LUXURY TUSCANY: An Unforgettable Weekend In An Amazing Villa! (I Madly Fell In Love!)



Dream no more: This is IT!

How could you simply go to sleep when you can enjoy an amazing pool all for yourself?

Villa Le Maschere is an old Villa, converted into a fantastic Hotel and wellness center that has everything you could dream of…and more!

If you read my blog you know that I’m a weird creature. I can go crazy for a month of camping on the road, looking like a dirty homeless person as well as dreaming (and going) to super fancy places, with a sweet spot for SPA’s and Infinity pools.

Hell, I have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to this topic! Today I will be walking my memory lane as last August I put on my “Pretty Woman costume” and I headed to the lovely Tuscany countryside for a weekend I’ll never forget!

Since many people already saw a few pictures on my social media and emailed me asking  for more info (and pictures), there you go! Below are some of the hundreds  of images I took during my stay at the Villa and during my wandering around the areas and villages nearby.

Enjoy the tour!

Villa Le Maschere: Am I dreaming?!

Villa Le Maschere is located near the Florence airport in the Mugello area, surrounded by the beautiful Tuscany Hills, a perfect setting that will let you feel like a real princess (or price of course, let’s not discriminate!).

Do you remember when Julia Roberts entered the super Luxury Hotel accompanied by Edward (Richard Gere)? Well my reaction entering Villa Le Maschere was pretty similar to hers (except for the cursing and the prostitute dress) 😀

The hall is majestic, finely decorated with sofas, sculptures and flowers. I stood there in awe for a second, slapping my face to make sure I wasn’t dreaming it!

Nope, it was all real! The picture on the left is one of the many spectacular rooms located on the ground floor, used to host gala dinners in the past and now a passage to the other areas of the property.


Saying that this is paradise is an understatement! Look for yourself..

Usually when you mention an infinity pool you immediately associated it with a blue color and 90% of the time during the daylight. Well,  Villa le Maschere is special even when it comes to its pools! 

They have not one, but 2 pools: one is directly connected to the indoor one, through a set of sliding doors (more on that heavenly place below!), and the second one is a few meters below the first one, directly facing an incredible panorama of green hills and lakes.

To make things even more special, if the pool during the day has its usual turquoise color, as you can see, by night it turns bright red. One night after dinner I decided to take a walk and enjoy the full moon overlooking the pool side of the property, I was in awe.

This isn’t something you see every day. It was a magical, breath-taking experience. 

Me sitting in front of both the pools. You can see the first one up, communicating with the SPA and the second facing the hills (on my back)

First pool, you can see the light coming from the inside pool on the left and you can swim from the indoor to the outdoor pool!

This is the second Infinity Pool, facing the hills, where I took the time to admire the moon rising. Such a peaceful place!

In my personal opinion, the night version of the pools is even more magical, but if you’re curious to see them during the day… there you go! 

On the left, I used a picture taken by Elisa, another blogger who also had the privilege to experience this amazing experience. Here is a recap she wrote on her blog (even if you don’t understand Italian, the pictures speak for themselves!)

So why don’t I have a picture like hers, swimming in that fabulous pool? Because I guess there must be someone quite envious of me visiting this dreamy place, and I felt ill (just for 1 day, quite weird), with high fever &co.

Luckily for me I recovered pretty quickly (thanks to a massive dose of paracetamol) as I couldn’t miss the SPA day for anything in the world. No jokes. I’m all about wellness centers and SPAs!


The place where I truly belong!

If it were for me I would have stayed there at lest 1 week in a row. Well, no… let’s make it a month!

At the wellness center, they offer so many treatments, relaxing massages and the indoor heated pool is the perfect place to relax and still enjoy the view even during the cold winter months, when swimming outside wouldn’t be such an enjoyable experience!


Feeling like a princess all the way!

The rooms at Villa le Maschere are simply amazing. Mine in particular was special and they couldn’t have chosen a better one  for me. Downstairs a super comfy bed, with a window overlooking the park and the green Tuscany hills and lakes.

Upstairs a “relaxing” area with sofas and a ceiling painted in bright colors. I spend a whole afternoon (when recovering from my sudden fever outburst) laying down in there and admiring the whole room from upstairs.

We also had a chance to visit some of the other rooms, in particular the master bedroom on the top floor with its majestic Jacuzzi and incredible view, and another room, which was actually a whole apartment, with a living room area and windows facing both sides of the Villa.


The perfect location to discover the beautiful Tuscany surrounding areas

The Villa is strategically located to offer you not only its incredible luxury vibe, but also give you the unmissable opportunity to discover some lovely villages nearby and, why not… enjoy a golf course (if you haven’t already tried it) or practice a little bit while on holiday!

We headed to Una Poggio Dei Medici Golf  club to give it a shot (literally!). In my case, it was my first time and it was so much fun, even considering that I managed to hit (very weakly, might I add) one ball out of… 20?!

Oh, the laughter! I didn’t think that playing golf could be physically challenging, but my arms and hands were sore the whole day after the game. Still worth the try, not to mention that cruising around the green field with the special “golf cars” was already a relaxing experience on its own.

Ay Una Poggio Dei Medici they offered us lunch, a delicious “Pappa al Pomodoro”, typical Italian dish and we managed to enjoy their pool in the afternoon.

Spot the differences: The Professional golfer…

…and clumsy little me, trying my best to at least hit the ball!

Delicious “Pappa al pomodoro”, if you happen to visit Tuscany, you can’t miss this dish!


And the ancient art of knife making

A traditional “knife-making shop” in Scarperia – Tuscany

In Italy, traditions are a very big deal and your weekend at Villa Le Maschere could not be completed without a visit to the lovely village of Scarperia, with a stop to Pietro’s old shop, which is now open just for the purpose of showing people the ancient art of knife making.

Pietro is a skilled, colorful and very Italian character, who happily showed us how the artisans used to patiently craft beautiful knives before the modern industry took over the traditions.

It was a fascinating visit, the laboratory, the fire to soften the metal and forge the knives and all the instruments in display. A very special soft light surrounded that “bottega” (as we call it in Italy) making it for a truly memorable cultural experience.

Pietro the knife maker, waiting for us in front of his “bottega”

Some of his old instruments hanging on the wall inside the shop

After visiting the knives bottega, we had a chance to stroll around the streets of Scarperia, such a lovely, serene and very typically Italian small village, with its old doors, narrow streets and the famous “Palazzo Dei Vicari” where you can admire a permanent knives (and swords) exhibition, as well as seeing the old rooms still finely decorated.

A typical door in Scarperia

 Palazzo Dei Vicari facade 


And more info for you!

If you love the Italian vibe (who doesn’t?!)  the relaxing Tuscany countryside and you want to have an experience like no other, mixing luxury, wellness and culture, there is no better place than Villa Le Maschere!

Some people asked me how could they book a stay with them and other information regarding my experience. I believe that the best way to plan your stay (or an event like a wedding or any other important celebration) at Villa Le Maschere is checking out their website or contacting them by phone.

They will give you all the additional info you need for a perfect stay! 🙂

Official Website: Villa Le Maschere

Address: Via Nazionale, 75, 50031, Barberino di Mugello (Florence)

Telephone: +39 055 847431

Other Info: Florence Airport is 35 km away and Florence city is 40 Km away

I Hope you will have the time to visit this amazing gem in Italy and I wish you an incredibly relaxing stay!

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