Mallorca is a beautiful island just east of the Spanish mainland. Its Mediterranean climate and location make it a popular choice for a variety of travelers. From road cyclists to triathletes, to clubbers, to those that want to soak up the culture of the place, Mallorca is the Spanish island of choice.

Given its wide appeal, it is easy to get lost in the tourist crowd. With this in mind, where are great places to visit in Mallorca where you can take everything in without the best bits getting crowded out? Let’s find out.

Getting Around Mallorca

Although Mallorca is well served by busses the easiest way to traverse the island is to rent a car in Mallorca. This makes the island your oyster as navigating the island is straightforward and that brings its cities, towns, villages, beaches, and other amazing places within easy reach.

It also means you can travel to your schedule and not have to worry about missing the last bus or hiring a taxi.

Cala Figuera

A working fishing port, Cala Figuera is an intriguing place to visit and one to escape from hoards of tourist crowds. It is a slice of both working and historic Mallorca and though some say the abandoned buildings make it a little rundown, there can be no denying the town’s natural charm. It is easy to find accommodation with a balcony view of the sea.

Many take breakfast from the local supermarket and the most upmarket hotel features a restaurant.
While here take the time to visit Es Pontàs a natural rock formation like the Azure Window. It is simply amazing and will fill up many an Instagram feed!

Colonia de Sant Pere

Colonia de Sant Pere has a more holiday vibe than Cala Figuera and features a beautiful beach and the chances are your hotel will have a pool.

Nonetheless, it is a bit of a hidden gem as the beach rarely gets crowded and the landscape is interesting removing the blandness some of the beaches seem to possess. You’ll also find the many restaurants the town offers a wide array of fine food.

Those do visit Colonia de Sant Pere say the sunset is beautiful and dreamy.

Visit the Cap de Pera Lighthouse

If you’re in the region why not take a drive to the Cap de Pera Lighthouse. It is a winding coastal drive that offers a great driving challenge and amazing views. It goes without saying that once you reach the lighthouse you’ll have an amazing view of the ocean. Many come here to watch the sun go down.


Mallorca is blessed with random villages that pop up on the roadside. Visit one, like Montuiri, and you’ll be greeted with Spanish architecture and amazing views. Some are geared towards tourists with boutique shops and cafes, others are where the island’s population lives. It is just nice to take a stroll around these villages and soak in the feel.

Stay in the Mountains, Sóller

Sóller is a coastal town that can only be reached by road via Mallorca’s Tramuntana Mountain Range. It is possible to stay in the mountains where the world of hiking comes alive. Views here are spectacular and the town of Sóller is known for its charming town square, quirky, boutique shops, and rocky cove beach. It can be quite popular in the tourist season but its arty charm makes the visit worth it.

Visit Sa Calobra

Sa Calobra is known in cycling circles as a great challenge. It features hairpin bends, about 7 miles of them that wind down to the beach at the bottom. As well as cycling it makes for quite a fantastic drive and if you have a person with a camera sitting next to you, he or she will be taking shot after shot.
The road is quite a feat of engineering and you can’t help but be impressed.

Take Some Time in Deia

Some say there are three Mallorcas. A tourist side, a Spanish side, and a foreign arty side. Deia seems to be the home of the latter.
It is a picturesque village without chain hotels but few Spanish. The town is basically populated by artists from overseas many of which are believed to be millionaires escaping the hustle and bustle of what made them rich.

It was made popular by Robert Graves who lived here in the 1930s. Since then, artists have come here for inspiration, and millionaires have come here to escape. There are a lot of villages like this in Mallorca and are worth a visit even if you feel they are not the ‘true Mallorca’.


Palma’s Cathedral

Palma is Mallorca’s capital and a beautiful city. Although popular with tourists there are some quieter places such as Santa Catalina where you can get the vibe of the place without having to queue.
If you’re feeling brave some of the historic places to see are worth your time.
Mallorca is an amazing place, make sure you visit it as soon as you can.


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