Top 10 Upcoming Concerts In Dubai To Indulge In Musical Nights!

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Music is a healing potion for our soul, and if you love music as much as we do – you are in for a treat! Aside from the big musical events and cultural fests that would be happening around Christmas and New Year’s eve, Dubai is all set for tons of musical concerts lined up for the next couple of months.

Some of the most sought-after bands that have already performed in the month of October are Coke Studio, Travis – The Invisible Band, and The Script.

In case you are late to join in the party – don’t worry because there are so many more performances that are scheduled in Dubai for the rest of the month and November. 


So if this news is hitting the right notes for you, you might want to grab your tickets to Dubai and your UAE visit visa as soon as possible and see some of your favorite artists, as well as bands, perform live at various locations across Dubai.

Below are the 10 musical concerts and events that you should look forward to in the coming days.

Upcoming Concerts In Dubai

1. Relm Fest – October 21-23

Location – The Pointe

The Relm Fest is going to be a 3-day long musical festival which is going to celebrate the regional artists. It is an open event hence you don’t need to pay for tickets, instead, all you have to do is book a table at the restaurant of your choice located on the east or west promenade.

The artists at this festival will be performing on stages of both sides. Some of the top artists whom you will get to see performing live at Relm Fest are Lea Makhoul, Noel Kharman, Abri, vocalist Sandra Sahi, and many more. 

2. George Ezra – October 21

Location – Coca-Cola Arena

The award-winning singer and songwriter, George Ezra, will be performing live at the Coca-Cola Arena where he will showcase some of his songs from his latest album Gold Rush Kid, and his newest singles Green Green Grass and Anyone For You. He is also set to perform on some of his greatest hits like Blame It on Me, Budapest, and Cassy O’.

You can book your tickets for this concert online from the Coca-Cola Arena’s website before they get sold out!

3. Global Village – October 25-April 29

Location – Global Village

Dubai’s beloved annual fest – The Global Village is making a come-back this October and we could not be more excited! This is Season 27 of this enthusiasm-filled Global Village festival which will start on the 25th of October and go on till the 29th of April 2023.

Some of the globally-loved artists who have performed at this festival in the previous seasons include Atif Aslam, Liam Payne, and Anne Marie.

There will be a lot more happening at the fest that you can get to know about from the festival’s official website –

4. Riverdance 25th Anniversary Show – October 27-30

Location – Dubai Opera

The troupe that entertained the crowd from across the world during the most-talked-about event of the year – Dubai Expo 2020 is prepared to come back to the emirate at the Dubai Opera.

The troupe of Riverdance is known for their interpretation of traditional Irish music and folk dances, they will be intermingling their live performances at Dubai Opera with Middle Eastern influences, especially for this upcoming show.

5. Jason Derulo – October 28

Location – Coco-Cola Arena

The R&B Star Jason Derulo, popularly known for his songs Swalla and Jalebi Baby will be performing in Dubai at the Coca-Cola Arena.

Get ready to groove to his hits on October 28th if you have booked your tickets for his show! If you have not booked your tickets yet, you can do it through Coca-Cola Arena’s website – make sure to do it fast enough, or else you will lose out on the opportunity to see the Jalebi Baby star live!

6. Hardwell – November 4

Location – Coca-cola Arena

Voted as the world’s number 1 DJ twice – Hardwell, who is a Dutch-born DJ and recorder, will be presenting his new tracks live at Coca-Cola Arena. His performance is going to be backed up with lights that will give you an immersive experience.

You wouldn’t just be enjoying the music with your ears but with the immersive visuals too that would match the beats of the music. Exciting enough?

7. Peter Bence – November 11

Location – Dubai Opera

Peter Bence, who is a former Guinness World Book record holder for being the fastest pianist in the world, will be touching the souls of Dubai residents with his music at the Dubai Opera on November 11th.

The Hungarian pianist, composer, and musician is known for his compositions for the songs – Africa, Despacito, and The Loop Song.

8. Enrico Macias – November 12

Location – Dubai Opera

Enrico Macias, a French singer-songwriter and an acclaimed guitarist is coming back to Dubai after having multiple sold-out shows last year.

He has received the title of “the singer of peace” from former UN secretary-general Kurt Waldheim. His hits – Adieu Mon Pays, Les Filles de Mon Pays, and Entre l’Orient et l’Occident are loved by his fans belonging to English, Turkish, Italian, Greek, and Armenian origins.

9. Dresden Opera Ball – November 14

Location – Dubai Opera

The luxurious gala event is making a return to Dubai with a different line of opera stars this time. Placido Domingo of Spain will be leading an impressive bill, which includes the famous Latvian soprano Marina Rebeka as well as The European Peace Chamber Orchestra Dresden.

Don’t forget to dress up to the T for this event as it will feature a red carpet, VIP reception, main performances, and a gala dinner to follow.

The doors of this luxe event will be opened from 6 pm onwards and you can book your tickets at the Dubai Opera website.

10. 2Cellos – 19 November

Location – Coca-Cola Arena

The Croatian cellist duo 2Cellos has sad news for their fans as they both are going their separate ways after this “farewell” show in Dubai.

This would be the last chance to enjoy their music live for their fans as well as the regional audience who are into the classical crossovers that the cellist duo composes. They will be performing music from 6 of their eclectic albums.

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