Staying connected in a large, foreign country such as Spain, is often considered to be the number one worry for ex-pats. Whilst this is because many works remotely and over the internet, others simply value being able to Facetime their parents and Google places to visit.

Being connected can be an important bridge when moving countries. Companies such as Tiekom recognize this need by providing broadband, mobile plans, and entertainment solutions – the three cornerstones of staying connected.

Broadband and SIM

One of the most important things in preventing homesickness for overseas ex-pats is being to communicate with your loved ones back home. This can be done either through having broadband in the accommodation you’re staying at or with a SIM for a mobile phone in Spain. 

Broadband is less versatile as it will only ever provide WiFi within the home. However, the amount of data the user can use is a lot more than SIM cards, so both are needed if you work stream a lot of shows or download. It may be worth monitoring how much you currently use at home.

 If you consume under 30GB of data per month, focus on getting a SIM – this may be enough. Most phones have a tethering feature, meaning you can use your mobile as a WiFi hotspot if necessary. 

Getting a SIM is extra important for Brits now. Whilst Britain was in the EU, data from domestic SIMs could be used in Spain like at home. After Brexit, they will go back to being charged overseas fees unless they get an international/Spanish SIM.

Entertainment In Spain (Via Mobile/TV)

An important part of staying connected is also entertainment. No matter how much you enjoy traveling or Spanish culture, you’re always going to crave some of the TV and entertainment that you’re used to.

Using the SIM and/or broadband set-up, ex-pats can make use of IPTV in Spain, which is a means to get worldwide TV in Spain through using the internet.

This can be a game-changer for those currently bored of their terrestrial Spanish TVs, as it can be a way to access hundreds of British, German, and worldwide TV channels.

This is great because it’s live TV; something that Netflix and Youtube cannot offer. With the Euros just ending and the Olympics just starting, we can see the value of having commentary of your favorite sports in your mother tongue.

Final words about staying connected when traveling To Spain

If you have only just moved to Spain, there can be a certain pressure to learn the language and indulge in local culture. This isn’t a bad thing, and a great way to do this is by watching Spanish TV, speaking to locals, and so on.

However, don’t feel as if you must punish yourself into isolation, as keeping in contact with family and domestic entertainment can be a great way to prevent homesickness, loneliness, and culture shock.

If you’re looking to stay connected, then the first thing to do is find a SIM that will offer plenty of data in Spain. Having mobile internet in Spain can help get you out of trouble, help you work, and even be a replacement for broadband.

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