Great Things to do in Singapore

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Situated strategically in South-East Asia, Singapore is rightly known for its advanced economy and multifarious culture. Traces of this multicultural influence can be easily seen in almost every aspect of Singapore. If you thought that having a diverse background adds to confusion and helter-skelter in the Lion City, you could …

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Why I decided to travel Solo for a while

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  ON TRAVELING ALONE I finally did it!   Today I collected all my strength and booked a one way ticket from Thailand to Indonesia for the beginning of April. Nothing so extraordinary right? as I’ve been traveling already for more than a month, booking a plane ticket should be  routine for me. The difference …

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Blogs I love and Thank You’s!

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Countdown: Two  weeks to my trip and I’d like to spread a bit of love and thank you’s!   Even if I am still at home, patiently (well…big word!) awaiting to take off for my trip, I already feel part of the travelers “family”. So, before I hit the road  and …

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RTW trip: How we planned the Itinerary!

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“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”  Saint Augustine was right. I indeed want to read more pages of this fascinating book. In my case a very specific book: THE SOUTH EAST ASIA TRAVEL GUIDE!  But today I’m stealing Saint Augustine’s metaphor to introduce …

Countdown for our One Way Ticket to Thailand….yay!

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  DISCLAIMER: This is one of the first post ever written on Keep Calm and Travel. I decided to leave all the old posts as a reminder to myself on how it all started and how things evolve over time. It’s so cute to read this small blog posts after …

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My first insprational Video!

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  When I was still in the dreaming process, I often checked out videos about South East Asia and this is definitely the one that convinced me to visit this amazing country! In the beginning this post was addressed to my brother, to convince him, notoriously against any type of ...

Dreams Can Become Reality

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  DISCLAIMER:This is an old post, when I still used my blog as a “Journal”. I’m currently reviewing the oldest posts and editing them for Spelling/Grammar/Style mistakes. It’s nice to wake up one morning, at 35  and realize that you not only are still have big dreams, but that you are …