Top Destinations for 2016 Spring Break Trips


Three Top Spring Break destination Ideas

Get Ready For Some Great Relaxing & Fun moments!

Whether you’re a college freshman or a senior, it’s almost a rite of passage to have the craziest, most interesting Spring Break you can imagine.

If you’re wondering exactly when and with which other universities you share Spring Break dates, look no further than the StudentCity blog which contains a comprehensive list of when each universities vacation period starts. This should help you plan the ultimate, exhilarating Spring Break experience.



Well, maybe this is way too much 🙂

And if you’re one of the lucky few to count yourself as one of the Rich Kids of Instagram, then you know being ‘raised on champagne’ doesn’t stop there: why not travel to your Spring Break destination in style on a private jet charter or a beautiful yacht – over the last few years college tours have become all the rage.


The world is your oyster, really… As such, we present to you the three best places to go and party or frolic for Spring Break.


1 |Panama City Beach, Florida


Voted as one of the best places to go for Spring Break for a few years straight, Panama City Beach began its reign of cool in the late 90s.

Within the five years dated 2010 – 2015, the destination saw an estimated 300 000 students. The number of students was increased dramatically as a result of social media and digital marketing, turning the once modest beach into something of a student Mecca.

Panama City’s moderate prices, impressive nightlife and liberal attitude towards all the Spring Breakers have made it a favourite destination for students. MTV even makes a point of including Panama City whenever it does any Spring Break coverage.


In terms of logistics, the Holiday Inn SunSpree acts as the hub for most of the visitors and their activities. Most hotels are located on the west side of town and the beachside stages have scheduled activities to keep everyone entertained.


2 | Cancun Beach, Mexico


This destination definitely suggests that you arrive in style. Skip the cramped seats and going through customs. Air Charter Service has a positive track record when it comes to booking private jets for individuals or groups, providing travellers with peace of mind, among the plane’s own amenities.


Like its spiritual counterpart, Las Vegas, whatever happens in Cancun stays in Cancun.


People visiting the city for the first time will probably be content with the stunning beaches and soaking up the sun for their natural tans. For those who are more experienced in what the city has to offer may choose to visit the Mayan ruins at Tulum, or the temple of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza.


If you’re more of a night-owl than anything else, you’ll be pleased to know that the nightlife in Cancun is just as great as during the day. Various clubs offer drinks specials and entertainment in the form of incredible light shows and stage shows sometimes.


3 |Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


As with the other Spring Break destinations, most of the people visiting Cabo San Lucas could very well be considered professional sunbathers, as a result of the time they spend on the beaches.


The two most popular beaches, the Playa Solmar and the Playa del Amor both present great coastline fun for swimming, body boarding or surfing. If you need or want to do something more extreme such as kite surfing, it’s best to ask a tour guide familiar with the area. The safer swimming options are Lover’s beach and Playa Medano.


Finally, for those so inclined, the Cabo del Sol Golf Club may have the highest green fees, but it more than makes up for it in enjoyment. Play a game or two on the greens and visit the beach directly after – in Cabo San Lucas it’s more than possible.





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  1. Excellent destinations for vacationers , my favorite is Cabo San Lucas, recently was there and really spend a few incredible days, Cabo is definitely the perfect place to go and idarte all the stress of the daily life , really worth going and venture into a new experience.

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