If someone is looking for more than just a holiday, a complete package of beautiful beaches, lovely coconut palm trees, peaceful hotels and a sea coated with every shade of blue – Barbados is the place to be. Its offerings are unlimited, making it more than just a beach holiday destination, and more of a life experience. Here are some of the offerings that this awesome historic island holds up its sleeve.

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Even if there is more about Barbados than its beautiful beaches, they are still part of the package! 🙂


1| Amazing Cuisine


Simply the thought of dining on grilled fish that is fresh and has been caught just that morning, chilling on a terrace that is lit up by burning torches alongside a clandestine bay is enough to make anyone’s mouth water. Add to that dish, a bottle of vintage wine and some great company of close ones – Voila! Doesn’t that sound like the best holiday scenario ever? That’s just a part of the regular routine in Barbados.

2 |Wide Array of Wildlife


Since Barbados is a tropical island, not only is its vegetation lush – the wide array of animals on sight too is wild and astoundingly stunning. Tourists are more than welcome to spot the rarest of blackbirds, wood doves, historic tortoises and a lot more on exciting hiking tours across the islands.

3 |Fascinating History


The island’s history is extensive and fascinating dating back to 1627 when it was first colonized by the British. Holding on to a colonial status till 1966, this painful yet interesting legacy is apparent in the countless historic buildings present on the island, particularly St Ann’s Fort, constructed in 1705.

In present times, the African origin of the population is prized and illustrated in several forms of architectural displays all across the island. Cultural travel companies such as Ciceroni offer historical tours of Barbados, which will allow you to immerse yourself in history.

4| Welcoming and Friendly Community


In South Barbados, the energetic St Lawrence Gap is the main point of the island’s culture and manifestation of entertainment. The stunning beaches down there are ideal for trainee surfers and one-man paddle boarders.

A combination of comfortable all-embracing hotels and value for money apartments form the basis for a welcoming community. The natives are proud of their island and more than happy to share its history with visitors, always ready to engage in conversation and some light-hearted banter.

5 |Always Ready to Party


There are several festivals held all through the year in the island – be it jazz related or sailing, gospel music or native rum induced parties, reggae music to horse-racing events – the local Bajan people are always down to party. They certainly know how to enjoy their life and they instill this attitude of celebration into every visitor. The nightlife here is exciting yet laid-back, so you can enjoy dancing the night away or relax by a rum shack watching the sunset and savoring every moment.

Barbados is a lifetime experience which is essential for every human to experience once. To feel what it truly means to enjoy life, a visit to Barbados is a must!



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