It’s well known that checklists are there to make our life easier, and that’s no exception in the field of travel. Two days might seem like a short time, but trust us, you definitely want your luggage packed smartly.

Short trips can bring a lot of stress and cause a lot of tension, especially during the packing phase. We are here to help you out with our expertise. Grab a pen, go over your checklist with us, and see how prepared you are for your short journey.

The Accommodation 

Before even packing, the first and most crucial thing that needs to be checked off the list is the accommodation. Regardless of the location, you should always be pragmatic about where you will be staying.

Bear in mind, that you won’t be staying for an extended period of time, so you need a quick and budget-friendly solution.

No one home fits all. I strongly advise you to stay clear from motels due to uncertainty. If the road leads you to the big cities of sunny California, then rentable studio apartments are your best pick. 

Top-notch and budget-conscious studio apartments for rent are a great way to experience the city.  Picking the option that will keep your energy from dipping and the one that will provide you with comfort resembling one of your homes is the way to go. 

The Basics

One does not require a passport to enter another state, so don’t feel the urge to bring it along for the ride. However, having your ID on you is crucial for easier access to areas that require mandatory identification.

Be sure you don’t carry a lot of cash on you when traveling, opt for the convenience of the credit card. If you decide to travel by car, a full tank is all you need, but if you are traveling by plane, be sure to see the vaccination rules, policies, and restrictions regarding Covid-19.

Leave your pet in safe hands.

If you are a pet owner, you must think long before leaving your pet alone. Pets are emotional creatures that get attached to their owner. Be sure to find your pet someone that will assume caring responsibilities like a loved one or a neighbor, or if push comes to shove, bring your pet to a vetted pet daycare center. 

Travel light but smart

Bangkok: 3 Days into my trip…packing failure!!!

Traveling is on everyone’s mind lately, but as soon as packing comes into play, the stress levels peak. It’s a good idea to see the weather forecast before traveling somewhere to clearly understand what your baggage should contain.

In addition to that, the right travel bag can do wonders for you. Who can say no to wheels? Rolling bags are amazingly cool, and you don’t have to strain your muscles carrying them. 

Start by packing light shirts and t-shirts that can be layered, pack loads of socks, and add a jacket to the mix for a rainy day. Don’t forget your underwear and pajamas. For a complete list, check out how I learned to pack for a trip in this article!

If you are not dressing to impress, then carrying precious jewelry is best left at home. Don’t forget to pack a phone charger and a spare one, as phone chargers get easily lost during trips.

The toiletry bag and the health items

If you are flying, ensure the toiletry bag is verified by the TSA. The toothpaste and the toothbrush are a must, as well as a comb or hairbrush, depending on your preference. Get the favorite perfume and deodorant and check it off the checklist. 

If you suffer from a chronic disease, always carry the prescribed medication so you can easily use it. Even though you might be completely healthy, packing health items like a first aid kit, sunscreen, allergy medication, and feminine hygiene products can make your trip much more manageable.

Final thoughts

We understand that short trips can be very stressful, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare. Creating a list gives you a clear overview of the obstacles, and a plan can be crafted accordingly.

Traveling light is always a good idea, but never forget the essentials you need on a trip. Laws and policies on vaccinations and restrictions should always be respected to avoid legal problems. That being said, we hope that we have helped, and we wish you a safe journey.