Ah, Tuscany! Definitely one of my favorite places in Italy. Being Italian, I can certainly say that I know my country pretty well, and I’ve been lucky enough to visit Tuscany many times, including an awesome stay in a Villa immersed in nature. What a dream!


So, What is the best type of accommodation if you are visiting Tuscany with your kids? And what are the “must see” attractions to keep the little ones entertained?


In this article, you will find the answers to your questions, and much more so…READ ON!


Beautiful Villa situated in a relaxing landscape in Tuscany! What else could you wish for?

If you’re thinking of heading to Tuscany and are looking at places to stay, renting a villa is probably the best bet in keeping everyone in the family happy.





1| Awesome Atmosphere:

For first, a Villa will provide the kind of “home-away-from-home” atmosphere you’ll rarely find in a Hotel. Much better to have a great time with your family!

Some people prefer to stay in hotels in the city centre (nothing wrong with that, of course), but if you have a family, spending your days with the kids and your best friends immersed in the beautiful Tuscan nature will be a mind blowing, authentic and intense experience. A vacation that can’t be compared to any of your previous Holidays. That’s for sure!


2|  Freedom:

You’ll enjoy the freedom to come and go as you please, eat whatever you fancy at any time that’s convenient (handy if you’ve got a fussy eater along with you) and even arrange extra services such as childcare or a chef, should you fancy a night off.

I personally tried this option when traveling with some relatives with kids, and the freedom is the best asset you will have when  it comes to deciding whether to chose a Hotel or a Villa.

I personally tried this option when traveling with some relatives and friends with kids, and the freedom is the best asset you will have when  it comes to deciding whether to chose a Hotel or a Villa. You will literally feel like home, but in a spectacular location!


3| Great Value for the Money:

Renting a Villa in Tuscany  can also be significantly cheaper than a city centre hotel, which is unlikely to have breathtaking views across vineyards and the lush Tuscan countryside (and is probably further away from a vineyard where you can buy your own wine to boot).

Finding the best deals for Villas in Tuscany  to enjoy a perfect, stress-free vacation with your little monsters can be a challenging task.

There are a few good agencies out there, specialized in Villas only, they have the right expertise and experience to help you finding the best Tuscany Villas for families, they will offer you great value for the money as well as a trustworthy, reliable service.


4| Perfect for Group trips:

Tuscany Villas are also a great choice if you’re thinking of heading away with extended family or some friends, as it creates a great balance between the privacy of your own rooms and social spaces where everyone can get together.

I find this one of the greatest benefits of choosing a villa instead of a Hotel. I love the idea of spending time with friends and family, but everyone needs some time apart once in a while.

Group Holidays can be a bit challenging on the privacy side, and having your own space when you want to chill out is a big plus.


The beauty of Villa Felathri in Tuscany, perfect for groups gatherings, ceremonies, and parties!


 5| Awesome add-ons and Amenities:

Better yet, most villas come with beautiful gardens that include swimming pools, BBQ areas, and even pizza ovens, which make lazy days in the sunshine even more enjoyable!

My personal favorite is, guess what? Of course the swimming pool! (just in case this is your first time on my blog, I’m obsessed with swimming pools, and I bet your kids would love it as much as I do! 🙂

line My Recommendations for Villas in Tuscany

Casa Colonica


Casa Colonica is a charming Tuscan mansion nestled in the Palaia hillside. The traditional villa is surrounded by picturesque views of stunning landscape.

Villa Artista


The villa is nestled below Montalcino’s historical centre, a peaceful spot with a large panoramic garden, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, barbecue and wood oven.

Villa Porto


Guests have access to a refreshing swimming pool and the original wood and brick porch. At one side of the pool, there is a large whirlpool tub for up to 6 people.




Not only does Tuscany make an ideal destination for a family holiday thanks to the gorgeous scenery, beautiful climate and huge range of things to do, a villa provides the best of all possible worlds when it comes to a stay in one of the most stunning regions of Italy.


A beautiful View of palazzo Vecchio. Source: ColbyBlaisdell, Flickr.


One of the best things about Tuscany is how you can find everything that’s great about Italy there.

It’s hardly surprising that the region is one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations when you consider you’ve got some of Europe’s most beautiful countryside and the Renaissance capitals of Florence and Siena, whose culture has had an effect on the entire world.


It’s the perfect balance between relaxing your body while gazing out over acres of rolling, sun-washed vineyards (perhaps with a glass of Chianti in hand) and engaging your mind with some fascinating art and architecture on the other.

The fact you can indulge your stomach with some amazing cuisine crafted from local ingredients is just the icing on an already rich cake.

And when you get down to specifics the region doesn’t get any less appealing, especially for families looking to spend some quality time together.

It’s far more relaxing and convenient for everyone to stay in the country and then enjoy day trips in the city (staying in the city is a pretty stressful experience anyway, especially with kids!).


Another beautiful dreamy place in Tuscany: Villa Sticci.


This also means you can strike the perfect balance between days of indulgent relaxation and ones when you pack everyone into the car and head off to do something exciting – but what is there in Tuscany that’ll keep both kids and adults entertained?





For starters, there’s a good number of activity parks dotting the countryside that are great fun for the little ones and provide ample opportunity for parents to relax.


Cavallino Matto Rollercoaster. What a rush for your kids! Source: Claudia Ledda – Flickr


1 |Water parks

What’s better for kids entertainment than a Water Park? Tuscany offers you this great opportunity at  Acqua Village (in Follonica and Cecina) and will certainly provide hours of fun for your kids, as well as a day of total relax for you!

Here is a link to the  official website of Acqua Village in Tuscany, with some additional info for you.


2 |Theme parks

Another great option for your kids to have a great day is a Theme Park like Cavallino Matto. They offer roller coasters, 4D cinemas and much more – plenty to tucker the kids out for bedtime!

Here is their Official Website for more info, with prices, opening hours and more. Check it out!


3 |Bottlenose Dolphins

And it’s a little-known fact about the region that a large school of bottlenose dolphins can be found off Tuscany’s coast, and one adventure that’s sure to have everyone mesmerized is a boat trip out to see them.

Heading out from Viareggio harbor, the trip lasts from about 9am to 4pm and, thanks to your marine biologist guide, is as educational as it is memorable. Here is the link to the website to know more about these fascinating creatures!


 4| Cultural sites (suitable for Children)

If you’re looking for education, there’s no better place to head than to the cities where modern culture arguably began. In Florence, the Uffizi Gallery is the obvious place to start, and even if the kids won’t quite appreciate the subtleties of Italian Renaissance art the grandiosity and beautiful architecture will have them wide-eyed with wonder.

Be aware though, even in the slower months waiting times can amount to a few hours, so whatever you do, make sure you book in advance.

Here is the link to the official website to check out how you can save your time by booking online).

Florence also boasts a great museum specifically for children at the Palazzo Vecchio, where a guided tour will enlighten visitors of all ages about the day-to-day life of a Medici (with the added opportunity to dress up!)


5| Boboli Gardens

If the weather’s on your side, a walk around the Boboli Gardens near the Pitti Palace makes a delightful change of pace. I highly recommend these fantastic gardens, and it’s usually the first place I head to when I visit Florence. Your kids will love it, and you will have a relaxing place to chill out after visiting the museums and art galleries in town.

Your kids will love it, and you will have a relaxing place to chill out after visiting the museums and art galleries in town.


6| Explore the countryside hilltop ruins

And if taking on the city sounds a little more hectic than you were hoping, you can avoid them entirely and still take in some culture – there’s an abundance of hilltop ruins and castles throughout the region that aren’t quite as formal, so kids can really get up close and explore!



Thanks for reading!



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