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A cruise holiday makes for an unforgettable experience, allowing you to visit many places with all needs catered for. Before you set sail, there’s one important decision to be made…which cruise to choose?

There’s an endless choice of ships and destinations. You name the destination and there’s bound to be a cruise which will take you there. For those looking for the holiday of a lifetime, here are five of the best.


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When you jump aboard a tour from Anchorage to Vancouver, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the many cultural attractions including the Native Theatre and Heritage Center.

This hosts a traditional song and dance celebration from members of the Tlingit tribe. You’re also in with the chance to take a seaplane adventure — an exhilarating flight over the misty Fjords National Monument. Back on board you can make use of facilities such as a luxury spa, heated pool or duty-free shops. Book a luxury cabin for this cruise and you can enjoy balconies and a spacious seating area to take in the views.







Perhaps in 2015 you want to a spectacular adventure into the heart of the Amazon, and do so in elegant style. Suites on cruises along the river often include floor to ceiling panoramic windows so that you can immerse yourself in the nature and dazzling beauty of the rainforest.

Take a seven-day tour and you’ll enjoy many excursions, stopping at traditional villages and wildlife preserves. As you take a guided hike deep into the jungle, you can marvel at the tropical birds and swinging primates.

With as few as 44 guests on board the liner, this kind of cruise offers a high level of service. You can cool down in an outdoor plunge pool, or take it easy in the lounge or a luxury spa. When it comes to meal time, expert chefs create a culinary masterpiece showcasing locally sourced produce. The desserts are heavenly.






This has to be one of the most insightful cruises around and the cruise adventures begin in Cyprus, where you can head to Paphos from Limassol and see Aphrodite’s Rock. This is where the goddess of love is believed to have risen from the sea. Then it’s on to Beirut, in Lebanon, which some refer to as the Paris of the East.

There you can see ruins from the Phoenician and Roman eras, or you can take a day trip to Byblos, which is thought to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world.

From Lebanon, you set sail for wondrous Turkey, and in particular for Mersin. This modern city houses the Ataturk Museum, which is named after the legendary founder of Turkey.

You can also take a trip to nearby Tarsus. Here you’ll see Cleopatra’s Gate standing proud. Legend has it this is where the Egyptian queen met her lover, Mark Antony, in 41 BC. Very much in love, Mark Antony presented the next destination on the itinerary, Alanya, as a present to her.

Calling in at Ashdod you can see the cities of Bethlehem and Jerusalem. You’ll get to see the Garden of Gethsemane, where Judas is said to have betrayed Jesus. You can also follow the path that Jesus carried his cross. If you fancy taking a time out from the legends, you can visit Tel Aviv and try delicacies such as ‘boreka’, a salty puff pastry filled with egg, pickles and tomatoes, as well as do a spot of shopping.






What better way to explore the icy wilderness of Antarctica than aboard an authentic expedition ship. Navigating through towering icebergs, you can travel some of the most spectacular landscapes you’re likely to have seen. You’ll also be in safe hands with a team of trained naturalists and an expedition leader providing local knowledge.

Don’t expect luxurious amenities but the once in a lifetime excursions more than make up for this. A Zodiac landing craft takes you to small inlets and lets you walk on shore where you’ll be greeted by thousands of penguins. You’ll also kayak in protected waters where you can spot giant leopard seals. With 50 years’ experience navigating through Polar Regions, you can be assured of a safe and exciting voyage.






For landscapes and stunning natural wonders, a tour of the tranquil Norwegian Fjords offers a cruise unlike anywhere else on the planet. This is best explored in a smaller ship which can navigate deeper into the heart of the narrow waterways and stop at more reclusive villages.

En route, you can catch a glimpse of Europe’s largest inland glacier, Jostedalsbreen, and visit the UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord. On dry land, you can enjoy many activities, including a thrilling Funicular rail journey to the summit of Mount Floyen. Don’t forget your camera, the vista at the top is awe-inspiring.


Take a trip on any of these cruises and you can be a guaranteed a memorable holiday. Which one would you choose?! Bon voyage! 🙂


  1. Anchorage to Vancouver….good pick for the top 5, as this is truly an EXCELLENT cruise! Before doing this cruise, I thought I’d miss the sunshine, palm trees, and beaches that are all part of the typical Caribbean cruise. But this cruise was quite the excellent experience, but in an entirely different way. While most of the activities on the ship are the same as you’d find on a Caribbean cruise, the ship views and land experiences are to be savored. Glaciers, whales, bears and other wildlife, outdoor hikes & adventures, and land cookouts featuring authentic Alaskan tribal foods. For anyone stuck on the tropical bliss of the Caribbean, do yourself a favor and try at least one Alaska cruise. This Anchorage to Vancouver itinerary is a great place to start.
    -Aubrey W.

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