Traveling is a very common obsession and a hobby amongst people of all ages. Exploring new places, countries, and famous landmarks becomes more appealing when accompanied by family and friends; however, solo traveling and backpacking have their pleasures too.

I know a thing or two about traveling solo around the world for many years 🙂

Taking perfect shots on mobiles and cameras is one way to preserve your travel memories and the time spent with your most loved ones to be remembered & cherished later in life.

Some travelers can also love to capture a glimpse of new people, cultures, and cuisines during their adventures.

In the past, a single wooden-framed picture dangling in the center of the room was a perfect reminder of a special journey or an unforgettable event. Today with modern technology and a bit of creativity, we have come a far way and have a lot more means to preserve our travel memories and memoirs.

Ready? Find six of the best and most creative ways to preserve your travel memories in this article. Only the best, most modern, unique, and long-lasting ideas have been chosen for you. So check them out!

Get a Travel Scratch Map & Pin Map


Do you like to keep track of where you’ve been around the world? Then nothing beats a good scratch-off map to keep your memories for the future. You can get a scratch map from Amazon or other online websites to scratch away your world tour and never let your memories fade away.

Scratch mapping is not only a stylish way to keep a recollection of your destinations but a creative challenge for travelers as well. Back at home, you can also hang the map in your favorite room and keep scratching to reveal the color underneath your last visited destination; a very creative and decorative way of preserving your memories on a map.

Develop a Paper or Digital Scrapbook Album


Although digital scrapbooking is obviously the quickest way to create a scrapbook for your travel recollection, the classic paper scrapbook stands the test of time as the best way to preserve your photos in quite a nostalgic and romantic way.

When using digital scrapbooking, you need to find a scrapbook maker and select your best photographs and awesome videos,  add your favorite write-up, and here you go. However, the engagement provided by paper scrapbooking multiplies the charm of your travel.

Hand picking, selecting, cutting, gluing, and fixing the photographs connect us more with that specific destination.

Our kids will pick up our decades-old handmade scrapbook to see and read where we have been roaming as youngsters. The aim is to keep memories alive, and both these methods will bring life to our memories, years later when our grandkids will turn the pages digitally or literally.

Create A Simple Travel Blog And Upload Videos


Don’t I know this one? 😀 When I started my own journey around the world, I also started my blog, for fun (which, little did I know, later became this website!)

Also making videos of your travel adventures is one of the most fun activity second to traveling itself. In the past decade, travel blogging has become the most adopted trend in the digital world, and it has proved to be the best way to preserve your journey memoirs for later.

Upload your blogs and even earn some dollars for your next trip. If you need intricate tips and guidance for a kick-off, check out this guide on how to monetize a travel blog.

Tips from an insider: start a blog for passion, not with the intention of making money. It will keep your motivation high also when things are not so great and you’ll never run out of content for your blog either. I’ve been traveling the world for 8 years and I still have so many trips left to insert in my blog, it will be a never-ending affair 🙂

Maintain a Keepsake Box or a Memory Box

Everyone buys postcards and souvenirs whenever reaching their dream destinations. If you’re looking to add a personal touch to your postcard collection, consider exploring postcard printing options online; it’s a great way to customize and create memorable postcards that stand out in your collection.

The keepsake box is another romantic and creative way to hold the memories together in a beautiful wooden or metallic box.

Put your souvenirs and mementos of each destination in separate memory or keepsake boxes. Later on, you will cherish these memories with your loved ones by going through the stored pieces one by one.

Convert Your Best Shots Into Mug, Magnets, Calendars, or Coasters


How about making a family calendar using your best-handpicked travel photographs, or getting the best pictures printed onto your mug? I think that’s an insanely brilliant idea to personalize your gifts and home accessories!

Personalized photo coasters are yet another long-term preservation method that is unique and beautiful. Keep your room scattered with photo coasters, and you will be taken back to your favorite destinations each time you enter your home.

Your guests & close friends will totally love your creativity and it may even motivate them to follow you to your next exciting destination! (I know mine did!)

Write Daily Journal & Travel Book


Writing a daily journal is among the best hobbies you can have especially when traveling! Being a keen writer, you can document the most memorable and cherished activities of the day, later adorned by the related pictures that would make it for an awesome memory lane walk when reading it after your trip is over.

People who write regularly can preserve memories in the most befitting manner compared to other suggested methods.

I still have the diaries of my first year of travel and it’s amazing to read them years later. It feels like I’m back in time and I feel exactly the same way I felt when writing that piece of my personal travel history.

Traveling is more than a fun or adventure activity, it’s learning, compromising, meeting amazing people, and understanding the world better. I even wrote a few articles about this:

Why Travel long term is not a vacation

How traveling can change your approach to people

We cherish our past journeys with our family and loved ones throughout our lives. Recalling all the tiny details and sensations of a trip just using your memory can be very challenging when enough time has passed.

That’s why you should have a plan to preserve these memories even before you start your trip or before you unpack.

You can hang pictures on the walls, frame the best ones, post them on your social media platforms, send printed photos to your travel mates, or prepare a photo album as your granny did. Preserving the travel memories also helps us remain happy, satisfied, and even motivated for our next journey.

Do you have any other creative ways to preserve your travel memories? Comment below and share it!

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