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Countdown: Two  weeks to my trip and I’d like to spread a bit of love and thank you’s!


Even if I am still at home, patiently (well…big word!) awaiting to take off for my trip, I already feel part of the travelers “family”.

So, before I hit the road  and everything becomes hectic, confusing and overwhelming, here is a list  of few people/blogs that gave me a big help in terms of inspiration during the madness of organizing my trip.

They all cheered me up and gave me so much enthusiasm  with their words  and their support.  THANKS A LOT GUYS, I valued your help more than you can imagine!





Savannah Grace: 


I  loved this girl since the first time we talked! A very young, sweet and yet  wise woman and a talented author.  I found her on a travel blog we were both following and, reading her profile on FB I discovered that she wrote an amazing  book: Sihpromatum – I Grew my Boobs in China (check it out! it’s a best seller now).

We started talking casually about it and I was swept away by her enthusiasm! I decided to buy her book and it was so fascinating and inspiring that I asked her an interview (coming soon on these screens! 🙂 Really excited about it!

I’m so happy that I  found her, we’ve been talking for only a  month or so but we have an incredible connection, and I love her like the little sister I never had! (even if she’s wiser than me most of the times). I  hope that we can finally meet in person in Thailand or the Philippines.

I’ll be keeping an eye on you girl, even from the road. I will miss our chats whilst I am away and I’m SURE you’ll have an amazing future ahead of u! YOU ROCK GIRL!



Jaime Davila:


I don’t actually remember how I bumped into Jaime’s “breakaway Backpacker” blog. The only thing I know is that I loved it immediately, subscribed to it and started to stalk him like a real psyco!

Every single article was so funny,  emotional and useful and I thought wow, this guy must know something! he is totally putting himself out there, and he writes about his life and emotions without filters (which is something you DON’T see quite often, at least not at this level).

So I started reading his blog regularly and he kept me entertained during all these months with his sense of humour and  his troubled love story in Cairo!

I decided to write to him  to get some advice about my trip and ,despite he write some very spicy posts, he is actually a saint!  He replied to me as soon as he could with all the details I needed and very kind words of support.

So Jaime, here is my public THANK YOU, for all your time and patience, because it is not for everyone to be this kind, also considering the audience you have and the many emails you receive very day. Best of luck for everything!


Now the ist of blogs that I absolutely loved reading during these months of preparation.

There are so many and I will make a separate list of all the ones I know of. These are the ones I’m checking out more frequently right now:



I’m not listing them here to get feedbacks or anything else. They don’t even know that I’m writing this list.I simply find it nice to write a post  that I can read again, maybe in one year, and it will bring back all the nice memories and emotions that I had whilst still dreaming of traveling the world like them.

If you have other nice websites to suggest, write me an email/comment/whatever! I’d love to hear about them.


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