juliet's statue in verona and her famous boob

Verona and Juliet’s boob: What’s it all about?

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Verona, the most Romantic city in Italy. Verona as Romeo+ Juliet’s tragic love story.

And…Verona and Juliet’s (right) boob.



Today I wanted to detach myself from my Asian life and dig a bit into my travel memories, so I decided to talk about my Bella Italia, specifically about Verona, Love and ..magic boobs!

If you managed to visit Verona, I’m pretty sure you didn’t miss the ultimate “romantic” gesture in the city: groping Juliet’s brass boob. I’ve been there in far 1996, freshly graduated, before life transformed me in the old brat I am today 🙂

Full of hope and innocence (can you believe it?) I too climbed up the statue, and touched the magic boob,  asking my personal pagan God to send me the Love of my life.

Possibly In the shape of Leonardo di Caprio. I was still a teenager after all.

The movie Romeo+Juliet, and Leo’s handsomeness were fresh in my memory not to connect the “Sacre”  Shakespeare drama with the Profane movie star.


romeo + juliet 1996

Let me tell you something: No one is immune to the pagan temple of love in Verona. Juliet’s house is a continue pilgrimage of people of all ages.

I remember the atmosphere in the Courtyard as it was yesterday: dozens of people, mostly couples of all ages, in line to take the infamous groping picture. And Just for the sake of art? I don’t think so.

Granted, the little boys were there only for the groping part of it, but the main portion of the people only pay a visit for romance’s sake.

Strangely, If you ask any of these tourists, none of them would admit that they’re there just to feel that “Love is in the air”. It’s too corny, right?

But, as a matter of fact, Love is indeed in the air in Juliet’s Courtyard.  Even with the crowds and the less than a romantic gesture, I can’t deny that I felt something. Otherwise, I wouldn’t explain why I still remember the city, and Juliet’s house so clearly after more than 15 years!

Verona has many other attractions to discover, but it would be a profane sacrilege to go there and not pay a visit to the boob.  It’s like going to Rome and not visit the Colosseum or St Peter’s church.

romance-verona-italy-7861-654359And it’s not just the boob, it’s also the Love locks on Juliet’s gate, the post it with the wishes of the lovers or wanna be lovers attached on the wall. It’s the balcony where Shakespeare described a longing Juliet waiting for her love.

I may be an old and cynical jaded woman these days, but I still believe in love to a certain extent and I wouldn’t mind going back there one day to renew my good luck so far! Of all the cities in Northern Italy, Verona is one of the dearest ones to me. It is pretty amazing how I still remember so many details of my 4-day trip in there.



verona-panorama1The quiet, peaceful walks along the river Adige, the famous Arena with it’s suggestive Opera nights in summer, the general atmosphere of the city and, of course, Juliet’s house.

I even remember the lovely little hotel we stayed, so cozy, with a small window facing the river. It felt so quiet and relaxing. The perfect spot to think about love with my young heart still all in one piece.

Juliet’s magic boob worked pretty well for me, I had plenty of love after my visit to Verona, but also plenty of broken hearts. I  think they should put a disclaimer on the boob: warning, this can cause broken hearts, touch at your own risk!

Even if you decide that Juliet’s boob is not your cup of tea, Verona is a city that shouldn’t be missed if you visit the northern part of Italy. I know I loved the place instantly for its quiet atmosphere, and I’m planning to go back as soon as I can for a more in-deep exploration.

This time armed with my camera, as it’s such a shame that I don’t have any proof of my perv-romantic groping, and all the other wonders of the city! They were times when traveling meant just living the experience, not thinking about documenting every single bit of it. Good times Indeed! 🙂

Have you ever been to Verona? and, did you know about Juliet’s magic boob?

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Wonderful to see, BUT – watch out for pickpocketers!! It’s a perfect setting with a busy crowd. My sister-in-law took out her camera and did not zip up her purse. Someone stole her wallet with her license, credit cards and a grip of cash. Beware, visitors!!


Woah i wish i could travel the world if europe and italy im a uoung American student but i have yet to learn i hope one day i get to travel the distance to see such amazeing sightes beforr it one day turns to ruins your experience seemed to be great i love the humor as well.

[…] native city of Verona to visit local attractions but most importantly meet Juliet and be blessed by touching her right breast! The second of five speeches “D&G” was by Sophia. This time were transported back in time […]

seems like over crowded, and the first picture is epic!

Hahahaha wow her boob is SO shiny! It must be good luck or something from being rubbed that much.

You have such a great way of writing about things and places. I also like your sense of humor.
I visited Verona 4 years ago and I did touch that boob, also I got a picture of myseldf! What’s amazing to me is that despite being touched by so many, probably dirty hands, the boobs are still the cleanest part of Julia 😉

Verona reminds me of Letters to Juliet..

Huuurraaahhhh; Italia. Something about Italia. But booooooooooobs!??? I am blushing a bit and did not finish the entire article. Shy, reserved Dane feeling all rosso al testo…(arrosire?). Btw; a few weeks ago I was trying to explain something to my Italian female friend; eagerly pointing to her head and with a rather loud voice saying “tete” in a crowded place did arouse a few eyebrows among the other people nearby…. Guess the French tëte is not exactly the same in Italian… Thank you for a nice introduction to yet another magnificent Italian city; I believe there was a more recent… Read more »