From “I know it all” travel expert to ” I want my mommy” in 4 months!

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Warning: this post has completely changed since the first time I wrote it in August, when I created a category  called “tips for trips” and had a completely wrong idea about blogs.

When I decided to create this blog, I had 3 main reasons in mind:


  • It is cool and everyone has one.
  • I could give some advice to people who want to travel around the world.
  • I could keep in touch with family and friends.


So, what happened after 4 months that made me completely change my mind?


Well, I guess that starting to plan my trip for real, as well as taking care of all the technical (and emotional) aspects of it, has given me a better idea of how the reality is different from what I had imagined.

Not necessarily in a bad way, it is simply different.

I  realized that “writing for other people” was not gonna cut it . It was NOT FOR ME (at least not at that point of my life).
I’m not a Journalist, or a novelist and I’m not even close to be a writer. So it is not so cool to have a blog just for the reason that I’m going to travel the world.

Yes, my experience is going to be BIG, I haven’t any doubts about it. But there are so many people out there already doing it and a blogging about it.

And some of these bloggers gave me a good example of what it means writing just because one wants to. For pure passion.

So, for now,  the only thing I need to achieve by writing in here is  to express how I feel about my adventure and interact with like – minded people. Travelers, bloggers or whoever has a big dream and is in the process of realizing it.

It doesn’t  matter if I don’t become popular in the community straight away. This is not the reason why I’m writing right now.

Of course I don’t deny that the idea of having someone following my crazy rants would be great but is not essential at this stage.

I am just happy to have someone to share my experiences and my emotions with, that’s it!

The second reason  why I wanted to open a blog looks almost ridiculous in my eyes right now.


I wanted to give some tips to other travelers (I even created a category called “tips for trips”)…OH REALLY?! on which bases?
The more I think about it, the more the idea sounds crazy and so out of place.


Yeah sure, I know how to book a plane, pack my stuff decently and how to save money, but at the moment I am the one who really needs some  good advice!
So this is a request to whoever is traveling and wants to do some volunteering job. I NEED HELP:) no seriously, contact me or write me a message in here and I will be grateful to you forever!

Last but not least…the bitter part of it all.


The naive idea of using this blog to interact with my family and friends.

Well, I can’t really complain about my friends, they have all been amazing and  really supportive so far, I was actually quite surprised by a few of them and this made me incredibly happy.

Sadly my family has been the biggest disappointment so far.

I tried several times to involve them in my project and proudly showed them my blog. I even installed a plugin to translate my posts in Italian, as they don’t know a word of English.

In 4 months they never opened the website, not even ONCE. They simply refuse to listen, to ask any question travel or blog related and they don’t want  to get involved too much. This hurts me very much to be honest, and it’s putting a shade over my enthusiasm.

I know that this is something big for them, I also understand their concerns about my safety and that they are probably trying to avoid the subject at all costs.

I know all that, and I’m trying to accept it as a natural consequences of my choices.  But some times it is quite hard to swallow the disappointment. You would expect your loved ones to be excited and supportive when it comes to your dreams.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, maybe I’m not communicating with them as I should.

But I’m new to this and I don’t know how to approach the whole situation. I have so many fears and mixed emotions  and yet I feel completely alone in my journey towards the biggest dream of my life.

So that’s it. That’s how I completely changed my mind about my blog.


I turned myself from an automatic distributor of non requested advice to a simple, down to earth, scared girl.


Things changed a lot for me, and I can’t help but wonder: If they changed so much in just 4 months and whilst only planning my trip, what is going to happen when I will actually leave?

This scares me big time  but excites me too…I guess I just have to wait and see what happens.

In the meantime, Thanks for reading and helping me with your suggestions, they are very welcome!

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