Review of My Travel Disasters Coming Soon!


Sorry guys, I’m super slow when it comes to writing something I truly care about, and my travel insurance, the one I’ve been using since the epic first 8 month trip around the world, is definitely on top of the list.

I had so many travel misadventures (now it’s so much fun to write about it, not much so when you get Malaria and a parasite one after another in Africa in the middle of nowhere and, delirious for the fever, you call your friend in Italy telling her your travel insurance number in case they have to bring back the body, and my parents don’t speak English… (yep, I truly did it!) 😀

This is just one of the many travel misadventures and I don’t know how I would have survived (also financially!) if it weren’t for World Nomads. 


While waiting for me to write all my funny misadventures if you are planning a trip check out the World Nomads insurance. You won’t regret it. Seriously. Trust me on that, It’s not a coincidence that in the intro I define myself a mix in between Indiana Jones and… Bridget Jones!

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