Welcome to My Website!

Hey, stranger! I’m Clelia, nice to virtually meet you 🙂


An Italian mix between Bridget Jones and Indiana Jones, I’m a sea lover and globetrotter since age 19. At 35 I quit a steady job at Burberry London and bought a one-way ticket to Asia. I don’t like to follow the rules, but you can’t say that I don’t follow my dreams and you can do it too!


Useful Articles 

How to Create a Blog


Do you want to open a website or just a blog and make money with it but you don’t know where to start? You’re in the right place! Read my articles on how to create a blog and monetize it properly with affiliates and more.

How to Plan Your Trip


Planning a long-term trip or a vacation can be overwhelming at times. After years on the road and countless mistakes, I’ll give you some tips to avoid the stress and mistakes to plan your trip like a pro! 

Pack for a Trip


Packing is, for me, the thing I used to hate the most before a trip. After so many mistakes you can learn from me to prepare your bags even a few hours before the departure without bringing the whole wardrobe with you!

My Videos!

I finally started creating some videos of my adventures, be patient as I’m still learning the editing part! But I can already tell you that…I LOVE DOING IT!   On your right is somehow an unusual video for a travel blog! I’m a big fan of tennis and I often travel to attend the tournaments, in here I was lucky to see Rafa Nadal training (doing push-ups at the end of the video and even briefly talking to me) while staying at a fantastic resort in Cozumel- Mexico. Tip: from minute 2:30 you can see better! But if you are not into tennis, don’t worry, I have plenty of other travel related videos.  Subscribe to watch more!



This section is totally new and I’m pretty excited about it! Some people, after they saw my photos printed and hanged on the wall of my house here in Mexico, suggested that I should give the option to buy them, and here we are!

Well, I am still obviously working on it, as I usually resize all the photos for the website, so finding all the originals will be a real pain, thanks for your patience!