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I’m always glad to help you out with specific requests, but due to the amount of comments I’m receiving on each page of my new Sardinia Section, please leave your comment with the specific questions on a post rather than on the general page. This way my answer will also benefit others people looking for similar information.

Starting from April 2017, I will reply to the comments on the specific articles only. Thanks for your understanding (I’m Sardinian but I’m only human) πŸ™‚


  1. Your pages are simply amazing! I just wanted to say thank you.

    We are in the process of exploring the island with the view of buying a home to holiday in and eventually retire in and trying to navigate all the different towns, cities, provinces has been a little overwhelming (understandably so as it is all so beautiful), therefore the way you have simplified and explained everything has been invaluable.

    We are looking for somewhere within an hour of a beach and an airport and also close enough to a decent town to keep us entertained in the winter months.

    We still haven’t managed to limit it down to a couple of options but your guides have certainly helped us have a way to start to do this, so thank you again! I wanted you to know that the extensive efforts you have gone to are greatly appreciated.

    1. Author

      Wow Rachel, thank you so much for your comment! It truly is appreciated. I always try to write to help people out and your idea to move to Sardinia is great! I would tell you where I would stay, given your requirements and it would be either Alghero, San Teodoro, or Bosa. I get the importance of having the airport/beach close by, I’m from a town at 15 min from the main airport and max 45 min from one of the most beautiful beaches in South Sardinia and close to Cagliari so my position is truly strategic but I wouldn’t recommend my town because it has not much to see. San Teodoro or Budoni are in my opinion two of the best options, with lovely beaches very close and Olbia Airport too, not to mention that in my opinion the east coast is the most beautiful and diverse in Sardinia and you could have a lot of one day trips to beautiful places, both on the coast and on more traditional Sardinian villages.Good luck with your choice and if you read this, it would be great if you could let me know what youΓ¬ve decided! Cheers

  2. In 2016 I visited the Mexican beaches with my family. I heard from someone that this Sardinia is good place to consider while setting your next beach tour. However, my hesitation is the communication gap as I am an English speaker. Should I carry any sort of voice translator?

    1. Author

      Hi Jamie, it all depends on where you go really. In most touristy areas you’ll be able to communicate with the locals in English so no need for any sort of translator. It might be useful if you have it, but not necessary!

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  23. Thanks so much for your reply!

    Yes I used the form. I’ve since had a friend who speaks Italian translate it and apparently everything is organised! πŸ™‚

    1. Author

      Pefect! Have a great holiday in Sardinia! πŸ™‚

  24. Hi Clelia

    I have looked for my answer elsewhere on your page but haven’t managed to find it, so I hope that I am not doubling up on a question you’ve already been asked.

    I found an article on Daves Travel Corner where you have recommended a sail boat at Arcipelago Della Maddalena. Looks amazing! I found a company called Riviera di Gallura and have been trying to book a trip but haven’t had much luck, as all the responses have been in Italian.

    Do we need to book and pay beforehand? The responses seem to suggest that a spot has been saved for us on the date we want but I am really unsure.



    1. Author

      Hi Lucy, did you use their form? If you could copy and paste the reply, I can clear your doubts πŸ™‚ cheers!

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  26. Hi Clelia,

    Thank you so much for writing such an amazing website. It has been super helpful in planning our trip to Sardinia in Summer 2017.

    One question – I am travelling to Sardinia with my wife for one week at the end of August (we’re in our early 30s). We have booked 3 nights in Cala Gonone, largely based on your great reviews.

    We are considering going to Santa Teresa De Gallura for the 4 days before, despite the 2.5 hour drive (we’ll have a car). Do you think it would be worth us looking in Porto Cervo or anywhere else on the East Coast? We’ve mainly stayed away from researching Porto Cervo because of the reputation for high prices and the scene, which isn’t for us. Let us know what you think and thank you again!

    1. Author

      Hey Ben

      I like the choices of Santa Teresa and Cala Gonone, I love these places! As for the Porto Cervo question… honestly? it is a tricky one. There are people who love the vibe in there and others that avoid it. It is expensive, true…the most expensive area of Sardinia. Not a coincidence that you might be able to spot celebrities from all over the world in there. The main plaza is very nice but overall is super posh. I went there not because I’m posh (quite the opposite) but just stayed there one day to have a laugh and check out the massive yatches at the Marina. It’s like going to “disneyworld” for me. Not sure if you know what I mean. Unless you want to check out one of the beaches like Cala Di Volpe or Romazzino, that are worth seeing and avoid the town.

      Other places you might check out is a quick stop near San Teodoro/Cala Brandinchi or Budoni. Since you will have the car, you can just stop at the beach for a few hours to take a break and relax! The drive isnt that long so it’s up to you whether you want to stop and see something else or not.

      Hope this helps!

  27. Hello Clelia,
    I have just stumbled across your website today and found it to be one of the most informative sites on Sardinia. We are planning a month’s holiday in June/July, so your itineries will be very useful, I have only quickly explored your website, but will be in and out over the next few months for information.
    Well done and keep up the good work.
    Thank you.

    1. Author

      Thanks a Lot Vivien, You probably don’t have any idea on how much I appreciate comments like yours. It’s taking me forever to put together all the info about my fantastic island and when I know that all the hard work I have put in it has helped someone is always a great pleasure.

        1. Author

          Thanks a lot Sam, I truly put my heart and soul when writing about my Sardinia πŸ™‚

  28. Hi Cleia, we are a couple from argentina visiting your beatiful Serdegna for a week. We have already booked 3 nights in porto cervo and if you agree we want to spend 3 other night around Alghero, weΒ΄d love to visit stintino.

    What can you suggest? Where to stay? We`d like to stay in a confortable and boutique villa! Pls any tip or recomendation

    Thks a lot! We will be there around may 26th.

    1. Author

      Hey Diego, not sure whether you will be able to see my reply as I’m just catching up with hundreds of emails, messages and comments!
      If you don’t mind spending the whole day moving from Porto Cervo to Alghero/Stintino, you can check out the Hotel Cala Reale. It’s not a villa as usually the villas request a stay of more than 3 nights…but this place is really fantastic and being low season it’s also worth the money!

      Hope it helps!

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  30. Hey Clelia, congratulations for your wonderful site. I have the crazy idea of going on a solo roadtrip in Sardinia for 12 days at the end of August. I would like to ask you if it’s possible to do the round of the island in these days, and also, if it’s easy to find little hotels to sleep or if it’ better to arrange my accomodation from here.
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Author

      Hi Anna, your idea is not crazy at all! I actually love your adventurous spirit, and Sardinia is pretty safe for solo travel so don’t worry πŸ™‚

      Ok, in 12 days you might be able to do the round trip of the Island but you are not going to see much in each place so I really don’t think is a good idea, I think it’s much better if you choose a coast west or east and from there you can drive your way up (or down) depending on which airport you land. For the accommodation, no brainer, in August, you’d need to book in advance and do so asap! It’s high season so if you want to save some money and stress, you better book in advance.

      Have fun!!

  31. Traveling to Sardinia ( Porto Cervo) in or around Aug 23 to Sept 1.

    I was looking for someone like a traveling concierge to show us around and setup the best hotel, dinning, car, nightlife and best places to go.

    Is there someone out there that we could pay to give us a high end vacation.

    1. Author

      This is an interesting question (for which I’m afraid, I still don’t have an answer at the moment). I will look into it for sure but I think the best bet is to do a Google research for now as I am not in the position to recommend any specific service (I never do, unless I can guarantee they are reliable).

  32. Hello clelia
    My husband and I will be visiting Sardinia for 1 week on the 6th June.We are staying in hotel Costa dei feiori in Santa margerhita di pula.I was wondering if you could please tell me the best places to visit.We would like to try some water sports perhaps snorkelling,visit some markets,nice beaches and go for some nice romantic meals.Where would be the best places to eat and drink and should we hire a car?
    Many thanks

    1. Author

      Hi Holly! Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚ First of all, you have chosen one of the best hotels in the area, I recommend it in my 1 one week in Sardinia itinerary and it’s awesome, glad you could still find availability as when I was checking it out it was almost fully booked. I know Santa Margherita di Pula very well as it’s just 40 minutes away from my parent’s house and we used to go there quite often during summer.

      Beaches you can’t miss in the surroundings

      1) Su Giudeu Beach, Chia. Only 20 minutes away from Santa Margherita, is a true gem and you’ll love it
      2) Tuerredda: 15 minutes away from Chia, this is an incredibly beautiful beach. Make the most out of it as in June is not as crowded as it is in peak season and in my opinion is the best beach in Southwest Sardinia
      3) Cala Cipolla beach, just around the corner from Su Giudeu, is a smaller lovely beach you need to visit
      4)Nora,”su Cunventeddu” (translated: the small convent), no you won’t find priests and nuns sunbathing in there. The beach took its name because of a nearby small church and it is a quite big one. It’s the closest one to Santa Margherita di Pula town). Just one note: Depending on the years, sometimes the current brings some posidonia algae that might ruin the clearness of the water but is an endemic alga in the mediterranean sea and even if the view might be unpleasant is actually a signal of the total absence of pollution in the sea, which is a good thing (you won’t probably find any in Su Giudeu or Tuerredda, as the marine currents in there are different)

      Water sports: Su Giudeu is for you! they have basically everything for you to try! kitesurf, windsurfing lessons and snorkeling (better if you bring your own gear for that and head towards the little island in front of the beach, you can reach it by foot and a little swimming and it’s very nice)
      You can snorkel everywhere in the beaches I mentioned but remember that Sardinia is not a tropical island so we don’t have any colorful coral reef πŸ™‚ (I’m now spoiled by having visited Thailand and The Philippines, but Sardinia still offers some nice snorkeling sites, even without the corals)

      Markets & night events:
      Pula is definitely the village for you, as during summertime the city center is closed to the traffic with live music, animation and small stands where to buy souvenirs or local products and many bars and restaurants to try the local cuisine or have a gelato, a pizza or aperitive the Italian style πŸ™‚


      1) If you want a romantic atmosphere try “Nora Beach Palm” restaurant, it has a nice view over the sea and the food is quite good
      2)Su Nuraghe Ristorante Bar Pizzeria Gelateria In the center of Pula, you can find basically everything in here, from the aperitif to a good home made gelato, pizzas and traditional Sardinian dishes. Not sure if I could consider this romantic tough πŸ™‚

      Car hire:

      The answer is pretty straightforward, if you can afford it, YES the car is essential to reach the best beaches and move around. Unfortunately in Sardinia moving with public transport is challenging unless you stay in big cities like Cagliari and Alghero and want to move inside the city itself. In Santa Margerita there are a few buses going to the beaches but they are not frequent and they don’t stop everywhere, not to mention that you are chained to their time table and if you miss the last one you’ll find yourself in the middle of nowhere so I definitely recommend a car!

      Hope this helps and have a great time in Sardinia πŸ™‚


  33. Hi!

    First of all iΒ΄d like to thank you for that perfect overview of sardinia!!! πŸ™‚ My boyfriend and I are going to spend 1-2 weeks (july/august) in sardinia by car. I would like to know if its cheaper to book camping or a hotel suburb in sardinia or online? And is it in highseason possible to book a room/camping suburb or will it be booked up? Because of the flexibility .. And can you recommend some good not crowed partylocations?



    1. Author

      Hi Dominique

      Thanks for stopping by! If you want to go to Sardinia in July/August …absolutely not only BOOK ONLINE but as soon as possible! People organize their holidays starting from January to find the best deals. Maybe if you book later you won’t find everything fully booked but the prices will go up significantly!

  34. Hi Clelia, me and 2 more girls are coming to Sardinia on september the 18th , what nightclubs can party places can you propose to us , we are staying in Olbia

  35. Hello
    We are going to be visiting Sardinia on 2nd September for one week- myself my husband and our 3 year old and 7 month old.. We have found a nice place to stay in Porto rotondo. We plan to hire a car and see more of the island. i just wondered whether you can recommend any authentic family friendly restaurants- where we can get a taste of traditional Sardinian food at a reasonable price and any places you would recommend to take a 3 year old? What would you say was the best beach in the area and how easy is it to visit la maddelena?

    1. Author

      Hey Samar, thanks for stopping buy! Regarding the restaurants I’m afraid I can’t help you personally as I’ve never eaten in Porto Rotondo. I have a few recommendation for Porto Cervo in this Article (they are quite close by car), and for the beaches near Porto Rotondo, the nearest and best ones are Ira Beach, Marinella Beach, Beach of Punta Volpe and for a quieter and less crowded place “Spiaggia dei sassi e delle alghe”, a smaller beach with pebbles and turquoise sea.

      To reach La Maddalena you’d need to Join the boat trips or rent a small boat, usually from Palau, which is a 50 minutes drive from Porto Rotondo, but well worth the effort!

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