The Colosseum, Rome: Which Tour is Best For You!


The Colosseum is one of those must-visit places in Rome, a city that should be on anyone’s wish list. How can you feel that energy and experience that thrill? Book Colosseum tickets and then stand in the arena and take it all in. It’s a Rome experience you’ll never forget.

The clash of swords, the howling of a baying crowd! The Gladiator looks up at the faces staring at him, shouting and screaming his name. Even up in the loftiest seats, he can see the excitement in the crowd. Willing, hoping he can defeat his opponent, so bringing them to an almighty crescendo of sound in triumph.

Jump forward to the present day, the seats and the crowds have gone; however, the spirit of those days remains. You’re standing in the Colosseum’s arena in Rome and looking up at the ruins. Wow imagine that gladiatorial moment, and picture yourself there! It’s quite something.

There are several tours you can take to get the full Colosseum experience. They range from taking travel into the 21st century by using technology to combining with other key attractions in Rome. Each have their own merits; each will ensure you have a memorable experience.

Enjoy a 3D experience

Visiting ancient Rome in 3D? Now it’s possible! Put on those Virtual headsets and immerse yourself into the world of Ancient Rome and the Colosseum. If this is the future of travel, count me in! This tour brings the history of this magnificent place to life. Just pick your language of choice, adjust the headsets and dive into the 3D world.

With the interactive narration, think, you’re being transported back a millennium, so forget about being in the 21st Century for a while. Step into the shoes of those gladiators and get a true sense of the power of the 50,000 spectators that came time after time to see the battles, bloodshed and entertainment. Thankfully times are different now! Imagine.

Few experiences allow you to get a true sense of what it was once like. These Virtual Reality experiences change that. Get those headsets on!

Jump the Queue


Seeing a line of people snaking off into the distance makes your heart sink, knowing you could wait for what will seem an eternity to get to the entrance? During high season, this is a familiar scenario outside the Colosseum. Add in the summer heat. Ugh, that’s no fun! What can you do to ensure you’re not standing there…waiting.

Purchase a priority, or skip-the-line ticket allows you to forget about the queues and get down to the fun of exploring this wonder of the Roman age — no more queues for you. You’ll be striding by as your ticket allows you to literally skip-that-line!

There is no better feeling. You only have to look at the mighty Colosseum standing before you to know that getting one of these tickets is the right option.

The Colosseum and other Rome attractions


Now here’s a thing. Combine your Colosseum experience with some of Rome’s other incredible attractions? There’s its neighbor, the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, and of course the Vatican with its beautiful St. Peter’s Basilica and the Dome overviewing the most beautiful city in the world.

Imagine taking a wander around the spectacular arena and then later that day standing in the Sistine chapel gazing at the masterpiece by Michelangelo. Two memories and experiences you won’t forget. Or taking in the might of the Colosseum and then exploring the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.

You only have to walk around the Roman Forum to get a true sense and feel of just how incredible this place really was. It may look like a set of ruins, but it’s much, much more than that. We’ve already said let your mind wander as you stand in the center of the arena in the Colosseum. Well, make sure to do the same as you explore the Forum, Palatine hill, and the Vatican.

And finally…some top tips to go with your Colosseum tickets


You’ve chosen your ticket, and you’re inside the building, taking in the sights and sounds. As you immerse yourself, just remember a few simple tips to ensure that your experience is as good as it can be!

When is the best time to make the most of your visit? Mornings and evenings are less crowded, and be warned, the gates are locked at sundown, but if you find a nearby café or restaurant, you can sit outside and enjoy the exterior of the Colosseum as the sun goes down. It’s magical!

Wear appropriate shoes: Remember when walking around the Colosseum or the other attractions that they are ancient and have wonky pathways and uneven surfaces. Wear comfortable shoes for one, and tread carefully.

So, there you are, standing in the arena, looking around at the ancient monument that reaches high into the Rome sky. Take a moment to let it all sink in. The fact you are in a spot a Gladiator once stood, well, it’s a special moment.

You can book Colosseum tickets from many providers, but I usually like to go with Isango when I’m around traveling the world and especially when visiting my beautiful Italy!

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