Want to spend some time traveling across the world? Or just go on a fantastic vacation? You don’t have to be wealthy to travel, but you will need to be resourceful in your budget preparation. Here’s how to go about it.

Whether you’re planning a luxury vacation, a city break, a package holiday, or a budget hiking trip, travel is rather expensive. In this guide, you’ll find budgeting advice, unusual ways to make money, and money-saving tactics.

On one of my many adventures, traveling around Slovenia with a vintage campervan, awesome experience!

While it may seem strange to consider ways to save money for a trip amid a global pandemic, it has some surprising advantages.

Giving yourself a definite goal can be a huge source of comfort during these uncertain times. So, here’s how to start budgeting wisely so you can take that once-in-a-lifetime trip in the not-too-distant future.

Here is how I saved 16K $ To travel the world (and helped me enormously to set me up for a life on the road for 7 long years!)

Separate Your Travel Money from Regular Cash 


You can use an old-fashioned savings jar or open a savings account with your bank (you might even get a small amount of interest from the bank on the money you’ve saved).

Once you’ve decided how much money you’ll need to save for travel, keep these savings separate from your everyday accounts to help you avoid spending it wherever possible. In any case, keep track of how much money you’ve saved so far to stay motivated as you work toward your vacation money goals.

Get a Job or Take on Extra Shifts at Work

If you already have a job, that’s fantastic! Wherever possible, see if you can take up more shifts. Let your boss know you want to make more money, and he or she will think of you the next time they need help with anything, or someone calls in sick.

If you don’t already have a job, look for part-time or temporary work (depending on how long you plan to travel for). If you’re having trouble finding work or want to supplement your current income, consider working one or more jobs.

If you’re considering part-time or temporary work, explore opportunities in various sectors that align with your skills and interests.

For instance, you might want to explore positions such as a barista, where your friendly demeanor and excellent customer service skills could shine.

Crafting a compelling resume using a barista job description template can help you stand out in the competitive job market.”

Prepare Your Travel Documents Yourself


You can take passport or visa photos at home without worrying about official specs or spending a lot of money. If you already have a good-quality selfie, just add it to an easy passport photo app for PC and make your photo comply with all the requirements.

Change your wallpaper background to a monochrome one, remove unwanted details, and change your clothes to a more formal outlook – all of that is done with a few clicks. Alternatively, you would have spent about $15 for just a couple of ID photos at Walgreens.

Keep Track of Your Financial Objectives

It’s critical to evaluate how easy—or difficult—it was to fulfill your budgeting goals at the end of each month. If you’re having trouble meeting your savings goals, you may need to cut back on how much you save each month or find a way to free up more cash.

If you discover you’re saving more than you anticipated, adjust your budget and try to save even more. The challenge is to set a budgeting goal that is difficult enough to push you to be frugal with your money but not so complicated that it feels unattainable and discourages you from doing it.

Hold Up On Going to SPAs

Luxury is pleasurable, but spas are too expensive and indulge your overspending tendencies. Massages, peels, and mani-pedis will cost you money, and they will not help you get back on the road any faster. Save money on the life-changing luxury of long-term travel by skipping the short-term luxury of self-pampering.

Check Your Mobile Contract 


Check the monthly cost of your contract. Is this the same as the amount you’re billed each month? If not, find out why. Next, consider when your contract expires. If your contract has already expired, switch to a Sim Only contract to save up to £30 per month.

Check your allowances to see what you’re using a lot of, then contact your provider to see if your plan can be changed to better suit your requirements (and hopefully save you money).

Use a comparison website to see if you may save money by switching to a different network. Look for ones that provide discounted prices for use overseas if you’re going on a trip.

Reduce Your Consumption of Coffee Drinks

It may be hard to live without coffee, and coffee shops are an important location for many people to socialize, learn, and work, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on it! Consider drinking drip coffee instead of that super mocha grande with extra espresso shots.

Choose Home Cooking Instead of Takeouts

You can save money by making your meals rather than buying them ready-made. When people want to save money for their travel excursions, they do precisely that.

You don’t have to give up great coffee or delectable avocado toast if you cook them yourself. Cooking for yourself, especially for lunch and dinner, can save you anywhere from $6 to $11 per meal.

If you previously spent all of your time dining out, cooking for yourself might save you anywhere. It’s a skill that can help you make a decent living. It’s also entertaining.


Explore Free and Cheap Entertainment

Invite pals over for a movie night at your house instead of spending too much money at a club or movie theater. Get outside and take a walk instead of wasting time on cable TV. Go to a museum, aquarium or zoo. Many of them waive admission fees on certain days. 

Cut Back on Your Excess Utilities

When you can enjoy the outdoors while running, hiking, or doing bodyweight exercises, there’s no need to join a gym. You don’t need the most up-to-date Smartphone.

No, you don’t need to buy new clothes every month. You don’t need five different shades of lipstick. By utilizing a fan or wearing a sweater, you can lower your utility costs, such as the temperature in your home. Unplug electronics when not in use.

These tips will assist you in saving money and making your dream vacation come true. As a result, you’ll be able to meet your savings goals sooner. Keep track of your expenditures and continue to reduce discretionary spending.

The more you do it, the more money you’ll save and the faster you’ll be on your way. Start making tiny adjustments today to save money for travel and reach your desired destination. 

Do you have any more tricks to save money to travel? Leave a comment below!

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