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Slovenia Itinerary: The Perfect 1 Week Road Trip By Campervan

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Visiting Slovenia By Camper In One Week What You Need To Know:


Do you want to have the experience of a lifetime? Then you need to visit Slovenia, and do it in style: On an Epic Road Trip by campervan! Read on as I share my incredible experience, discovering green Slovenia in one week’s Itinerary that won’t miss any of the fabulous things and sights you must see in Slovenia, especially if you’re a nature and adventure lover!

For more sights, you’re in the right place because I’ll list the other amazing places in Slovenia you will want to see after your first trip!

Slovenia has been on my “travel radar” for years now but living on the other side of the globe most of the time I didn’t have the possibility to visit this amazing country yet.

That is until September 2020, when BalkanCampers contacted me to try and honestly review their vintage campervans for a week-long trip to Slovenia. It was simply perfect: Not only I wanted to visit the country but doing it by campervan, and a vintage one nonetheless, was a dream coming true for me. After months of isolation and quarantine, I was elated!

Not to mention that we were already in the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic, and traveling was almost impossible everywhere. Gladly not in this case. Being able to reach Slovenia without risks and using a Campervan to move around was one of the safest options at that particular moment.

If you’re itching to travel again and are able to reach Slovenia in a safe way, renting their Campervans is golden. Especially if you are planning to immerse yourselves in nature. Which is precisely what we did!

Stand out and Rent A Vintage Campervan with all The Comforts!

Why Choosing Balkan Campers To Rent Your Campervan:

Before we dive right into the beautiful sights of Slovenia, I want to take a moment to truly and wholeheartedly recommend Balkan Campers for your Campervan Rental.

  • Amazing Camper van models: The collection of vintage Campervans they provide are so cool that you will have a hard time choosing one (I know we did!).
  • Reliable Vehicles: Their employees, lovely people, check the vehicle and the engine after every trip, to make sure it is in excellent condition and will give you all the instructions to drive it safely.
  • They Give You Everything You Need: From the basic supplies for camping & cooking to hammocks and even bicycles if you need them. They have it all!
  • Their motto is fantastic: A simple “RECONNECT”, so true when you find yourself driving around the green and majestic landscapes of Slovenia!
  • They care about the environment: So much so that they devoted a page on their website called “Love&Unity” where you can join a cause of your liking to support the environment and other great causes. Big thumbs up for that.
  • Competitive prices: From 40 to 60 euros per person (if you are 2 people or even fewer with additional people) you will have everything you need to discover Slovenia at your own pace. Super cheap compared to other options like renting a car+hotel or choosing an organized trip, where you are bound to a schedule.
  • Impeccable Assistance on the road: Do you have an issue? No problem! Call or text either of them and they will reach you wherever you are for a smooth and stress-free road trip! On our third day, the electric heater stopped working and they promptly came to our campsite to replace it. Thank you, guys!
  • A company made of genuine people: That’s another aspect we truly liked about them overall. Nejc, Ziha, and Miha are so friendly, cheerful, and passionate about their business. They will transmit their love for Campervan life, nature, and Slovenia right away.

Which campervan is right for you?

We decided to take the Dugme Campervan on the road, but check out the other models and their availability to plan your next trip to Slovenia!

Why Should You Visit Slovenia By Campervan:

  • Freedom of Movement
  • See the Top sights at your own pace
  • Travel slowly and really enjoy Slovenia
  • Immerse yourself in the wild Slovenian nature
  • See The lovely villages on the road
  • Use The Campsites as a base
  • It’s simply the coolest way to travel for adventurous spirits

How To Visit Slovenia on Your 1-Week Campervan Road trip:

Lake Bohinj, one of our favorite days roaming around Slovenia, the misty atmosphere was surreal!

Clearly is not humanly possible to see everything in one week, but I still want to put a complete list of things to do and see in Slovenia because, trust me on that, once you visit, you’ll be back for more!

We didn’t visit all the sights I’m going to mention below. We were able to spot some of them while on our way back to Lijubiana, and we decided to skip some others for our next trip to Slovenia.

I think that trying to squeeze in a lot of things in a one-week itinerary it’s counterproductive because you don’t really enjoy the wild beauty of Slovenia.

Traveling by campervan, as already stated above, is mostly about seeing and experiencing things at your own pace, truly savoring what you’re doing, and stopping as often as you want.

So, have a look at these amazing Slovenian Sights and decide which ones will steal your heart.

Spoiler alert: Most likely they all will, and you will feel overwhelmed by the choices. Don’t worry, once in Slovenia you’ll know where to go first, and the rest will follow!

Below I divided the sights to see in Slovenia by Regions for your convenience, this way you’ll know where to look when you check out a Map of Slovenia, but the country is small, and you can go back and forth without wasting too much time if you decide to change up your itinerary a bit.

The Best Sights In Slovenia – By Region:

One of the most amazing places we saw during our one-week Itinerary: The incredible Soca Valley in the Goriska Region (in the northwest part of Slovenia). A place not to be missed!

Gorenjska – Radovljica Region :

(Intro to this Region)+ Map

  • Lake Bled
  • Lake Bohinj
  • Savica Waterfall/Savica River+ hikes
  • Triglav National Park
  • The Mountains
  • Vršič-Pass (Especially in Autumn/Early Winter for the snow or spring/Summer for the hikes)
  • Skofia Loka

Goriska Region:

(Intro to this Region)+ Map

  • Socka Valley/ Socka River (the more you see the better!)
  • Vipava Valley (Vineyards)
  • Stop In Tolmin (Campsite) / Tolmin Gorge (Triglav Natural Park)
  • Slap Kozjak (amazing )waterfall
  • Napoleon Bridge (we passed by it)
  • Bovec /activities/treks/hikes/canyoning

Primorsko- Kraska Region:

(Intro to this Region: Slovenian Coast)+ Map

  • Secovlie salt works
  • Medieval Towns of Piran, Izola, Koper
  • Karst Region: UNESCO Scocjan Caves

Our 1 Week Slovenia Itinerary by Campervan (Including Campsites)


How we decided to travel around Slovenia and why (Small country, wanted to see the top sights but also simply enjoy nature)

DAY ONE: Lubljana – Camping Sobec

  • Arrival in Ljubljana around midday
  • Taxi to Balkan Campers (Spodnja Bistrica 7, 4290 Tržič, Slovenia)
  • Buying supplies at the nearby supermarket (Cesta Ste Marie aux Mines 17, 4290 Tržič)
  • Checked and Collected our Campervan. Officially started our trip!
  • First lunch under trees close to a sports place (Nogometno igrišče,  Črnivec, 4243 Brezje)
  • Stop at a random green field with a hut on the road
  • Drive to the first campsite for the night (Camping Sobec, Šobčeva Cesta 25, 4248 Lesce)


Personalizing and enjoying our Campervan! Placing all the supplies, clothes, and accessories for the trips in the right spaces, and finally enjoying driving in the green, finding random spots to stop for a walk, having a quick photo session, or simply relaxing.

The super nice green fields and mountains were where we stopped for a few shots. The atmosphere was incredible, with low clouds hovering around us.

The Sobec camping site, with its green areas and the turquoise river Sava passes right in the middle. Highly recommended if you want to stay close to Bled, a mere 8 minutes drive. Perfect!


To start your journey in Slovenia the right way, take the first day easy, get ready for the journey by buying all the food you’re going to need for the trip, and check out the best campsites nearby the main spots you want to visit the next day, so you can wake up, have your breakfast and start exploring!

DAY TWO: Lake Bled-Lake Bohinj

  • Drive to Lake Bled, First Stop at the parking spot in front of it (Parkirišče, Veslaška promenade 1, 4260 Bled)
  • Walk on the Pier with nice views of the iconic castle in the middle of the Lake
  • Driving to a higher point (Bled Jezero, 4260 Bled) To take pictures during and after a rainstorm
  • Driving further to Lake Bohinjsko Jezero to see the famous Golden horn statue (Ribčev Laz, 4265 Bohinjsko Jezero): Distance: 30 min drive.
  • Driving to a parking spot nearby the Savica waterfall (Ukanc 103, 4265 Bohinjsko Jezero) for our overnight stay.



DAY THREE: Savica Waterfall- Camping Site Lake Bohinj

  • Walk to Savica-Waterfall (30 min from the parking space, around 10 euros Admission fee)
  • Driving to campground Camp Zlatorog Bohinj directly on Lake Bohinj (Ukanc 5, 4265 Bohinjsko Jezero).

DAY FOUR: Enjoying Lake Bohinj & Surrounding Areas

DAY FIVE: Arriving at Soca Valley

  • Driving from Lake Bohinj to Soca-Valley: 1 hour and 40 minutes drive
  • Various stops on the road to take pictures in the misty forest
  • Arriving at Camp Gabrje (Gabrje 29, 5220 Tolmin) for the night

DAY SIX: Soca Valley /Soca River Exploration

DAY SEVEN: Gabrje- Tolmin Area

  • Walk to the village of Gabrje
  • Hike to waterfall Grofova (Gabrje 5220, Gabrje)
  • Visit the Tolmin Gorges

DAY EIGHT: Soca Valley-Back To BalcanCampers

  • Driving along the Soca River deep in The valley
  • Napoleon’s Bridge
  • Boves town and surroundings
  • Trenta and Surroundings
  • Reaching Vršič-Pass (5232 Soča) covered in snow
  • Typical Slovenian meal in the Restaurant Mihov dom na Vršiču – Planinski dom (Vršiška Cesta 83, 4280 Kranjska Gora)
  • Drive back to BalkanCampers- End of our amazing trip

Did you visit Slovenia by Campervan and have more suggestions or questions? Leave a comment below!!


  1. Would this trip with a large, 5 person, 7m long Caravan be doable? Or are some ofnthe routes too narrow?

    1. Author

      Hi Joey
      We decided the Itinerary for our Slovenia trip so we never went to narrow streets. I would not worry, we saw beautiful panoramic places from roads that could accommodate larger caravans than ours. I still suggest a map just in case of course but you should be totally ok!

  2. A debt of gratitude is in order for this article, the photographs are amazing and passing by campervan is a genuine lifeline. I’ll put it on my rundown of spots to visit!

  3. Traveling by campervan is so fun!! I am totally saving this itinerary for when I go to Slovenia.

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  6. We did a road trip with our car through Slovenia last summer, also during the pandemic. It was totally unplanned as we just wanted to cross the country to get to Slovenia. But man!! That country is gorgeous!!
    I’m totally getting nostalgic reading your post and I sure see so many places I added to my list for when we get back there 🙂
    Also really intrigued by the idea of doing this all with camper-van!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!

    1. Author

      Hey Cynthia, my sentiments exactly! We also went during the pandemic so it maybe helped in having an even more precious experience! Which parts did you visit? And yes, if you can try to go with the campervan, these guys are great and we were thinking about going with our favorite one to Croatia next time. But oh boy, Slovenia is truly something else!!!

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    1. Author

      Yes, Slovenia took our breath away with the incredible atmosphere and wild nature, top to visit it by campervan! <3

  9. Thanks for this article, the photos are awesome and going by campervan is a true lifesaver. I’ll definitely put it on my list of places to visit!

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