Traveling around the world is without doubts an exciting opportunity. I know a lot about it since quitting my job at 35 and starting a solo backpacking adventure of 8 years through so many countries I have lost count by now!

As previously mentioned, based on my own experience, a trip of this magnitude gives you the possibility to visit different countries, regions, cities, and locations in different corners of the Earth.

If you only experienced regular tourist tours, you know that, for how nice they might be, they cannot provide such opportunities, and that’s why so many people wrote me to ask how to embark in such an adventure.

Because let’s be honest, we know at least one person that has expressed the dream of traveling around the world. Can’t truly blame them 🙂 It is indeed a very interesting option, however, a lot of regular tourist agencies are unavailable to organize something like that.

Traveling around the world is a bit of a challenge. I spoke about this specific aspect in one of my articles explaining why long term travel is definitely not a holiday.

  • You have to create a precise plan at first.
  • Your budget has to be strong enough
  • You need to have enough time for this kind of trip.

It can take months in some cases, and you will have to finance all that from your budget. I saved 16000$ in 8 months sacrificing everything, you can check out how it happened for me. Traveling around the world is sometimes complex from the legal aspect too. It however depends on your individual circumstances so these are not always the same.

Avoid Problems By Planning For Your Trip Carefully

A detailed plan is necessary to avoid problems, mistakes, and delays during the trip. Traveling around the world will usually mean you would like to visit dozens of locations in various countries. If this is the case, you should be able to plan the length of your stay in each of the locations.

That’s necessary to decide on transportation and budget. You will often have to use different types of these in order to arrive where you want.

The arrival and departure dates must be correct. It also means only one line might be available per week so you have to come to the station at the right moment. If you miss it, you would have to wait for the entire week in order to get on the ship, airplane, or bus. That’s of course, just an example, but it often happens to people who do not plan their trips properly.

Unless you are super spontaneous and don’t mind sleeping on the ground or rearranging your whole trip from scratch while already on the road, It is also advisable to book all the tickets upfront.

Some lines might be pretty crowded so you might not be able to get a seat if you did not reserve one before arriving at the station.

Visiting dozens of different destinations usually means you will have to book dozens of different tickets. It might be a pretty complex task because you have to plan the entire trip properly. If it sounds confusing, you should not be discouraged. There are some excellent solutions for world travelers, and they can help you solve his problem in an easy manner. Technology provides various opportunities, and it can now help you plan your trip around the world.

How Can You Plan Smartly Using Specific Services

There are a few good companies that can help you in organizing your trip properly without stressing out. Star Alliance and other RTW trip agencies are specialized companies that give you the option to purchase multiple tickets you can use for all the transportation lines during your trip in one go.

If you visit their official website they can help you to plan your dream trip from the beginning to the end by simply selecting all the destinations you want to visit in proper order, and your ticket will become available to you.

They then will finish the paperwork on your behalf, and your tickets will serve more like a go-card, no matter if you appear at the airport, ship port, bus, or train station. You should rsearch online to find valid companies and check their websites and offers to compare them and get more details.

There also might be some alternatives to this method so you may check these too (DYI is one of them but, as I said, you need to plan carefully, or you could even ask the help of people like me who have been there before!)

Necessary Visas


I can’t stress this enough: tourists, depending on their country of residence, also usually need appropriate visas to enter foreign countries.

These are often issued by the embassies or consulates in the applicant’s resident country, however, it is also possible to get them at border gates in some sovereign states.

Not all nations have the same laws, and the requirements might differ for different groups of visitors.

For example, if the Cubans can visit Russia without a Russia visa, it does not mean the Mexicans can do the same. That’s therefore an individual aspect, and you have to check the rules that apply to your country.

Visiting dozens of different locations will usually mean you will have multiple visas. The procedure for getting these might differ, depending on various circumstances. I once had to rush to the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok, stay in line the whole day in the hope to get the visa, as I already had purchased the tickets for the day after. Given my experience, is better to plan in advance and wisely 🙂

The application process usually takes from a few days to a few weeks, and you will have to perform a bit of paperwork. If that seems confusing to you, it would also be possible to hire a travel agent. Experienced professionals can help you handle the procedure with ease so you can save your time and energy.

All documents and planning aside, my true advice is to also leave SOMETHING to chance. Not the documents, no. But try to surprise yourself by going with the flow and sometimes change itinerary, you will never know what can happen in a trip like this!

I even met my now husband during a stay in a hostel in the Bahamas… enough said! Enjoy this experience to the fullest because it is one of the best things you can do in your life. Sometimes is hard but it’s always worth it.


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