Countdown: 1 week before the departure

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funny-science-news-experiments-memes-dog-science-fuzzy-logicMy dear friends!

As some of you may have already noticed, I’m doing some trial tests to change the layout of my blog. I want a new, refreshed version of Keep Calm and Travel before my departure in 1 week, so apologize if the site looks a bit messy at the moment.


I promise I will be soon filling it with all the dirty details of my trip and some  AMAZING pictures of my first steps in Asian territory, I CANT WAIT!


These days have been so messy, exciting, tiring and so full of expectations and fears! I won’t even start to count them.

I’m trying really hard to put myself together and relax a bit, but I just can’t stay still. Even if I am apparently calm from the outside, on the inside my mind is a mess and I can barely sleep.

This morning I woke up at 5:00 am, and my thoughts were so so confused that I just had to get up and sit in my “office” to have some work done!


my new office!Yes, Work…Even if I’m not earning a single penny, I’m now officially self-employed, and (let me tell you) I’m working even more than I used to when I had my 9 to 5 job back in London!

The “only” difference (apart for the non-existing salary) is that now, even if sometimes I’m stressed out and tired,  I am also TRULY satisfied with my life and what I’m doing with it.

This is exactly what  I want to do. This is me, 100%.

Nobody forces me to work so hard, nobody pushes me, yet I have so much enthusiasm and energy. I’m not counting the days that separates me from the weekend and I love my new workstation and the awesome music CD  that I’m listening to! I’m almost sad that I have to leave it…naah, just kidding!


Anyhow, this small rant is just to tell you that I’ll be leaving this theme on for the website, but this is NOT the final version!

Working on my blog without the precious help of an IT/HTML expert is hard for me, and it’s taking longer than I planned.

To give you an idea of how hopeless I am, well…  3 months ago I thought that a “plugin” was some obscure word connected to video games.

Ermmmh Video Games? why video games? No idea whatsoever! so yeah, I’m a real disaster. And without the kind help of one of my friends who gave me the basic knowledge on what to do to put together a half decent website, I would be probably still trying to write my first post.

I hope these changes will be for the best, and that my website will give you a bit of inspiration, makes you laugh or maybe dream along with me.

Thanks for reading and…see you soon again on these pages. New Look, same OLD me 🙂



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