Visiting Vietnam is an adventure that will leave you with lasting memories. Vietnam has something for everyone, from majestic mountains and unique historical sites to pristine beaches and captivating cityscapes.

With so many unique places to explore, deciding which must-see destinations to include in your Vietnam trip can be hard.. To make your trip planning easier, I’ve compiled a list of some of the top-rated tourist attractions in Vietnam.

Vietnam e-Visa

It is very important to obtain all necessary documents before the trip to Vietnam. The best choice is an electronic visa – a single-entry permit that can be used for tourism, business, or transit purposes. You need to have a valid passport and a face photo to apply.

Then, check if you are eligible and visit the website. Complete the visa application form, cover the fee, wait for confirmation, and enjoy your stay in Vietnam.

It is very easy and convenient as you don’t need to go to the embassy or consulate. Everything is done online.

Ho Chi Minh City – Experience the hustle of Vietnam’s largest city


Home to nearly 10 million people, Ho Chi Minh City is an incredible location to explore. This bustling metropolis overflows with energy and delight at every turn. There, you can enjoy the busy outdoor markets and French colonial architecture.

Besides, see the incredible Reunification Palace and the War Remnants Museum. Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, Ho Chi Minh City should be on your list if you travel to Vietnam!

Halong Bay – Marvel at the stunning landscapes


Halong Bay, located on the Gulf of Tonkin, is a UNESCO world heritage site that will leave you with incredible memories.

Entering this breathtaking natural wonderland aboard a traditional junk boat presents a unique opportunity to enjoy the beautiful vistas of this marine paradise – from soaring limestone cliffs to untouched tropical ecosystems.

Besides, you can try kayaking, Tai Chi, scuba diving, squid-fishing, or snorkeling in this fantastic place. It is also recommended to visit the city during Halong Carnival. The main purpose of this festival is to promote the unique features of other cultures, solidarity, and friendship.

Hue Monuments – Discover the imperial architecture and learn about Vietnam’s history


Hue is a city in central Vietnam filled with monuments and citadel relics from its imperial past. Visiting its iconic landmarks is the perfect way to gain insight into Vietnam’s unique culture and history.

The ancient Citadel offers an unmissable opportunity to explore the grandeur of the interesting architecture. Also, you can see the Forbidden City there – which, according to legend, has stunning secret passages.

Other noteworthy attractions include museums that display artifacts from different dynasties and Buddhist temples. So you can go to the Museum of Royal Antiquities, Embroidery Art Museum of XQ, Ho Chi Minh Museum, and so much more.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, with its spectacular caves and jungles


Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is another must-see place. Not only does the park boast incredibly spectacular caves and underground rivers, but it also has a lush jungle environment teeming with exotic wildlife.

One of the most famous attractions inside the park is Paradise Cave, an incredible 31 kilometers of stunning formations which have been millions of years in the making.

A boat trip down the underground river, cycling, or even zip-lining over the canopy trees are attractions that you will never forget.

Cu Chi Tunnels – See the famous underground tunnels

Step back in time and witness the fascinating Cu Chi Tunnels on your next visit to Vietnam. This impressive network of underground tunnels served as a major base for Viet Cong guerrillas during the Vietnam War. It was among the most incredible feats of engineering during that era.

It consists of nearly 250km of tunnels, which have been fully restored with many artifact displays to preserve this significant aspect of Vietnamese culture.

Visitors can crawl through certain areas and get an awe-inspiring glimpse into what life was like for soldiers in those times.

Mekong Delta – Take a river cruise through one of Southeast Asia’s famous rivers.

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Embark on an unforgettable journey when you take a river cruise through the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.

This incredible network of rivers, canals, and streams is one of the largest waterways in Southeast Asia and a unique way to explore the spectacular natural beauty.

Travelers can enjoy the lush floating markets, traditional fishing villages, and otherworldly landscapes while they hear stories from locals along the riverbanks. With its majestic and serene surroundings, the Mekong delta is undoubtedly one of the top-rated Vietnam tourist attractions.

Are you ready to visit Vietnam, or have you already visited and wanted to add some more fantastic places? Leave a comment below!

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