Unusual Bucket list: Why I want to visit Kelowna in Canada!

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It’s been just 5 days that I’m finally home after 8 months (more about that coming soon!)  and I am already thinking long-term on all the destinations I want to cover during the next few months/years!

This is the first of a series of quick insights on places I want to visit and why. A “Bucket list to remind myself of my next destinations to feel good in between my trips. I like to see it as the traditional board on the office wall, filled with snapshots of gorgeous places, to help me getting on during the day!

I can’t help it, dreaming and traveling are my drug,it makes me feel better and give a totally different purpose to my life.



Kelowna Mountain

Kelowna Mountain

If you read my blog, you should know quite well how much I love the sea. The website is filled with pictures of sunsets on the beach, scuba diving immersion and sunny hot places.

What about the cooler/colder places of the globe? am I totally disregarding them? not at all! The other day I was actually thinking about that, and maybe after a few years of wandering in hot humid countries, it is time to get some fresh air!

The country on top of my list for that is without doubts Canada. It always fascinated me, the main reason being the peaceful and gorgeous nature, lakes and forests.

So, as tradition wants for every dream destination, I researched a bit on the internet to see which part of the country I’d like to go.

It wasn’t an easy task, I can tell you!! all I was looking for was a peaceful, scenic place to just relax and feel in contact with nature, but most of all, far away from big cities and chaos. My eye fell to Kelowna. I admit, I’ve never heard about it before but I have a close friend of mine who was obsessing over going to Canada and he mentioned the place a few times.

Kelowna Map Canada

Here’s where the place is! ๐Ÿ™‚

The pictures on the Internet were stunning. Coming back from the heat of Bangkok it may have helped to further appreciate the feeling of cool pure breeze coming down the mountains ๐Ÿ™‚

The place from the map looks really inviting for my purposes: RELAX! and if being a hermit on a mountain is a bit too much for me, there’s always the lake where I could just lay down and enjoy the warm sun.

There are also other reasons why  Kelowna is on my bucket list for the future:


Myra Canyon Kelowna

Myra Canyon Kelowna

Not many people knows this, but I love riding my bike to explore wild places! (surprise, I’m a sporty girl too!!) and I’ve read the reviews on this amazing place, where the path is quite easy, especially for people not as fit as me! and the landscapes,scenery and animals are perfect to take stunning pictures.

I fell in love with the incredible bridge on the picture and I now day-dream of the day I can cross it by foot or bike. It must me a once in a lifetime experience!


knox mountain park kelowna canada

knox mountain park

Coming from Italy, I lived for years close to the Alps, and I just adore these kind of scenery, it is so peaceful and again, it perfectly fills my hunger for spectacular landscape pictures!

As soon as I’m done with beaches and hot places, this is the place I want to be for at least a couple of weeks! The reviews say that there are different paths you can take and that the best time to enjoy this spectacular scenery is at sunset.

Loving sunsets so much, this is a perfect change of scenery from the million pictures I already have on sunsets over the sea. I’m definitely missing the ones on the lake or mountains, that’s why this is really high on my bucket list at the moment.


kelowna hotels CANADA

kelowna hotels

Ok, here is something else you may not know about me. I studied Environmental science at University (In Turin, so close to the mountains) and sometimes the school brought us for a 3 day excursion in the Alps.
I remember the sweat to get to the top, but as soon as I saw the lovely Chalets, all the fatigue just vanished in the cool air. Being surrounded by mountains, green fields (or white,depending if the snow was still there), was unlike anything else in the world! I made a quick research here too and Kelowna hotels  offers everything I would like to have during a trip like this.

The research need to be accurate, as there are various types of accommodation, but if I (hopefully) have enough money to splurge, I’d definitely go for one of those chalet or hotels surrounded just by trees! I think I deserve a little treat after the Asian experience.

I like living on a budget as it’s the very core of the real traveler, but sometimes I need to just make the exception and take a “Holiday” within my hard-core trip!

There are also so many other activities and experiences I’d like to try in this enchanted place: Lake Okanagan, Kasuga Japanese garden,Shuswap lake and much more! but for now these are the main ones.

Fountains in Kelowna- Canada

Fountains in Kelowna- Canada

Canada cravings may come as a surprise, especially now that I’m just back from an amazing experience in under developed countries in Asia, or maybe is BECAUSE of that?

I think that to fully appreciate a place, I need to detach myself  from it  for a while, to get ready and enthusiastic again. So let me dream about this other part of the world, let me dream about mountains, lakes and chalet covered by snow.

After this virtual tour of Canada I will be well ready to tell you all about my coming back home and most of all, about my upcoming trip to China and Philippines! So stay tuned!

Has Anyone visited this part of the world? if so, what do you think? sounds like a good idea? Any other suggestion?

Thanks as usual for your opinion, you know how much I appreciate it!



    1. I recently visited Canada and I fell in love with the country, super nice and can’t wait to go back for more!

  1. Hi,

    I’m from the UK and spent every spare weekend in Italy, France or Spain. I married a Canadian an moved to Kelowna. It’s beautiful, I love living here, and does remind me of places like Lake Garda, but is more like California. Some people have called it the “Napa of the north”. However, it being Canada everything is bigger and more spread out, and don’t expect the same level of amenities as you’d get in Europe. You definately need a car to get around, although cycling here is magnificent!

    Summer is great for high 30’s heat and beach life. 3 close-ish ski resorts with excellent powder for winter, and cycling in spring and autumn, and obviously the wineries, make for a great pleace to live!

  2. I’ve lived in Kelowna for most of my life (since I was 1) and love it here. July tends to be the hottest month. Right now we are heading into a week of 30+ degrees perfect for boating and beaching on the many beaches on Okanagan Lake from here to the City of Penticton. Plenty of night life on the weekends. Knox mountain park is all but a 5 minute (if that) drive from downtown Kelowna with spectacular views and hiking. Okanagan Mountain Park (Myra Canyon) is nothing to be afraid of as long as you stay on the trail and off the railings. Fall begins here in September and the snow usually starts to fall in November through to the end of February. For anyone planning to Ski here you will want to keep that in mind (Big White Ski Resort approx. 20 – 40 min. drive depending on whereabouts you are in Kelowna) . If you prefer the hot weather though come in July or August! After that it starts to cool down. Only a 4 hour drive from Kelowna to Vancouver on the West Coast, and additional 1 1/2 hour ferry ride to Vancouver Island. Banff is approx. 5 1/2 hour drive from here, another 40 min. or so to Lake Lousie. Jasper, although I have never been there is an additional 20 min (I think). After reading about the ice fields, I may have to check this out myself!

    1. Wow Angela, thanks for your comment and additional tips! I love when people give me their input based on personal experience, and it’s clear you are a local and know very well your ways around Kelowna ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Cle

    We recently connected on LinkedIn, so I wanted to check out your website. I love the website and your outlook on travel. I’ve been to all of the places you talked about. I just wrote about my trip to Cambodia, I liked Thailand, and I come from Canada.

    One thing to add to your reasons to go to Kelowna is that there is a large Italian community there. Many Italians came to build up the local wine industry. Not many years ago, Canada’s wine industry had no respect. Now, with global warming, the wines of Southern California are dropping off and the white wines of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia are gaining respect. That is good news for the Italian-Canadians of the Okanagan Valley.

    Canadians are notorious for ignoring their own enormous country and flocking to Florida, California and Hawaii instead. I’ve hiked the wilderness trails of British Columbia for years. I still have a house there. On my hikes I have met Germans and Koreans and Australians–but few Canadians. They have all gone south. We are a funny people.


    1. Hey Rob

      Sorry I didn’t see the comment! Thanks for all the info provided and it’s nice to know that there is a big Italian community in there (gosh we’re everywhere!!).
      I really can’t wait to visit Canada, I know of people who went there that were totally mesmerized by the place. One of my friends want to move there as he said it is a true natural paradise!

      I let you know when I’m finally heading there for more advice!
      Thanks again!

  4. Iโ€™ll second the drive from Banff to Jasper during the summer. The scenery is incredible and there is the chance that youโ€™ll see wildlife as well. There is also the Columbia Icefield if youโ€™re interested.

  5. I live in Kelowna and it is by far one of my favourite places in Canada! Beautiful during any season.. an amazing place.

    1. Thanks Kat!

      It’s actually weird to read about someone living in a place and saying that it’s the best place in the whole country! We are always complaining or maybe curious to discover other places, so I am ever more convinced that Kelowna is definitely worth it!

      I say that as I think the same about my home land Sardinia. It is simply the most amazing place in Italy (my opinion!) and tourists tend to agree ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Hi there,

    I came across your site as I’ve been gearing up for a year long backpacking adventure through the middle East and Eastern Europe and needed some advice on packing! I am from Canada (Ontario for most of my life but Vancouver is home now) and I highly suggest it as a destination with its unbeatable scenery and outstanding nature. It’s true that Canada has endless opportunities for the outdoorsy type and everyone has differing oppinions on which is the best. The Okanagan certainly is a lovely place to visit and you wont be disappointed but have you considered the Canadian Rockies? More specifically, Jasper AB. The drive from the Calgary airport up through Jasper National Park is worth the trip alone – by far the most beautiful drive I’ve ever done. I guess it depends on what you’re into. If you’d prefer a more lodge-y type of experience with plenty of wineries and such then Kelowna is great; but if hiking, fishing, and being one with nature is your thing then nothing beats the great our doors of Jasper. I’ve never felt so Canadian as I did there.

    1. Hey DB

      Thanks for the useful tips! the more I read the more I think I should spend at least 2 months in Canada to visit all the marvels you are pointing out! I love driving so your suggestions are pretty interesting!

      Being Italian I obviously love wine ๐Ÿ˜‰ but I’d also like to immerse myself in the wilderness of nature. Wow, it really sounds amazing and thanks to this post Im also realizing how Canadian people are proud of their country. I like that a lot!

      I didn’t meet many Canadians during my travels so it’s nice to see this side of you!

  7. Hi Kle,

    This looks like an interesting place and a great find. I love how it is in the countryside and well away from the big cities. It looks like a perfect place to retreat to.

    I hope you get there soon so we can read all about it ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I’m just back from London, with an average temperature of 3-6 degrees, which means that for now i need some Asian humid-hot weather for a while, and after that i’ll be heading straight to Canada (during summertime) to enjoy these magical places!

  8. i’ve no complains, have had my share of canada and i’ve been around there but not in that place. looks like a very interesting destination that fits ur taste my dear..
    but i got to warn you, canada is huge and has so much spreaded lakes and amazing nature so don’t look too hard on it otherwise u’ll get confused on where to go!

    1. Chris, i know Canada is Huge and whenever i decide to visit i will be totally Overwhelmed by choices! This place looks pretty cool tough and i really would like to explore it one day!

  9. I was just in Kelowna over the summer enjoying all the beautiful wines of the region. I walked a bit of the Myra Canyon and it was amazing. You definitely have to go!

      1. It’s not dangerous at all. It’s like walking along a path through the mountains. There are parts that are near the edge of the cliff, but the paths are wide and you have no reason to get that close. All the bridges have railings and I could see no risk of falling. Once I get a post up I’ll point you to it ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Kelowna is gorgeous and can get very hot in summer! My sister Lana lives there so if you decide to go, she is the most hospitable “tour guide” one could find. She loves her home of the Okanagan Valley.


  11. Sweetie, I hope you can make everything come true soon. I also love biking. Last year I cycled the full length of Vietnam :):), more than two months of cycling :). The Myra Canyon looks challenging but good luck to you!!! xx

    1. Agness, she should have 1 week of travels together! LOL If the Myra Canyon looks challenging, well i want to try those very dangerous Tibetan bridges as well. I know crazy. But it’s my dream.

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