Sardinia Family Holidays: Where To stay And What To Do With Your Kids!



All you need to know for your Sardinia Holidays with your kids, from activities to the best places to stay, hotels and more!




Are you planning a Holiday in Sardinia with your children this summer?

Are you looking for fun activities for your kids and you like nature trails and water sports? Sardinia is a low-stress destination for family holidays with the shallow waters of its clean beaches, it’s big natural parks, and its healthy food, the ingredients for an unforgettable stay.

This article is a recap of what you can do depending on the age of the children.

Snorkel safely in Tavolara marine protected area




Take the chance to admire an environment still intact, the Tavolara marine protected area is one of the largest marine reserves in Sardinia and you can explore it following the rules provided by the Area Management and disclosed at the official website of the reserve here:

There is a list of authorized companies who offer a series of activities, from diving excursions to dolphin watching.

Snorkeling is the best way to observe underwater life without the skills required for scuba diving; the snorkeling courses are available for children from 7 years old.


 Kitesurfing and stand up paddle boarding 



I want to mention 2 water sports that your kids will LOVE to do when in Sardinia (heck I love them as well!)

1 | Stand up paddle boarding:

It is also known as Sup and it’s a sport born in Hawaii, that combines many benefits because it is funny and delivers a full-body workout, an experience recommended not only for kids but also to surfing and kayaking lovers.

If you have children from 11 years old this could be a great activity for the whole family, never mind if you are a beginner!


2 | Kitesurfing In Sardinia:

This is is a very popular water sport in Sardinia and is possible to learn the basics in just one hour of basic training, but it is essential to rely on expert instructors of course! There are some very good  schools located at Le Saline beach, a stunning spot in the North-Eastern Sardinia coast.

Make sure that the kite school you choose put safety first. Always. Find a good reliable instructor and check whether the appropriate means of assistance are used, as well as water resistant walkie-talkie to stay in touch at all times. The courses are recommended for children from 12 years old.


Exploring Usinavà forest on mountain bike




The Usinavà forest is a protected area close to Monte Nieddu and is one of the main naturalistic attractions of the island.

Here it’s possible to see rare species of animals such as the hare, the wild boar, the Sardinian partridge, the purple swamphen and the mouflon.

The Usinavà oasis is outlined by rugged rocks and you can explore it on mountain bike, entering via the town of Torpè along the road that takes to the artificial lake on the Rio Posada. Bike tours are available also for beginners; this activity is suitable for children aged 8 years or more.


Top Sardinian beaches for children



According to Italian pediatricians, there are 12 beaches suitable for children and awarded with the Green Flag, a certification assigned to the beaches with crystal clear and shallow waters, clean sand to build plenty of sandcastles, lifeguards and a game area for children.

The top beaches in Sardinia for kids are:

La Maddalena-Punta Tegge-Spalmatore (Olbia-Tempio)

San Teodoro (Olbia)

Capo Coda Cavallo (Olbia-Tempio)

Marina di Orosei (Nuoro)

Bari Sardo (Ogliastra)

Oristano – Torre Grande (Oristano)

Cala Domestica (Carbonia-Iglesias)

Poetto (Cagliari)

Santa Teresa Gallura (Olbia Tempio)

Chia Beach (Cagliari)



Once you booked your stay, choose the beach nearest to your destination, you’ll be spoilt for choice and you’ll enjoy a pleasant holiday with your family!


The watersports and the other activities aforementioned are also proposed by Residence Hotel Lu Nibareddu, a holidays village with 100 apartments, located in North-Eastern Sardinia, near Olbia and Costa Smeralda.


Stay at a well-equipped apartment located only 15 meters from the beach is a great advantage to enjoy the natural Paradise of Sardinia at its best.






Are you ready for a great travel experience with your children? Let me know your personal itinerary and what you want me to cover in more detail in here!

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Hello Clelia, I am thinking of Sardinia next summer. We will have 7 year old twins and are looking for an amazing beach within walking distance of a town/village with restaurants in the evening. Would love a beach with shallow clear sea and some amenities nearby. Can you recommend the best base? Thanks, Louise


Hi Clelia I am starting to plan a family trip to Sardinia in the end of October (autumn break for us – 19th-26th of October) with my husband and 2 kids (6 & 10). We can fly both to Olbia and to Cagliari, so I’m trying to find out what will be the best area as we would like to stay in the same place and just do excursions from there. I have been looking at some hotels, but many of them seem to close down end September or early October. Is it worth visiting the island at this time… Read more »


Hi there, this site looks like a great resource for tips on travelling to Sardinia with little ones. Could you please recommend the best area to stay for us? We have a 1 year old and 3 year old. We may not be hiring a car but would like pretty tree-lined beaches within easy reach of our accommodation, a good choice of traditional restaurants, some culture near by maybe in the form of old towns or ancient sites, water/play parks and traditional villa accommodation rather than a hotel. Does such a dreamy place exist


Hi, My husband and I want to travel to Sardinia with our 2 kids (5 yo and almost 3 yo) in August 2019. We will only have one week and will travel by plane to Sardinia. As we will not rent a car, we will stay at one spot. Can you maybe recommend a place/city/area to stay, with focus on: snorkeling (for my husband) / proximity of (super)markets, beaches, things to do with the kids / maybe renting a boat for one day / access from one of the airports (by public transport or taxi) I read the several itineraries… Read more »

Francesco Epifania

Hello i am trying to figure out a vacation spot for sometime between june and September with my wife and 2 kids ( 4 yr okd and 7month). I am a kitesurfer and will be looking to spend 2 weeks. I am looking to relax and kitesurf, and my wife would like to explore. Any info would be appreciated thank you

Maria Keogh

H. i
Heading to Alghero next June 2019 for my sons wedding. Thinking of making it the family holiday. Is there anything for children aged 3,4,6 to do other then beach

Shannon Dwyer

Ciao! Sei così utile! Your website has been so helpful! You’ve got really great information and imagery to help ‘paint the picture’ of what/where things are in Sardinia. I was hoping for some advice – if that’s possible? My family and I are coming from Australia at the start of Sept and will be in Italy for 3 weeks (2 adults and 2 young children). We are attending a wedding in Tuscany 10-17th Sept 2018 so we were looking to do Southern Italy and Sardinia either side of these dates. Would you recommend that we choose to do the first… Read more »

Eleni Greenblatt

Hello, I love your site! So informative! I am planning a vacation for summer 2019 for my family. We have two girls 5 and 10yrs old and I wanted to see what places you recommend for beach stays? We will be there for 5 day.



Can you suggest a place where we can go with a 3 year old for June. Ideally near the beaches but where we can go out a bit in the evenings. We will be having a car.

I know its early but i am in the planning phase for a long trip and wanted to see the possibilities.


Hiya Clelia,
Wanted to know how baby friendly is Sardinia. We are thinking of vacationing in Sardinia in the fall (sept/oct), and we have a 10 months old baby. Do most restaurants on the island offer high chairs? Generally, how acceptable is it to bring a baby out to restaurants? Thanks!


Salve Clelia,

What a fantastic website! I am visiting Sardinia late September for 7 nights. I love nature and my husband and my 3 year old daughter love the beach :). We will have a car, where would you recommend we stay?

Thanks in advance

Amber Thais

Hi Clelia, I Hope this forum is still active. We are traveling to Sardina in August from Australia with our 2 year old son and I am struggling to select a town to stay as they are all so amazing and unique! We are huge beach people and love a little night life, great restaurants and little shopping. We will fly into Olbia and have 4 nights on the Island. I guess my question is what area do you recommend and do you recommend having two nights in two locations? Iv already hired a car to get around and would… Read more »

Jessica Strapparava

Cara Clelia, I am travelling to Sardegna with my husband and 16 month old son in August this year. I know it is not the best time to travel…but I am hoping you may be able to point me in a good direction. My husband is from Modena and we will be spending time in Northern Italy visiting his family first and travelling from there. We will have a car. His parents (both Modenese) will be joining us for a week. I am looking for an apartment on or near a quiet beach with calm waters in a small quaint… Read more »


Hi Clelia,
Looking to travel to beautiful Sardinia middle of June 2017, with our little 3 year old girl. Have read all your great comments and recccomendations for locations with toddlers. I’m assuming traveling in June won’t be as busy. Where would you recommend, we will have a car.

Many thanks…

Amy Abrahams

Clelia, I can’t thank you enough for sharing so much local information to help all of us plan amazing holidays. We are planning a trip for THIS JUNE with our boys to go scuba diving. I have two questions for you that I’m sure you will find unique 😉 1) Last year we traveled to Italy (Rome. Florence, Venice) for the first time in 10 years. We were very sad that we interacted with very little locals. Most tourist destinations/vendors were immigrants. Nothing against immigrants, its just we LOVE local Italians and feel our kids didn’t have the same experience… Read more »


I’m so sorry I misspelled your name! And thank you for any advice 🙂


Hello Cecelia! Thank you for a very informative article! We are planning our first trip to Sardinia in August with our two kids (they will be 2.5 and 10 months old at the time) and my little brother who will be 17. We wanna stay near a beautiful beach and a walkable town with restaurants/piazzas etc. What towns do you recommend? There are so many beautiful beaches in Sardinia, it’s so hard to choose! I know August will be busy, but we really don’t have any other time to go 🙁 is it really THAT bad?

Carol Nash

Hello, Please can you give me any tips on on self catering on Sardinia. We are on a quite tight budget but we prefer as a retired couple to be private, love beaches and some sightseeing .
Nice food and quiet location.



Hellen Tolmie

Hello Clelia.
I’m planning a trip to Sardinia on August 2017,with my spouse and two daughters 3 and 8 years old
can you recommend the best area to stay.
We will like a nice beach for the kids,good restaurants activities and looking around.
I will really appreciate your feedback as we are doing a long trip to Europe and a local opinion it will be awesome thank you.

Danielle van Koert-Bakker

Good day Clelia.
Great site and very useful comments. Thank you for all the information provided already.
We will be staying at Sardinia in the Coda Cavallo region and Costa Esmeralda region beginning of September. Bringing a 4 month old and a 3 year old. I would like to see some history. Is there something you could recommend to visit with small children?

Kind regards

Hi Clelia, I am considering visiting beautiful Sardinia at exactly the busiest time at the start of August for around 10 days, which I know is not recommended, however we have an opportunity to do a house swap in old town Alghero, which is very tempting. We could possibly get there in the last week of July instead, if you think it would make a big difference? We will have our car with us, but we will not want to drive too far from Alghero if we are staying back there each night, so that will be a little limiting.… Read more »

Fernando Fernandes

Hi, I´m looking for a beach resort to take the family, I have two little girls, one is 4 the other 1,5. I´m looking for calm shallow water and a hotel with all-included or full-pension service, I would like a 3-4 star hotel but without too high prices. Thankyou in advance

Wanda Hedgepath

Hi, I am sending you a gentle reminder, as per your suggestion, that you have not responded to my request for info. I hope you can guide me in the right direction. Thank you again. Wanda Hedgepath

Wanda Hedgepath

I am so overwhelmed by all the choices in Sardinia. My husband, 9 yr. old daughter and myself would be travelling late August/September 2016 for 2 weeks. I was wondering if we could just stay in only 2 areas (different hotels/apts.) and have a nice relaxing beach vacation, visiting some cute towns and some historical sites. I was hoping you could suggest 2 diverse areas to stay in that would give us a good taste of Sardinia. I will be renting a car. Also, I am thinking about visiting Rome for a week and then flying to Sardinia. If we… Read more »


Hi, I’ve been going a bit wild looking for a nice, near-a-calm-clear-water-beach, with-a-pool hotel for a family of four (2 adults and 2 small kids). We will fly into Cagliari and stay for a week. Will have a car. But I’d love to find a place (mid-range or higher) that is walking distance to a beach and also some restaurants. I’ve looked at Costa del Rei and Villasimius, but just not sure where to go.

Any advice?


Hello! Love reading your articles. We are travelling to Sardinia the 10th of oktober and will stay for one week. We arrive at Alghero and are planning to stay the last nights there. We are thinking of going straight to the east coast to stay there the first half of the week. We have been looking at Orosei or Cala Gonone. Since se are staying in October we are a bit unsure if there are a lot of restaurant open. Which village is best in October? Or do you think some other place is better for us to stay? We… Read more »


We have 2 children aged 5 and 3 we would be flying into Olbia, could you recommend a good area to stay in? We will be hiring a car and would want an apartment.
Thanking in advance xx



We’re looking for a vacation in the beginning of September.
We’re a family with 2 small girls (will be 1+4 months and 4 months in Sep.).
We’re interested in renting a place walking distance from the beach which has a market nearby for buying food.

Is what you wrote here good for such young children too?
How can we get around easily with the kids (strollers, car seats, etc.)? How do we get to-from the airport?
Does the Residence Hotel Lu Nibareddu you recommended have apartments with full kitchens? What about other options?



Hi – I was hoping you may be able to give some much needed advice! We are visiting Sardinia next month and would like some tips on where to take and entertain 4 children (aged from 6 – 12). I would like to visit a town but not sure if this would be boring for them. We are based about 40mins from Olbia, is the forest you mention near there? do you have any sites for the tours there?

[…] I personally used to find accommodation for my many mini breaks around the island! Every year my family and I decide to discover a different part of the island. We usually rent small villas close to the […]

[…] I want you to have the clearest idea of what suits you the best. You might be a single traveler, a family with kids, or traveling as a couple: your needs vary and what is good for you might not be good for […]



I was wondering if you could help me. I’m a little concerned because I have booked an 8 night holiday in Sardinia but my husband and I don’t drive and I have been told it’s much better to have a car in Sardinia. We are coming at the end of May this year, 2015. We are arriving in Olbia with our two children. What is the taxi service like in Sardinia? I was thinking of Isola Rossa but the places on air bnb don’t look very nice. Do you know of any resorts in that area?

Thank you,