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This is me! Shocker, you’d never have guessed, right? 🙂

Hi! If you are here, it’s because you want to know a bit more about me, so I better introduce myself! I’m Clelia, a self-ironic girl born on a beautiful Italian Island: Sardinia.

At age 19, I left my parent’s house and started my nomadic life. I first explored my beautiful Italy, living in Turin and Rome for a few years.

Then I moved to England to learn English. I worked as an Au pair and continued my career in the Fashion Industry at Burberry London for five years. I had a prestigious job, a good salary, and a studio flat, all to myself. I was living in one of the coolest European Capitals. I had the “perfect life,” but I wasn’t really happy.

I knew I didn’t want that life. It wasn’t the real me. From a young age, I was crazy about traveling, but my family was so poor that I had to dream for many years.

One day I decided that I had dreamed enough, and on the 10th of August 2012, I decided that in 6 months, I would quit my job, save enough money, and buy a one-way ticket to Bangkok. I was about to realize my most significant, wildest dreams, and I’ll never forget that day!





At 35, people expect you to settle down, get married, and have kids, but I decided to travel instead. Life is too short to wait for the right moment. Sure, I was scared to death and felt a lot of pressure. Nobody understood why I was “throwing away ” my perfect, well-paid life… And for what? Travel?



I started my trip to South East Asia on the 10th of February, 2013, and I plan to be able to travel as much as I can.

In the meantime, I also managed to launch (still a bit of work in progress, but working hard) two other websites:

One entirely dedicated to Sardinia: My Sardinia Holidays and another one (completely in Italian for now) more related to my interests outside travel (Beauty, wellness, fitness and a dedicated section to blogging as well.

I have already experienced some crazy, unique, and funny moments so far: I had a very emotional night before my departure. I fell in love with Cambodia and the amazing Philippines and its people.

I left my travel buddy for a month of solo adventures, got engaged in Bali, and moved to Thailand, where I lived and worked as an English/ballet teacher for five incredible months. After  seven years on the road, I collected so many adventures, and I’m finally living the life of my dreams (including a few misadventures here and there!)

If you want to read more, go to the “start here” page!




My blog is my life, my job, and my passion. What is it all about? I want to send a message: No matter what your age is, your budget, or your status, you can travel and live your life on your terms.

This website is dedicated to all those who are not sure they are living the life they want to and think it’s too late to change. Too late to learn a new language or to follow their dreams.

No matter if you are still studying or in your thirties, forties, sixties, or over. Do what you really want. If you like traveling or have a big dream, save the money and do it! It’s not always easy. All I know is that it is always WORTH IT.


If I managed to succeed, believe me… Everybody can!

I am just another girl who believed enough in her dreams to make them happen. That’s all it takes. Nothing more. No need to be rich and no unique talents are required.

This is what I want from my blog: To convince you that you have the right to live your dreams and to make you smile over my latest clumsy adventures! 🙂

I hope you enjoy reading my website. If I can help you in ANY WAY, contact me, write a comment, or whatever method you prefer (messages in a bottle and pigeons are fine too… just be patient with my reply!).

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Thanks for your time and arrivederci 🙂



    1. Author

      Please avoid this type of generic messages as they won’t grant you any dofollow or no follow link on my website. It’s just wasted time.

  1. Very informative and great content hope this helps me grow and upscale my business

  2. Hi Clelia, found your blog by accident and so happy of it! I love to travel but never had an opportunity to do as much as I wish – first had very low money and now having 2 very small children and no one around to babysit for longer than a couple of hours Even though we aim to go to new places a few times every year and this summer we want to go to Sardinia and I would be very happy if you could help me choosing the best place for us. So we are thinking of going in June as the kids are age 3 and 1 and want to avoid the heat and crowds; we are flying from London to Cagliari, Alghero or Olbia and what we are looking for is a relaxed place, decent beaches and a city nearby where we can have a stroll, restaurants, small shops and medical etc. services if needed.

  3. Awesome and amazing blog, I really inspired so much for your thought and I also proceed to admire in my life, thank you so much for knowledge information

  4. Mam i am also want to be a travel blogger. I want to travel all the world for one time in my life. Currently i am working a job and also doing travel blog or tourism news update. I want to become like you (Free Bird). Please show me the right path.

  5. Hi, I am Deepak here, I am planning for a new trip. Please guide me a few places where I can utilize my holidays.

  6. Celia, nice way of struggle and getting all that you ever wanted and dreamed of and then leave all for the adventure lust. It was a very brave step indeed and I support your decision and the courage that you have shown. Without taking risk in life, we cannot get anything. We have to move out of our comfort zone and aim high to get what we want and in the end we finally achieve that relentlessly.

    1. Author

      Thanks a lot for your words Tanisha, they always mean a lot to me, even after 7 years! When you do things with passion everything is possible!

  7. Ciao Clelia, ti faccio i miei complimenti, hai davvero un blog interessante…hai detto una cosa veramente importane, ognuno dovrebbe credere e realizzare i propri sogni, a qualsiasi età.
    Ho letto che hai vissuto otto anni a Torino (io ci ho vissuto dodici anni), però non hai scritto nulla su Torino nel blog, o mi sbaglio?

    1. Author

      Ciao Federico grazie del messaggio! Si sono stata 8 anni a Torino e ancora non ne ho scritto. Essendo il blog in Inglese ci metto parecchi tempo a scrivere ma ho 2 articoli in stand by su Torino, che è una città che adoro ed èp stata la mia casa per tantissimo tempo. Come tutto il resto… arriveranno anche i post su Torino! 🙂

  8. Your story is so inspiring. I love your humility and open-mindedness. I’m so excited to have discovered your page!

  9. Thanks for sharing your story. Yours is very inspiring. Thanks for the tips as well.

  10. wow! i like traveling too!
    your website is perfect 🙂
    good luck

    1. Author

      Thanks! I think that except for my brother (rare species)… everyone loves a bit of traveling in their lives!

  11. Molto interessante questo blog, scoperto da poco.
    Faccio un po’ fatica con l’inglese, ma vedrò di applicarmi un attimo perché quello che scrivi mi sembra interessante. Un abbraccio

    1. Author

      Grazie Sara, ora sto lavorando al mio secondo sito che sarà bilingue e un giorno spero di poter far diventare anche questo bilingue. Ma sarà un lavoro non da poco!
      Un abbracio a te!

  12. Thank you for your advice! Much appreciated… Keep living the dream! 🙂

  13. Hi love reading your blog and stories, you can really sense the passion in your words! I lived in Mexico for a year from August 2015 to 2016, ran out of money and had to come back to England… Im in a position financially where I can go again for maybe longer than a year.. my question is simply how do you support yourself financially? I can’t web develop or have any It skills to work remotely and tbh I don’t think I have the passion to learn it either but I know I’m passionate about travelling. Any tips or help would be appreciated!

    1. Author

      Hey Sonny! Thanks for your comment 🙂 I am able to travel like I do because my website is my full-time job. It’s not super easy to get to this point and you have to be passionate (REALLY PASSIONATE) about what you do and willing to learn as much as you can about IT and online business. If you don’t want to study that, my advice is to save as much money as you can and try to travel during your vacations. Otherwise, if you are good with languages you can teach English in schools all around the world. It is a pretty common way to sustain yourself and travel. Also, did you consider trying house or pet sitting? another way to travel almost for free!

  14. Woow, this looks really amazing,
    This is really on my have to do list before i get into my 40’s

    Keep posting,
    Kind regards

  15. Admiring the time and energy you put into your site and detailed information you offer.
    It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same out of date rehashed material.
    Wonderful read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

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  17. Hello Clelia,

    Congratulations for your dreamed and real life

    Sometimes, I think to quit my job because I feel that its not the life that I want to live. I always dream to travel to other countries, knowing differents cultures, people and places, but my fear to spend a lot of money and the express me in differents languages that I don’t know, for example, my English is not very good. Especially if I’ll know move alone and with the documentation required.

    One question for you. Have you been stay in Spain? if not so, will you come?

    Best wishes!!

    1. Author

      Hey Miguel, Thanks for your comment 🙂 Don’t worry, my English is not perfect either but I managed to communicate with people one way or the other! Yes I’ve been in Spain several times, beautiful country!

  18. Ciao Clelia , tutto bello ma quanto può durare ? Mi chiedo per le feste torni a casa o sei sempre in giro per il mondo? Chi condivide con te tutto questo ? Chi ti consola quando sei triste? Ciao! Sofia

    1. Author

      Ciao Sofia, risposta dopo millenni, scusami! Quanto puo’ durare? Una domanda abbastanza divertente per me, perche’ me la facevo quando ancora lavoravo da Burberry a Londra, ma con un significato diverso ovviamente. La scelta di vita che ho fatto io non e’ per tutti, non e’ tutto rose e fiori e non ho mai detto che lo e’, anzi. Ma e’ cio’ che IO personalmente sentivo MIO, come percorso di vita. I problemi ti seguono anche in capo al mondo, non predico che mollare tutto per viaggiare sia la panacea per essere felici per sempre.

      La vita e’ la vita, sia che tu la viva in un ambiente convenzionale che viaggiando. Gli alti e bassi ci sono per tutti, nessuno escluso. Per quanto riguarda il tornare a casa, cerco di vedere la mia famiglia almeno una volta all’anno e visto che il mio lavoro (il mio sito) mi permette di lavorare ovunque, ho la fortuna di godermi i momenti in famiglia anche per qualche mese di fila.

      Chi condivide con me tutto questo? Tante persone, molte di piu’ di quelle con cui andavo a farmi un drink nel weekend dopo il lavoro 🙂 Viaggiando si ha il privilegio di incontrare persone straordinarie, alcune delle quali diventano vere e proprie amicizie che durano nel tempo, cementate da esperienze che a casa non avrei mai potuto avere.

      Chi mi consola quando sono triste? In genere quando si e’ in viaggio (perlomeno io), non giro come una trottola impazzita! Mi piace fermarmi, viaggiare lentamente, stare mesi in una destinazione in modo da creare legami con persone del luogo o con viaggiatori come me, quindi se ho dei problemi come tutti o sto passando un brutto momento, ho sempre qualcuno sia faccia a faccia che online, pronti a consolarmi e starmi a sentire. E lo stesso vale per me con gli amici, grazie alla tecnologia sono sempre in contatto con gli amici di vecchia data e le reunion dopo magari anche anni che non ci si vede sono splendide.

      I veri amici sono pochi, ma stai tranquilla che restano una costante nella tua vita, anche se sei dall’altra parte del mondo.

      Un saluto!

  19. Hi Clelia,

    I love your blog! I’ve referred to your posts and have used them for travel advice personally and to give to other people.

    You’re a huge inspiration. In my career I worked with bloggers all over the world helping them with marketing their blog, and I must say out of all the blogs I’ve seen this is my favorite!!

    Thank you for all you do.

  20. Clelia, hi,
    I have just discovered your blog and by reading your “life story” and how you set this goal to yourself to start living the dream life, in just half a year… this is super amazing! I am from UK myself and I can relate so much to the fact that we live here, get comfortable with some job, which seems to pay the bills, and then slowly let our life go by.
    I like travelling too, but I am on the path of my life where I am yet to change the route a bit, and start travelling more and enjoying myself.
    Thank you for the huge inspiration. Now I am off to read more of your adventures. 🙂

    1. Author

      Thanks Irina! Go get the world 🙂 PS, sorry I’m so slow when it comes to write about my adventures (hello Africa!!) but I will work on them very soon!
      Cheers Clelia

  21. Hi Clelia, I admire your choice to travel and your blog. I have always had this inner feeling to travel the world. With all the troubles in the world such as terrorism it scares me so. Plus some countries aren’t so kind to Americans. I’m in a middle of a separation of marriage and now is the best time to plan. You helped me with that knowledge. Maybe you can write about money and how not to get robbed? More travel tips from your experience? Thanks again for you being you!

    1. Author

      Hey Patrick, what you said in your comment is indeed something everyone is worried about. The point is, yes it might be unsettling to think about everything that is happening at the moment but I’m also a fatalist so there is no point in staying home because of the fear. This is exactly what these people want us to do.
      As for the tips to avoid getting robbed… it’s just common sense (but I’ll write a piece with more advice based on my personal experience one of these days). Don’t bring too much money with you, always lock your luggage and if you’re carrying an expensive camera or tech gear, don’t show it on the streets for too long, avoid dodgy areas (do your research beforehand) but don’t be too uptight. Unless you are going to a risky country, you can relax! 🙂

    1. Author

      Thanks Thiago! Yes I saw that article as I was wondering why I was having so many people from Brasil visiting my website these days 😀

    1. Author

      Salah, my message here is not that everyone should quit their jobs and travel the world. It’s more of “try to do what you really like”, which can mean anything really, and I don’t recommend quitting a job like I did as most of the times you’ll have to have a backup plan. I was “lucky” as I was stubborn enough to make it work, but I understand that not all the situations are the same, but I encourage people to still dream big, no matter what the situation is.

  22. Hey Clelia, really admire your courage to travel the world! Thats my dream as well. You are a great inspiration..

    1. Author

      Hi Nicole, thanks for your lovely comment! I wish you can realize your dream too. It’s not always easy, but if realizing dreams were simple…well, everyone would be having the life of their dreams, right?:) Best of luck to you!

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  25. Ciao..non so molto della tua storia, ma ho letto l’articolo comparso su Huffpost e mi piacerebbe avere un confronto con te. Sono d’accordo infatti che viaggiare sia molto bello e rilassante: come potrebbe non esserlo? Vedi posti nuovi, magnifici e sostanzialmente anche se lavori, decidi tu quando mollare il lavoro per andartene in vacanza. Non hai orari, nè punti fissi da rispettare. E purtroppo io credo che la tua storia rappresenti il male moderno: i giovani non sanno più prendersi responsabilità e fuggono. Fuggono in una vita che non è quella reale perché a me da sempre (e di anni ne ho 7 meno di te) hanno insegnato ad affrontare le responsabilità e i problemi: ad affrontare un capo, i colleghi, i miei genitori, il mio moroso e il mio ex senza avere sempre la possibilità di scappare e questo mi ha fatto crescere e sentire forte. Tu invece? Appena hai un problema molli tutto e scappi. Questa è la vita? Anche a me piacerebbe poter scappare, ma ogni giorno in cui affronto un problema mi sento migliore e ogni responsabilità me la assumo stando vicina a chi mi vuole bene e a chi non me ne vuole, stando vicina alle persone che sono importanti per me, non stando dall’altra parte del mondo dicendo “mi mancate” o “siete miei amici” fondo è bello condividere! Scusami se questo sembra un attacco, è solo che veramente vorrei cercare di capire la tua posizione e se credi che ci sia un fondo di verità in ciò che dico…

    1. Author

      Ciao Daffy! Oggi vado super di corsa, ma ti ringrazio per il tuo commento perche’ hai centrato un tasto dolente di cui mi piacerebbe molto parlare in maniera poi approfondita appena ho un attimo, quindi rispondero’ alle tue domande e perplessita’ molto volentieri!

    2. Grande Clelia!!! Hai capito tutto dalla vita…. il tempo è prezioso, e tu ne hai recuperato un bel po’ non facendo la “pecora”!!! 😉

      1. Author

        Grazie 🙂 Non ho capito proprio tutto, ma ci si prova!!

    3. Author

      Daffy, con moltissimo ritardo, ecco la mia risposta!
      Sostanzialmente mi stai dicendo che la mia scelta di vita e’ un scappare dalle responsabilita’ della vita VERA (Chi dice quale sia la vita vera? la mia e’ finta in base a cosa?, Io la definirei piu’ una vita non convenzionale che e’ comunque sempre una vita vera).

      Ti diro’ di piu’, Ho lavorato e avuto una vita convenzionale per parecchi anni e ora sono 5 anni che ho una vita non convenzionale. Quindi, a differenza di molti, posso avere dei termini di paragone concreti, non speculazioni come in molti fanno sulla mia vita, basandosi su un articolo che non puo’ certo condensare ne incapsulare quella che e’ la mia vita attuale.

      Dici che al primo problema io prendo e scappo. Davvero? Credi che i problemi non ti seguano e che cambiare paese magicamente li faccia scomparire?
      Pensi che io viva in spiaggia, che mi portino da mangiare, che mi ospitino in case di fortuna durante i miei viaggi, o forse devo anche io lavorare (al mio sito, responsabilita’ 10 volte piu’ grande di quando avevo il mio lavoro alla Burberry, visto che li avevo la certezza di uno stipendio fisso ogni mese, mentre ora se non lavoro e anche sodo, rischio di finire sotto ad un ponte)

      E questo sarebbe il mio fuggire dalle responsabilita’ per te? Io non ho da affrontare un capo, ho da affrontare le persone che vogliono collaborare con me, decidere quali sono le piu’ adatte mentre resto onesta e fedele alla mia morale. Devo negoziare con queste persone, senza un capo che mi dica cosa fare, e se sbaglio non mi becco un confronto o un riprovero, perdo opportunita’ lavorative che si traducono in perdita di soldi.

      Per quanto riguarda affrontare i miei ex, o possibili compagni, che io sia in viaggio o a casa non cambia nulla. Ho dovuto vivere nello stesso stabile della persona che mi aveva lasciata col cuore spezzato per un anno, vederlo ogni santo giorno ed e’ stata dura, ora invece e’ dura finire una storia e non poter avere l’opportunita’ di confrontarsi faccia a faccia, che e’ sempre la cosa migliore. Quindi non direi che sto scappando, anzi.

      Crescere lo si fa in tanti modi, diventare forti anche. Essere consapevoli che la tua famiglia e’ lontana e non poter essere presente fisicamente quando ci sono problemi e’ un’angoscia che ci si porta dentro ma che ci rende piu forti, che ci testa in altri modi, che ci permette di sviluppare abilita’ di sopportare i sensi di colpa, le difficolta’ anche quando ci sono oceani a dividerci.

      Ci insegna a diventare quasi telepatici con le persone che ci stanno a cuore. Moltissime volte e’ capitato che sia da parte mia che della mia famiglia bastasse un “ciao” al telefono per sapere che c’era qualcosa che non andava.

      Delle volte sacrifico viaggi che vorrei fare perche’ devo stare in casa (ovunque la mia casa sia in quel dato momento) perche’ devo lavorare, risolvere problemi col sito, rispondere alle emails dei partner, fare editing di foto e video, scrivere articoli in una lingua che non e’ mia, imparare a gestire i problemi IT del mio sito, e molto molto altro.

      Questo non vuole essere un lamento, io amo cio’ che faccio, l’ho scelto consapevolmente, ma se non lo amassi cosi, a quest’ora avrei di sicuro gettato la spugna e sarei tornata a casa tra le braccia di mamma’.
      Quello si che sarebbe stato scappare dalle vere responsabilita’ della vita.


  27. Hello I am so delighted I found your weblog, I really
    found you by mistake, while I was browsing on Yahoo for something else,
    Nonetheless I am here now and would just like to say thanks for a tremendous post and a all round
    thrilling blog (I also love the theme/design), I don’t have time to read it all at the minute but I have book-marked it and also included your RSS feeds,
    so when I have time I will be back to read a great deal
    more, Please do keep up the excellent job.

    1. Author

      Hi David, of course I remember! So glad you found me in here! I miss Africa so much. Till next time 🙂

  28. Kudos to you! I returned a year ago from a “gap year” that I took when I was 30. And already, I’m browsing through my blog feeds because the travel bug is calling again. Love reading about the life and experiences from like minded explorers, travel on *heart*

    1. Author

      Thanks Theresa! Ahhh there is no medicine for the travel bug, right? Especially after a gap year! 🙂

  29. Hi … love your site! You remind me of me! At 22 I bought a 1 way ticket to Singapore (no job…but I found one) and stayed in Asia 8 years. Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Bangladesh and loved every minute!

    Next stop Europe, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Roma … and yes, the place I loved the most, Sardegna! The rest is history. Married a Sardo, lived in Sardegna 11 years and even though I am back in Canada, I will return. In the meantime, Africa, Mexico, Columbia … ya da ya da!

    I am now 53 and will never, ever stop travelling and experiencing the world. Now my kids are starting to travel on their own and I am so excited for them!

    Thanks for inspiring others to travel at any age … it’s never too late to live your dream! Ciao bella!

    1. Author

      Hi Christine, wow your story is super interesting! As you can testify, there is no age limit for what we really want to do, and it’s so cool that your kids are also starting to travel, you are definitely a good example for them!

      Safe trips!

  30. Ciao Clelia!
    Stavo leggendo un articolo del blog, dove hai scritto che vivi a 45 minuti da Chia, e mi sono chiesta: Non è che vivi a Capoterra? Magari siamo vicine di casa e non lo sapevo! Comunque, capisco se non mi vuoi rispondere per questioni di privacy, la mia era giusto una curiosità 🙂

    1. Author

      Hey, no…non vivo a Capoterra 🙂 I miei abitano vicino Cagliari e quando vengo in Sardegna uso casa loro come base, io non abito piu’ in Sardegna e nemmeno in Italia mi divido l’anno tra Europa e Asia per ora!

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  32. I love your story! I hope I could do what I really wanted soon.
    I’m from the Philippines but now here in Dubai.
    Good thing you found the Philippines as I consider it the best for nature and beaches.

    1. Author

      Hey Adrian, thank you for your nice message! Lucky you, the Philippines are a true paradise on earth! I can’t wait to go back!! 🙂
      Good luck for your future project!remember my motto: NEVER GIVE UP! Results sometimes are not immediate but if you stick to what you believe in, you’ll be successful!
      Cheers 🙂

  33. I Celia. Retired couple ( my wife and I) we love traveling, come to italy a lot 3 months at a time. Always wanted to come to Sardinia. I would love to move around the island for a month or two and finish up in Sicily . As pensioners we are on budget. IS it possible to rent a 1 bedroom apartment from
    a private individual? Want to avoid agencies what is best way to find out about this. We travel by city buses and trains have lots of patience. Any one you know in town or small city near beaches?

    1. Author

      Hi Paul, can I ask you the favor to put questions about Sardinia in one of the related articles? This way other people can benefit from my answer, as my website is not all about Sardinia 🙂

      Thanks a lot!

    2. Did u find accom in Sardinia iam doing something like that in June and July just need a heads up what the renting was like
      Spent winter in aosta valley renting no prob and affordable

  34. Hi Clelia, found your blog by accident and so happy of it! I love to travel but never had an opportunity to do as much as I wish – first had very low money and now having 2 very small children and no one around to babysit for longer than a couple of hours 😉 Even though we aim to go to new places a few times every year and this summer we want to go to Sardinia and I would be very happy if you could help me choosing the best place for us. So we are thinking of going in June as the kids are age 3 and 1 and want to avoid the heat and crowds; we are flying from London to Cagliari, Alghero or Olbia and what we are looking for is a relaxed place, decent beaches and a city nearby where we can have a stroll, restaurants, small shops and medical etc. services if needed.
    Any opinion would be much appreciated!
    Wish you many many new pins on the map and lots of fun!

  35. Disclaimer for all the people who left a comment on the About me page: After the re-design I somehow lost all the comments on this page! I am trying to get them back, but in case I won’t be able to do so, I still thank you all for your lovely words.

    The comments might not be here, but I remember them all and I’m grateful for your encouraging and nice words!

  36. I completely agree with what you said! No matter what, if you are able to answer one simple question = what would make me feel happy and satisfied with my life? you must go and do it! I am full time working person with all the stuff like job, mortgage and bills to pay, but my priority is to travel as much as I can and tell people the same – if this is what rocks your boat – you must travel! BDW – We have visited Sardinia last Easter and even though the weather was crap we loved beautiful surroundings and amazing views! Your blog is fantastic! Keep it up so I can learn more, haha!

    1. Thanks Monika!
      I’m glad to read your message as it shows that there are many ways to indulge in our wanderlust. You still have a full time job and the bills to pay, but this doesn’t stop you from following your dreams as well…and I find it inspiring for many people who can’t or simply don’t want to leave their stable lives!

      Regarding my beloved Sardinia, even under torrential rain is still the most beautiful place on earth 🙂

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