole, siamo in un paese libero dopo tutto, quindi ti auguro il meglio per la tua vita.

      Un saluto

      1. sono stata single e viaggiatrice, sono mamma e viaggiatrice, credo che le due cose possano convivere e che l’una non escluda l’altra … ma da ex single viaggiatrice posso assicurare a chiunque che non si è mai soli in viaggio … ero single e felice, ora sono sposata e mamma e sono felice … la felicità una persona la deve avere dentro al cuore e se si è felici (e in viaggio) non si è mai soli 😉
        good job Clelia keep calm & travel single or with a family xxx

        1. Author

          Grazie del bel messaggio Francesca, hai proprio centrato il punto! 🙂

  4. fantastica 🙂
    And keep going , because “life is either a daring adventure or nothing”
    Un bacio

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  6. Hello Clelia!

    I honestly stumbled upon your wonderful site/blog trying to find the exact Italian (Sardinian?) gesture for ‘magnifico’ for one of my blog-followers… and the search dropped me here! As I browsed more and more with my inner eclectic ‘Marco Polo’ exploring-child being teased to come out to dance and play, I was hopelessly hooked! (big smile)

    I am excited to continue perusing this kaliedoscope of places, tips, FAQ’s, and vivid images! Wow! Gratias tibi! (wink)

    Warmest wishes for you Clelia!

    Fyi… I’ve had the lucky fortune in my life, in my futebol playing career, to visit (and stay) on 4 of the 6 liveable continents of the world — they are some of my most cherished moments & memories a person could ever hope for. Hence, I totally relate to your passion for travel!

  7. Hi Clelia. Beautiful template, great posts and amazing pictures.
    I follow your blog around 1 years and….it’s pretty awesome 😉
    Thank u…because I have read your story and….you gave me the inspiration to create my first blog and other (now, I’m working about “other”…now it’s top secret 🙂 )

    Clelia Have a Great Day

    1. Author

      Thanks, William! I don’t usually check the comments in here and I was glad I found your kind words 🙂
      Good luck with your own project, I’m glad I have inspired you!


  8. I really like the layout of this page Clelia, flows really well! I’ll be making a Best of/Getting started page soon (my next project now that the photography page is done) but this is really cool to get your readers acquainted with you. Each section is great.

    1. Author

      Thanks Ryan! I also got the idea from other bloggers..I think It’s cool to have the most important posts in a section so that people that find your website for the first time wont get lost!

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