Devils Pool – Victoria Falls Ultimate Guide: Insane Or Cool?!


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The final post will be ready in a couple of days, so right now I have uploaded the videos and pictures to give you a sneaky preview. When the post is complete you will know everything about this Devilish place and how you can get there safely!

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 How To Visit The Devil’s Pool In Zambia

Without Risking Your Life! 

The Devils Pool are without a doubt, one of the scariest, most frightening and yet exciting experiences I’ve ever had in my life, and I doubt anything could ever beat the emotions I felt when I was finally able to visit them!

If you are still not convinced, just watch the video I’ve  also uploaded on my YouTube Channel. It went viral and so far it has been watched by almost 100K people all over the world and you will undersand what I’m talking about 🙂

Note: The video below is a shorter version of the one that went viral, which is slightly longer, I just uploaded this on my channel, to see the full version click here!


Click on the link you need and skip the rest!  The following mini chapters will be completed soon, as you can see, there is everything you need to be prepared to experience the adventure of a life time. And trust me on that, it is worth it!

 My experience at The Devil’s Pool!


Can you see my smile? Definitely not a good actress here! I’m super afraid of heights and this was my “ultimate” test!  

I put all my effort to write this for you, like it and make me happy!
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