Cool Places To Visit & Where To Stay In Sardinia! (Also For Romantic Couples)

Where To Go & Best Places To Stay In Sardinia  

A complete guide to Sardinia. Last Updated November 2019 – Read the Disclaimer below!


This massive article was first published only for couples but it’s now become a guide on where to stay In Sardinia, unmissable places to visit,  & very reliable local tips! 




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You’ve probably already long realized that Sardinia is a wonderful destination for a perfect vacation, so it won’t come as a surprise to hear that there are plenty of ways for couples to enjoy a romantic holiday in Sardinia too!


Whether you’re young lovebirds looking for a place to create happy memories, celebrating a special occasion such as an anniversary or birthday, planning a perfect honeymoon, seeking somewhere incredible to propose to your partner, or just looking for a deliciously romantic destination to enjoy together, Sardinia is fantastic!

I’ve received loads of requests from loved-up couples who want to enjoy the very best of romantic Sardinia, so whether it’s a special occasion or a hard-earned romantic escapade that you’re looking for I’m going to share with you some spectacularly romantic Sardinian hotspots to make sure you have the very best loved-up holiday possible on my stunning island.

From the best places to watch a magical sunset and the top beaches for couples in Sardinia through to the most intimate places to stay and restaurants that will certainly put you in a passionate mood, and, of course, a variety of activities and attractions to help you make the most of your time in Sardinia with your beloved, get set for one fabulously and blissfully romantic vacation!

Whether you and your partner prefer secluded and quiet spots or whether you’re a couple that is looking to enjoy Sardinia’s livelier romantic spots you’ll find somewhere that is absolutely perfect for you.

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Even if you’re looking for the best of both worlds, with so many excellent options why restrict yourself to just the one place if you have time to play with? Mix and match for a terrific, varied, and dreamy holiday in Sardinia with your loved one.

Top Five Sardinia Places You Can’t miss!

Now, choosing just five places in Sardinia that will set the scene for love or simply relaxing times is actually a pretty tough call – there are so many destinations to chose from! These five, however, are my ultimate pick :


Wait until the maps load, zoom in or out and click on the marks to see the places of interest in the area, so you have an idea on how far apart they are from each other!


If you and your partner love up-market destinations and living the high life, Porto Cervo offers huge lashings of romance and the high life. Make sure you take your best clothes though as it is super posh and you don’t want to look out of place! It also comes with a pretty steep price tag, so be prepared to splash the cash and splurge a fair bit.

Situated on the dazzling Costa Smeralda it is close to some of the finest beaches in the world. Don’t believe me? Take a peek and see for yourself!

Each beautiful beach has its own vibe, from the busier sands in the south to the more relaxed and tranquil beaches of the north. If you are a fun-loving couple that likes to be in the heart of the action the southern beaches will be better for you.

If, however, you are looking somewhere where you can enjoy your own little slice of paradise in relative exclusion, head north. Either way, lively Porto Cervo is close to hand.


Principe Beach


Sometimes called by its full name of Spiaggia del Principe, this is one of the area’s most stunning beaches. It is difficult not to fall under the tender spell of love at this beach in the Porto Cervo surrounds!

Liscia Ruja Beach


Two glorious beaches with multi-coloured waters and soft sands with dunes and amazing snorkelling. Another stunning must-see place, but hey…I told you that there were so many awesome beaches near Porto Cervo 🙂

Pevero Beach


Two glorious beaches with multi-coloured waters and soft sands with dunes and amazing snorkelling.

Capriccioli Beach


A busy beach with gleaming white sands, sparkling emerald waters, and interesting rock scenery.


Although the beaches are the main things to do around Porto Cervo, there are also other activities to enjoy in the area!


Take a stroll by the port:

Let your imagination run wild as you ogle the lavish and luxurious super yachts that dock there of an evening.

Couples can dream together and imagine a life of blissful opulence sailing across the Sardinian waters.

Boat trip to La Maddalena:

You can also hop aboard your own boat (although not a yacht!) and enjoy boat trips around the coast.

Click to book the trip in here!

Postcard-worthy views and some of the most incredible scenery awaits! The pristine beaches are usually pretty quiet, truly perfect for couples.

Enjoy the nightlife!

Porto Cervo is also a terrific place for romantic couples who like to party hard … the nightlife is one of the best on the island and you can mingle with the jet set in many stylish bars and energetic clubs.



The boutique town has loads of gourmet restaurants for a romantic candlelit meal. You’ll enjoy plenty of sumptuous dishes and fine dining in Porto Cervo. Some top restaurants for a romance-fuelled meal include:

La Mola Restaurant


Beautiful furnishings and décor with a mouth-watering menu make this a top spot for diners. What makes it even better for couples is that there is plenty of space between the tables, giving you some more privacy!

I Frati Rossi


The views are one of the main reasons to try out this quaint and rustic place, although the food is really good too! Taste lots of Sardinian specialities as you gaze at the sparkling sea.



Uber trendy, you’ll be tucking into your tasty seafood alongside some of the area’s most fashionable and stylish crowd. This is one of the most popular restaurants in the area!


I’ve selected a few places where you can stay during your visit to Porto Cervo, from the budget ones to the fanciest ones!

I Giardini 


Private beach and an à la carte restaurant, I Giardini Di Porto Cervo offers self-catering apartments with views of the Coast. 

Price: From 50 Euros p/p

Book Now!

Case Della Marina


With an outdoor swimming pool,  Case Della Marina offers self-catering apartments in Porto Cervo, 200 metres from the seafront. 

Price: From 65 Euros p/p

Book Now!

Colonna Hotel


Colonna Hotel is near the white sandy beach of Cala Granu. It offers 3 swimming pools, tennis courts, and a scenic jogging path.

Price: From 70 Euros p/p

Book Now!


There are always pros and cons for each destination you choose for your romantic break, here are the main pros and cons of Porto Cervo!

Pros of Porto Cervo

  • Proximity to divine beaches.
  • Excellent nightlife.
  • High society atmosphere.
  • Fine dining.
  • Social buzz.
  • Designer shopping.

Cons of Porto Cervo

  • Expensive
  • Busy, especially in peak season
  • Little chance for solitude.
  • Super posh.
  • Not much sightseeing in the locale
  • Not a portrait of the real Sardinia traditions

Overall, Porto Cervo is great if you like soaking up the sun on pretty beaches, elegant eating and drinking, and a sophisticated and refined ambiance with lots of other like-minded people all around.

It’s also important to note that if you are on a budget, you can visit Porto Cervo on day trips, and stay in more traditional and less expensive villages nearby like Cannigione, Arzachena and San Pantaleo.



Wait until the maps load, zoom in or out and click on the marks to see the places of interest in the area, so you have an idea on how far apart they are from each other!


Situated in the north-western part of Sardinia, Castelsardo manages to combine romance by the bucket load, fascinating historical sites, magnificent beaches, superb scenery, and lots of places to eat, sleep, drink, and relax. Love will almost definitely be in the air in Castelsardo!

The small village has an intimate air and plenty of things to see and do for couples who enjoy romantic sightseeing and explorations together. With over 900 years of history, you can celebrate your own long-lasting love as you discover charming Castelsardo.


If you want to chill out and hit the beaches together and soak up some warming Mediterranean sun you’ll be delighted to know that there are several soft sand beaches with clear waters that are suitable for swimming really close to the village. The beaches are ideal for sitting side by side and watching the changing colors of the sky as the sun goes down.

Cala Ostina Beach


Cala Ostina is a lovely cove, 5 minutes away by car from Castelsardo Village. You can enjoy this fantastic secluded beach, perfect for swimming in its turquoise waters or simply relax and sunbathe all day!


Lu Bagnu Beach


One of the best beaches near Castelsardo, the water is always clean and shallow for meters from the shore, ideal to walk and swim. It has a sandy and a rocky part which creates a lovely contrast!


Some of the main Castelsardo sights that are sure to inspire romance and awe include:



Elephant Rock:

Elephant Rock (Roccia dell’Elefante) is a large mass of trachyte stone standing beside State Road 134, a mere 10 minutes ride by car from Castelsardo.

Following a process of erosion, the rock assumed the appearance of an elephant!

Doria Castle:

Perched upon a rock and the village’s namesake, you can enjoy incredible views, have fun together exploring the beautifully evocative ruins, and see lovely handicrafts and local finds in the museum.

A great sight to combine history, Sardinia traditions and the romantic panorama!

Sant Antonio Abate Cathedral

Ideal for architecture enthusiasts and fans of pretty buildings, the cathedral showcases some excellent Renaissance and Catalan Gothic designs.

The high tower and stunning ocean vistas add to the overall beauty of this magical place!

Torre di Frigiano

Sitting on the rocks and looking out to sea, this old tower is a beautiful place to linger with your love.

Below the town of Castelsardo, the tower, thirteen metres tall, stands as the defensive outpost of the small port of Frigiano.

If you’re part of an active couple you can enjoy amorous adventures in the nearby surroundings; explore the scenic woodlands and enjoy the picturesque views by foot, bicycle, or horseback.

Castelsardo is also a brilliant base for exploring other attractive nearby villages and towns such as Tergu, which boasts even more delightful historic buildings, and the quiet town of Sedini where you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere as you visit one of the island’s best museums.


Although you won’t find much nightlife in Castelsardo you will find a good choice of places for a nice meal and your favourite tipple. Recommended romantic restaurants include:

La Guardiola


Treat your senses with delectable seafood and stunning panoramic views.

 Bedda Ista


Cute and intimate, this small restaurant is one of the best places for simple home-cooked delights. 

Baga Baga


An elegant atmosphere with terrific service and fine food, there is lots of space and awesome views too.


Below are a few  places where you can stay during your visit to Castelsardo, from the budget ones to the fanciest ones!

Rosa dei venti


Rosa dei Venti is located in the touristy town of Lu Bagnu, 3 km from the centre of Castelsardo. Rooms offer views of the sea.

Price: From 29 euros p/p

Book Now!

Vicolo della Luna


Vicolo Della Luna is 130 metres from the coast’s promenade. It features a spacious furnished sea-view terrace. 

Price: From 30 euros p/p

Book Now!

Bajaloglia Resort


Set on a hilltop overlooking the medieval village of Castelsardo. It features a swimming pool and sunbathing area.

Price:From 132 euros p/p

Book Now!


Castelsardo is a popular destination for day-trippers, which may well work to your advantage if you like quiet and romantic evenings away from the crowds – with many visitors leaving in the afternoon you can enjoy evening walks, dinner, and drinks without thinking about people all around you.

Pros of Castelsardo

  • Excellent sightseeing and Historic Atmosphere.
  • Quiet evening ambience.
  • Beautiful landscapes close to hand.
  • Cheaper than other Sardinian places in the North.

Cons of Castelsardo

  • Little nightlife.
  • Few opportunities to socialize with other visitors.
  • You need your own car to move around.
  • The beaches are great but not the best of the best.

Overall, Castelsardo is recommended for couples who like to combine sightseeing, beach days, and countryside excursions, and who also enjoy a calm atmosphere at the end of the day.



Wait until the maps load, zoom in or out and click on the marks to see the places of interest in the area, so you have an idea on how far apart they are from each other!


Sardinia’s capital of Cagliari is packed with romantic interludes, in the right company of course! If you and your partner enjoy city breaks injected with huge dollops of romance, Cagliari could be right up your street!

The hours will fly by as you explore the historic quarter and visit interesting museums and you can also make the most of the vibrant nightlife and nearby beaches.

A well-rounded destination, Cagliari offers the best selection for a diverse romantic stay. Old and new blend together to create a simultaneously fast-paced and forward thinking place with a timeless and olde-worlde locale. Check out my new article with 9 ready to use itineraries to visit Sardinia in One week (at least 2 of them include a stop in Cagliari!)


I Use GetYourGuide all the times to book my tours (Niagara falls, boat trips in Sardinia, culinary experiences in Tuscany and more! Highluly recommended!) 




Cagliari is my city and I can tell you without any doubt that a stopover in the Capital is the perfect choice to take day trips to the most incredible beaches you’ve ever seen in your life!

Chia Beach-Su Giudeu


One of the most beautiful beaches in South Sardinia. One hour away from Cagliari, it offers golden sands and a breathtaking view from its small rock cliffs which can be reached from the shore  on foot across a stretch of particularly shallow water.


Costa Rei- Marina Rei


Oh I love this beach so much!The beach of Marina Rei has fine, light-coloured sand. The sea, of extraordinary transparency, puts together its spectacular chromatic variations from turquoise to the emerald green. To die for!

Villasimius-Punta Molentis


The beach of Punta Molentis is distinguished by its bright, white sandy shore. The backdrop to the beach presents a hill which rises to 101 metres, where ruins of a nuraghe can be found. The sea has wonderful colours, and the landscape offers splendid, naturalistic scenes. 


Tuerredda Beach


Tuerredda: My favorite beach!it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia for its transparent colour of the sea that recalls a Caribbean landscape. In front of the beach is the islet of the same name, a few hundred meters from the shore. Awesome!


Cagliari has so much to offer for everyone that it would take a separate guide to list them all. Some of the most romantic things to do in Cagliari include:



Lungomare Poetto

The Poetto beach is truly vast, stretching as it does between Cagliari and Quartu Sant’Elena, and closed off at one end by the Sella del Diavolo Headland.

This was the beach where I used to spend my days after school, a great city beach, you can’t miss it, and it’s very easy to reach by public transports.

Roman Amphitheatre

“Is Centu Scalas” (the 100 steps in Sardinian) Offers a fantastic vantage point for sweeping views across the surrounding areas, the climb up the limestone rock is well worth it.

And, don’t worry – there are steps carved into the rock! See the Cagliari of the distant past as you enjoy the Roman ruins in the here and now with that special someone.

Marina Piccola

If you’re a couple that are into fine dining and pumping nightlife don’t miss the vibrant Marina.

Stroll around the area at sunset, enjoy the view of Poetto beach and find a quiet spot to sit on a rock in front of the beach and simply relax!

Bastione di Sant Remy

This si such an Iconical place in Cagliari! You can’t say you’ve really seen the city if you didn’t visit the Bastione! Not only is one of the most romantic places, especially at sunset, but the whole atmosphere is simply awesome.

The breathtaking view of the city, the restaurants and the best direct access to the old Quartiere Castello, makes it a must see!

Monte Claro Park

Escape town life and relax in this attractive park for a while as you enjoy the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

The solitude makes it easy to steal a cheeky kiss as you sit side by side on the lush grass and it could also be a prime location if you are planning to pop the big question.


I told you that It would take me days to list everything, but being Cagliari my territory, I’ll give you a few more gems!


Sella del Diavolo & Calamosca


Despite the name translating to the off-putting Devil’s Saddle this is actually one of the top spots for lovers in the whole of Cagliari.

Quartiere Castello & its ancient streets


Wander through the narrow maze-like streets and lose yourselves in this historic and pretty part of town. Definitely worth a visit!

Piazza Yenne & Terrapieno Area


One of my favorite spots in Cagliari, a small plaza full of restaurants, bars and yummy gelato where to spend a lively night in the capital!

In addition to the terrific things to do within the city there are also several great day trips that can be easily undertaken from Cagliari, although renting a car is the best option unless you join a tour.

Journey to even more glorious beaches, (see the section above), cruise to the volcanic island of San Pietro, step back in time at Roman Nora, be awestruck by the intriguing rock formation of Arco dell’Angelo … and more.


As you might expect, there are some top class hotels and restaurants to make your stay in Cagliari that extra bit special.Get that loving glow at one of these top Cagliari restaurants for couples:

Antica Hostaria


Dine in style at this wonderfully charming restaurant that has been enchanting couples and keeping them satisfied since the 1800s. 

Dal Corsaro


Head here for the ultimate  fine dining in Cagliari with your partner. Soak up the chic ambience as you enjoy the impeccable service!

Luigi Pomata


Ever have those times where you just can’t decide what you fancy to eat? Or maybe you and your partner want to try different things. 


The best  places to stay when you visit Cagliari, from the budget ones to the fanciest ones!

L’antica Torre


Set in the heart of Cagliari, in the Castello district, L’Antica Torre offers free Wi-Fi and rooms with air conditioning and TV.

Price: From 24 euros p/p

Book Now!

Al Porto


Al Porto Di Cagliari is located at 200 metres from the harbour. Rooms are air conditioned with free Wi-Fi and satellite TV.

Price: From 40 euros p/p

Book Now!

Regina Margherita


Set in Cagliari’s historic centre, the Hotel features modern rooms with satellite TV and a hydromassage shower or bath.

Price: From 76 euros p/p

Book Now!


If you take pleasure from a mixed bag of things to see and do on your couple’s break, Cagliari is perfect.

Pros of Cagliari

  • Historic attractions.
  • Great beaches nearby
  • Vibrant night scene & City buzz
  • Abundant restaurants & shopping
  • Variety of activities and sights.
  • Accommodation to suit almost any budget.

Cons of Cagliari

  • Can be very busy.
  • Faster pace of life than in other parts of the island.
  • May find it difficult to find solitude
  • Need private transportation to get out of the city.
  • Fewer chances to experience Sardinian culture.
  • You need at least 3/4 days to see the main attractions


Wait until the maps load, zoom in or out and click on the marks to see the places of interest in the area, so you have an idea on how far apart they are from each other!


In one of my absolute favourite parts of Sardinia, Cala Ganone is one of the ultimate destinations for a romantic getaway.

Located almost in the center of the eastern coast, the journey here in itself is a treat! In the past, you had to come by boat, but there is now a road that tunnels through the mountains and snakes its way around twists and turns near to the coast.

It is a spectacular drive and, although this may not be the most accessible of places in Sardinia, you will almost certainly be glad that you choose Cala Gonone for a few days of fun and discoveries.

With the magnificent mountains behind you and the sparkling sea in front of you, get ready to be clicking away and snapping loads of selfies of you and your partner in some truly outstanding locations.


The Golfo di Orosei beaches are my persona favorites. Undeveloped and wild stretches of rugged coast, greenery-clad jagged mountains, turquoise and emerald waters.. No matter how long you stay, you will wish it were for longer! Boats are the easiest (and sometimes only) way to reach many of these paradise places.

Disclaimer: Each beach in the Orosei Gulf is worth a visit, so I’ll let the picture speak for itself! I will mention if you’ll need a boat to reach them or you can trek down the mountain and if there is something specific you need to know before getting there (click on the MORE INFO where I put everything you need to know about each beach!)

Also note that the picture I placed in here show the beaches when no one is there, but you need to consider that in high season they can be crowded, so don’t be disappointed if you have to share paradise with other people… that’s the price to pay to see these marvels!


Cala Mariolu


My Favorite beach in the Golfo di Orosei, rated #1 in the Area, click below to know more about how to reach the beach, prices for the boats and more!

Cala Goloritze’


Do you want to combine an amazing UNESCO site with the wilderness of the mountains? Trek down the path to reach this fabulous beach!

Cala Biriola


A truly unspoiled paradise in Sardinia! if you are in the Cala Gonone area you can’t miss this wild beach ..(watch the video on “more Info”)!

Cala Sisine


A beautiful beach, slightly more spacious than the other ones and reachable by boat or a fairly easy trek! Using your car is a must for the trek!

Cala Luna


Spacious beach, famous for its grotto where people find shelter from the sun while enjoying the view of the beach!

Cala Osalla


Cala Osalla is the most popular beach near the village of Dorgali, easy to reach and wonderful sea as usual!

Cala Liberotto


A 50 minutes drive from Cala Gonone, this is another beautiful option to explore  the Golfo di Orosei area with its beautiful beaches and villages! 

Cala Fuili


Less than 4 km away from Cala Gonone Village, this beach is a lovely one, easy to get there and just spend the day relaxing!


Ok, it’s clear that the main attractions near Cala Gonone are the wonderful beaches, but there are also other activities to do in the surroundings, including:



Nuragic remains & sites:

There are several ruins from prehistoric times scattered around Cala Gonone. See how these ancient people lived and wonder at the collection of stone towers that this mystifying civilisation left behind. There’s a large group of Nuraghes at Serra Orrios and  Nuraghe Mannu; enjoy the views as you sit at the top of the gorge and underneath an olive tree.

Grotta Del Bue Marino

The most famous of Cala Gonone’s sea caves, a visit here is incredibly hard to forget!

Hauntingly beautiful, the chamber is filled with unusual rock formations and Neolithic rock paintings, with light streaming in and casting imaginative reflections on the water and really seeming to breathe life into some of the awesome shapes.

Su Gorroppu Gorge

A stunning place for thrill-seekers, you are advised to take a guide along with you rather than going it alone.This is to help you make the most of your trip but also, and more importantly, for safety reasons. Plunging downwards, this is one of the deepest gorges in Europe. The walk can be a challenge but if you are a couple that loves to spend time in the great outdoors

Gennargentu National Park

Escape into the cool and refreshing mountains for some hiking, climbing, mountain biking, and nature spotting … and, for that lovely feeling of being truly at one with your partner and the world.The park boasts cascading waterfalls, soaring mountains, deep gorges, and an abundance of native flora and fauna. Creatures to look out for include Sardinian wildcats, Sardinian foxes, weasels, mice, tigers (just kidding on that one!), and many different species of birds.


For eating and drinking, you will probably find yourself frequently heading to the long promenade with its selection of quaint and laid-back restaurants and bars. My recommendations for a romantic meal in Cala Gonone are:

Su Recreu


Close to the main beach this spot doubles as a café by day and a bar come evening time. A great place to spend your night!

Il Pescatore


Right next to the port there is a choice of indoor and outdoor seating, both of which afford great views out over the water. 

 Blues Pub


Don’t be fooled by the name – even though it doesn’t sound very Italian (at all!) the menu offers a wide choice of tasty traditional eats.


The best  places to stay for you visit in Cala Gonone, from the budget ones to the fanciest ones!

Residence Biriola


At 600 metres from the seafront, it has climbing and diving schools.Furnished apartments with a sea view balcony.

Price: From 38 euros p/p

Book Now!

Hotel Rurale


High above the Mediterranean Sea, this country house offers a peaceful countryside location, 4 km from Cala Gonone.

Price: From 40 euros p/p

Book Now!

Hotel la Playa


At 350 metres from the sea, air-conditioned rooms an outdoor pool, and a large terrace and a garden.

Price: From 45 euros p/p

Book Now!


This is a very easy one! 🙂

Pros of Cala Gonone

  • One of the most beautiful places in Sardinia!
  • Remote location makes it feel really special.
  • Gorgeous beaches.
  • Rugged cliffs and coastal areas.
  • Varied activities.
  • Awesome mountains and nature.
  • plenty of boat trips.
  • Cute bars and restaurants.

Cons of Cala Gonone

  • Other than the journey may be a bit off-putting for some, I really cannot think of any other cons! This place is amazing!


Wait until the maps load, zoom in or out and click on the marks to see the places of interest in the area, so you have an idea on how far apart they are from each other!


With Catalan heritage and a gorgeously preserved old centre of the town, love birds can feel like they’ve slipped back to a completely time and place as they enjoy the unique and special character of this beautiful area.

Although very popular with visitors it also manages to present a wonderfully natural and simple face. There are numerous traditional pizzerias where you can relax a while, admire the surroundings, and enjoy each other’s company over a shared Sardinian pizza.

Nightlife is low key and relaxed, but there are lots of little tucked away bars where you can share a bottle of wine and places where you can drool over a gelato for some laid-back romance in Alghero.

There is also the modern part of the city with its hustle and bustle of activity, as well as delightful beaches, a big marina, and a busy fishing harbour.


Sadly, it is impossible to stay somewhere lovely that is at a comfortable walking distance to both the old town and the most amazing beaches around, so you will need to choose one as your base and journey to the other.    

Stintino-La Pelosa Beach


The most popular and gorgeous beach around Alghero! This place has  nothing to envy to the Caribbean sea!

Argentiera Beach


Do you want to sit down a rock and watch a fantastic sunset from the beach? Then this place is perfect for you!

Mugoni Beach – Alghero


Perfect if you want to combine crystal-clear waters with a beach full of amenities, with a bar, restaurants and a picnic area!

Le Bombarde Beach – Alghero


Another well famous beach for its water wonderful colors and the numerous amenities, including a very convenient shuttle bus from Alghero. 


Alghero and its surrounding offer so much that I’d need a whole guide to list them all. Some of the greatest experiences in and around Alghero include:



Boat trip to Asinara Island:

If you have time and you want to take a boat trip that you will surely remember, head north and take a boat trip to the Asinara Park, a beautiful Island and  ex-prison now populated only by…donkeys! The Island can be reached from Porto Nuovo at Stintino and from Porto Torres, where visitors will find information and ticket.

Nettuno Grotto:

At the bottom of a dramatic cliff, this is a wonderful natural attraction near to Alghero. Try and time your visit for the late afternoon / early evening so that you can also enjoy the sunset over the sea. If you would rather get to the caves on your own and enjoy some together time rather than as part of a group, it is also possible to cosy up on a rented scooter and get there independently by road.

Nuraghe di Palmavera

An ancient palace and complex, if you both take pleasure from exploring long-abandoned remains from the past I would really recommend adding this to your itinerary. The ruins are hauntingly beautiful and it is easy to imagine what the complex must have looked like in its former days of glory. Poke around in the small huts and see how people of the past lived.


The Alghero rocky surroundings are perfect for Scuba dive and snorkeling addicts. Check out the beaches I’ve mentioned above as almost all of them offer great opportunities to spot some great underwater life! Check out the reviews for Diving in Porto Conte.


Wine tasting:

A really romantic experience, check out Alghero’s lovely Sella and Mosca vineyards. Take a tour of the expansive vineyard and raise a toast to each other as you sip on some delectable locally produced wines. This experience is also great for all the people who want to discover more of the traditional Sardinian culture, and it’s obviously perfect for wine lovers!


Some great romantic places to eat in Alghero include:

Dona Isabel


A little away from the main cluster of restaurants, eating here can really feel like you’ve found somewhere truly special.

Al Tuguri


Located inside a charming old building in the historic heart of the beautiful Old Town, this Michelin-starred restaurant is a real winner.



A pretty little place overlooking an attractive harbour, try and snag a table right next to the sand for the dreamiest time with your love.


The best  places to stay for your lovely stay in Alghero, from the budget ones to the fanciest ones!

B&B Alghero


Set on the western coast of Sardinia, Bed And Breakfast Alghero is only a 5-minute walk from Alghero’s beaches.

Price: From 25 euros p/p

Book Now!

Gioberti 25


Featuring a terrace, Gioberti 25 offers simple accommodation in Alghero. The nearest sandy beach is 400 metres away.

Price: From 40 euros p/p

Book Now!

Villa Paradise


Villa Paradise is housed in a villa, just 200 metres from the coast and 10 minutes’ walk from Lido San Giovanni beach.

Price: From 45 euros p/p

Book Now!


Alghero is high on my recommended list of places not to miss when on a blissful couple’s holiday in Sardinia.

Pros of Alghero

  • Stunning Old Town with lots of atmosphere and history.
  • Numerous beautiful walks.
  • Pretty beaches.
  • Cute selection of places to eat and drink.
  • Plentiful and varied day trips.
  • World class diving.
  • Adventure activities available.
  • Gorgeous driving routes.
  • Local character and charm.

Cons of Alghero

  • Very popular so can be crowded.
  • Not easy to walk between beaches and other attractions.
  • Own transport needed for many excursions.
  • Some areas can feel soulless.

Overall, Alghero ticks many of the boxes for a fabulous loved-up vacation, but you certainly won’t find much solitude in a lot of the major places.



If you are looking for love to blossom and grow on Sardinia it is really easy! There are so many delightful places that offer an exceptional couple’s romantic holiday in the sun.

Beaches, nature, history, culture, cuisine, and more all combine forces to give you a vacation to remember.

  • Porto Cervo is ideal for couples looking for glam luxury and a posh vibe close to amazing beaches.
  • Castelsardo is quiet in the evenings and offers history, village life, and beaches.
  • Cagliari is the lively capital with history, beaches, culture, and plenty of amenities and facilities. If you visit Sardinia, a visit to its Capital is a must!
  • Alghero has a beautiful Old Town and a wonderfully uncontrived atmosphere. There are lovely beaches, but it can get pretty packed.
  • Cala Gonone is great for lovers of the great outdoors, with amazing beaches, mountains, forests, and marine caves. It has a remote feeling about it and is one of the best places for romance in the whole of Sardinia!




Do you have any more things to ask about these fabulous destinations? Fire away! Leave me a comment in the section below and I’ll try to help you out!


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Hi Clelia, fab info on Sardinia! It’s so comprehensive and easy to follow. Could you please give me some advice around a 4 day trip around the 5th October. It’s likely we’ll fly into Cagliari. Wel want somewhere that’s going to have some fab beaches and equally good city life to explore without much stress of travelling! We may have car hire but only want to consider it if we have to. Do you have any advice on where would be best to stay? We don’t have a budget but nothing too extortionate. Thanks Pav

Elyse Taylor

Hey Clelia! Thank you so much for taking so much time to write about beautiful Sardinia! It has been really helpful in planning my honeymoon! My husband and I are coming for 6 nights and I’m so torn on where to go, everything just sounds too amazing and we just don’t have enough time to do it all! We are flying into Olbia and out of Cagliari & we are going to rent a car. Originally I thought we would start working our way straight down south to Cala Gonone, Baunei, Villasimius etc but now I’m really indecisive if we… Read more »


Thank you so much for posting this! Me and my other half are hoping to visit Sardinia at the start of September after a hectic year so far of buying a house! It will only be for a weekend, Friday to Sunday so am hoping you can help us decide where to stay! We probably will be on foot with no other means of transport and are just looking to get away and relax. Grateful for any help you can offer!


This is so immensely helpful – thank you so so much! We are coming to the island for a wedding in July and can’t wait! We are getting in on a Sunday afternoon, planning to explore a few days and be in Cala Gonone by Thursday evening. One event is there, the rest are at Hotel Su Gologone. Is squeezing in Alghero, Bosa, and Cagliari too much in 3 1/2-4 days? If so, what would you recommend instead? Open to cutting out a spot and getting to Cala Gonone a night earlier to experience that, but would love your insights.… Read more »

Susan Lubrano

I would really appreciate your help in making a decisision . I am from New York going to Procida to visit my family with my husband and two children. One of my children is 28 years old and married the other is 24 and single and we are a 60 year old active couple. After spending time in procida we would like to come to Sardinia and enjoy the beaches but we do need some activity at night since it can’t be totally romantic. I really don’t know what to pick we are active love to hike bike climb we… Read more »

Tayla Clemente

Hi Clelia, thank you for your break down of the different areas that make up Sardinia. My boyfriend and I are going to Sardinia from July 29 – August 1, I know this isn’t a lot of time because there is just so much to do and see in this lovely island, but we aren’t able to extend unfortunately. Where would you recommend to stay as a base? We are the type of couple that want beautiful beaches, great atmosphere (we don’t mind the crowds) and a good night life – but we also want to explore the amazing beaches… Read more »

Claudia Vila

Hi Clelia…Molti grazie for your excellent and detailed webpage. I am planning to travel to Sardinia in late September (around 7-8 days). I am traveling by myself, love beaches, exploring around but also to go out at night to a good wine bar or restaurant, and as I am traveling by myself I would prefer places which are not that lonely, but also not that crowded. I prefer to take tours to visit places which are located out of the cities…..The three main places I would be looking forward to stay are Porto Cervo, Cagliari and Alghero. I would have… Read more »


Hello! Thank you so much for your generous blog! I was SO grateful to happen upon it!! 🙂 My guy and I are traveling to Sardinia late September (slower season) and will stay 7 days. We are beach hoppers/explorers and enjoy a solid night life and amazing food and views. It’s SO difficult to decide on a region so we are thinking we will rent a car and hit maybe two days in each spot along the coast? sun – fly in to Olbia – 2 days in Porto Cervo, (sun-tues) – 2 days in Cala Ganone, (tues-thur) – 1… Read more »


Hi! This website is amazing and really helped me plan my trip. I am traveling to Sardinia with my brother in August and plan on staying in Cagliari for two nights (visit beaches/ night life) and then one night near Berchidda (I’ve heard there is a jazz festival every year?) and two nights near Olbia. Have you ever heard of the time in jazz festival? Do you think I could stay 3 nights near Olbia and travel to Berchidda for the festival? Also, where would you stay near Olbia? My brother and I are in our late 20’s and we… Read more »

Ryan Whitmore

Great article! Thanks for the tips and keep up the good work 🙂

isabel aslam

First of all, I think your website pretty much saved my life, i never came across a more generous person than you really. I scanned other peoples comments to try and find an answer for my question, but as I didnt I take the chance to ask you and hope you will find the time to give your input 🙂 So the plan is 1 week in Sardinia and we decided we really wanna see Cagliari and Cala Gonone. The main focus is the beaches around Cagliari, (Tuerredda, Chia, Villasimus).as you mentioned them as the most beautiful! Is it possible… Read more »

carlos mont

hello Clelia nice page. i hope know your island someday!! 🙂

Thank you so much for this fabulous article! My husband and I are planning a trip to Italy Sept/Oct 2019 and we want to spend maybe 3 days in Sardinia beach hopping. 1 day boat rental in the archipelago and two days beach hopping. We would like to rent a car but I’ve been worried about what people do to secure their belongings while they are at the beach? I know that seems like a silly question but I’ve been looking all over the Internet for tips and tricks and I haven’t found any yet. Obviously leaving our luggage at… Read more »

Katelyn Fitzpatrick

Hi there! My fiance and I are heading out to Sardinia in early July for our honeymoon. We have LOVED your website and taken many of your wonderful tips. We are first arriving in Olbia to rent a car, heading to Santa Teresa first. We will spend 3 nights in each place: Santa Teresa in a boutique apartment, Alghero/Bosa in a resort style place on the water, Cala Gonone in an Argriturismo, and we will end in the South to return our car. However, we are sort of at a loss of where to stay down south. Based on the… Read more »

Maximiliano Cambón

Hello Clelia! Thanks for the amazing blog! I will be traveling with my girlfriend for 5 nights to Sardania on the 21st of June, and we were thinking about were to stay. By the way you described perfectly the pros and cons of the different places, we think that Cala Gonone will suit us perfectly! But out “fear” is that you have to travell too long each time you want to go to a beach, I mean, that there is too much logistic for each beach you want to go. Is there also beaches that you can access easily if… Read more »

Hello! My husband and I are thinking of going to Corsica and Sardinia at the end of June/first week of July. I have spent a lot of time researching and found your article to be the most helpful – – thank you!! Your breakdown of the different areas is so clutch! With that said, Cala Gonone seems exactly our style. We’re from Los Angeles but like a super low key/authentic experience. We appreciate the luxe but don’t need the glitz/glam. We prefer to find tucked away secret spots only the locals know about! Do you have any other helpful tips?… Read more »

Elizabeth Heath

We are vacationing near Cala Gonone in a few weeks and this is the best guide I’ve seen to the region, particularly for the beaches and how to reach them. Thank you!


Hi Clelia

Do you know any special places that would be perfect for an engagement proposal? I have planned a surprise long weekend to Sardinia at the end of October. We will be in Alghero for one night and then 3 nights near OIbia. Or would you recommend 2 nights in Alghero rather? We will rent a car to get around. A scooter also sounds like it could be fun, unless it rains of course. Could you perhaps recommend a photographer who could capture the moment?

Thanks 🙂

[…] that isn’t enough to convince you, I’ve also published another massive guide: “Sardinia for couples” which turned out to be a huge resource not only for couples but for all the people who want […]


Cala Ostina Beach is so run down and dirty from the hotel near by! There is a fine layer of some sort of oil covering it, maybe it was lovely once, but it would be a mistake to visit it now…

Rae Schmidt

Thank you so much for your very informative and useful blog! My husband and I will be in Sardinia May 10-17, 2018. Our interests are food/wine, history/archaeology, art/culture. We prefer traveling slow and deep vs. dashing around. We’d appreciate 1) suggested adds/alternatives to our tentative plan and 2) your recommended picks. We will rent a car. Cagliari as home base – 2 days exploring Cagliari & 4 day trips – east choices: Villasimius, Capo Carbonara Marine Park, Costa Rei north choices: Nuraghe Barumini, Nuraghe Arrubiu west choices: Oristano, Tharros ruins, Is Arutas beach, Santa Cristina Nuraghe south choices: Pula, Nora… Read more »


Hi Clelia,

My husband and I are panning a 10 trip in August and was hoping for some advice on where we should go. We will be hiring a car but ideally we would like to stay in one place. Could you recommend somewhere that has a nice beach but also within walking distance to restaurants, bars, cafes etc as we don’t want to have to drive somewhere just to eat. As we will have a car we will definitely want to do some day trip exploring so anything you can recommend would be appreciated.



Hi Clelia, Thanks for the effort made in putting together this informative post. I have 10 days in Italy and was thinking of going to venice florence rome but decided to go sardinia for 5-6 days (from Athens) instead because I love beaches and Sardinia looks too pretty to ignore. I am single and will be travelling alone. Will it still be a good choice? I’m used to travel alone but usually avoid places where everyone else is middle of a honeymoon. But my priority will be the beaches…I’m thinking of being there 22 June (will it be too cold… Read more »

Lanre Olabisi

Thank you for all of this wonderful information! My wife and I are going to Sardenia for between 6-9 days in mid June and we still haven’t figured anything out. Can you give us suggestions on the following:

Where should we fly into?
What town would make the best base?
Where should we go?
Would you suggest we stay in one place or travel around a bit (we will rent a car)?
Where should we stay?

Any information you have would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know. Thank you for all of your help.

Declan & Kristi

Hey Clelia.
Superbly informative page. Thank you for your time and effort to help others.
My girlfriend and I are spending 10 days in Sardinia in June, flying in to and out of Cagliari. We will be renting a car. I would love to know what you think is the most economical way to fit in: Cagliari area, Cala Gonone, Golfo di Orosei, Porto Cervo and La Maddalena (if it’s reasonable to fit all this in). Would the best bases for this be Cagliari and Cala Gonone? And have I missed anything I’ll regret?
Thanks in advance


Hi Clelia, So my boyfriend and I are coming to sardinia this July for 11 days! We are flying into alghero and staying for two nights, and finishing our trip off on the Madellena Island beach hopping and exploring etc (any thoughts or advice on staying on Madellena would be great also – are there bars and restaurants open in the evenings?) BUT in the middle of our trip we want 4 nights on the east coast to explore Golfo di Orosei. Should we stay in Cala Gonone or Orosei, is one a better base for exploring the coast, does… Read more »

Hi Clelia!
Could You please clarify that awesome road that leads to Cala Gonone? Because we travelled from Olbia, passing Dorgali, and I believe that You rather meant road leading from Grota Ispinigoli which is awesome. We travelled today that road and it was unbebievable 🙂


Hi there,

Thanks for the great information on Sardinia. My boyfriend and I are looking at going at the end of June this year and you have really sold us on Cala Gonone! I was just wondering if there are many good bars and restaurants in that area/much of an atmosphere at night time?


Jane Allingham

Hi Clelia, what a fantastic site. thank you. My boyfriend and I are planning 6-7 days in Sardinia in July 2017. I have read your site back to front! we are interested in exploring beautiful beaches, nice little historic villages. Would you agree that this is a good itinerary: – stick to east coast given limited time? we are hiring a car. – fly into oblia – 3 nights Porto Cervo (day 1 – boat trip la maddelena archipelago, day 2 wander porto cervo, day 3???) – 3 nights Cala Gonone ( days 1 hire boat to orosei beaches), day… Read more »



This is a very informed website. Thank you for taking the time to inform us of your beautiful country. My boyfriend and I would love to spend 3 weeks to a month in Sardinia. I’d like to rent a place and then take day trips from our home base. I’d like something with little tourists, nice beaches and highly cultural. Would renting a place in Cala Gonone. Where would you suggest we rent a place and then venture out from there? Thank you for your time!

Hey Clelia

Great write up !!

I am looking to go to Sardinia with my finance for our honeymoon in early July.

We would like to spend some time exploring the Maddelena Islands as well as get in some relaxing time in a comfortable hotel while keeping travelling to a minimum.

You mention 2 hotels above, are there any others you recommend in that region for our honeymoon?



Hi Clelia, I have found this site extremely useful as I am trying to plan my honeymoon in Sardinia for September 2017. I have a few questions I hope you could help with. I want to spend a week in Sardinia toward the back end of September, staying in one place with stunning beaches nearby for the daytime but also close enough to a more vibrant town/village for the evening to dine out and experience the true culture. Can you recommend the best boutique style hotels that spring to mind with the above in consideration? Preferably more couple oriented boutiques… Read more »


Hi Clelia, thank you so much compiling such a comprehensive itinerary! I am currently planning a honeymoon in Sardinia, my wife and l will be arriving on June 12 next year and we plan to stay for a around 10 days, exploring the north of the island in a circular tour with a car. Thus far I have booked one hotel; we will first of all fly from LDN Gatwick to Olbia and drive to the Hotel Thalasso & SPA Capo d’Orso in Cala Capra Palau. 1. Hotel Thalasso & SPA Capo d’Orso in Cala Capra Palau (4 nights) 2.… Read more »


I am so happy I stumbled upon this post! I have been researching Sardinia all day. Going with my husband this summer and want a romantic stay. I was considering Cala Gonone, but wasn’t sure because of all the hiking it seems is involved to get to all the beaches. But after reading this post I am pretty sure we will stay there! Do you know of any easy-access beaches near by?
Thanks for this great tips!


Hi Clelia Your blog and ideas of Sardinia are fantastic and I am pleased I stumbled across this quality information. I have never been to Sardinia but myself and my wife are planning a 2 week trip in September 2017. As you can see I like to begin my planning well in advance. The questions from other people and your answers I found very useful to pick and choose some ideas about what we would like to do. As mentioned at this time I do not have a plan worked out for the 2 weeks. But we would be looking… Read more »

Its great as your other posts :D, regards for posting.


Hi Clelia, Thanks to your wonderful website my boyfriend and I have been inspired to book a holiday to Sardinia this September, most likely in Cala Gonone. I am a nervous driver and he doesn’t drive, so I want to avoid hiring a car. I’ve seen that there are buses from the village, but I wondered if you knew whether they were useful or not. I’m a bit concerned about how isolated the village is from the rest of the island, and it would be a shame if we were not able to explore the rest of the national park!… Read more »

Kelly Langlois

Hi Clelia, First we want to thank you for your help, it is truly appreciated. Here is what we decided to do: Fly into Cagliari on August 22nd and stay there until the 25th. We are planning on going to Chia beach, porto di teulada, visit the town of Cagliari, a day in Vilasimus and that should take up most of our time in that area. Then, because you strongly suggested Calagonone, we will drive there for 2 nights. We have booked a boat tour so far but thats about it. If you have any suggestions of other cool activities,… Read more »


Hello Clelia, Thank you for your website – I just found it and have read just about everything – it has been an amazing resource! My husband and I are planning a vacation to Sardinia in early September. We would like to focus on more quiet places with most of our time spent at more secluded beautiful beaches and seeing historic sites and really experiencing more local culture. Your description of Castelardo sounded perfect for us but the beaches of Cagliari (Chia beach, Turredda), Stintino and Cala Gozone are the beaches we really would love to explore – we are… Read more »


Hi Clelia, Great website! Lots of good information and really helps make Sardinia a top destination! I am looking to visit Sardinia with my partner but we are only going to be able to fit in one weekend… flying out on a Friday evening in late September, arriving Friday late at night, and then have to fly back home on the Sunday evening. So really we will have one full day (the Saturday) and then part of Sunday to be able to enjoy. Where would you suggest for such a short trip? Would be nice to get somewhere romantic with… Read more »