Do you plan to travel in the United States? How about taking a train ride? You may not know that the country has the largest rail network in the world, followed by China and Russia. In passenger transport, there are more than 30 routes connecting 500 destinations in 46 US states. Not to mention that the train has become one of the most important, fun and relevant option in  today’s world (I love traveling by train, one of my favorite mode of transport!)


One of the main advantages of traveling by train is the convenience, once embarked and disembarked at central stations; you can eliminate the need to travel to distant airports, which is almost always synonymous for waste of money and time. Furthermore, the trains are modern, with plenty of space and some routes offer extra services such as free Internet access, restaurants, and even lounges. Talking about comfort! 🙂

Did you like these advantages? Then continue reading this article because I will tell you how to plan your trip enumerating some of the points you need to consider when traveling. And I bet you will want to get a train ticket for your next vacation!




– When planning a trip by train in the United States always remember that is more expensive to buy last minute tickets, there are websites that will help you  in finding the best price and schedule for your trip, one of the most complete is GoTicket, check it out!

The majority of the train tickets offer free extra services like unlimited internet, as well as  check-in luggage. Some of the wagons are super quiet if you need to have some work done  (talking or using the mobile is strictly prohibited in these special areas).

The most popular routes like  New York to Washington or  Boston to New York provide several  trains running at all hours, almost 24 hours per day. For longer journeys, such as from Columbus to Charlotte or from Houston to Los Angeles there are only a few trains per day.



To economize on hotel nights, book a night train. It is possible to get a bed by paying a bit more than a normal seat for extra comfort (or sleep in the chair, if you want to save money). This gives you more time to wander and explore the places during the day to reach your destination, rather than waste a day traveling.

Pay attention to the limit of luggage on trains: Many of the routes in the United States allow you one or two bags with a weight limit of 23kg, with the following measurements: 71cm x 55cm x 35cm.

Do not pay more for travel in business class: The first class of a train does not amount to the same as on a plane. Even if you have longer seats and more space to stretch your legs, a first-class ticket can be worth up to 60% more expensive than a second-class train ticket. Not always worth it unless you have very specific requirements.


Check your bags:  Many trains make stops along the way and there will be people who get on and off the train so I’d recommend you to always pay attention to your stuff, it’s always best to have the luggage always very close or stored in a place where you can see it at all times. There are insurance policies offering coverage for train journeys for a very small price starting from 5 USD.

Children friendly: There is more space for children to move around the wagons (more than in other vehicles such as cars, buses, and planes). Most of the seats in the trains have a table in between, very useful so the kids can use for coloring and playing, which means less stress for you!
The next time you go on holiday think about using a train, it’s definitely  a great and somehow unconventional way to get to your destination, which I find to be very cool and relaxing, especially if you compare it with the most stressful atmosphere of roads and airports. Auchhh (hating the airports lately!).


Happy travels 🙂

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