Koh Tao Travel Guide: Where To Go, What To See!

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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Koh Tao! When I moved to Thailand, after my crazy engagement in Bali, I settled down in a small village near Chumphon, only 2 hours away from Koh Tao. Needless to say, it was very easy for me to reach this fantastic island and I've been there so many ...

The power of wrong choices: 3 huge mistakes that lead me to my dream trip

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“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.” ―    Mahatma Gandhi Sometimes our mistakes are just a smart  tool for the subconscious to point us to our real dreams. Today, being a very SPECIAL DAY, I decided to  open up and reveal 3 of my biggest mistakes, and why …

Helping children in need. Please take 5 min break to read this….


WHY SHOULD YOU READ THIS?  Last December I received an email from one of my friends and colleague at work, Elisa Fava. I already mentioned her as one of my sources of inspiration for my trip. She bravely took off for 5 months travelling and volunteering in South America. When she …

Come sono riuscita a conservare 16.000 Dollari in 5 mesi!

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Il PERCHE ‘DI QUESTO ARTICOLO Nei giorni scorsi sono andata per le vaccinazioni finali (5 in 1 giorno!) e per ritirare la patente di guida internazionale in vista dei  miei pazzi giri  in motoretta in  giro per il mondo. Quando ho spiegato i miei progetti, in entrambi gli uffici mi hanno …

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Photography day: MY NEW YORK

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  Ah New York! I dreamed about visiting this city so many times! It has always been my wonderland, my number one city, my ultimate American Dream. I still remember the day I booked the flight as it was yesterday. I kept reading it all day long: LONDON HEATRHOW——–>NEW YORK JFK… aka …

L’angolo Italiano di Keep Calm and travel – Little Italy around the World!

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ARRIVANO MAGDA E FURIO A KEEP CALM AND TRAVEL! Quando ho aperto questo blog mi sono trovata davanti ad una scelta: scrivere in Italiano o in inglese? Ovviamente sarebbe stato piu facile mettere in piedi un sito in Italiano. Probabilmente la mia mitica Prof di Inglese (che saluto caramente visto …

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What I’ve Packed For My RTW Trip: The List.

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TRAVEL PACKING LIST ESSENTIALS:   Finally, after reading 1 million blogs about packing, is my turn to put all my belongings for 1 year of travels in my bag! I attempted packing and un-packing  6/7 times before reaching a decent result! They say practice makes you perfect but  I’m still …

RTW trip: How we planned the Itinerary!

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“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”  Saint Augustine was right. I indeed want to read more pages of this fascinating book. In my case a very specific book: THE SOUTH EAST ASIA TRAVEL GUIDE!  But today I’m stealing Saint Augustine’s metaphor to introduce …