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Why I decided to travel Solo for a while

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  ON TRAVELING ALONE I finally did it!   Today I collected all my strength and booked a one way ticket from Thailand to Indonesia for the beginning of April. Nothing so extraordinary right? as I’ve been traveling already for more than a month, booking a plane ticket should be  routine for me. The difference …

My first Month in Asia: Numbers and facts

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  ONE MONTH INTO MY DREAM TRIP My first month memories! Tomorrow, the 10th of march, it will be exactly one month since I’ve started my trip! I still can’t believe it. I’ve had troubles with my connection from day one, and for this, and many other reasons, I wasn’t able to …

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Blogs I love and Thank You’s!

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Countdown: Two  weeks to my trip and I’d like to spread a bit of love and thank you’s!   Even if I am still at home, patiently (well…big word!) awaiting to take off for my trip, I already feel part of the travelers “family”. So, before I hit the road  and …

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RTW trip: How we planned the Itinerary!

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“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”  Saint Augustine was right. I indeed want to read more pages of this fascinating book. In my case a very specific book: THE SOUTH EAST ASIA TRAVEL GUIDE!  But today I’m stealing Saint Augustine’s metaphor to introduce …

Dreams Can Become Reality

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  DISCLAIMER:This is an old post, when I still used my blog as a “Journal”. I’m currently reviewing the oldest posts and editing them for Spelling/Grammar/Style mistakes. It’s nice to wake up one morning, at 35  and realize that you not only are still have big dreams, but that you are …

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Citizen of the World mod ON

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  DISCLAIMER: This is the first post ever on Keep Calm and Travel. I decided to leave all the old posts as a reminder to myself on how it all started and how things evolve over time. It’s so cute to read this small blog posts after years..  Whilst every …