Helping children in need. Please take 5 min break to read this….



img_1820Last December I received an email from one of my friends and colleague at work, Elisa Fava.

I already mentioned her as one of my sources of inspiration for my trip.

She bravely took off for 5 months travelling and volunteering in South America. When she came back, I immediately invited her for dinner to know every single detail of her amazing adventure!


I cut and pasted her email here  in my blog as I think it is really important to use our media power to do some good. 


I took 5/10 minutes myself to read the links, the organization is respectable (you DON’T have to pay to volunteer) and I have no problem in recommend it.

I know Elisa personally from some time now, and I totally trust her. Plus, she was there helping out these people herself.

Thank you for your time in reading Elisa’s email and to those who can further spread the voice or give their contribute!



From: Elisa Fava
Sent: 17 December 2012 09:33
Subject: Please take 5 mins break to read this…

Dear all,

nearly a year ago I was preparing to take off for the most amazing and rewarding experience of my life.

Most of you know the ideas behind this big step, others have just met me and don’t really know what all this was about.

One of the places/projects that I’ve worked for in South America is Yanapay.

When I left Cuzco in Peru, I promised that I would have talked about this project to let other people, friends, travelers know that there are places like Yanapay that work WITH HONESTY to help other people, in this case children.

This is just a small project and for this reason the volunteers need even more help than the big and well known Non profit organization

All I’m asking is to spend 5 (well maybe 10) minutes of your time to read the link below

FOTOThere are many ways to help this organization: sending material for the school, food, the good old money but also you can talk about it, you can send this link to other friends, people that you know that are thinking to go to Cuzco. Even the stay in the hostel ( can help, eating at their restaurant or just turn up and give a hand with the school for sometime…


I will be sending a package with some school material in January so if you want to add anything please let me know.



Grazie mille for your time!

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