Hello there, I’m Clelia, the girl behind this website, born and raised in Sardinia in a village near Cagliari and I’m here to help. Nice to meet you! 🙂


Save your time and your money, plan and create your customized journey in here!


Are you planning your holiday to Sardinia but you feel overwhelmed by those websites full of pictures of hotels and villas with no real information?

Forget about all that nonsense (I hate it)! In here you will find real advice from a local girl (Aka me!) and the best part is that all the info in here is FOR FREE!

I put together several ready to use itineraries for every need, and I’m in the process of creating other articles for you and a separate website just to help you out and have a fantastic time in my paradise Island!

Given the massive amount of comments and requests, I am also creating a Consultancy Page where I will take the time to plan, give you some good advice and put together a detailed itinerary that will suit your needs. Stay tuned 🙂

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 What My Lovely Readers Say: 

Because calling you a “Testimonial” is so impersonal!


In this section, I created several pages and articles to help you with your Sardinia Holiday planning.  So where can you find all the info you need?! Easy! Start by checking the links below (you can also find them on the main menu on top of the page) and you will find all the info you need!

Quick disclaimer: I’m a perfectionist and I LOVE Sardinia to pieces, so it takes me quite a while to write these massive guides, please bare with me when I try to turn 24 hrs into 48 to finish them all 🙂


Click on the relevant section and let’s jump right in!


One of my favorite shots of Sardinia, I took it during a day trip to Oasi Biderosa near Orosei. A true Paradise! 


Check out the Infographic I put together for you with some fun facts about Sardinia! 


Disclaimer: This is NOT my video, too bad as I have one but I made it years ago when the drones and all the technology we have today didn’t exist. I will make sure to produce one very soon, but in the meantime… enjoy this incredible one! I LOVED IT, and I’m sure you will too 🙂

Credits to this great video goes to another local Sardinian guy: Enrico Travel the World


As I said, these are just shots taken with a super old mobile phone and put together in a video. The first one is all beauty, this one is “just” all heart, from a local who loves her island more than anything! But stay tuned as I am working on a much better video 😉



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koray oguz

I need help with a week vacation in Sardinia. Can you contact me via email?

Jo Hobson

We are flying to Olbia for 1 week on the 7th September with our 11 month old baby. The travel agent has recommended cannigione. In a apartment hotel called Cala de falco. We are getting a hire car so are happy driving to beaches and want to do some sightseeing but would like to be able to walk to restaurants in the evening. Do you have any recommendations on other suitable towns or do you think Cannigione is best for our family holiday? Thanks


Hi Clelia,
Love the website! My boyfriend and I are flying into Cagliari 17th sept for 7 nights. It sounds like renting a car is essential. We were hoping to stay in 2 different places where we would could explore beaches from. We both love nice wine and food. We are hoping you could recommend 2 locations where we could base ourselves?
Looking forward to your reply,

Eva Carey

Hubby and I are planning a late August into early September trip. Flying from NY to Olbia. How many days would you suggest a car? Mayb four days in Olbia and three days in Cagliari? Any suggestions welcome. I need beach, relaxation and great meals.

Zé Pedro

Hello Clelia 🙂 very nice website and tips by the way. so, me and my girlfriend are going to Sardenha for 10 nights in the begining of September. I already know the island but its the first time for her. Last time i did the coast from Porto Cervo to Orosei. This time we are flying to Olbia and out in Alghero. we are going to rent a van in Palau. So, i was tinking this time maybe doing all the north, including 2 or 3 nights in Maddallena island. What do you think? any advice, since we have to… Read more »

Ivi Fauconnier

Ciao! Questo sito è buonissimo, e mi sta aiutando molto a preparare la mia vacanza in Sardegna! Il 13 settembre è il compleanno del mio ragazo e saremo a cala gonone. Vorrei fargli una sorpresa speciale e pensavo affittare un gommone per fare il giro delle spiaggie! Su i siti internet i prezzo sono minimo a 80 euro + benzina, ed è purtroppo un budjet un po alto per me 🙁 Voleveo chiederti se mi puoi consignere un noleggio di gommoni a un prezzo piu basso? Mi potresti consigliare anche un buon ristorante con cibo buono, locale romantico e piatti… Read more »


Hi Clelia, I am finding your site so helpful!!! Me and my partner are booking to go to Sardinia (we have left it very late and are going in 3 days – hope you read this in time!) We will can fly in to Olbia or Cagliari. We want a relaxing beach holiday with some exploring, we’ll hire a car, and would happily base ourselves in two places for 4 and 5 nights. We want less touristy areas, real Sardinia if possible, but somewhere where we can go for a walk, eat locally and have a drink in the evenings.… Read more »


Hi Clelia

Thanks for your useful tips!!!

I will fly to Olbia in August for 3 full days. I was planning to go to Maddalena, Spiaggia del Principe and “Little Haiti”.
Do you think it is the best plan to do so for 3 days?




Hello, this is really a helpful site. We be there for 7 full days, flying into Olbia and out of Alghero. Our plan is to stay first in Cala Gonone and finish in Alghero but we would also like to visit the Maddalena Islands. The question is how should we split our time? Are these 3 locations possible in 7 days? 3 in Cala Gonona, 2 in Maddalena and 2 in Alghero? If we wanted one more day in Cala Gonone, where should we reduce, Alghero? We know we can’t do it all, so how to prioritize? We will have… Read more »


Hi Clelia!

Great site, keep up the good work here.
I am planning to come to Sardinia in August and still haven’t got any clue where to stay. I will probably arrive at Cagliari airport, so can you recommend some town/village nearby that is near beach and can be accessed easily with local buses (I will probably not rent a car).
Also I like the place to be active at night so I can take a walk with my girlfriend and have some drinks there

Best Regards,


Hello! I will be landing on Olbia airport on 8th of June and turn back same from Olbia on 15th, together with my husband. We would not want to rent a car. Could you please advise where is better to stay? We booked a nice hotel in la maddalena, but I think is too complicated to move around from there. Thank you very much


Hey! Your blog is fantastic – you’re brilliant! Me and my boyfriend are travelling to Cagliari for about 4 whole days in April and we won’t have a car (can’t drive 🙁 ) and are really confused about how to get up to the northern areas – we ideally wanted to fly there and stay there but the flights to Olbia and Alghero were quite a lot more expensive – not sure why. We want a holiday full of nature, the sea (not too bothered about laying on the beach, more so about taking in the beauty of the beaches),… Read more »


Hi Clelia,
In early stages of planning for next September(2017). Assume early September is better? Coming from Canada via visit to family in UK so could use either Cagliari or Oblia airports or even fly into one, back from the other. Interested in beaches but also archaeology (ancient, Roman). What do you recommend?

Yvonne Ward

Kia ora Clelia, You’ve made my day by taking the hard work out of planning our trip to Sardinia in May next year. As keen hikers from New Zealand we’ll definitely be basing ourselves in the Golfo di Orosei, Cala Gonone, and Baunei and taking in the major hikes and sight you have recommended. We have 9 full days in Sardinia and fly into and out of Cagliari where we plan on hiring a car. My question is: should we head directly up the Golfo di Orosei and spend the 9 days in that region or take in a few… Read more »


Hi Clelia! I just stumbled upon your webpage a couple of days ago and I must say that I truly find it to be inspirational! 🙂 I need some of your Sardinia expertise to plan my trip. My sister and I were thinking of traveling to Alghero for 1 week in mid-September and and follow some of your travel tips. However, I have a concern regarding traveling from Alghero to La Bombarde beach, La Pelosa beach, Stintino and Bosa/Bosa Marina without car, since neither one of us have a driver’s license (we live in a city where the need for… Read more »

Leonor F.

Clelia hello again!
Do you have any idea of a place to rent a car in Cagliari without the need for any deposit? All the places I have found request a deposit around 1000€!!
Thank you very much.


Hi Clelia,

thank you for this great blog, lots of useful information! 🙂

I was wondering whether you could help me find out if it’s allowed to set up a private barbecue on a beach in Sardinia? We are going there in August and we’ll spent 2 nights in Alghero and then drive south to Cagliari. I tried to find some information online but didn’t succeed (either there is no information or it might be in Italian which I unfortunately don’t speak).

I would be grateful for any information.

Thank you,



Just randomly came across your page!! love it 🙂

We are travelling to Sardinia (Olbia Airport) in August for 3 days. Any ideas where we could go to? Someone close to beaches, relax, good food and chill. Not sure if I need to hire a car for 3days? but open to that option also. Budget not an issue either. Was recommended Purto Cervo, but not so sure now..

Please advice, what do you recommend.

thank you


Ciao Clelia!!!I love your blog. I contacted you last year but finally we couldn’t manage to go to Sardegna, but..2016 will be our year for that!! I know you are really busy, but I hope you can help me a bit. We are almost sure that will be arriving in Cagliari Friday 5th august 10.00 pm and go back home from Alghero monday 15th 6.35 am (ahh). We could also return from Cagliari but we think the north of Sardegna worths so much!!! What would you suggest us to do: Cagliari – Golfo di Orisei – Stintino – Alghero??? Is… Read more »

Dr. Ahmed Hussain

Hi Clelia! Amazing website. You look great, where were you when I was free & lonely..! Thank fa lot for your website/blogg to start with. We are planning to travel to Sardinien from 29/7 for a week. We have a direkt flight from Stockholm to Olbia. We are a famliy of 3, a teen of15 yrs. I found a room in Stintino Hotel Calla Reale via your website but it’s a driving distance of 2 hours I fear. Could you please recommend what to do if we choose in stead to stay in Olbia at hotel Double Tree Olbia? Other… Read more »




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