Usually, people ask me this question after reading that I worked for Burberry in my about me section.

I’ll tell you more: not only I’m NOT a model, but I just look much better in the pictures than in real life. I mean, come on…

Italian Gestures: What are you talking about??? are you serious?? Come on!! keep calm and travel

Italian Gestures: What are you talking about? Are you serious?? Come on!

Believe me, It’s a real curse to hear people telling you ALL THE TIME (candidly or subtly):

“OH, is that YOU??” You look different/taller/prettier/younger (whatever) in the pictures… Are you tired? No my friend, I’m not tired… In fact I slept 36 hours straight.

I’m simply photogenic, but at 37-year-old, for your safety I don’t publish the pictures where I look like this (which is basically 90% of the time).


Only after 14 hours of spreading myself with beauty products, makeup and finding the good lighting, and a bit of Photoshop, I might end up on the cover of a fake Vogue! 🙂

So get over it, I’m a simple, very normal girl.

Stop sending me inappropriate pictures or marriage proposals via the contact form or social media 🙂 Unless you are in love with my personality, in that case, you must be able to cope with my straightforward replies!

Italian Gestures:Be careful! keep calm and travel

Italian Gestures:Be careful!

Unfortunately I don’t accept them anymore, but sometimes I create strong relationships with brilliant bloggers and I might consider accepting their posts.

If you really (and I mean it: REALLY) have a smashing article that you want to submit here, contact me and we can discuss it. If I don’t reply to your email, here are the reasons:


  1. You called me “Dear Admin”, told me that you really love my website and then offered me a guest post on fashion, cooking classes or construction sites.
  2. You have a commercial website and you ask for a free link. In that case you can go to my Work with me section as I have some interesting deals for you. Thanks!
  3. Your email went to the spam folder, try again or comment on the website.
  4. I’m possibly dead/kidnapped somewhere out there. You never know these days. If this is the case….

Please call the police!

Italian gestures:come here keep calm and travel

Italian gestures: “Come here”

Yes, I do! English is my second language and I learnt from scratch at age 30, so it usually takes me an average of 3/4 days to complete a blog post. Can you feel my pain?!

I pay an editor for most of my articles. So if you find a few spelling/grammar mistakes it’s because my editor still didn’t check them!

I know you understand and appreciate my efforts, and if you want to help me, feel free to contact me and I will send you all my gratitude, a piece of parma ham (PROSCIUTTO!) and a back link to your blog.

Italian Gestures: Who knows?!

Italian Gestures: Who knows?!

When I first quit my job to travel I used my savings. You can read the details on how I saved 16.000$ in 5 months in this article.

Now I can afford to stay/travel in Asia where the cost of living is low thanks to the money I earn with my blog. Sometimes I also get sponsored trips, but I decline many of them. They might seem freebies but in fact I need to work hard to write the articles, pay my editor to proofread my English and so on. It’s still work. 

I have an exception: If you offer me a sponsored trip where beaches, water sports, immersions are involved, my answer will be 99% YES!

Italian Gestures:you are crazy! You are nuts! keep calm and travel

Italian Gestures:you are crazy! You are nuts!

How can I put this… I hate to be rude, but I want to choose the posts that I really like. If I say yes to one I feel bad and I end up just promoting other people’s posts.

I don’t even  have enough time to promote mine, so have a little mercy! If you want, you can try this:

  1. Go to my facebook page and like it.
  2. Leave me a message on the wall with the link. It will go on the left sidebar of the page. If it’s really worth sharing because it made me laugh, moved me or whatever… I’ll share it. Deal?
Italian Gestures: signs against bad luck

Italian Gestures: Signs for good luck!

Yes, I do, but it took me more than one year to get to this point. I wrote a very detailed article on how I make money with my blog here. It’s full of tips and advice on how you can also achieve good results.

Now I can say that I have a decent salary every month. It’s still not enough to travel full time, as the income fluctuate a lot, but it’s not bad. My speciality is affiliate marketing.

I receive several emails from people asking me for help, and even if I’d really like to help them all, I don’t have the time. If you have 10 bucks to spend for a good cause, you can contact me here and I will reply to all your doubts!


What do you think?!

Yes, 90% of the times, the pictures are mine. If they are not, I usually put a link to the original source. If you find a picture without any source it might be because after the website re-design, I’m totally burned out. I’m sure that I’ll be done by…the end of my life maybe?!

I’m now experimenting with Photoshop as well: Two years of blogging and I didn’t even try to use it! Lazy bum indeed.

I just created a portfolio with my Photo Galleries by destination. I am still in the process of adding the best pictures, but I love the concept…Check it out!

If you want to know what Photo Gear I use, you can check it out on the resources page, or read this cool article on tips about photography. I’m not a Pro, but I learned a lot during these years, so I hope it helps! 🙂

Italian Gestures:delicious! keep calm and travel.com

Italian Gestures: Delicious!

I know, I know… 90% of travel websites talk about food. I am quite weird in this, I like to try the new cuisines around the world, but I’m so lucky to be Italian, that I think our food is the best in the world! No offense to anyone but…pasta is pasta!!

Do you have any other questions? Contact me and I will feature the weirdest and most original ones!


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