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DISCLAIMER: I just bought my GoPro and I’m starting to learn how to edit video professionally. So the first videos are pretty simple, but stay tuned as I’m loving it and I will add some more in the future. Subscribe to my Youtube channel to check my progress! If you want to know what photo/video gear I use, you can read this page!

Time Lapse Video 

I love Time Lapse videos and I never thought I could create one (at least not after studying countless hours). Wrong! I have this super cool function on my smartphone and in 15 min recording, there it is, my very first trial in the beautiful location of Westminster in London. I wrote a blog post on how to take great pics and videos with your smartphone. Check it out in here!

Living on the Edge!

This is probably my favorite video so far! It shows you one of the craziest moments of my African epic trip. Here I was at the Victoria Falls on the Zambia side, hanging at the very edge. Scared? You bet, people called me crazy but it’s totally safe. An experience for which I have no words other than AWESOME!

Follow your true Calling!

This was for the Favella Lab project. I was invited in Calabria to create a video with the theme “Feel free to…”. Ok, my acting is atrocious (sorry about that), but I dedicate this to all the people who were inspired by my story. Thank you guys, you are amazing! As I said on my postsLiving your dream is possible! 

El Nido Paradise!

First GoPro video, so excited! Beautiful turtles and fish and tons of footage. Fast forward 5 hours later… my memory card broke and I lost EVERYTHING. I wanted to cry! Next day I had another tour and this is the result! El Nido, what can I say.. I’ll write an article soon, but you can read about another wonderful paradise island in the Philippines: Siargao or check my photo gallery here!

Favella Lab Project

The Favella Lab was an incredible experience. When I got chosen I was excited but also a bit scared… What was I suppose to talk about? You can see the end result in my first video. In the meantime to get some inspiration I went for a ride with a Quad to test out my GoPro (Aaah, the smell of the lovely buffalo, very docile animals.. if you leave them alone!)

4 Months on the road!

This video makes me cry every time. Seriously. A collage of pictures of the first months of my new life on the road. I get the chills watching it as I remember the exciting sensation – the newness of it all. These were indeed special moments, as the first time you leave, is the one you will remember forever! Oh by the way, Tomas is the guy I got engaged to in Bali…read the full story here 🙂

Sardinia Video

Ah, Sardinia. My beautiful Island! This is a video I put together a few years ago with pictures taken with a crappy mobile, but you still can see how amazing it is! If you want to know more you can read this article or go to my new section entirely dedicated to Sardinia! (Still work in progress, a lot of work involved, but I’m very proud of it!)

Italian Interview

This is the Interview I gave during the “Favella Lab” project back in July (all in Italian), on who I am and what I do. I will try to add some English subtitles for you. More about me and my website on the press in here.

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  1. Hi, I am Diana.

    I apologize since the begining if my english is not perfect, but I am from Colombia and I speak spanish, but I hope that you can understand what I want to say to you.

    A few days ago I found this blog, I think now how was that I found it, and I dont remember, but the point is that arrive in a good moment.

    I am young, I am a student and in this moment I dont work, but with my couple, we have planed make a trip at the end of the year, it is not gonna a be outside the city (because we dont have the money) but we want to travel here in my city, doesnt matter where, but go out of the normal country.

    When I read this blog I found that I am like you were once, I am afraid to go out og my confort zone, I am afraid not to find the enough money to travel and gave to see me like I didnt do it, it is not a good feeling,; but I want to say that when I read this blog and special one of your first writings, which you talked about the 4 feelings that happen when you want to take thsi kind of decisions, make me feel more identified.

    But, also that make me feel, happy, strong, and in the mood of “eat the world” jajaja, is like when you feel you can do anything you want, thta you are bigger than yours fears. And.. I want to thank you for that, I learned of this blog, and I hope it was not be for the moment, instead of that, that push me to achieve what I want.

    Thank you! And thanks for show the world, that life is not just, work, money and routines.

    1. Author

      Diana your comment was soooo sweet!Seriously! I was smiling while reading it. You can’t imagine how happy I am to read that you felt like “eating the world” (LOVE THAT!!) We all have out fears, I still have them, I’m human like anybody else, but dont let your fears stop you from doing what you really like. You are young, so mich has still to happen and with your attitude, you’ll have some great memories, of that I’m 100% sure!
      I also love the idea of you wanting to explore your city, it’s the perfect start. You don’t need to go far away for now.Explore your city, then your country and finally…the world!

  2. What a great site. I’m so looking forward to solo travel. I have tried the “normal” path to success and the more I suceed the more I lose the essence that makes life enjoyable. At the same time I know that just the option to live ones life or even part of it this way is the ultimate privilege. I know the world needs lawyers and doctors but I think we have enough of those. For me the best part of this kind of lifestyle has been the incredible people you get to meet that I never could of at home. I’ve done some shorter stays abroad but I’m so looking forward to really leaving it all behind and spending a couple years (maybe more?) living a nomadic life. I would love to know how the relationships (not romantic, that’s a whole other thing) you have with the people in your life changed since you started living this way?

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  4. I just want to thank you for all of your efforts and talent. You are the whole package from photographer ,writer, blogger etc. And a hottie to boot 😉 That guy that didnt marry you HIS LOSS! I wouldn’t have made the same mistake.

    A little about me my name is Vern I am 45 living in Oregon U.S.A. Like you I am successful at what I do have a nice place, more stuff then I need and it just doesn’t satisfy. I am headed to the Philippines the last 2 weeks in May for my first trip out of the country to experience the magic that living outside of my comfort zone can only bring. I may pull the plug on my life here in the states if all goes well and move there. I don’t know what life and family are like on your island but here in the states families are very disconnected and not close. I feel that is more important to find maybe someone that values family and life more then stuff and stature.

    Maybe I am rambling lol. But I really liked your writing style and the creative art that makes you…….you. Your Blog helped to envigorate my excitement for my trip. For that I am greatful. Thank you 😉


    1. Author

      Wow Vern, thanks so much for your comment and nice words about my blog, I really appreciate these kinds of comments! Oh and you’re right…I met many people from the US during my trips and it’s true, living in there sometimes make you feel like you are totally disconnected from your loved ones.Americans are very good when it comes to their work ethic but sometimes i wonder if they are really enjoying their life! When I worked for Burberry in London I had the same feeling of being “disconnected” and I also had a few suppliers from the US telling me that usually you only have 2weeks off per year. Quite alienating, if you ask me!

      The decision to leave my job in London to travel the world was one of the best of my life and I’m sure that if you go to the Philippines you’ll fall in love with the country and their way of life. So different from our western concept of being happy and accomplished!

      Please don’t spend too much time in Manila, as it’s not really worth it, it’s just a very chaotic and busy city, move away as soon as possible and discover some of their lovely Islands like Palawan, Siargao, Carabao and all the small Islands near Cebu. You won’t regret it, I promise!
      I thought a lot about moving in there permanently and the only thing holding me back is their slow internet connection which doesn’t help with my online job at all. Other than that, the Philippines are so far my top country in the world. Beautiful nature and amazing beaches (and coming from Sardinia I’m VERY spoiled when it comes to rating beaches all over the world!

      I hope you’ll have a great time in there and that you’ll be able to realize your dream of a more human life by moving in there. As I always say: Everything is possible if we want it bad enough!

      Cheers and best of luck for your “escape” plans!! 🙂

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