Every year millions of tourists and business professionals plan their upcoming summer or winter in the US, where they can explore the economy, and business trends or look for other investment plans.

According to the statistics of 2017, around 220.4 million individuals applied for US visas, which led to green cards, and permanent residence programs through a reputed lottery system.

Every year, thousands of potential business people and investors travel to the US with a clear vision of investing money and getting a permanent residence. Whereas millions of tourists love traveling to the US and exploring their rich cultural heritages, sightseeing spots, and much more.

With ESTA USA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization), tourists from New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Europe can seamlessly apply for an electronic visa, which takes less than 72 hours from the request’s initiation.

If you are a citizen of the UK and wish to travel to the states, then you can go to to fill out the online application form.

Continue reading to learn about four things to consider before traveling to the US, the land of opportunities.

Visa Type and Duration of Stay


Every year the US Department of Immigration receives millions of visa applications, from which only 27-30% of visa applications are rejected. Giving importance to cross-border communication and overall tourism, the Government of the US welcomes tourists, international students, businessmen, and investors from different regions of the world.

However, it’s the traveler’s responsibility to confirm the length of stay and visa type before planning any trip. Many B1/B2 visas have five years of validity; however, the individual has to exit from the country after six months from his date of landing.

Tourists and travel operators need to follow such formalities and details diligently. The government of the US takes immediate action against defaulters and tourists with expired visas. (Source:

Personal Finances


While traveling to the US, tourists, students, and business professionals must have a decent reserve amount in their bank accounts. Moreover, it’s recommended to have liquid assets while traveling to and from US.

During travel, tourists would come across more than 49 states of the US, where they would love partying all night and spending hundreds of bucks on great food and royal services. With the increasing price hike, many services across the US have increased their retail and services costs.

To avoid any hassle, tourists can activate their online internet banking and fintech applications, which can be used in multiple destinations across the US.

It’s best to have a working Master or Visa card on you, which can be swiped at any Point of Sale (POS) terminal across the US. With the exciting Apple Pay feature, one can claim discounts on many flagship products and stores across the US.

Travel Insurance

My favorite travel insurance for my 8 years around the world 🙂

Though Travel Insurance isn’t the prime requirement for applicants filling out B1/B2 visas, it’s recommended to have travel insurance while commuting to the US. Challenging times and unwanted injuries can defiantly disturb your vacation plans.

Hence, it’s essential to have a reasonable travel insurance plan. Health care facilities cost a fortune in the US if you do not have complete health insurance against your name.

However, many tourists traveling to the US have a complete health insurance plan that covers travel hospitalization and other medical expenditures. A perfect travel insurance plan covers trip cancellation costs, unwanted trip delays, stolen luggage, medical emergencies, and unplanned evacuation costs.

Get Your Hotel Reservations Done Before Departing


During the tourist season of May-August and then from late December to January, almost every hotel and motel across the country are pre-booked by traveling parties and corporate offices. It’s recommended to reserve your hotel rooms and services two to three weeks before arriving.

Last-moment reservations can cost you a fortune, denting your budget-friendly travel plans. If you are traveling to New York, Chicago, Texas, Los Angeles, South Dakota, or Washington DC, don’t forget to reserve hotels in the countryside instead of suburban areas.

Many hotels offer free toll-free and online booking reservation services for guests from around the globe. Tourists should explore their options before traveling and avoid any unwanted mishaps during their visit.


If you are traveling to the US for the first time in your life, you must consider the essentials mentioned above, which can come in handy during your travel. If you find yourself in any trouble or mismanagement, don’t hesitate but call your tour planner or service provider immediately.

You will come across hundreds of tourist-friendly destinations and resorts offering state-of-the-art services and facilities at your disposal during your travel. Though you can’t explore the entire US at once, so it’s recommended to plan your trip according to your available dates and trip duration.

Enjoy Your US Trip! 🙂

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