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Germany is a fantastic destination. It is the home of deep thinkers, poets, musicals, and art. It has a rich history and the national treasures are well protected. It is one of the most incredible countries in the world. 

Going on a solo trip to Germany is just as exciting as it is scary. Even though you may enjoy the beautiful sights and pleasant people, you must prepare. When traveling alone, no one is responsible for you. If you aren’t careful, your trip is likely to flop. Here are a few tips for surviving your solo trip to Germany. 

Consider Communication/Language Barrier

The language skills in this country are unique. Therefore, you must take some time to prepare. Note that the language in Germany depends on the territory or region you are in. 

If you visit metropolitan areas like Cologne, Munchen, and Berlin, you may not even notice that you are in a foreign country. However, visiting the villages and mountains requires some skill. 

Consider learning German with Lingoda. While you don’t need to be fluent, you should be able to communicate. 

Most German youths can speak English. Some can speak French and other international languages. However, older adults mostly speak German. 

Prioritize Your Safety

Think about your safety before going on your trip. After settling into your hotel room, walk around the neighborhood and understand your environment. Check out the nearby grocery stores, restaurants, and stores. Introduce yourself to the owners and keep visiting. 

Let people know why you are visiting Germany, how long you will be staying, and the places you will be visiting. The locals may give you tips to stay safe. However, it would be best if you were careful not to overshare. You never know who could use the information against you. 

You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the area and make sure you know what to expect before actually leaving for your trip. Consider looking into personal protective equipment before making your visit. This is a good way to make yourself feel more comfortable and secure. 

Read about German culture

You can find lots of helpful information in books, newsletters, and blogs. Germany is an exciting country, and there are lots of helpful resources about it. Read about the safest parts of Germany, rampant crimes, and tips to stay safe. Having this information before your trip could help you prepare.

Reading can save you from boredom on lonely nights. It can help you pass the time during long train rides and when having dinner by yourself. Books are your best friend if you feel awkward about going out by yourself. 

Shared Accommodation

Finding the ideal accommodation should not be difficult when you are traveling alone. The internet has made it easy to find accommodation options within your price range. There are lots of suggestions, and shared accommodation is one of the most popular ones.

Most of your days will probably be incredible if you are traveling for pleasure. They may be filled with activities like dining out, sightseeing, and checking out monuments. You don’t want to be lonely when you finally get back. 

Even though it may not seem like you need some company in the first few days, things can change pretty fast. Loneliness kicks in, and things may start to feel awkward. Consider finding shared accommodation. You get to have a fun solo trip without the lonely nights. 

Pack Light

Do not pack too much for your solo trip. Having little luggage reduces stress. You should be able to move your luggage around with no trouble. Like most European countries, Germany has lots of shops. You can easily find whatever you want.

If you cannot pick up your luggage comfortably, you have probably packed too much. Do your best to stay unburdened.

Your solo trip to Germany doesn’t need to be boring. Traveling alone can be liberating if you prepare. The above tips will improve your experience as an independent traveler.