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Why “Virtual” Travels In 2021 are a must!

It’s been more than a year since the pandemic took the world hostage. And despite such a large timeframe, many are still stuck at home as it is slowly eradicated. This means many people are still unable to travel. Even if they weren’t stuck at home, many countries are still enforcing travel restrictions.

That’s where we come in! Look, there are so many ways you can explore the world still, all from the comfort of your home. Today, I want to tell you a few of the ways you can travel, all from your couch!

5 Ways to Explore the World Right Now

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Virtually Visit Your Favorite Museum

Are you someone who likes going to the museum? If not, why not? Museums are extremely fun to visit and offer one of the best ways to explore the world: seeing the history of the world itself.

From art museums like Moma to the Smithsonian itself, you still visit museums today, just not in person. As it turns out, many big-name museums offer virtual tours of their exhibits. You can view paintings, artifacts, history, and vice versa from your computer.

While these virtual tours may lack the personal touch of a personalized tour, they’re still incredibly entertaining. They are also quite relaxing, with you being at home and all.

Watch Some Chill Travel Programs

If you can’t leave your house and travel to the wilderness, why not watch someone else do it? Yes, there are many, many shows and travel documentaries on Netflix that focus solely on traveling the world, trying new foods, and discovering other cultures.

With just a Netflix subscription, you can live vicariously through the host(s) of these shows and experience the world through someone else’s eyes. I’ll go on record to say that I find many of Netflix’s travel-related offerings to be quite immersive. And with such an extensive catalog, there’s a little something for everyone.

Some shows may be restricted in your area, however, so you’ll need to access them with a VPN. Otherwise, turning on a show takes a few seconds and will entertain you for hours.

Relax on a Virtual Cruise


Before the pandemic, the main reason people didn’t go on cruises is because of how expensive they were. We’re talking hundreds to thousands of dollars spent on a cruise trip that would last a week or two (more depending on how much you spent). During the pandemic, even people who could afford to go on a cruise were now stranded at home.

Both parties can still go on cruises, however, since many cruise liners have begun offering virtual services for their cruises. These free tours allow you to explore the decks of the cruise ships, visit remote locations and islands that the cruiser would stop by, and may even host cooking classes or virtual entertainment sessions!

Employ Google Earth for Some Quick World Traveling


If Netflix shows don’t seem to cut it, and virtual cruises and tours feel like a headache, then there’s always a possibility you may enjoy Google Earth. On the surface, Google Earth doesn’t look anything special. It’s a program that allows you to view cities and landmarks, and popular tourist attractions via scanned 2D images.

However, being cooped up at home for months on end makes Google Earth go from a novelty to a near-essential program. Sure, the images themselves aren’t exactly pretty—nowhere comparable to seeing the real thing. But just being able to see the entire world from your laptop (or even your phone) feels surreal. Spending five minutes on Google Earth feels invigorating!

Purchase a Virtual Reality Headset (if Possible)


When the pandemic started, virtual reality headsets from all manufacturers flew off the shelves. Finding an Oculus Quest was about as difficult as purchasing a plane ticket, and even high-end headsets like the Valve Index were forced to stoop to reservations and waiting lists.

Why were virtual reality headsets so popular during the pandemic, you may ask? Well, it’s because the experiences that virtual reality headsets offer are as unique as they come, and when you’re stuck at home with nowhere to go, being able to immerse yourself in a VR set is a great feeling.

Whether it’s exploring the virtual world of Skyrim or visiting real-life locations in VR, there’s no shortage of ways to explore the world in virtual reality. So, if you can find a headset (and afford it), then I highly recommend you pick up a VR headset today!


The pandemic has been rough for just about everyone. Being forced to stay at home, having to worry about the health of yourself and others, and vice versa, I think we could all use some time away from home. And while that may not be possible in a literal sense, there are still plenty of ways you can leave your home—explore the world—without actually leaving the house.


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