I admit it, I don’t care much about fashion but I have tried all the beauty products out there. For the ladies who travel and don’t always want to look like witches 😀

By The way… The girl in the picture is obviously NOT me, she’s my sister in law.  We were at the beach in Sardinia and I caught her stealing my products, so as a “punishment” I used her as my model! She is 41 and has such a beautiful skin, lucky her!


These are the only products I always use, trust and carry with me wherever I go,  I suffer from acne since I was 30 so I have to take care of my skin more than the average lucky Indiana Jones out there!

Colorescience Mineral Sunscreen 


This is my one and only sunscreen for the face! I’ve met so many people who wanted to try it or steal it from me (yes, it happened in Africa). Totally natural and while protects you, it also slightly conceals minimal imperfections. I never go out without it in my bag! Very Important if you use Retin-A for wrinkles!

Colorescience Primer


This primer is obviously complimentary to the mineral sunscreen. This is a super light cream that helps your makeup to stay in place for longer and this also protects the skin from the sun. I apply the primer and then the powder and I’m all set unless I want to add a blusher 😉

Colorescience Mist


Another item I can’t live without, especially in hot climates. Spraying this on my face after a swim in the salty water or just to settle the sunscreen is pure bliss, the skin gets immediately rehydrated and softer. I always bring it with me especially on the beach or in places where my skin is exposed to the sun and the wind (hello African desert!). 

Cetaphil Cleanser


I usually only clean my face with water if I don’t wear anything to cover my acne, but when it comes back, this is the only cleanser I use and I will ever use. It doesn’t dry up my skin, on the opposite, it leaves it super moisturized and soft and doesn’t irritate it. A must for me. The bottle is pretty big and lasts for months, perfect for people always on the move!

Cetaphil Moisturizer


After years of trying basically everything on the market, I finally stumbled upon this product and never looked back. I have a very “complicated” (read… rubbish) skin, and this is the only moisturizer that does its job without creating more issues. I will keep trying experimenting with other additional products as I age, but this is the only moisturizer I will ever trust.

Cetaphil Cleansing Tissues


Before my trip to Africa I posted a picture on FB with a mountain of these  Travel tissues. People mocked me but boy was I right! I ended up using the Cetaphil ones for the face and the super cheap ones for everything else. They saved me in so many situations. These particular ones are my favorites for the face, they don’t break me out and leave the skin hydrated.

Travel Beauty Case


One of the MUST HAVE for every traveler! I bought mine 5 years ago and I still have it hanging on my Mexican bathroom. Very important that you buy the one with the hanger, especially if you are adventurous. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.. 😉 Lifesaver, trust me on that: dirty sinks, bathrooms with… no sink, I’ve seen it all and I was so glad I had this beauty case…

Lip Balm With Sunscreen


On top of my marvelous messy skin, I also suffer from cold sores, yay! This means that wherever I go I have to be extra careful to protect my lips from the sun. This product is amazing, whenever I remember to put it on, I can forget about my Zovirax pills, enough said! Even if you don’t have the same issue, putting a specific sunscreen on your lips is a good habit to have 😉

Disclaimer: Some links on are affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, I will earn a small percentage if you make a purchase. I only recommend products I love, trust and I have bought and tested!