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Are you craving a refreshing family Holiday To Sardinia but can’t choose your ideal place to stay? As a local, I’m here to help you out! Keep reading as I guide you to why you should choose Sardinia for your family holidays and the best places to consider for your vacation with your loved ones.

Why choose Sardinia For Your Family Holidays?

Sardinia  Is one of the must-visit regions in Italy. Being a local, you might think I’m biased, but it doesn’t make this statement any less true! When you see a picture, you know what I mean πŸ™‚

Its charismatic charm, crystal clear waters, history, and fun activities, make it one of the best holiday destinations for families. 

I was born in a small city near Cagliari, so a summer family holiday in Sardinia was the normality for me. Every year we explored different areas, so it’s safe to say you’re in good hands!

This article is very detailed, so if you want to know a specific thing first, click on the chapter and skip the rest!

Best Time To Visit Sardinia With Your Family:

Is there a best time to visit Sardinia?

Coming on holiday to Sardinia is beautiful all year round! It depends on your needs, whether you and your kids love swimming and snorkeling more, or you’d instead go for an exciting hiking or biking adventure! 

No matter what season you visit Sardinia, it will always be a wonderful experience worth cherishing.

  • Sardinia in Summer/High Season: You will enjoy the clear waters and the most beautiful Sardinia beaches, jaw-dropping boat trips, and aquaparks to have fun with your kids.
  • Sardinia in Spring/Low Season: In spring and autumn, you will discover the best hiking trails in Sardinia, exciting trekking routes, and visit the most magnificent archaeological sites without hordes of tourists.
  • Sardinia in winter: You will appreciate its beauty by visiting the lovely small villages, participating in local festivals, savoring the real traditions, and much more.

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I hope you’re excited to plan your family holidays to Sardinia! Here’s all the information you need to know before visiting my beautiful island, the second largest in the Mediterranean Sea.

How To Plan Your Sardinia Family Holiday

Planning to travel to Sardinia with your family is an exciting yet daunting task. Let’s see together what are the things to consider before booking your trip:

Challenges To Planning A Trip To Sardinia With Kids:

Going on a holiday with kids always requires a certain level of planning. What are the most critical questions to ask yourself?

1) What type of Accommodation is better?

2) The best way to get to Sardinia

3) How much time do you want to stay?

4) Best places to stay in Sardinia for a Family Holiday+Kid Friendly Hotels & Resorts

Where should You Stay with Your Kids in Sardinia?

Resorts/ All Inclusive Holidays: Many families opt to spend their holidays at a resort to avoid the hassle, intending to make the trip secure and child friendly.

Don’t worry about enjoying a splendid vacation in Sardinia when traveling with your kids. You can choose from the vast array of hotels and resorts that provide childcare and age-appropriate activities. 

So your kid can enjoy all those supervised fun like water-themed parks, swimming pools, gardens, and playgrounds. At the same time, you will enjoy quality time with your spouse as a couple.

Other Options: If you want to take care of your kids yourself,  there are plenty of B&B and apartment options for rent in Sardinia. I got you covered ☺ (more on accommodation suggestions on each place I’ll mention below).

Nevertheless, if you want to explore the unseen beauties of my island, you need full-proof planning and shortlist the best places you want to stay and visit in Sardinia to create your itinerary.

Sounds challenging, right? And it could be, but don’t worry, I’m here to help! I know firsthand the difficulties when organizing a family holiday in Sardinia. Whether finding a place or activity your kids love or getting around with Infants, I’m sure I can help you! Ready to take a dip?

How To Get To Sardinia For a Family Holiday:

While planning your holiday to Sardinia, one of the most important things you need to figure out is the best way to reach the place. Sardinia is an island (and it’s bigger than people think!), so you have a few options:

  • Flying to Sardinia: Speaking about planes: three airports connect Sardinia. Alghero (northwest coast), Olbia (northeast coast), and Cagliari airport (south coast). They are well connected to some main cities like Rome, Milan, Madrid, Lisbon, London, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Zurich, and Amsterdam. 
  • Ferries: Another choice to get to Sardinia is through ferries, especially if you have kids and prefer to travel in your car. If possible, I recommend you take a ferry to Sardinia, especially when traveling with family. That is if you don’t want to rent a car.

The most important Sardinia ports are:

  • Porto Torres (northwest)
  • Olbia and Golfo Aranci (northeast)
  • Cagliari (South)

You may also avail yourself of the international ferry connections from Spain, France, and Corsica from Porto Torres port. 

Usually, you won’t find driving difficult as there aren’t many traffic jams and the roads aren’t always congested (apart from some city centers).  

Update 2022: Be aware that getting out of Olbia, if you drive to the South using the SS 131, there are quite a few places where you’ll find work in progress, so get ready for some delay.

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  • Buses and trains: You may also travel by public transport in Sardinia, but I would not suggest that, especially if you are looking forward to enjoying your family holidays in Sardinia stress-free.

PRO LOCAL TIP: Do not try to book a bus ticket from the ARST website (they don’t sell them) or check out the timetables unless you know Italian well. The site is not translated into English, and the timetables/routes can be confusing. 

If you want to get around Sardinia by train, the most important thing to know is that the Sardinian Railway network can be frustrating, and some routes can take longer than buses because of changes and layovers.

Traveling by train is not ideal if you are on vacation with your family. Using public transport in Sardinia when you are on holiday with kids is never a great idea. Unless you are:

  • Very adventurous, patient, and flexible.
  • On a very tight budget.
  • You’ll stay in one place for the duration of your holiday.

If you fall into one (or all) of these categories, then, by all means, use Sardinia public transport! I have a detailed article you can read to plan accordingly.

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Book your Train and Bus Tickets For Sardinia directly here.

How much time do you want to spend in Sardinia?

Sardinia is a land of wonders; an entire lifetime would fall short of enjoying its beauty, and again, remember, it’s bigger than you think! πŸ™‚

Jokes apart, if you plan to spend just a weekend in Sardinia with your family, DON’T.

It might be feasible if you are a couple or traveling alone, but with your family? It would only be stressful and not cost-effective.

A weekend in Sardinia is very little time to relax with your family and kids. You need at least a week to have a decent vacation, but it’s best to book ten days or two weeks if possible. That’s how many tourists stay in Sardinia: one week or two.

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Below are the best nine places you cannot miss in Sardinia. I will go into great detail about these areas, including where to book your stay, places to see, beaches, and more.

I added a bonus of eight places to visit either on a day trip or, if you wish, for the entire duration of your holiday. But, as a local, I feel that these first nine places are ideal locations for family holidays to Sardinia, and the rest is great for day trips!

Best Places to Stay in Sardinia For a Family Holiday+Kid Friendly Accommodation

1) Castelsardo (North Sardinia)

Want to wander around a Sardinian castle? Castelsardo can be your best choice!

Castelsardo is a charming, medieval town on the northern coast of Sardinia. The ancient village features castles, making it an intriguing destination to explore with your family.

Why Should You Choose Castelsardo For Your Family Holiday?

If you have planned a one or two-week family holiday in Sardinia, I recommend this place.

What you’ll love about Castelsardo is its serenity and the warmth of the friendly locals. You can easily spend a few days wandering around the streets and beaches that are the heart of the hamlet.

Something that will fascinate you is the myriad natural and historical charms. It boasts one of the most beautiful views because Castelsardo is located in the center of the Gulf of Asinara, where you can see Corsica mountains if the sky is clear.

Finally, if you are ready to explore some historically significant places, take a stroll around the village and the castle (entry fee is roughly €3) built by the Doria dynasty of Genoa in the 12th century. Isn’t it thrilling?

Beaches You Can’t Miss In Castelsardo With Family & Kids

There are quite a few beaches you can access from Casterlardo, but the beach Spiaggia Lu Bagnu would be perfect for you if you are looking forward to enjoying a great time with your family and kids.

Lu Bagnu beach

Activities For Families And Kids In Castelsardo:

  • Discover the underwater beauty: This place is just for you if you love snorkeling. You can dive down to enjoy the natural aquatic life and find military wrecks of WWII. How fascinating is it?
  • A visit to the Doria’s: Despite not being a giant castle, is one of the most exciting places to explore. The small cobblestone lanes leading up to the castle are just as charming as the tour around it. When you arrive, the sights are spectacular, making the journey worthwhile. (Entry fee is €3 per adult and €2 for children over 6)
  • Enjoy some pre-historic elements: Any trip to Castelsardo or the surrounding area must include the Roccia dell’ Elefante. However, ensure you hire a local guide who understands the intriguing background behind the natural history.

Places To Check Out Nearby Castelsardo:

  • Badesi beach: Half an hour from Castelsardo, you’ll find the tranquil fishing town of Badesi in the northern Sardinian region. You will love this lovely place while walking along the long stretches of immaculate white sand beaches. Tip: stay until sunset!
  • Isola Rossa: Isola Rossa is a charming small place with two sand beaches, perfect for sunbathers and kids to play around.
  • Costa Paradiso: The hilly terrain makes it perfect for hiking with your kids. The magnificent view makes the place worth visiting!
  • Santa Teresa di Gallura: A perfect beachside town for families and kids. Here you can enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear water, playing on the sand with your child, and trying out some delicious fresh seafood at a beachfront restaurant.

Best Hotels And Resorts In Castelsardo for Family Holidays :

Here are some family-friendly hotels in Sardinia, Castelsardo

  • Real B&B Primo Sole: This hotel is located on the first floor with sea views and a garden with palm trees, making it a perfect choice if you are traveling with families. The nearest bus stop and Lu Bagnu beach are just 150 m away.
  • LH Pedraladda Resort: Enjoy a perfect panoramic view from your hotel. You can see a panoramic view of Castelsardo’s castle and the Gulf of Asinara while swimming in the pool with your kids.
  • Hotel Meli: Hotel Meli, on the seaside in Castelsardo, is just a one-minute walk from the beach. The magnificent sea view makes it perfect for families traveling with infants who do not plan to travel a lot.

2) San Teodoro (North East Sardinia)

Located 20 min south of Olbia, San Teodoro is one of the most popular tourist destinations. If you want to experience an authentic “Caribbean lifestyle, this is the place. The old fishing community is now a hive of activity with beaches reminiscent of the Caribbean, with aquatic sports available, bustling clubs, and upscale pubs.

Why Should You Choose San Teodoro For Your Family Holiday?

San Teodoro is a place for everyone, perfect for your family holiday in Sardinia! You can have so much fun with your kids and loved ones – it’s a complete package.

This place can be the perfect spot to unwind, enjoy pristine nature, and enjoy some nightlife. What else do you need to spend the best family holidays in Sardinia?

Beaches You can’t miss in San Teodoro with family & kids.

These gorgeous beaches of San Teodoro are perfect for kids, as they have relatively shallow waters, kiosks, and various amenities, making them ideal for families:

La Cinta: Filled with bars, music, and entertainment suitable for teenagers and water activities spots on the coast. The town beach is easy to reach; it stretches for three kilometers, providing breathtaking views of Tavolara. You can rent surfboards, bicycles and much more. Book an underwater adventure with the diving center, horseback riding, and many other activities. You and the kids won’t get bored!

Cala Brandinchi is a magnificent beach (renamed “Little Thaiti”) perfect for families and anyone with swimming inexperience because of its shallow turquoise waters. However, be aware of the parking fee (2,50 euros per hour for cars, 1,50 for motorbikes). From 2022 the beach has limited access, and you need to book beforehand or check out the situation in real-time here.

Cala D’Ambra: Not very far from the city center, it’s usually clean, and shallow water makes it perfect for kids to play around. This is the place for you if you love snorkeling, windsurfing, and kite surfing. Parking is free.

Activities For Families in San Teodoro:

  • Swimming dolphins: Want to swim around the clear water with these magnificent animals? Then this is the place! You and your children will experience this once-in-a-lifetime activity. They are in the wild, so you must be patient and keep watching! If you want, you can book a fabulous organized tour here!

  • Isola Tavolara and Isola Molara: You can admire them from the magnificent coast of San Teodoro. They are in a protected maritime park with crystal-clear water and abundant fauna. The best way to enjoy this fantastic location is to book a boat trip.

  • Bird-watching: spot and count the beautiful pink flamingos in the “Stagno di San Teodoro” home to various bird species. My last count was 15! Let me know yours!

Places To Check Out Nearby San Teodoro:

Monte Nieddu: Explore the unparalleled beauty of nature at its foothills. This place is perfect for people who love trekking, mountain biking, or hiking.

Murta Maria: a tranquil coastal fraction of Olbia, famous for its scenic beauty and variety of water activities. Despite being small, Murta Maria is an exciting location where you can either chill out and relax or go on an adventure to the rocky islets in the center of the calm, blue lake. In addition, you may go whale and dolphin watching with a local expert or explore the Basilica di San Simplicio in Olbia.

Alà Dei Sardi: Want to break the monotony of a bustling touristy spot? Then you are sure to find peace in this place. The 700 m Alà hill chain is unknown to most tourists. The relaxing environment accompanied by a lot of sheep, goats, and other livestock is sure to reset all your stress and make it for a fun day with the kids.

Now that you know about the beaches and activities suited for your family holiday in Sardinia, it’s time to know where to stay!

Best Hotels & Resorts For Families in San Teodoro

Family-friendly hotels in Sardinia, San Teodoro, that you will love!  

  • Terra Di Mare Resort&Spa: Just 18 minutes away from the beach, this Resort and Spa is perfect for families with kids. While your kid can play in the playground, you can enjoy a relaxing spa service. Buffet breakfast and poolside bar available!

  •  Hotel Onda Marina: Hotel Onda Marina is 100 m from La Cinta beach, just 2 minutes away. The perfect place to enjoy your room’s enchanting Mediterranean sea view. The 1,500-square-meter garden has tables, chairs, and sun loungers where you can chill out with your family when not in the mood to go out.

  • Hotel L’Esagono: Beachfront hotels are the best, and this is what you might be looking for! Just a minute’s walk from the beach, this hotel features comfy rooms surrounded by extensive gardens and two swimming pools.

3)Alghero (North West Sardinia)

Who’s a big fan of ancient history here?

Alghero is a delightful destination and is considered one of Sardinia’s gems, a place that attracts nightlife enthusiasts, shopping addicts, beach lovers, and families. The city and its surroundings are a must for your family holidays in Sardinia. You will be amazed at how intact the 13th-century walls, cobblestone lanes, and gorgeous churches look. It feels that the 13th century was just yesterday!

Why Should You Choose Alghero For Your Family Holiday?

Being one of the most popular tourist spots worldwide, it has one spectacular golden beach and an overall splendid climate all year round, making it perfect for families.

Alghero is not just about beaches. There are plenty of historical sites to visit and many activities to enjoy by the sea. If you are traveling with kids, there is no better place to make a stop.

Beaches You can’t miss in Alghero with family & kids.

East or West, beaches are always the best! No matter where you go or what you do, your family holidays in Sardinia will be incomplete if you do not visit these magnificent beaches.

Spiaggia Di Maria Pia – Just 40 minutes from the city center, the Maria Pia beach is one of the best beaches in Sardinia. This beach has almost everything your family may need, including bathrooms and bars to chill out. The beach’s highlight is the combination of white sand, turquoise water, and giant dunes. You’ll love its entryway while walking through a pine forest. Such a fantastic experience!

Spiaggia Delle Bombarde -This beach’s white sand makes it one of the best in Alghero. However, if you hate crowded beaches, you must avoid visiting the places in the high season. Enjoy a relaxing sunbath with your family while listening to live music. You can rent sunbeds and umbrellas for 8 euros.

Spiaggia Mugoni – A small curved beach with crystal clear water is perfect for swimming with your kids. You may spot colorful fish if you are lucky, so bring your snorkeling gear. Moreover, if you are hungry after swimming around, try out the beachside restaurants that serve fresh and tasty food.

Activities For Families in Alghero

  • Exploring the Neptune cave – Watch those 1000 years old stalactites and stalagmites at the Capo Caccia cliffs, which are more like Alghero’s underbelly. You can rent a boat from Alghero and walk down the 650 stairs to the cavern. The trip might take around 2.5 hours, and your per head cost would be approximately 29 Euro. This wonderful and breathtaking place is worth a visit.
  • Get to know the city- If you love to explore historical places, you must visit the Cattedrale Di Santa Maria. Another must is the Bell Tower. You and your kids can glimpse the entire city from the top! To finish off the tour, you can chill by the Bastioni Marco Polo and enjoy the sunset, one of the highlights of your family holidays in Sardinia.

  • Villaggio Nuragico Palmavera is an intriguing place where you can see some of the most significant nuraghe complexes in Sardinia, surrounded by circular dwellings. The dome-shaped tower’s roof remains intact and dates back to 1100 BC. The highlight is the Capanna Delle Riunioni, the “reunion hut,” where men discussed political and magical – religious topics.
  • Le Ragnatele ParkIf you are looking for some real fun for your kids, Le Ragnatele, is the right place. The park is near Le Bombarde beach within the pine forest. A zip line, playgrounds, fireplaces, and more,  make it the best place for you and your kids to have fun. Cost: There are two areas, one for smaller kids (fee is 9 Euros per hour) and one for bigger kids and adults (9 euros per hour for the first route and then 7 euros).

Places To Check Out Nearby Alghero

Mare Nostrum-Aquarium – Your family holidays to Sardinia will be incomplete if you do not visit this aquarium in Alghero. Home to fishes like piranhas, sharks, sea horses, octopuses, sea stars, cicadas, and more. The aquarium is accessible via public transportation, and the entrance tickets cost 18 euros for adults and 12 euros for children 5 to 12. Tip: It’s to arrive late in the afternoon to avoid the crowds.

Olmedo – This lovely town is very close to Alghero. Your kids will love The butterfly house, an enchanted sanctuary with hundreds of varieties of exotic flowers, plants, and a rare collection of insects. There are about a hundred species of butterflies here. Spending the whole day in this lovely garden and the pool is very relaxing! For the prices and packages, you can check the official link.

Best Hotels & Resorts For Families in Alghero

  • Smy Carlos V Wellness & Spa Alghero – Set within 50 meters from the charming Bay of Alghero, Carlos V Hotel is a pet-friendly hotel. You can enjoy a lovely view of the Mediterranean sea while swimming in the pool, while your kid can enjoy a great time playing in the garden.

  • Hotel Calabona With an enchanting sea view, this hotel is a 15-minute walk from Alghero’s historic center. It also offers an outdoor pool with hydromassage jets, a paddling pool, and a private beach. Comfy rooms, breakfast buffet, and spacious balconies make it a perfect place for your family.

  • Hotel Villa Piras Located 100 meters from the coast, offers large rooms with a balcony and a spectacular view. The location is ideal for traveling with small kids or infants as it is very close to the main historical sites and beaches. The hotel’s bike rental service can be a significant advantage if you love biking!

4)Santa Maria Navarrese (East Sardinia)

Want to make your family holiday in Sardinia enjoyable?

Santa Maria Navarrese is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the eastern coast of Sardinia due to its tourist port and breathtaking scenery of both sea and mountains.

History says the name of the settlement originates from Princess Navarra, who survived a shipwreck in 1052 and sought refuge with her ship at the village’s harbor. To express her appreciation, she commissioned the construction of a modest chapel dedicated to Santa Maria, to which the adjective “Navarrese” was later added.

Why Should You Choose Santa Maria Navarrese For Your Family Holiday?

Santa Maria Navarrese is a picturesque town, one of the top summer holidays for families in Sardinia, especially if you seek a tranquil location away from overcrowded tourist spots.

You will be amazed to look at the vivid colors showcased by nature. The emerald green bushes, dazzling blue sea, and rustic buildings, create a nice and relaxing environment.

Walk through the streets, chill by the town beach or go for an organized bot trip to discover the beautiful coves of the Golfo di Orosei. There are many shops, from souvenirs to clothes, groceries, and accessories for the beach. This is a great place to have fun with your family and kids.

Beaches You can’t miss in Santa Maria Navarrese with family & kids

Santa Maria Navarrese beach – The village beach, a small cove enclosed by the Spanish tower. The medium-grained sand, a bottom that gradually deepens, and the calm sea with fewer waves make the beach perfect for swimming and snorkeling with your family.

Tancau Beach- A stunning beach of crystal clear shallow water and small pebbles (bring shoes for your kids). A dense pine forest highlights the wide golden beach, creating a mesmerizing beauty, especially at sunrise. You can rent plenty of sunbeds, umbrellas, inflatable mattresses, and games for children. The presence of lifeguards makes the place a safe choice for a holiday with your children.

San Giovanni– San Giovanni is just 0.3km away from the city center of Santa Maria Navarrese, but it is never overcrowded. A significant part of the beach has trees and bushes that provide natural shade. So you won’t find it challenging to spend a relaxing time while your kids enjoy some water activities. Nevertheless, do not forget to carry water shoes to protect your feet from the pebbles.

Cala Biriola– Cala Birola is heaven on Earth, featuring rocky arches standing tall from the sea, magnificent sand, and crystal clear turquoise water. The beach opens into the Gulf of Orosei and is one of those coves that can only be accessed by water or a trekking trail from the plain lands of Baunei. (no information regarding the difficulty of trekking on this route)

                      Activities For Families in Santa Maria Navarrese

  • Nuraghe di S’Ortali ‘e Su Monti ruins: Paying a visit to these fascinating sites will make your family holidays to Sardinia unforgettable. The main attraction of this place is a tower that remains intact and tombs that stand straight from 3500 to 6000 years ago. The historical complex, the “Domus de Janus mausoleum,” the quarry Nuraghe, and the “Tombe dei Giganti” is worth paying a visit.
  • Boat Trip to Golfo Di Orosei– Take a boat ride to explore the beaches, caves and coves, and enjoy the bright shimmery, crystal clear sea. With the awe-inspiring coastline with mountains as the backdrop for the sea, this place is an excellent spot for snorkeling and scuba diving.
  • Enjoy yummy ice cream- The port of Santa Maria is another excellent place to explore with your family and enjoy a serene beach. You can also enjoy gelato from a nearby gelateria that is just five minutes walk from the port.

Places To Check Out Nearby Santa Maria Navarrese

La Caletta – A 2-hour ride from Santa Maria Navarrese, you can visit La Caletta, a charming seaside township. Here you can learn how to sail and practice kitesurfing unless you want to relax on its beach and watch the enchanting water. It is also a pretty classic town with great restaurants at every turn.

Posada – The ancient Italian village of Posada is very close to Santa Maria Navarrese. Standing on a limestone cliff, the town looks like a small fairytale village. With the Castello della Fava standing proudly over the city, the area is nothing short of a dream-like landscape that calms your soul.

Cala Gonone – Cala Gonone is a charming beach village that gives you access to the cliff-lined coastline of eastern Sardinia (Golfo di Orosei). With the magnificent sea view, you can enjoy the Spiaggia Cala Gonone and Cala Luna, providing visitors and residents with the ideal beach retreat.

Best Hotels & Resorts For Families in Santa Maria Navarrese

Here are some best family resorts in Sardinia, Santa Maria Navarrese:

  • Hotel Nicoletta – Just a 6-minute walk from the beach, this 3-star hotel is positioned on the seafront and is just 50m from the beach. You can enjoy a comfortable stay here and enjoy a lavish buffet breakfast. Explore the coast, go hiking, rent a boat or go shopping with your family.
  • Lanthia Resort – Lanthia Resort is one of the best and most popular resorts, which is just 2 minute walk from the beach. This resort is opposite the Ogliastra Islands and offers direct access to its private beach. Enjoy the lovely scenic beauty in the heart of the south-eastern coast of Sardinia and relax on the beach or beside the outdoor infinity pool.
  • Hotel Santa Maria The Santa Maria hotel is situated 200 meters from its private beach, making it the best for families and kids. This hotel offers a restaurant, a beautiful view from the balcony, and a beautiful garden, and the buffet-style breakfast offered makes it the best choice for your family trip.

5) Villasimius (South East Sardinia)

Family holidays to Sardinia can’t get any better without adding Villasimius. It is a picture-perfect place you can think of when I say “Sardinia.” The area isn’t just about the white sand beaches. Here you can also enjoy the nightlife, a rich historical culture, a saltwater lake, and even a few pink flamingos.  

Villasimius is the “jewel” of southeast Sardinia. It’s the kind of holiday destination every traveler desires to visit at least once in their lifetime.

Usually, July and August are pretty busy here, so I recommend you visit this gem in May, June, or September.

Why should you choose Villasimius for your family holiday? 

Villasimius has almost everything a family may need to enjoy splendid family holidays in Sardinia. It’s a rich culture, the most sensational sea beaches and the beauty of an authentic village attract several people worldwide.

Among all the beaches in Villasimius, I recommend you visit. When heading towards Capo Carbonara, one of the largest known Marine Park, you will witness another coastal beauty: the dunes and the gorgeous saline lake of Timi Ama.

If you are lucky enough, you may get a glimpse of the Island’s pink flamingos and even jumping dolphins from the shore or sometimes from a boat. Finally, you can end your end by watching the sunset from the Capo Carbonara lighthouse.

Beaches You can’t miss in Villasimius with family & kids.

  • Spiaggia di Punta Molentis – This stunning rocky beach features cliffs and gentle slopes where you can chill out with your family. The gentle slopes ensure a long extent of shallow water, making it perfect for your kids to have fun. The   Punta Molentis beach spans almost 350 meters, and clear water makes it best for snorkeling. However, if you plan to visit the beach, make sure you reach early to save your spot. The car parking rent here is 10 euro, which is 1 euro per person.
  • Porto Giunco- Want to visit Sardinia, one of the best beaches? Well, the Porto Giunco can be one of your best choices. Being one of the most spectacular beaches of Sardinia, you must know that almost 86 square kilometers of this beach are a part of the Protected Marine area of Capo Carbonara, making it one of the prime diving and snorkeling spots. The water is relatively shallow here, making it perfect to practice water activities with families and children. Do you know the best part? A lagoon named Stagno di Notteri at the back of the beach is home to pink flamingos and other species of migratory birds.
  • Simius beach –  Simius beach (Spiaggia di Simius) is situated at the southeast tip of Sardinia, is about 2 kilometers from Villasimius settlement and in front of Simius village. Due to the abundance of fish in the waters around Simius beach, snorkeling is particularly popular here. Throughout the peak season, Simius beach is busy. However, the beach is almost desolate during April, May, September, and October. If you enjoy long walks after a heavy lunch, this can be a suitable location for your family.
  • Campulongu beach– Campulongu is one of the most pretty postcard-pretty beaches that is great for families. Since the water is shallow here, you can allow your kids to explore without close parental supervision. The sand here is fine, and the crystal clear sea water is mostly calm. However, if you visit this beach in peak season, remember that there’s limited car parking, which costs around 5 euros. To reach the beach, you must walk through an area full of dunes and bushes that create a lovely entrance.

Activities For Families in Villasimius

  • Explore a castle while enjoying a panoramic view- Fortezza Vecchia is one of the most ancient castles near Villasimius, constructed in the fourteenth century. This beautiful castle is worth a visit to enjoy a breathtaking view from the top of a small hill near the sea. To learn more about the historical significance of the castle, I highly recommend taking a guided tour while you explore the place to learn more about the local history.
  • Go scuba diving -When it comes to natural attractions in Sardinia, nothing compares to the majestic beauty of Cape Carbonara’s coastline. Home to some of the world’s most brilliant and colorful marine species, you will surely get mesmerized by the vibrancy. From fascinating shipwrecks that sunk during World War II to awe-inspiring coral reefs, you can’t miss the diving opportunities here.

  • Boat Trip to Isola dei CavoliIsola dei Cavoli is a tiny island in southeast Sardinia that offers the most beautiful landscapes. Since this Island is in a marine protected area, it allows you to explore various species in addition to the magnificent coves, white dunes, and fantastic turquoise sea. Isola dei Cavoli is only accessible through a private tour, and you may take a delightful boat ride from Capo Carbonara to reach this magical Island. You may even spot dolphins along the route if you are lucky enough. Sounds fascinating?
  • Taste some authentic organic wine– Well, if your child is no more a kid! Surprise your kid with a visit to the Colline del Vento and taste some organic wine together while exploring one of the most beautiful wineries in Villasimius. The vineyard spreads across five acres with a breathtaking sea view.


Places To Check Out Nearby Villasimius

Torre Delle Stelle – Visit the paradise on Earth. This place is one of the few settlements in Sardinia with two beaches, Cann’e Sissa and Genn’e Mari, and surrounded by the Saracen Tower Torre de Su Fenugu, also known as the “Tower of the Stars.” You will be amazed to find the fantastic combination of nature’s beauty while taking a glimpse of the past.

Tertenia – Tertenia is a tiny hill station in Sardinia, set amidst the mountains and the sea and in a high valley at the base of Mt. Arbu and Mt. Ferru. Take a glimpse of Tertenia’s local culture by going through the trails towards Nuraghe Nastasi and Nuraghe Aleri. If ancient history is not your cup of tea, I recommend some fun activities. Go for a hike or maybe horseback riding and capture the best memories!

Cala sinzias beach- Finally up for swimming in the sea? Then Cala Sinzias is the perfect beach with pleasantly warm water that creates a relaxing and refreshing environment. If you have no plans to swim around, you may rent a  lounge and an umbrella and watch all the hues of blue. If you are planning to visit this place, you must know that to avail car parking next to the beach at 5 euros you must not run late because it fills up quickly.

Best Hotels & Resorts For Families in Villasimius:

Here are some best family resorts in Sardinia, Villasimius:

  • Palazzo Michelangelo Palazzo Michelangelo is one of the best accommodations you can find in Villasimius, just 2.4 km away from Simius beach. The accommodation features comfortable and clean family rooms with access to an outdoor swimming pool, a bar, a shared lounge, and a garden.
  • B&B Il Piccolo Giardino I am sure you will love B&B Il Piccolo Giardino, not just for the location and amenities it provides but the hosts’ warmth here. They are so lovely n kind. I am sure that you will want to revisit this place. Like any other resort, you can avail a garden view room, but one of the things that you will appreciate is the availability of high chairs for kids in the kitchen area.
  •  Hotel Simius PlayaThis hotel has everything you need, from memorable meals to a private beach. You can also enjoy some of the best activities here like horse riding, snorkeling, hiking, diving, and much more. If you are out for a relaxing day, you may chill out in a lounger or get some body massage.

6) Golfo Di Orosei (East Sardinia)

Golfi di Orosei is Disneyland in real life, where you can hike through the forest trail and get soaked in nature’s unforgivable beauty.

Orosei is one of the most attractive vacation destinations in eastern Sardinia and is situated around 140 kilometers north of Cagliari and 30 kilometers east of Nuoro. It features unique natural monuments where you can go with your kid for climbing, hiking, and trekking enthusiasts may embark on expeditions amidst the pristine nature.

Your family holidays to Sardinia will be incomplete if you do not experience the majestic marble quarries and fruit orchards; the Golfo di Orosei is a hidden gem.

Why should you choose Golfo Di Orosei for your family holiday?

I bet you will fall in love with this place!

With exquisite bays such as Cala Goloritzè, Cala Luna, and Cala Mariolu, the Gulf of Orosei is a goldmine for nature lovers.

I recommend you take long walks to enjoy the untouched, charming rocky beaches. You are sure to fall in love with this place.

Does your kid love water sports and other activities? Oh well! The Gulf of Orosei is just the place for you to enjoy some adventurous snorkeling, climbing, swimming, and exploring the unseen beauty.

Beaches You can’t miss in Golfo Di Orosei with family & kids.

  • Cala Goloritzé – If you choose to hike into this place, it’s a 10-mile drive from Baunei, the closest town. You can swim under the natural sea arch and snorkel with various fishes. It is undoubtedly one of the most stunning European beaches that exhibits a wild, charming beach with sparkling white sand and crystal-clear water, surrounded by towering rock formations. The 100-meter-tall Punta Caroddi is a “rock needle” that stands tall.
  • Cala Mariolu – You may also take a short stroll through the magnificent countryside to reach this beach. The hiking trail begins from Cala Gonone and passes through some ancient woods you will love. Once you get to the bay, you’ll be stunned by the combination of white, fine sand, and turquoise sea.
  • Cala Biriola– Biriola beach is a dreamland worth a lifetime visit. If you are traveling with family, the best way to reach the place is through a boat ride that is much more comfortable and safe. There’s also an option open for professional hikers, but that would not be a great option if you are with kids, as the hike involves considerable climbing. This beautiful beach showcases its crystal clear water and small white stones that exudes a feeling of serenity.
  • Cala Osalla- Cala Osalla is a hidden gem south of Marina di Orosei. The secluded, family-friendly beach is a dream for divers and snorkelers. It is accessible by car, and a little café around 100 meters into the hinterland serves refreshments. You can get to Cala Osalla on foot from the beach of Su Petrosu.

Activities For Families in Golfo Di Orosei

  • Enjoy a relaxing boat trip in the Gulf of Orosei– Unquestionably, boating is the best activity you can do in the Gulf of Orosei. Most of these excursions depart from the port of Cala Gonone, a little beach community near the Gulf.

Even though numerous agencies provide boat trips to the Gulf of Orosei, I recommend booking this service in advance. Each beach has its beauty, so if you ask me which is the best, I can’t just pick one!

While enjoying your boat excursion, you may also explore the Bue Marino Caves, named after the monk seal (known in Italian as “Bue Marino”) since they were its final refuge before it became extinct.

  • Go for some hiking with your kids– Your family holidays in Sardinia would be incomplete if you did not go hiking in Golfo di Orosei. Gorropu gorge is one of the deepest in Europe and includes the most renowned treks. However, if you are traveling with a kid/infant, I would not recommend you this trek because most of these treks take 4-5 hours. The steep trail leads to the gorge entrance, where you may pay a 5€ admission fee (bring cash).

Because this trek is lengthy and strenuous, you can opt for the Jeep service. Even using this option, you must walk about 1 hour to reach the gorge by car. The one-way jeep trip costs 15€.

  • Admire the stalactites and stalagmites- One of the most family-friendly things to do here is explore the Ispinigoli cave. Located 15 mint drive from Dorgali and 25 minutes away from Cala Gonone, this is one of the best locations to visit. Since the cave entrance is on top of the cave, you will have to go 280 steps down to look at the spectacular stalactites and stalagmites. However, it is usually closed between November and April. (Tickets cost 8 euros per person).
  • Learn the local history– Even though most tourists visit Golfo do Orosei in search of relaxing beaches and crystal clear water, the place is also home to a vibrant history and a culture. A stroll around this old town is one of the most incredible things to do in Orosei, as there are plenty of churches to explore. Chiesa di San Giacomo Maggiore is worth a try if you are ready to uncover the local Orosei history.

Places To Check Out Nearby Golfo Di Orosei: 

  • Dorgali – This little town in Sardinia has an undeniable charm, far from the hustle and bustle of typical city life. Dorgali has an abundance of natural beauty. While you walk through the beautiful willow trees, watch the waves of the crystal blue sea breaking against the rocks, enabling you to experience the raw beauty of nature.
  • Baunei- Baunei is a little town in Ogliastra, one of Sardinia’s most distant and genuine regions, surrounded by high mountains and rugged wildlife near the sea. Despite its wilderness aspect, Baunei also has archeological remains worth visiting.
  • Oliena – The small village Oliena is as beautiful as a picture that dates back to the Roman period, characterized by the massive limestone reef “Corrasi,” making the place a heaven for the trekkers. 

Best Hotels & Resorts For Families in Golfo Di Orosei

Here are some best family resorts in Sardinia, Orosei

  • Albergo Diffuso Mannois – Albergo Diffuso Mannois is a historic stone buildings in Orosei located in the east coast on Sardinia. The structure of the hotel includes both old and contemporary elements. You will love staying here as the rooms are beautifully furnished, and you can enjoy various outdoor activities like hiking, diving, and mini cruises.
  • Hotel Anticos Palathos – This is an ancient palace located in the central square of Orosei, near the Bidderosa Oasis on the eastern coast of Sardinia. So, if you are traveling with an infant and do not have plans to travel long distances, this can be the right place for you.
  • Hotel Su BarchileJust 1 kilometer from the stunning coast, in Orosei this is another historic center where you can spend days. With its wild sea beach, caves, and gorges, the place is best for exploring the unseen wonders of nature on foot or by renting a bike from your hotel.

7) Cagliari (South Sardinia)

The family hotels in sardinia, Cagliari are: Palazzo Doglio, Hotel Nautilus, Hotel Quadrifoglio

Details coming soon. Thanks for your patience!

8)Costa Rei (East Sardinia)

Family Hotels in Sardinia, Costa Rei: Castededdu 4, Villa Escargot, Villetta Ludovica

Details coming soon. Thanks for your patience!

9)Stintino (North Sardinia)

Family Hotels in Sardinia, Stintino: 103 Boutique Hotel Stintino, Club Esse Sporting.

Details coming soon. Thanks for your patience!

Best Places for A Family Holiday in Sardinia By Area:

North or South Sardina?

While planning your family holidays to Sardinia, one of the most challenging decisions is to choose which area to base yourself in and the best places to visit among so many options.

To help you, I have listed the best of Sardinia, dividing the place into North and South. The top places mentioned above are the top location, in my opinion. Below are areas to explore on a day trip, or if you are intrigued, you can decide to stay here your entire holiday!

What to see with Your Family in  North Sardinia

La Maddalena Archipelago:  (Northeast Coast)

Don’t miss traveling to this significant Northern east part of the Island, famous for its day boat trips to the fabulous beaches of Isola di Santo Stefano, Isola di Santa Maria, and Budelli, with its famous pink beach (do not touch the sand!) and Caprera.

Usually, you will get lunch on the boat at “Le Piscine” (literally “The pools”), named after its bright turquoise waters. A trip everyone visiting Sardinia should do at least once in their lifetime!

Do you want to try this fabulous experience with your kids? Book the Boat Trip now


  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming
  • Playing on the beach

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Agriturismo Costiolu:

Want to enjoy a farm life? Costiolu might be the best place for you! You can pre-book your accommodation at Agriturismo Costiolu, 15 kilometers from Nuoro.

The farm produces a wide array of animal products, fruits, and vegetables that you will love to see. You can also taste some authentic, fresh Cheese in breakfast accompanied by bread and eggs.

Here you and your family can spend some fun watching the shepherds working on a farm. And the young ones can have great fun by learning the milking technique too!

The taste of some fresh cheese with a tinge of honey makes the place even more remarkable for everyone. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?!

Cala Luna is the nearest beach from Costiolu, about a 1-hour drive.


  • Playing in the countryside
  • Milking a cow!



What can be more beautiful than getting a chance to look at a village filled with murals on every street corner?

There’s no doubt Orgosolo is one of the best places to visit with your family to explore and relish authentic Sardinian life. The story of how they came to life is fascinating for the adults and just admiring them is a fun activity for kids.

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  • Take photos
  • Run up and down the many stairs scattered in the village to release some energy
  • Enjoy gelato in a bar in front of one of the colorful murals
  • Learn about the Sardinian culture



Bosa is one of the most picturesque towns in Sardinia that features pastel-colored buildings along the river Temo.

My never-ending love for colors ends here in Bosa. This village represents a perfect blend of ancient and contemporary elements, making for a fascinating destination for your Sardinia family holidays. And I’m sure your kids will love such a colorful village as much as I do!


  • Play with sand on the S’Abba Druche beach and create memories
  • Walk around the historic areas of Centro Storico
  • Take pictures in Castello di Bosa

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Neptune’s grotto

You will lose count of the total number of stalagmites and stalactites you will spot here!  If your family is up for some adventure, this is the place located a few kilometers away from Alghero. Neptune’s grotto is one of the largest marine caves you can find in Italy, recognized for its beauty and charm.


  • Take photos of the stalagmites and stalactites
  • Explore the Porto Conte Regional Natural Park
  • Enjoy some fun-filled sports activities on the Mugoni beach
  • Learn more about Sardinian civilization from the ancient ruins of Nuraghe di Palmavera

Where To Stay with Your Family in  South Sardinia

Piscinas dunes:  

Want to know what the great Sahara desert looks like? Well, then you don’t need to travel to Sahara. Instead, you can visit Piscinas in Southwest Sardinia.

Piscinas is Europe’s biggest sandy desert, with the highest dunes stretching 2 kilometers from the sea to the ghost mining settlement of Ingurtosu. The desert is 1.5 km2 and has 100-meter-high dunes shaped by the sea winds.


  • Explore some ancient Sardinian structures at Guspini
  • Take photos in front of the oldest village mines in Montevecchio
  • Enjoy exotic flavored gelato

 Capo Carbonara

Capo Carbonara is a protected coastal region bounded by desert mountains and white sand beaches.

It is just a few minutes away from the heart of Villasimius. Let your family enjoy practicing snorkeling amidst the clear turquoise water.


  • Swim around for hours in the Timi Ama Beach
  • Go fishing with the family
  • Enjoy some organic wine at Colline del Vento


Have you ever been to natural museums? No? Then you can add Gesturi to your list. The place exhibits an exquisite landscape that seems to have stopped in time.

Oh, and don’t miss to visit Giara (Sa Jara Manna in Sardinian language), a 600-meter-high plateau that was once an enormous volcano and is now a unique oasis in the Mediterranean.


Best Theme Parks For Kids

Aquafantasy: I am sure you and your family will love this place. The Aquafantasy in Isola Rossa has something for everyone, including a wild river for parents, a baby lagoon, and multi-tracks for adolescents. (cost of ticket not mentioned)

Sardegna in Miniatura: Located in Tuili, this natural park consists of an aviary, a museum, and a dino park where your family can have fun. (cost of ticket not mentioned)

Gregoland leisure park: A heaven for kids to enjoy mini-zip lines amidst the nature of Porto Cervo. (cost of ticket not mentioned)

Packing List For Sardinia: Essentials For a Family Holiday

Packing for a Family holiday to Sardinia is quite straightforward.

There’s no checklist to follow when in Sardinia. However, if you are planning to visit Sardinia in the summer, then the list is going to be quite long, and it begins with:

  • Sunscreen is safe for kids so that the harmful sun rays do not damage your skin.
  • Do not miss the beach essentials, including a towel, sunglasses, hat, etc.
  • The next most important thing to bring in your Sardinian trip is your swimsuit, without which you will not be able to enjoy snorkeling and swimming.
  • Bringing your snorkeling equipment is best if you have already planned it.
  • If you plan to trek through the wilderness, then hiking shoes are a must.
  • There’s hardly any chance for the weather to turn off in summer, but it is always safe to carry a few extra layers.
  • If you are traveling with toddlers or younger kids, having a car brings security too, as they can easily lie down in a comfortable car seat, which is not the case for public transport.
  • To enjoy the beaches, always carry an inflatable bed and a portable fridge because there’s a scarcity of umbrellas or kiosks on most beaches.
  • You can also carry a pram, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time across the cities with your baby. Some resorts provide these items if asked, but it’s best to come prepared.

Is Sardinia Safe (Also for Family Travel)?

Having grown up here and looking at all the kids growing up in my family and neighbor, Sardinia is one of the safest places to bring your family and babies, without a doubt.

My family and friends have been living in Sardinia for decades. I can say Sardinia is family and baby friendly. However, I would encourage you to carry a baby carrier or baby sling if you want to wander and discover the ideal beach area on the Island.

Some kid-friendly hotels in Sardinia provide free or for a minimum fee, but I think it’s safe to bring your own, especially if you have plans to visit Olbia, Alghero, or Cagliari.

Should you rent a car in Sardinia when Traveling with my Family?

That depends on your plan but usually YES!

Some families prefer spending a vacation at one of the best family resorts in Sardinia and do not leave the hotel premises unless they have to check out. If you are one of them, renting a car is not necessary. You can pay extra to the resort to pick you up at the airport, and some have a free shuttle service.

However, renting a car is the best choice you will make if you plan to explore not only off-beat places with your family and kids but get around Sardinia hassle and stress-free, saving a lot of time and being able to be more spontaneous.

Check out this page to compare the fees or book your car.

Most common Italian words

Let not make language be the barrier to stop you from interacting with local people in Sardinia.

It’s safe to come prepared and know at least a few Italian words because most Italians cannot communicate in English.

Even though the scenario has changed now. Italians are super friendly, and you may want to communicate with them, so here are a few essential words that you must know to save your trip:

  • To greet anyone or bid farewell to anyone, use “CIAO,” which means “Hello” or “goodbye.”
  • Grazie means Thank you
  • Bellissimo means very beautiful
  • Prego means You’re welcome
  • Si is Yes
  • Please is Per favore.
  • Excuse me. It is Mi scusi.

And that’s all you need to know if you travel to any part of Italy. Well, actually, no, I compiled a handy and funny list of the best Italian Hand Gestures you need to know to visit Italy!

Wrapping it up

Sardinia is not just another tourist spot to me; it’s an emotion!

I have listed the best of the best places to visit if you are planning your family holidays in Sardinia because creating long-lasting memories with your loved ones is easy if you choose the right place for you and your kids!  

Tell me in the comments what places you plan to visit during your family holidays to Sardinia, and if you have already seen the area, what stole your heart!

Still in doubt about where to go? Let me know, and I’ll try my best to help you!

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  1. Hi
    My family (wife and I and three children – 7, 12, 15) are planning on a summer (July) holiday to Sardinia and would we come your help in identifying the best place to stay…
    We’d love to stay in a villa near a nice beach but also within a small/medium town with places to eat (it doesn’t need to be big, but big enough for a couple of restaurants and places of interest)
    We can hire a car And would be there for a week
    We’d like some water sports/activities reasonably near for the kids

    Hope you can help



  2. Hi

    I am looking at holidaying in Sardinia this Summer (mid/end of July) with 3 children aged 12, 17 and 18. Can you recommend any particular areas to stay? We would like walking access to a good beach, shops and restaurants, access to a pool if possible and also access to boat trips and perhaps a tour? I want to avoid having to hire a car and driving everywhere if I can.

    Many thanks


    1. Author

      Hi Jo, Thanks for your comment! So… not hiring a car with 3 kids and the luggage is a bit limiting. It can be done but in Sardinia is not Ideal. It also depends on where you land,

      Landing in Cagliari:if it’s in Cagliari I suggest you either find a Hotel in Cagliari and then take the public transport to go to the local beach Poetto and to other beaches by bus (they are not ideal for many beaches because you would have to walk quite a lot for many of them (Chia, Villasimius beach etc). Unless you find a hotel in Villasimius directly, close to the beach. They also have tours available and Villasimius is quite accessible for tourists with no car.
      Check the Hotels in Cagliari and the hotels in Villasimius

      Landing in Olbia:: If you arrive at Olbia -Costa Smeralda Airport, the best bet for you is to stay in San Teodoro, it gets quite crowded (just like Villasimius) because a lot of young people without a car, go to these places. which can be a benefit for your oldest if they want to make new friends but a limit if you’re looking for some peace. From there you can plan a day trip to the Arcipelago della Maddalena in Palau (but you either wake up super early and see if there are buses departing that early for Palau or you stay one night in Palau, take the boat trip and go back to San Teodoro Village.
      Hotels in San Teodoro and Hotels in Palau

      Landing in Alghero:: My recommendation is to go to Stintino, the beach is marvelous there (La pelosa beach) or, you can stay in Alghero and take a bus to go to la Pelosa. It’s not ideal but it can be done and in Alghero, you’ll find everything you need including tours (no super nice boat trips tough)
      Hotels in Alghero and Hotels in Stintino.

      Without a car, I can’t recommend Cala Gonone/Golfo di Orosei (which is the most amazing part of Sardinia in my opinion) because you would be missing out on a lot of things there. Not to mention that arriving is also not straightforward and almost impossible without a car.

      I suggest also to book asap because these places tend to get booked very early in the season, I hope this helps!

  3. Hello Clelia, I am thinking of Sardinia next summer. We will have 7 year old twins and are looking for an amazing beach within walking distance of a town/village with restaurants in the evening. Would love a beach with shallow clear sea and some amenities nearby. Can you recommend the best base? Thanks, Louise

    1. Author

      Sorry Louise I completely missed your comment! i hope you eventually decided to visit Sardinia and had a great time!

  4. Hi Clelia
    I am starting to plan a family trip to Sardinia in the end of October (autumn break for us – 19th-26th of October) with my husband and 2 kids (6 & 10).

    We can fly both to Olbia and to Cagliari, so I’m trying to find out what will be the best area as we would like to stay in the same place and just do excursions from there.

    I have been looking at some hotels, but many of them seem to close down end September or early October. Is it worth visiting the island at this time or is everything more or less shut down?

    Thanks a lot in advance


    1. Author

      Hi Line!

      October is a tricky month for the weather (but hey, this May was incredibly rainy so hopefully it will be better in October, who knows!). My suggestion, given that you want to stay in one place where amenities are still available, is to base yourself in Cagliari. It’s the perfect location to visit many attractions that are open all year round and go for excursions too without the disappointment of finding most of the restaurants, day trip etc closed to the public. You can rent a car and visit the awesome beaches, both on the east and west coast, old mines, Nuraghe complex, parks and the city of Cagliari itself which is amazingly beautiful especially the Castello area (old town) and the view from the Bastione di San Remi’ overlooking the city. The kids can also enjoy the Sardinia in Miniature, not too far away for a day trip when visiting the Nuraghe in Barumini as well!
      Hope it helps! (and that the weather will be still good!)


  5. Hi there, this site looks like a great resource for tips on travelling to Sardinia with little ones. Could you please recommend the best area to stay for us? We have a 1 year old and 3 year old. We may not be hiring a car but would like pretty tree-lined beaches within easy reach of our accommodation, a good choice of traditional restaurants, some culture near by maybe in the form of old towns or ancient sites, water/play parks and traditional villa accommodation rather than a hotel. Does such a dreamy place exist

    1. Author

      Hey Tori, sorry for the super late response, IT issues with my website! As for your question, can you tell me which month you’re planning your vacation? It’s important to know as I could recommend different sites so that you and you little ones can enjoy your vacation in peace and relax!


      1. Hi there, we are going tomorrow! We decided on Santa Margherita Di Pula, near Chia. We have a car. Some advice on things to do in that area with a 1.5 year old and a 3.5 year old would be great – beaches, flamingoes, swimming pools, play areas would be great if possible. Thanks!

        1. Author

          Hey Tori, oh so it’s tomorrow then! You are in luck as the weather is getting better finally πŸ™‚
          So, my advice on things to do and see near Santa Margherita di Pula (good choice!)
          1) If you are into acqua parks go to the blufan near Sarroch. Obviously the kids are too young for the slides but there are nice swimming pools all around.

          2) Visit Chia beach and the smaller beach of Cala Cipolla (just a quick walk, 5 min from the biggest Chia su Giudeu)

          3) See the pink flamingos in Molentargius! They are super beautiful and you and the kids don’t want to miss them! To get there you have to go to Cagliari Santa Gilla or Molentargius (very easy to locate on the map and easy on a one day trip to Cagliari)

          4) Since there are sooo many things to do nearby Santa Margherita what I suggest is you look at the tours and attraction in Cagliari and nearby areas to get an idea in here I use this website quite often for my trips.

          This will give you so many ideas to chose from either you want to pay for the tour or just take some inspiration. I should write a book about all the things you can do in south Sardinia with kids.

          Oh, almost forgot! If you want to have a nice day trip, not too stressing for the kids (1 hour by car more or less) you can go to see the Sardegna in Miniatura (a miniature of Sardinia, super cute!) In Tuili, and since you’re there, you can’t skip the awesome Nuraghe di Barumini Complex (the biggest in Sardinia and Unesco site). I think you’ll find it in the list of the tours I linked to and it’s super close to the Sardinia in miniatura so you can see both in one day.

          The rest? I would enjoy the marvelous beaches, to be honest! It’s not super hot at the moment so for the kids it’s perfect!

          I hope that helped and enjoy your time in Sardinia! (we will be almost neighbors as I’m at 30 min from Santa Margherita di Pula) πŸ™‚

  6. Hi,
    My husband and I want to travel to Sardinia with our 2 kids (5 yo and almost 3 yo) in August 2019. We will only have one week and will travel by plane to Sardinia. As we will not rent a car, we will stay at one spot.
    Can you maybe recommend a place/city/area to stay, with focus on: snorkeling (for my husband) / proximity of (super)markets, beaches, things to do with the kids / maybe renting a boat for one day / access from one of the airports (by public transport or taxi)
    I read the several itineraries you made, but I’m not sure what the best place is with the abovementioned specifications in mind.
    (I think I just read too many articles…)

    1. Author

      Hi Hanne, thanks for your comment! I know, it can be very overwhelming to plan a trip to Sardinia with all the info to read! So from what you told me, in my opinion the best option for you is to chose Santa Teresa di Gallura , a lovely village not super far away from Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport, good for snorkeling and renting a boat and also for a day boat trip to the lovely Archipelago della Maddalena. Supermarkets and all amenities are available as it’s a village where also locals live.

      Not too far, there are also some aquapark or fun park for the kids if they are into it:
      Gregoland in Porto Cervo (1 hr by car)
      Aquafantasy in Isola Rossa (40 min by car)
      Aquadream in Baja Sardinia (1 hour by car)

      I just mention Santa Teresa because of the parks for the kids, the proximity to the airport (a little more than 1 hour) and the many things to do for everyone.
      There are so many great places in Sardinia but for the snorkeling I believe that Santa Teresa is a great solution.

      My favorite place for snorkeling and boat trip is the Golfo di Orosei area but it’s not as close to the airport as the other place and for the kids, other than the beach, there is not much to do unless they are into hiking but with a 3 year old I wouldn’t suggest that to be honest. I’ve had amazing reviews from families with kids around that age who had a great time in Santa Teresa. Just keep in mind that you should need to book straight away for August as it’s peak season and be aware that the beaches will be packed with tourists everywhere.

      I hope it helps!

      1. Hi Clelia!
        This information is so helpful! Thank you for taking your time to give this good advice.
        This will help us in planning the trip. Santa Teresa seems like a good option for us – maybe we should visit Golfo di Orosei when the kids are older, because at this point, they are not great fans of hiking, I’m afraid.


        1. Author

          Hey Hanne, glad I could help you! Yes wait until the kids are a bit older to see the Golfo di Orosei, they will surely love it! Have a great time in my beautiful island!

  7. Hello i am trying to figure out a vacation spot for sometime between june and September with my wife and 2 kids ( 4 yr okd and 7month). I am a kitesurfer and will be looking to spend 2 weeks. I am looking to relax and kitesurf, and my wife would like to explore. Any info would be appreciated thank you

    1. Author

      Hey Francesco, sorry for the super late reply! I was traveling a lot so no time to reply to the dozens of comments. I hope you will be able to read this!
      If you are into Kite surf there are excellent spots in Sardinia! The first one that comes to mind is close to where I used to live (and my family still lives) in South Sardinia, all the area of Chia beach, Capo Spartivento (which literally means “the head that splits the winds” so it’s usually quite windy!) is perfect. On the west coast there is Scivu beach and Piscinas beach that are also amazing for that (it’s a feast of Kyte Surfers in there!). Also, Sant’Antioco Island (southwest) is perfect. I think if your wife would like to explore a bit, then maybe south Sardinia and the areas around Cagliari are perfect for you. Loads of Kitesurf spots and loads for your wife to discover (great beaches, one day trips to see cultural sites like the Nuraghes, grottos and much more!)

      Hope it helps!

  8. H. i
    Heading to Alghero next June 2019 for my sons wedding. Thinking of making it the family holiday. Is there anything for children aged 3,4,6 to do other then beach

    1. Author

      Hi Maria,
      As far as beaches near Alghero goes, in Sardinia we have mostly free beaches, which means that there are no many amenities or specific things for children to do. Other than the beach… it truly depends on what your kids love the most really! I don’t have kids myself but some relatives and cousins do and when they go on holiday in Sardinia with their kids they enjoy their time discovering the natural beauty of the island. Near Alghero they can discover the “Nuraghe” history, the Nettuno grotto and the fantastic landscapes. Obviously the 3-year-old will be too little to fully enjoy it, but just staying together with the family is a great experience in my opinion. Maybe our culture is a bit different, when we go on holidays together we don’t need much to have fun with the kids.

      I don’t know of any specific related activities for kids near Alghero (like aqua parks & co). There are a few attractions for kids in Sardinia but not near Alghero…

  9. Ciao! Sei così utile!
    Your website has been so helpful! You’ve got really great information and imagery to help ‘paint the picture’ of what/where things are in Sardinia.
    I was hoping for some advice – if that’s possible?

    My family and I are coming from Australia at the start of Sept and will be in Italy for 3 weeks (2 adults and 2 young children).

    We are attending a wedding in Tuscany 10-17th Sept 2018 so we were looking to do Southern Italy and Sardinia either side of these dates.

    Would you recommend that we choose to do the first week of Sept in Sardinia to get the good weather?
    We will be travelling with a 3 year old and 1 year old so, shallow beaches and accomodation close to the water/activities is a must – so we don’t have to do too much travel/walking.

    As we’ll only have a week and we’ll have 2 little kids with us – what would you say is a MUST SEE/STAY and do?

    Also, do you know if there are any trusted babysitting services in Sardinia or, do Italians not mind if children are out late at night in restaurants?
    Europeans seem to be so much more relaxed about children being out at night!

    ‘Grazie’ in advance!

    1. Author

      Hi Shannon,

      I hope you have put the subscribe to message button so you can still see my reply even if it comes very late!
      For your questions:
      1) Yes! Definitely the first week of September is a safer bet weather wise!
      2)Usually the beaches on the south and the east coast have shallow waters (with the exception of the Arbatax / Gairo area), while the west coast is a bit more “dangerous” if you have kids as the water get deep more quickly close the shore and the currents are stronger, not recommended for kids.
      3)Difficult question as it really depends on what you love and personal preference! For kids that young I can’t even suggest an Aqua park as it’s not idea, but I have had very good feedback from families with young kids staying in the Santa Teresa di Gallura Area. It’s convenient as the village is well organized and has everything you need, not too far from the Olbia airport and less “party like” than San Teodoro (which can be another great option if you don’t stay in the center, but given that you are going in September, I would also consider that option as the majority of the tourists go there in July and August).
      3)In Sardinia, especially in summer, kids are used to going to bed when the parents do πŸ™‚ it’s not uncommon to see kids sleeping in their parent’s arms at a restaurant or still playing in the streets at midnight. I was actually shocked when I moved to the UK to see that the kids go to bed at 8/9, in Italy is definitely not like that so no problem, you’ll see kids running around most of the restaurants all the time. Just to be 100% sure, ask the waitress/waiter about the etiquette if you’re going to a high-end restaurant but in normal ones and in pizzerias, no problem!

  10. Hello, I love your site! So informative! I am planning a vacation for summer 2019 for my family. We have two girls 5 and 10yrs old and I wanted to see what places you recommend for beach stays? We will be there for 5 day.

    1. Author

      Hi Eleni, sorry for the super late reply! I suggest you read my other article with the 9 itineraries. It’s very comprehensive and it will give you a much better idea on the different areas of Sardinia and where it’s best for you to stay based on your personal preferences as all Sardinia is wonderful and tell you where to go without knowing much about what you like it’s super difficult!

      1. Thank you so much. We are looking for a place walking distance to the beach, and non touristy like Porto Cervo. We need an authentic Sardinian experience with real towns/villages nearby. Somewhere that immerses us in the culture

        1. Author

          There are many places where you can find an authentic Sardinia experience, but unfortunately, you won’t find it within walking distance from the beach. The beaches are one of the main touristic attractions and even the small villages near the most beautiful beaches are now losing their real vibe. you’ll have to compromise and rent a car and drive for at least 10/15 minutes. I’m sorry I can’t read your original message from my editor so I don’t remember the details, but places like San Pantaleo or Arzachena in the North are the closest you can get to a real experience, with stunning beaches. Or the Oristano village of Cabras is another option to have both the local experience and beautiful beaches that you can easily reach by car. Most of the beaches in Sardinia are super difficult to reach by public transport and those well connected are obviously the most touristic ones. It is what it is, when a place resembles paradise everyone wants a piece of it and it loses a bit of te real essence…

          1. Thank you so much, this helps a lot. I would like be your planning services for my summer 2019 holiday. I will be in touch in September!

          2. Author

            Sounds Great! I’m working non stop on the new Website just for Sardinia and I hope that everything will be in place by September A hell of a job but it’s slowly taking the shape I wanted!

  11. Hi

    Can you suggest a place where we can go with a 3 year old for June. Ideally near the beaches but where we can go out a bit in the evenings. We will be having a car.

    I know its early but i am in the planning phase for a long trip and wanted to see the possibilities.

    1. Author

      Hey Alexia, so sorry I’ve missed your message but I’m working non stop on a project about Sardinia and I wasn’t able to reply sooner! I hope you managed to get to Sardinia for your holidays and had a great time!

  12. Hiya Clelia,
    Wanted to know how baby friendly is Sardinia. We are thinking of vacationing in Sardinia in the fall (sept/oct), and we have a 10 months old baby. Do most restaurants on the island offer high chairs? Generally, how acceptable is it to bring a baby out to restaurants? Thanks!

    1. Author

      Hi Kilye! Sardinia is quite baby friendly πŸ™‚ We are part of Italy after all and we value family a lot, so you shouldn’t have issues. As for the seats for the babies, some restaurants provide them some other don’t, my suggestion is that if you can, it’s safer to bring your “baby gear” with you, so that you can fully enjoy your trip. But as a general rule, Sardinians will try to help you out in finding a solution if you have a baby and want to eat out.

      I even asked my cousin who had a baby to confirm and she said she never had any issues!
      Hope it helps!

  13. Salve Clelia,

    What a fantastic website! I am visiting Sardinia late September for 7 nights. I love nature and my husband and my 3 year old daughter love the beach :). We will have a car, where would you recommend we stay?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Author

      Hey Sandra! Wow, you guys always ask me the most difficult questions as there are so many places to visit in Sardinia that is a true paradise! If you love nature and beaches, the best combination of the 2 in Sardinia is, in my opinion, the Golfo di Orosei area. Maybe with your little daughter, it could be difficult to hike to get to the best beaches and you would have to take the boat for a trip to the best beaches around. If you think it’s too stressful for the baby, another good option is Santa Teresa Di Gallura, you will have the Town beach but you can also explore the beautiful sights around and even drive to Palau for a marvelous boat trip to the Arcipelago della Maddalena, jaw dropping for beach lovers!

      If you didn’t check out the other articles I have for Sardinia, please do so, as I list many locations with pictures and maps/itineraries for your Sardinia Holidays and that might help you in narrow down the choice!

      here you can find the link to all the articles I have about Sardinia: Sardinia Holidays Page.

      Hope it helps!

      1. Hi Clelia,

        I cannot thank you enough for your quick reply and helpful tips. After more research I think I will fly to Cagliari, hire a car and stay in Sa Tuerredda and I also plan to visit Sant Antioco Penisola. Do you think its possible in 1 week? Also do you have any B&B suggestion in Sa Tuerredda?

        Thanks in advance

  14. Hi Clelia,

    I Hope this forum is still active.
    We are traveling to Sardina in August from Australia with our 2 year old son and I am struggling to select a town to stay as they are all so amazing and unique!
    We are huge beach people and love a little night life, great restaurants and little shopping.
    We will fly into Olbia and have 4 nights on the Island.
    I guess my question is what area do you recommend and do you recommend having two nights in two locations?
    Iv already hired a car to get around and would really love to stay in apartments rather than hotels.
    I travel to Europe every year in August as I love the summer buzz so we are not at all bothered by crowds.

    Thanks in advance Clelia.

    1. Author

      Hey Amber, sorry I completely missed your comment! have you already chosen your spot in Sardinia? If not… shoot me a message and I’ll try to help!


      1. Hi Clelia,

        That’s ok, thanks for your response.

        I have however I’m still not 100% happy with my choice.

        Iv booked 2 nights in Cala Gonone and 4 in Cannigione.

        What’s your thoughts?

        I was thinking maybe San Teodoro might be a better base than Cala Gonone.

        Is Cannigione a good base or is it to isolated?

        Thanks Clelia

        1. Author

          H Amber, if you prefer a more lively environment than San Teodoro might be better than Cannigione, as Cala Gonone is quite nice in terms of Restaurants and amenities while Cannigione is quieter. So Instead of skipping Cala Gonone I’d skip Cannigione in favor of San Teodoro (which is also very close to the Olbia airport, and you could go there as your last stop)

          Hope this helps! I know it’s difficult to choose when you have so many beautiful places to choose from πŸ™‚

          Have a great time in Sardinia

  15. Cara Clelia,
    I am travelling to Sardegna with my husband and 16 month old son in August this year. I know it is not the best time to travel…but I am hoping you may be able to point me in a good direction.
    My husband is from Modena and we will be spending time in Northern Italy visiting his family first and travelling from there. We will have a car. His parents (both Modenese) will be joining us for a week.
    I am looking for an apartment on or near a quiet beach with calm waters in a small quaint town, not touristy. We still travel to Italy a couple times a year, so we don’t feel the urge to be in a known area or to sight-see. Just an urge to relax… πŸ˜‰
    My husband is overwhelmed with work and cant research and his parents aren’t familiar with that part of Italy.
    If you have a town that you think we would enjoy and a recommendation for a website with apartments. We can travel with all of our own amenities/toiletries.

    Grazie Mille and I look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Author

      Hi Jessica

      Sorry I completely missed your comment among the many I’ve received, I guess you already found your accommodation in Sardinia by now? If not, shoot me a message and I’ll try to help!


  16. Hi Clelia,
    Looking to travel to beautiful Sardinia middle of June 2017, with our little 3 year old girl. Have read all your great comments and recccomendations for locations with toddlers. I’m assuming traveling in June won’t be as busy. Where would you recommend, we will have a car.

    Many thanks…

    1. Author

      Hey Mac! June is going to be slightly less busy than July and August, but still, a bit crowded. I just spoke on the phone with my parents and they told me that this year, probably because of the good weather, the season started earlier than usual, with people on the beach from April (depending on the days as some days there were like 10 degrees and one week after 22/24 degrees!).

      So, where will I recommend? Good question! Giving that you have a toddler I guess you won’t be up for some extreme hiking adventures, probably more relaxing holidays?
      Did you have a chance to see my other article with the 9 ideas of itineraries in Sardinia divided by area? That would help you out in narrowing down your choices. Even if I still haven’t added the details for each itinerary, there is already a lot of info in there, with maps and more.

      Another article I wrote (for couples, but it turned out to be a massive guide for everyone, also divided by areas) is this one. Check these out and book asap because the best deals are going pretty fast!

      A short advice in here, since you have a baby, I would suggest shallow water beaches and areas so I would perhaps avoid some parts of the west coast (like Oristano and surroundings as there are some underwater currents and sometimes it is not safe to stay in the water. Not to scare you of course, but it will give you more peace of mind knowing that in other places like Chia, Villasimius, Stintino the water remains super shallow for more than 100 meters from the shore!)


  17. Clelia,

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing so much local information to help all of us plan amazing holidays. We are planning a trip for THIS JUNE with our boys to go scuba diving. I have two questions for you that I’m sure you will find unique πŸ˜‰

    1) Last year we traveled to Italy (Rome. Florence, Venice) for the first time in 10 years. We were very sad that we interacted with very little locals. Most tourist destinations/vendors were immigrants. Nothing against immigrants, its just we LOVE local Italians and feel our kids didn’t have the same experience we have had on our many trips all over Italy because of this. We feel that one of things that makes Italy one of our favorite destinations is the people. Is this true for Sardinia as well, or is it also run by immigrants?

    2) Is there any way to avoid topless beaches. Even though we are from Redondo Beach, California, baring it on the top is something our family is not comfortable with. Are there any beaches that require clothes and how possible is it to avoid this completely? Any beaches we should avoid?

    Thank you so much!!!!!!

    1. Author

      Hey Amy! Yes these are quite unusual questions πŸ™‚ but interesting ones!

      1) Unfortunately, when a place becomes popular with tourists it is almost always like that. In Sardinia, depending on where you go you can interact with locals even if their English skills are very bad, if you are willing to open up, smile and use hand gestures, our people are very welcoming and nice! Try to visit some small villages, go to the local bars and try to communicate. My opinion is that to interact with the locals everywhere in the world, the right place and attitude is all you need! There are a few immigrants selling bracelets and other stuff on the beach, but most of the places are locally run in Sardinia.

      2)Disclaimer: I have nothing against topless but I’m one of those reserved persons that would never do that on a beach and I also prefer being in beaches where the practice is not super common. Honestly in the past few years I haven’t seen A LOT of topless as it used to be in the past, but being the beaches free almost everywhere you can’t be sure you won’t find the occasional topless. I know that at Cala Mosca in Cagliari the practice is common but on the other beaches is not. Yet again, there is no guarantee of this I’m afraid! I haven’t even seen any sign on beach resorts (private beaches for guest only) that prohibits topless, so it’s always a bet!

      Hope that helped!

  18. I’m so sorry I misspelled your name! And thank you for any advice πŸ™‚

    1. Author

      No problem Maggie! My name is quite weird for everyone, even in Italy πŸ™‚

  19. Hello Cecelia! Thank you for a very informative article! We are planning our first trip to Sardinia in August with our two kids (they will be 2.5 and 10 months old at the time) and my little brother who will be 17. We wanna stay near a beautiful beach and a walkable town with restaurants/piazzas etc. What towns do you recommend? There are so many beautiful beaches in Sardinia, it’s so hard to choose! I know August will be busy, but we really don’t have any other time to go πŸ™ is it really THAT bad?

    1. Author

      Hey Maggie, sorry for the super late reply. Not sure whether you will be able to read my reply but here we go.

      Well August is pretty bad yes. Very crowded and some people can’t stand going to the beach and literally be 1 cm away from your neighbor πŸ™‚ I’m Sardinian and even if I don’t particularly like the crowds, I don’t mind it anymore as I spend most of my time in the water anyway!
      As for the location, I would suggest Santa Teresa di Gallura, that has a nice Village and beach, San Teodoro, or if you have the car, my favorite is Cala Gonone, even if for my standards the beach in town is not spectacular (when I say that consider that for me anything that doesn’t resemble the Maldives is …..below average!) so it might be nice for many other people instead. But with the car yo can explore a bit more and also take the boat trip to the Golfo di Orosei (if you are staying in Cala Gonone).

      I know that choosing a destination can be overwhelming when it comes to Sardinia πŸ™‚ I hope this helps


  20. Hello, Please can you give me any tips on on self catering on Sardinia. We are on a quite tight budget but we prefer as a retired couple to be private, love beaches and some sightseeing .
    Nice food and quiet location.



    1. Author

      Hey Carol, sorry for the late reply. For self-catering you mean staying in a small villetta? (not a luxury villa, in Italy we call Villetta any small house near the sea). It’s difficult to give you an advice based on the few info you gave me.. A tight budget can be a very wide range of prices. How many days? Without these info, any place can be good for you in Sardinia, except maybe for the super touristic places such as the Costa Smeralda. Also quite location usually means average beaches especially in high season and you don’t tell me which month are you going either.

      If you happen to read this reply and could give me some more info, I would be able to help you better!

  21. Hello Clelia.
    I’m planning a trip to Sardinia on August 2017,with my spouse and two daughters 3 and 8 years old
    can you recommend the best area to stay.
    We will like a nice beach for the kids,good restaurants activities and looking around.
    I will really appreciate your feedback as we are doing a long trip to Europe and a local opinion it will be awesome thank you.

    1. Author

      Hi Hellen!

      I would recommend Santa Teresa di Gallura! I created a personalize itinerary for a family recently and they loved it! The beach is great and convenient and the location is strategic to set a base and explore the nearby areas both in the east part (there is a big aquapark in Baja Sardinia, near Arzachena) and lovely beaches all around! I have another article called Sardinia for couples where I talk about the area a bit more. Even if the title is misleading, the informations are good for everyone:) You can read it in here if you haven’t already!


  22. Good day Clelia.
    Great site and very useful comments. Thank you for all the information provided already.
    We will be staying at Sardinia in the Coda Cavallo region and Costa Esmeralda region beginning of September. Bringing a 4 month old and a 3 year old. I would like to see some history. Is there something you could recommend to visit with small children?

    Kind regards

  23. Hi Clelia,
    I am considering visiting beautiful Sardinia at exactly the busiest time at the start of August for around 10 days, which I know is not recommended, however we have an opportunity to do a house swap in old town Alghero, which is very tempting. We could possibly get there in the last week of July instead, if you think it would make a big difference?
    We will have our car with us, but we will not want to drive too far from Alghero if we are staying back there each night, so that will be a little limiting. Can you suggest some day trips from there please?
    We are a family of three , originally from Australia, including myself, my husband and our 12 year old son. We are currently based in the divine South of France. The idea of seeing your lovely country at that time, is to escape the crowds and heat of our little village here, and to have an adventure in a new place , but if Sardinia will be the same, maybe we should delay our trip altogether. What are your thoughts please?
    We do truly love Italy!

    1. Author

      Hi Michelle

      Thanks for your comment! I know, Sardinia can be very tempting πŸ™‚ I’ll be honest with you (as I always am!) you will find it difficult to escape the crowds in July / August in Sardinia. Especially in big towns like Alghero and maybe visiting the most famous beaches and attractions. It all depends on what you are expecting really. If you imagine semi-deserted beaches then no, is not going to happen. I wish they were, but everyone wants that during peak season (but when a place is a true paradise there is no other way to enjoy it other than sharing it with the others).

      As a local I can say that this obviously used to bother me, but I had to come to terms with it. I’m lucky enough to have been born in here and I can enjoy some fantastic places, but it is what it is in high season. There is not much escape from the crowds I’m afraid!

      I’ve never been to the south of France so I don’t even have any way to compare the two and tell you that is still worth to come here even with the crowds. It’s such a pity tough, being from Australia, the journey to come to Europe is a long one and, crowds or not, all I can say is that Sardinia is really worth it. Now people might think that I’m biased because I’m a local, but everyone who visited fell in love with the Island and even went back for the second and third time (some people come back every year!).

      I know I haven’t been very helpful but the ultimate decision is obviously yours!
      Italy is indeed a lovely country πŸ™‚


  24. Hi, IΒ΄m looking for a beach resort to take the family, I have two little girls, one is 4 the other 1,5. IΒ΄m looking for calm shallow water and a hotel with all-included or full-pension service, I would like a 3-4 star hotel but without too high prices. Thankyou in advance

  25. Hi, I am sending you a gentle reminder, as per your suggestion, that you have not responded to my request for info. I hope you can guide me in the right direction. Thank you again. Wanda Hedgepath

  26. I am so overwhelmed by all the choices in Sardinia. My husband, 9 yr. old daughter and myself would be travelling late August/September 2016 for 2 weeks. I was wondering if we could just stay in only 2 areas (different hotels/apts.) and have a nice relaxing beach vacation, visiting some cute towns and some historical sites. I was hoping you could suggest 2 diverse areas to stay in that would give us a good taste of Sardinia. I will be renting a car. Also, I am thinking about visiting Rome for a week and then flying to Sardinia. If we do that where do you suggest we base ourselves (1 place)? My husband is not one to tour every day. It is usually rest, sight see, rest (at hotel) sight see. Also, can it be significantly cheaper to fly into rome, take a flight to Sardinia and return the same way? We are leaving from Newark Airport (EWR).

    I would love to hear back from you since you have such a love for your country and are also so knowledgeable. Thank you. Wanda

  27. Hi, I’ve been going a bit wild looking for a nice, near-a-calm-clear-water-beach, with-a-pool hotel for a family of four (2 adults and 2 small kids). We will fly into Cagliari and stay for a week. Will have a car. But I’d love to find a place (mid-range or higher) that is walking distance to a beach and also some restaurants. I’ve looked at Costa del Rei and Villasimius, but just not sure where to go.

    Any advice?

  28. Hello!
    Love reading your articles.
    We are travelling to Sardinia the 10th of oktober and will stay for one week.
    We arrive at Alghero and are planning to stay the last nights there. We are thinking of going straight to the east coast to stay there the first half of the week.
    We have been looking at Orosei or Cala Gonone. Since se are staying in October we are a bit unsure if there are a lot of restaurant open. Which village is best in October? Or do you think some other place is better for us to stay?
    We are travelling with two kids 4 and 7 years old. We plan to rent a car.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Author

      Hi Marta,

      October might be trickier for the boat trips but if you are staying in a village like Orosei or Cala Gonone you shouldn’t have any problem. I went to Orosei recently and the restaurants are usually open all year round for the locals, with the benefit that they won’t be as crowded as in high season!
      Orosei tends to be quieter than Cala Gonone in low season, but even in Cala Gonone don’t expect a lot going on in October. Since you have 2 kids, I doubt you will be looking for crazy partying and the quietness of the villages can be a bonus for you to really enjoy the real Sardinian vibe! (And the Golfo di Orosei area is one of the best for this!)


  29. We have 2 children aged 5 and 3 we would be flying into Olbia, could you recommend a good area to stay in? We will be hiring a car and would want an apartment.
    Thanking in advance xx

    1. Author

      Hi Amy,

      So sorry I’ve missed your comment (and a few others), as I always say..if you see that I don’t reply in a few days, feel free to add a reminder so that I’ll get it on my email and try to reply to everyone. Not an easy task but I’m doing my best! πŸ™‚

  30. Hi!

    We’re looking for a vacation in the beginning of September.
    We’re a family with 2 small girls (will be 1+4 months and 4 months in Sep.).
    We’re interested in renting a place walking distance from the beach which has a market nearby for buying food.

    Is what you wrote here good for such young children too?
    How can we get around easily with the kids (strollers, car seats, etc.)? How do we get to-from the airport?
    Does the Residence Hotel Lu Nibareddu you recommended have apartments with full kitchens? What about other options?


    1. Author

      Hi Elan, sorry I missed your message..
      I hope you sorted out your holiday smoothly!

      As for your question, I still reply in case it might help other people with similar doubts.
      The hotel Lu Nibareddu offers the Hotel Formula for its residence. If you check out their website you can read this:

      “Hotel Formula means that we will accommodate you in apartments with kitchenette, bathroom and veranda included breakfast, half board or full board, bed linen and towels, cleaning every two days, TV, water and costs of electricity and gas.

      All Services: β€’ Free shuttle bus to the beach (01/06-30/09) β€’ Free parking near the beach and all the apartments of the village β€’ Swimming pool (01/05-19/10) β€’ Wifi Zone Free β€’ Tour Desk: organized tours and excursions β€’ Football or tennis court β€’ Restaurant-pizzeria BBQ β€’ Seaview Restaurant La Tavernetta β€’ Panoramic Beach Bar “Tavernetta Beach” β€’ Reception”

      So you’ll have a kitchenette and free shuttle bus to the beach which is perfect for families with babies, or if you have the car, the free parking also comes in handy! This is why I recommended it as a good choice for families!

      Hope it helps!

  31. Hi – I was hoping you may be able to give some much needed advice! We are visiting Sardinia next month and would like some tips on where to take and entertain 4 children (aged from 6 – 12). I would like to visit a town but not sure if this would be boring for them. We are based about 40mins from Olbia, is the forest you mention near there? do you have any sites for the tours there?

    1. Author

      Hi Kerry,

      Once again, apologies as I totally miss this whole section of messages! I hope you had a great stay!

      I reply to your message in the hope it will help some other people for next year!
      near Olbia, if you have kids, there is the famous Aqua Park in Baja Sardinia where the children will definitely be entertained!

      The towns can be a little boring for them, unless you go somewhere nice where they have musicians or some kind of entertainment on the streets.

      I went to Orosei in July and the main road was a great place for kids, with games karaoke, dancing on the streets…it was amazing and I saw the children having a lot of fun! This kind of things are quite usual in the villages during high season (especially during the evenings), so you can visit a city/village with the promise of some fun for the kids before/after dinner time.. A good compromise for the whole family πŸ™‚


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  34. Hi,

    I was wondering if you could help me. I’m a little concerned because I have booked an 8 night holiday in Sardinia but my husband and I don’t drive and I have been told it’s much better to have a car in Sardinia. We are coming at the end of May this year, 2015. We are arriving in Olbia with our two children. What is the taxi service like in Sardinia? I was thinking of Isola Rossa but the places on air bnb don’t look very nice. Do you know of any resorts in that area?

    Thank you,

    1. Author

      Hi Samantha,
      Unfortunately,taxis in Sardinia are not exactly a great option to travel, they are expensive and only available in the big cities. Your alternative would be using the bus service. Usually they are quite decent in the northern part of Sardinia but to travel from Olbia Airport to Isola Rossa it would take 4 hours. It depends if you enjoy a more “adventurous” holiday (at least when traveling is concerned), then the bus can be an option to see some interesting views, but not ideal with the kids…
      If you still want to go there, I know of a great Hotel called “Hotel Corallo” (you can click on the link and see for yourself.

      Otherwise, another option would be to stay closer to Olbia, either you can head to San Teodoro, which is very easy to reach by bus (only 40 minutes) or stay even closer near Arzachena or Cannigione. From there you can explore the area by bus, here is a timetablee for the service from Olbia to Arzachena, passing trough Baja Sardinia (where you can visit the famous aquapark) and the Costa Smeralda Area, so it would be quite convenient for you. You could also reach Palau and get on a day trip to visit the marvellous Arcipelago della Maddalena (I love that trip!)

      To see the most convenient Hotels and resorts you can check out in here for Arzachena, Cannigione and San Teodoro, which are in my opinion, your best options to have a stress free vacation without using the car! I love this website and use it all the times to book my trips as you can cancel last minute without any penalty, and they offer a great deal of places (especially in Sardinia!)

      I hope it helps!
      And by the way, I’m currently in Sardinia and the weather is fabulous right now, people are already going to the beach πŸ™‚


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