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  1. Dear,Clelia, very much interested to see the details of Itinerary #8 | SARDINIA EAST COAST (can’t open them or were not filled in yet] We booked in the 2 places you were describing.for end of October. Very inspiring Website & info .
    Ciao (Worldtraveller) Koenraad

    1. Author

      Hey Koenraad thanks for stopping by! I still haven’t filled the itinerary due to IT issues I’m trying to resolve since forever. Sorry for the inconvenience. I hope you’ll still find some good weather when you arrive!

  2. Hi! We (me, my husband, and our 4 year old son) are planning our first every trip to Sardinia. We only have a week and are flying in and out of Olbia. I really really nice some advice on my itinerary. What we’re hoping to get out of the trip is to enjoy beautiful beaches and nature, visit some cute town with charm and character. Avoid super crowded mass tourism places if at all possible and just have an enjoyable family trip where I guess we combine beach, culture, nice food and getting a true taste of Sardinia. My initial plan was to do this trip by public transport, mainly because I am not a very good driver and also because we do not have the biggest budget so I thought doing it by public transport would be better. But I’m not sure whether this is going to be possible because everyone seems to advice against public transport. the itinerary I had I mind was to go straight from Olbia airport to Santa Teresa Gallura to enjoy some beach time for our first 3 nights. I thought we could do a boat trip to the archipelago and explore some of the beaches in the area. Then I thought to head down to Alghero and use this as our base for the remaining 4 days and do day trips from there. Maybe one day to explore the city, one day to go to s nearby beach (one day stinto?? Though will it be too crowded) and one day to the village south of Alghero. Something like that? However I don’t know whether Alghero is truely a good base and whether Santa Teresa is the best place to go for nice beaches. So I am open to changing my whole itinerary around! Please advise! We are going from the 28th June until the 5th July. I worry that this isnt the best time to go as it will be too busy?…
    Also please advice on public transport if you can. I though a bus from Olbia to Santa Teresa, then a bus down to Alghero (apparently there ya a bus that goes direct to the airport) and then a bus and train back from Alfredo to Olbia airport on the day we leave. And in between just using local transport for day trips to beaches etc…. but like I said, I can change my entire plan because I feel a bit clueless so any help much appreciated!!

    1. Author

      Hi Zoe

      Sorry, I’ve completely missed your comment! I hope you had a great holiday in Sardinia 🙂

  3. Hello Clelia,
    Great website, so informative. I am so overloaded with info as I have only just booked my flights for a big European trip for 3 mths!
    Can I please just ask a couple of questions?
    Family of 4 from Australia (inc 2 boys 7 & 10)
    We love beautiful beaches, bike riding, hiking, eating great food.
    We are looking at travelling to Sardinia for 2-3 weeks…in a few weeks (yes, you read that correctly) beginning of June. We will have a car, catching a car ferry from Rome region.
    We would love to stay near an authentic village with some great food options plus markets to purchase produce. Fairly quiet would be preferably. Near a great beach and some trails to hike, ride etc. Should we base ourselves here for the entire time or move on to another area, if another area, what would you suggest?
    Many thanks and if you ever need to know about Sydney, I would be more than happy to help.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Author

      Hey Kasey

      I thought I had already replied to your comment, but I receive so many that I might be mistaken! The first name that popped into my head when reading what are your needs for your Sardinia holiday was Baunei. It is perfect for hiking, stunning beaches nearby (first on the list the marvelous Cala Goloritze) and you will be surrounded by nature, the real Sardinian vibe, good food and quiet. Everything you need. I would suggest to check out some good accommodation in there. If you want to move a bit, another option might be Dorgali, slightly bigger village but still authentic and near to all the activities I’ve already listed.

      Hope it helps!
      Kind Regards


  4. Hi

    Literally just stumbled across your amazing site, so wonderful to have real knowledge from a local. Sardinia was recommended by some lovely Italian guys we met in London and scribbled down a few places for us – San Teodro or Villasimius. Now trying to decipher between the two options and any your opinion wold be greatly appreciated.

    It is my husbands 40th, we only from the 2-5th May. Not long enough really? but it will be kid free and as we live in a city would love hanging out together else where. Once upon a time we travelled a lot but these days less able to get away for long periods.

    We are both laid back , prefer low key and not overly touristy but hopefully this will be avoided going in May. I have looked at your guides on places to say in each area and great to have these tips, ultimately we don’t want to spend a fortune. We ideally want to relax, see some nice beaches and have a romantic time with an opportunity to have a few drinks. We don’t mind walking or cycling – if you only had 3 nights what would you advise to get the most out of the time and sample this amazing country. Already in love with the place and imagine one day will bring the kids, so a place that is less kiddy friendly is probably best.

    Not sure about hiring car, can do but also happy to grab a bus to destination if easier.

    Thank you in advance for any tips – i appreciate we need to get cracking and book that flight asap – Sardinia here we come …….

    1. Author

      Hi Mandy, thanks for your comment! Three days are not much but still, you can enjoy the peace and quiet during low season! As for where to go, given your preferences, that’s a very tough call as usual. There are way too many places that are truly beautiful.
      So let’s see, if you don’t want to rent a car and are OK with just enjoy your days on the local beach, I’d have to agree with what the friend in London said: either San Teodoro or Villasimius are great locations and being low season you will probably have the beach all to yourself. I went in both places when I was young and didn’t have a car and had a great time.

      San Teodoro is convenient if you are flying to Olbia airport as there are buses running regularly and it’s only 40 minutes by bus. The main beach, La Cinta is beautiful and if you are willing to cycle for 10km you can also see the beautiful Cala Brandinchi beach. Alternatively, you can catch a bus heading to Luturrai and from there is around 15 min by bike (given that you can board the bike on the bus, and I’m not sure it is possible these days!). The village itself come to life during high season so you will find supermarkets and shops and a few places to grab a drink.

      Villasimius is a great choice if you are flying to Cagliari Airport, as the main beach Simius is truly beautiful and so is the village. From the airport is around 2 hours and you will have to first take the train or bus from the airport to Cagliary town and from there take the bus to Villasimius, so it’s a bit more stressful considering that you will only have 3 days. There are buses you can catch to see other beaches like Cala Pira or Punta molentis but it will take you from 30 min to Cala Pira to 1 hour to get to Punta molentis. Again, not ideal if you don’t have the time.

      That said, if you are willing to rent a car (and honestly, I would do it for 3 days as it’s cost effective and less stressful), both destinations are perfect. If not, then I might tend to suggest San Teodoro because it’s closer to the airport and has more connections by bus than Villasimius.

      I hope it helps and have a great time in Sardinia! I actually booked my ticket back for the summer just 1 hour ago (getting there at the end of June and coming backto Mexico where I currently live at the end of the season), can’t wait!


  5. Hi,

    What a great blog! Am hoping you can help me with some advice…..we’re looking at going to Sardinia in September and are looking for good surfing sites. Can you advise? Also, any good accommodation nearby. We’re looking at flying into Olbia at the moment as the flights are significantly cheaper.

    Thanks in advance for any help!!

    1. Author

      Hi Regi,

      If you are into surf (or even better kite surf) then Isola dei Gabbiani is the place for you. It’s a peninsula and gets a lot of wind so the possibility to have a few waves to ride is higher (but don’t expect huge waves in Sardinia, we are in the mediterranean sea nothing to do with the ocean’s waves! 🙂

      I mentioned Isola dei Gabbiani because if you land to Olbia is the nearest place by car. If you have time to drive and go back to Olbia (meaning you’ll lose 2 half days driving), you can head south and go to Capo Spartivento (just before Chia su Giudeu beach) and you could also catch some waves in there). I remember when I was still in High school my classmates were all obsessed with surf and I used to go with them to Capo Spartivento (and just watch them). Again, the waves are not big and you’ll have to be lucky to find the right winds.

      As per the accommodation, you can check it out in Palau for Isola dei Gabbiani, as it’s only 8 km to get there (around 15 minutes by car). If you have some budget you can check out the Residence Blue Corner in Porto Pollo (it should still be listed as Palau, but it’s the nearest to Isola dei Gabbiani).

      If you decide to head south to Capo Spartivento, you should check out the accommodation in Santa Margherita di Pula (12 km from Capo Spartivento) or if you have the budget, you can book at Chia laguna Hotel. Usually in September the prices go down and it’s always better to book soon (they have the cancellation policy most of the times and I saw they were having discounts for September, at least in Porto Pollo).

      I hope you’ll find a nice play to stay and that you’ll be able to catch some good waves!

  6. Hi Clelia

    Great site really enjoying all your handwork and passion. We are looking forward to visiting Sardinia for the first 12 days in June as a family of 4 ( Mum, Dad a 9 year old boy and a 6 year old princess). We fly into Olbia and wondered where you would recommend, we would consider staying at 2 locations.

    As a family we love the beach and my son really got into snorkelling last year whilst we holidayed in Corsica spending 5 days on the west coast then 5 days on the east and that worked really well.

    As it’s our first time we really want to make the most of the 12 days and try and see as much as possible.

    Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

  7. hi im looking to come sardinia in early july with my boyfriend. where is best to stay? somewhere with a nice beach and some nightlife (restaurants/bars/nice sights for walks in the evening).

  8. Hi, I emailed you months ago and sent you a request to hire you and a. you never answered my questions and took it off your website and b. you never sent me an answer regarding my request to hire you for some personalized travel info. I am glad you are doing so well, but I think you should not take people’s questions down and should not advertise that a person can hire you if you can’t. I don’t think that is “putting your readers first”. Thank you.

    1. Author

      Hi Wanda… I’m a bit confused here. You said that you emailed me and then you said I never replied and took it off my website? So are you referring to a comment? As it sounds strange to me because of 2 reasons: 1) I never approve a comment and then took it down. I have the option to not approve it in the first place, but I don’t do that either, unless it’s spam (and this happens also very rarely). 2) I checked my emails and I have nothing from you.

      I’m sorry you thought I don’t put my readers first when in fact I do. I run this website by myself and sometimes I struggle in replying to all the comments in detail and the email that I receive on a daily basis but the ones that don’t end up automatically in my spam folder, I ALWAYS try to reply as soon as I can (given that I’m not traveling extensively with limited internet connection.

      PS: Regarding hiring me, I usually turn down all the offers before a long term trip and I put an auto-reply (out of office) on my email to explain that I am unavailable) and if you’re talking about the service “Plansify”, I also turn down requests and hand them over to some other expert when I am unable to reply because of my trip commitments.

      I hope everything is clear, as this was clearly a misunderstanding!

      Kind Regards

  9. Hi Clelia

    I am planning an 8 day trip to Sardinia in late September/October. I will be travelling on my own and I really am just looking for great beaches, walks/hikes and restaurants. I don’t want to hire a car so I will need to rely on buses. What areas do you recommend I visit?

    1. Author

      Hi Lisa

      Sorry since this page is still “Under construction” sometimes I miss the messages. Sorry I couldn’t help!

  10. Hi Clelia!

    we are organising our family summer holidays to Sardinia for the second week of August. We will be travelling with our kid and would like quiet places, beautiful beaches (not crowded if possible), restaurants and some bars to have a quiet drink…family holidays!

    I jumped into your blog a couple of days ago and it’s amazing the useful info you provide. thanks!!! but…the most info we read the most doubts we have. I cannot chose an area to stay for the whole week. Cala Gonnone area? south? north west? the only thing I have very clear is that we don’t want Costa Esmeralda. We prefer quiet beaches, cute restaurants, hidden bars and, for sure, some cultural travel after beach!

    Can you help us? thanks in advance. Let me know if I can be of any help in Portugal and/or Spain!!


    1. Author

      Hey Pilar thanks for your comment, well… first the “bad news”. In August is basically impossible to find a place that’s quiet or “less crowded”. August is peak season and unless you go to a shixxy beach, the good ones would be crowded.
      As per the area suggestion, my favorite place for beaches and cultural/natural sites is always Ogliastra (Golfo di orosei area). So I strongly recommend Cala Gonone or Orosei Village, but the latter is not directly on the beach.

      To avoid the crazy crowds of August you’ll have to wake up very early in the morning to reach your favorite beach and enjoy a bit of peace or go there late in the afternoon till sunset when people that came early usually leave the beach. This is the price to pay to be in Paradise. We all want a piece of it.

      Or, you can look for a resort with a private beach, but given that you don’t want to go to Costa Smeralda, I assume that you want to experience the real Sardinia.. but if you can compromise, you will have a definitely quieter holiday.

      It’s up to you in the end, but I like to warn people on what they should expect, so they won’t be disappointed by the crowds! (this is why I wrote the article on why you should visit Sardinia in September) 🙂


      1. Thanks very much!! I would really love to go September or any other low season but…unfortunately my summer holidays, as most of the population, are during August!!!

        For sure, I will come back in winter/autumn very soon.

        thanks indeed and take care! besos,

        1. Author

          Anytime Pilar! And yes, you have to come back in September, best time of the year to visit Sardinia 🙂

  11. Hello Mattana

    I just wanna consult you for how good is my idea???

    We are arriving on Sardinia this August and we have plan to spend 15 days there. So our plan is to stay 6 days in Cagliari and after day we want to move up to the island. Judging from your comments and posts on your blog I cant decide witch place is better for us. Actually we are three girls (26 old) and we dont want just to be on the beach all day long, we want place for fun, too. Maybe one day on a boat trip, Corsica or something like that. First plan was to stay another half of our vacation in Alghero, but I`ve heart that the East Cost is better. What you recommend for us? Maybe San Teodoro or ….?

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Author

      Hey Viktorija, your holiday sounds very exciting!

      I also experienced the Sardinian vibe with 2 of my best friends and we had a blast so I totally recommend San Teodoro for you! This way you’ll have amazing beaches to discover during the day, you’ll meet other people and by night you’ll enjoy the party scene 🙂 I agree that the east coast (in my opinion) is a bit better beach-like and for the nightlife as well, so yes..go for it!

      Only one thing, the boat trip. You said you want to go to Corsica, but I’d rather recommend you try the Golfo di Orosei and Arcipelago Della Maddalena boat trips instead as they are awesome!
      Have a great holiday 🙂

  12. Hey Clelia!! Thank you for your amazing blog!
    I’ll travelling with my husband next week for our honeymoon to Italy, and we will be spending 4 days in Olbia (we are arriving from Rome by plane). I would like your advice about beaches in the area, and how to reach them. we’re planning on spending 2 days on the beach and 2 other days to discover the city. we booked a hotel in Olbia, so we will be going back to Olbia every night.
    thank you for your time and help.

    1. Author

      Hey Maya,

      I guess I’m too late for your request as you should be already here in Sardinia by now! I’ll reply in case you check out the website whilst here!
      My advice is to check out the Costa Smeralda beaches that are very close to Olbia. My favorites are Capriccioli and Cala di Volpe (even if they might get crowded this time of the year, but they are well worth it).


  13. Hi, as I see, you have a big knowledge of Sardinia, maybe you know, are there some cliffs around villasimius you can jump into water? I will be in Villasimius all week, and I’m looking for some rocks 🙂

    1. Author

      Hi Luca,

      In villasimius there are rocks where you can jump yes 🙂 they are not that high tough! For the adrenaline ones, you should go to the Golfo di Orosei! Be careful if you want to jump from the rocks in Villasimius…always check to see if it’s safe!

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  15. Hi Clelia!

    I stumbled upon your blog and site and it is one of the best on the Web! Thank you so much for putting so much passion into this and sharing it with travelers from all around the globe!

    My husband and I are planning on visiting Sardinia either during the second or third week of September (we also would like to go and visit the Amalfi Coast and are still confirming the details). We are thinking about staying in Sardinia for about 5-6 nights but we have no idea of where to go (there are just too many beautiful places to choose from!).

    We both like hiking, biking, wine tours, beaches (relaxing and activities), great food, and ancient history (to name a few!).

    I’ve started compiling a list based on your past blog posts which have been quite helpful.

    Any other suggestions on how to tailor this trip are much appreciated!

    Thank you in advance Clelia and please keep doing what you are doing because you are great at it!!!


  16. Dear Clelia

    I stumbled across your blog when researching tips on travel to Sardinia. Your wonderful comments and obvious love for your home country have prompted me to respond in my first ever “blog”…….obviously I’m over 50!!!

    My wife and I (Australians) enjoyed a wonderful week in Sardinia a year ago, late May, flying into Caligari (I night) and driving up though Oristano, Tharros, lunch bought in Oristano and eaten on Is Aruttus beach and to Bosa (1 night )across through bandit country via Nuoro, Orgisolo seeing the painted street murals and for a short walk in Valle di Lanaitho and on to Gala Golone ( 2 nights ) All day small private boat hire 100E to visit the small beaches 20 km south … Another lunch together on a beach in a little cove all to ourselves,,,,,, and stops at the lovely beaches Cala Biriola, Cala Sisine, Cala Mariolu…..wonderful day and to this day one of our great travel experiences.

    Then up east coast to Olbia ( 2 nights ) Day spent driving up to and around Costa Smeralda, beach stop at Capriccioli, brief lunch stop at Porto Cervo before onwards same day drive to Baia Sardinia and then drive back to Olbia via Li Muri ruins and flight out next morning.

    I have summarised this itinerary in case any of your readers are looking for an itinerary that we found fun, diverse, interesting and one that gave us a great appreciation for your lovely country. ( from Australia we are quite comfortable with travel distances )

    So……we are coming back and plan to do the northwest and north of the island, June 2016. The plan is to fly into Alghero ( 1 night ) Should we try and stay in the old town? I note hire vehicles cannot drive there. The next day drive via Fertilia to Spiaggia del Lazzaretto and to Hotel El Faro ( 1 night )at Porto Conte for early check in and then that afternoon drive around to see and walk down to Grotto di Nettuno. Back to the hotel and the next day via Stintino to visit Spiaggia della Pelosa? ( is it easy and safe to park the car which will be full of travel things near the beach?) And then to Castelsardo ( 1 night ) and then the next day to the St Teresa di Gallura area driving through Valle della Luna and to Rena Maiore beach and stay in town ( 1 night ) (Would it be better to drive to one of these beaches once we have checked into our accommodation in St Teresa di Gallura? Do you have any recommendations as to the best beaches? )The plan is then the next day to drive via La Marmorata and have 2 nights on Isola Maddalena allowing us to spend the whole day driving around the nice beaches and not worrying about a car full of bags? We will then drive down to Olbia staying at Hotel Panorama, a lovely central city hotel before flying out the next day. ( Can you suggest any nice places to visit on this easy days drive. )

    Summary itinerary

    Alghero 1 night.
    Porto Conte 1 night.
    Castelsardo 1 night
    St Teresa di Gallura 1 night
    La Maddelana 2 nights
    Olbia 1 night

    We would be so appreciative if you can offer any suggestions. Like many of your readers we are not into the glitz and glamour of Costa Smeralda ( maybe because we live on Queensland’s Gold Coast ) Are we missing any ‘must see’ things like great beaches where having a vehicle allows easy access with little walking? Lovely quaint towns like Bosa? Easy to access to historical sites?

    Sorry this is almost as long as a chapter in a book but……….thanks in anticipation of your reply and thank you again for your wonderful passion and remarkably comprehensive knowledge.


    Michael and Maree

    1. Author

      Hey Michael,

      WOW! can I hire you to help me with the replies?? You definitely know a lot about Sardinia, and your itinerary was smashing! As per your question, I will reply to all of the messages in 3/4 days as I’m leaving tomorrow for a conference and I won’t have the time to work on my website! stay tuned, I’ll be back 🙂


      1. Thanks Clelia, Looking forward to hearing from you, Regards Michael

  17. Hello!
    Greeeat site!
    Me, baby, 2 y-old daughter and husband are visiting Sardegna in sept. for 10 days.

    We will fly to Olbia. Is there near something to spend next 3 days? Then I would go to agriturism. But first near Olbia, ith nature and so, i dont wanna go wild the first day.

    What do you suggest?


    1. Author

      Hi Tina,

      I will be replying in detail in 3 days as I’ll be traveling for 3 days and I’ll catch up with your request on Sunday! (meaning I will get back home and spend all day replying to the messages in here!! So many 🙂
      Thanks for you patience!!

    2. Author

      Hey Tia,

      Damn, I have so many messages to catch up with! You can explore a lot near Olbia in 3 days! you could have a base in Cannigione or Arzachena and explore the traditional village, or visit the amazing beaches in the Costa Smeralda area like Capriccioli and Cala di Volpe (which are just 30 minutes away by car from Olbia/Arzachena). Since you’re going to an Agriturismo afterwards, it could also be interesting to see the Porto Cervo pier and the small piazza. It’s not very traditional I know but it’s worth it if you are curious about seeing the luxury side of Sardinia.

      Nature wise, around Olbia unfortunately, there is not as much as in the Golfo di Orosei area. I don’t know where you are going to be based next, so my suggestion is: If you are going to be surrounded by nature for the rest of the trip, check out the Costa Smeralda and try to also include the boat trip starting from Palau to Arcipelago della Maddalena.

      I know it sounds like a broken record but if I ALWAYS mention it..there must be a good reason 🙂

      I hope this helps!


  18. Hey there,

    Great site! So nice to have a local’s point of view.
    I’m flying into Alghero at the beginning of June and flying back out a week later.
    I’m a little torn about where I should go and base myself, or maybe I should try to stay in a couple of different cities.
    I definitely need/want beach time.

    I’ll be traveling alone, 31, looking to relax and be a little social, meet new people and do a few activities.
    I won’t be by car (that’s a bit of a drag I know).

    A friend highly recommended staying in Stintino to be close to La Pelosa beach.
    But I don’t know if maybe I’ll get too tired of the same place for 6 nights…I really would love your advice.
    If you know of moderate hotels/resorts to stay at that are decently priced, that would be awesome.

    Thanks so much!


  19. Dear Clelia

    I have read all of the information you have posted about Sardinia and it is really informative.
    I am about to book flights to Sardinia for the beginning of June ( yes I know we’re leaving it a bit late!). We are a couple in our 50s and we love to explore new places. Looking for lovely scenery, good beaches ( though more to look at that than for water sports!), interesting old towns etc. We don’t have a lot of spare cash so are hoping for cheap accommodation. I want to see a lot of the island but don’t want to overestimate what is achievable. Planning to fly into Alghero and out of Cagliari staying for 9 or 10 nights in total. I thought perhaps we could stop in Alghero for 3 nights. Explore the town, visit a couple of beaches, day trip to Bosa? Then perhaps a couple of nights in Nuoro. Also a couple of nights either somewhere in Orosei/ Calagolone area to visit beautiful beaches and do some ( gentle) walking) and/or go to Palau and visit the Maddalena Islands. Last couple of nights in Cagliari but not sure where to visit in between. Is it too ambitious to go from north to south as we could just stay in the north and fly back from Alghero? Should we give Cagliari a miss? We would book somewhere to stay at the beginning and end of the holiday but hope to find places in between without booking? Is this sensible? Any suggestions for itineraries , must see places etc. would be really welcome. We will hire a car for all or some of the holiday. Many thanks

  20. Hi,

    Congrats for your beautiful site. Its really helpful.

    I will go at the 1st week of August in Sardinia with my friend, to spend 6 days. We are planning to rent a car from the airport. I am landing in Alghero airport and I need your advice for the following:
    – Is it worthy to stay 2 nights in Alghero or to go directly to another place? Any good beaches around?
    – Then I am thinking to move on to Porto Cervo for 3 nights. Any exciting recommendations there?

    Do you think my plan is good or I need to adjust it a bit? Can you recommend me another plan/route that would be more exciting?
    Generally, we want some “peaceful” places with a note of night life for few walks!

    Finally, I could say that we have a mid level budget and any recommendations for hotels would be welcome.

    Thank you in advance!


    1. Author

      Hi John!

      Thanks for your comment! As per your plans.. 6 days are enough to discover a place or two in Sardinia. The place I’d recommend it depends also if you like the luxury vibe of porto Cervo or you prefer a more touristy/normal type of holiday. Alghero is worth a visit, sure, but I wouldn’t spend 2 full days in there. If your plane lands in the morning, I’d use the Afternoon/evening to explore the city, visit the Nettuno grotto and stroll around the city centre enjoying the views. Unless you want to pay a visit to La Pelosa beach in Stintino on your way to the east coast, then Its worth staying in the area for one more day! (that’s what I would do of course, as I’d rather be on a beach than stay in a city anyway).

      If you decide to go to Porto Cervo, bring with you some nice clothes as that place is well known among the VIP’s and very rich people 🙂 I went there (both in Porto cervo and Porto Rotondo) as a penniless student, just to have a look around and drool over the HUGE Yachts on the pier, and that was one of my main highlights, but I was wearing my best dress! And I remember going to a bar and asking for a mint and water beverage (back in 2000) for the “cheap” price of 15 euros! I was about to faint! Obviously if you move a bit the prices go down but in Porto cervo centre get ready to be ripped off!

      If you have enough money, I’d say go for it as the nightlife and nice walks are definitely worth it, otherwise I suggest to move a little bit and find accommodation in Cannigione or Arzachena and visit the Costa Smeralda by going there by car (Cannigione and Arzachena are very close and much cheaper)

      If you stay in the area, the most exciting thing you can do, in my opinion, is to take the day trip to the Arcipelago della Maddalena, an enchanted place!You’ll love it! then you can relax in some nice beaches like Capriccioli, Spiaggia del Principe, Liscia Ruja and other lovely coves.

      Accommodations suggestions: (Please note that I always use this website because it has many options and you can cancel last minute without losing your money and you only pay at your arrival)


      La Meta Alghero Very close to the sea and the airport, great reviews and now has a discounted price (not sure for how long the discount will it last!)

      Alma Di Alghero Hotel: Fantastic view on the sea, very close to the city centre, a bit more pricey than the other but I LOVE that place!! (not sure they still have place, as it’s usually fully booked for the entire season by May )

      Porto Cervo:

      Hotel Capriccioli: Oh my…well, it’s 2 minutes walk from the beach and the place itself is awesome!!

      Hotel Pitrizza: This is for me the most beautiful Hotel in costa smeralda, possibly the best in Sardinia!

      Colonna Resort: Very nice and I saw they are applying a reduced rate if you book now, so worth to look into it before its too late!

      There are so many nice places in Porto Cervo (and also Porto Rotondo),what I always suggest right now is to make up your mind very soon as the best deals are going so quickly that you can find your place and while you’re thinking 5 minutes there are no more rooms (it happened to me and it’s very annoying!)

      Here is a complete list of Hotels is Porto Cervo, so If you don’t think my suggestions are what you were looking for, you can still choose among some other great ones 🙂
      Hotels in Porto Cervo
      Hotels in Porto Rotondo
      Hotels in Arzachena
      Hotels in Cannigione

      I hope this will help you! let me know if you need some more advice!

  21. I am so glad that I have found your website!! I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of information on the internet but have found your site very informative.

    I am due to travel to Sardinia mid July for a week but I am struggling trying to find a resort/area to stay in.
    I am 22 years old and travelling by myself and need somewhere that is close to beaches and a town (within a mile range). I am able to fly to any airport and have looked at Chia, Cagliari, Costa Smeralda, Santa Margherita Pula, Villasimis and Baia.

    Any help would be much appreciated!!

    Thank you

    1. Author

      Hi Evelyn,

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 I published a guide for solo travelers in Sardinia recently (still work in progress, as I’m adding more details on different parts of Sardinia), if you haven’t already seen it, give it a look in here:

      As for your question, since I don’t know the main reason for your trip (just stay by yourself and relax? find new friends and party a bit?), that would help me in narrowing down my suggestions!

      But If it were me, I’d say the best places to be close to a town and a (nice) beach, the best options are Villasimius and San Teodoro, as they both have the beach and the village at walking distance and there are plenty of accommodation to choose. San Teodoro in my opinion is slightly better than Villasimius only because it’s easier to make friends, it’s closer to the airport and if you don’t rent a car it’s also easier to move around by bus, not to mention that you are also closer to the Golfo di Orosei for the boat trips.

      Chia is nice but there is no village nearby, unless you want to stay in a resort but it’s mostly for families, so I wouldn’t recommend it for solo travelers.
      Santa Margherita is a nice village but in my opinion the beach nearby is not that great (Ok, I always say that I’m very spoiled for the beaches), if you decide to go there you’ll need a car OR to rely on the public transport to go to Chia and Tuerredda and it might be a bit of an hassle.

      Costa Smeralda has fabulous beaches but it’s rather expensive if you’re traveling solo, unless you consider the nearby village of Cannigione where you can walk to the local beach and take a bus (or a car to get to the Costa Smeralda). Not knowing your budget is difficult for me to give you detailed advice…

      You can check the properties available in the different destinations on the links below and see which one is the best option for you. My only advice is to hurry as May is already in season and the sooner you book a place, the better as in High season the best deals are already taken! 🙂

      San Teodoro |Arzachena (near Costa Smeralda) | Cannigione (near Costa Smeralda) | Villasimius | Chia | Santa Margherita di Pula | Porto Rotondo (Costa Smeralda) | Porto Cervo (Costa Smeralda) :

      Hope it helps!


  22. Hi, I like your informative blog and beautiful photos!

    I see from some of the previous posts for people wanting beaches and food, you have recommended the Golfo di Orosei area.

    Do you have a particular town you would recommend to stay? I like the look of Orosei, but also Cala Gonone looks great as well due to the town being on the beach. Is the town there quite at Cala Gonone small though? Baunei looks nice too.

    Do you have any recommendations which differentiates the villages? Ideally, we want somewhere that is walking distance to a town with restaurants and some nice beaches in walking distance to explore.

    Thanks so much for your advice.


    1. Author

      Hi Hannah!

      Yes I indeed love the Golfo di Orosei area (not difficult to guess why!), as for the villages, it all depends whether you are renting the car or not.

      As per your question, if you like a village with more “movement” and nice restaurants, a walk near the beach by night and so on, Cala Gonone is better.Another advantage of Cala Gonone is that it’s closer to the beautiful beaches (reachable only by boat) or Cala Mariolu, Cala Luna etc. As for the beaches, Cala Gonone has some small ones (Fuili and Tziu Martine, beautiful but only reachable by car).

      If you prefer a traditional Sardinian vibe then Orosei is maybe better, the historical centre is nice and depending on the month you go, they have traditional “sagre” (festivities with night markets, Sardinian folklore etc), and the beaches around the area can be reached by car (unfortunately not walking distance). I suggest Bidderosa and the small coves of Cartoe and Osalla (near the Dorgali area).

      I hope it helped you a bit, unfortunately in the Orosei Area, to see the best beaches you’ll always need a car!


  23. My husband will be visiting Sardinia for the last week in September and the first week in October. We loved reading about the beautiful beaches on your website (great photos). We love beaches but, we also love to hike. We love good food too. Can you suggest some towns or cities to stay in where we have access to good day hiking as well as good beaches and good food?

    1. Author

      Hi Cathrine!

      I’d say definitely the Golfo di Orosei area is perfect for you, you can hike to Cala Goloritze’ and enjoy one of the best beaches in the world and also explore the typical villages of Baunei, Orosei and Tortoli’, as well as hike on the Gennargentu Mountain. That area is simply spectacular!
      For the food, you can try any local restaurant in Orosei, and ask for Spaghetti alla Bottarga, some Antipasti with typical cheese and salami and the famous maialetto arrosto! (Roasted pork), as a dessert, you can’t miss the Seadas, Pardulas and some other typical Sardinian pasticcini!

  24. Hi Clelia,

    Our 1st trip to Sardinia is in May …or at least we hope so ….:) My boyfriend is a passionate swimmer /almost a merman lol / and he can’t stand “just” watching the crystal clear see, so now we try to find out if the water temperature in May is suitable for swimming!?
    We read all your sections/info about Sardinia and considering we both love the silky sand beach – La Cinta and San Teodoro region should be the perfect choice…. Please recommend us some place to stay /what city or small village anything/. If this was your last trip to Sardinia what would be the nicest place you’d like to visit again 🙂
    Just need your exclusive recommendations for PERFECT BEACH – ROMANTIC NIGHT OUTS – A LOT OF FUN !
    We plan this trip to be a terrific one and we’ll appreciate it enormously if you help us a bit 🙂 Thanks a million 🙂

    1. Author

      Ah Geri!!

      I was seriously smiling and nodding when reading your message as I’m EXACTLY as your boyfriend. I can’t stand the idea of staying on the beach and laying down the whole day. I usually spend 90% of the time either swimming, snorkeling or anything that includes me being in the water!

      Regarding the temperature of the water…if you’re going at the end of May, it should be OK to swim (and consider that I am very sensitive to the temperature of the water!). Usually, the Mediterranean sea is not that hot, not even in August, BUT it’s not comparable with the cold waters facing the Ocean! Once you’re in, the body will get used to it and you won’t feel cold anymore.

      If you are looking for fun and a romantic atmosphere, I’d recommend San Teodoro, even if in May it will be probably more quite party-wise, as it’s still low season. For the accommodation, I just recently updated my Sardinia article, I included boxes with suggestions for relatively cheap accommodation and the average prices. You can check it out and see what you prefer!

      As for your question about if I could only go back to Sardinia one last time, wow…that’s a difficult one. Probably I’d say the Whole Golfo di Orosei Area, because it’s more wild, but all the beaches I included in the list are jaw dropping! 🙂

  25. Hi! First trip to Sardinia in july- yipppi..!! So excited. I know you are not finnished yet with your site for family trips, but I hope you don’t mindre me asking: Would you be able to recommand a place to stay for me, my housband and our little toddler, she will be 1,5 years at the time..? We read about all the different beaches and parts of Sardinia but we don’t get any smarter… 🙂 it’s a ten days stay, and we are open to travelling a bit around with one longer stay. We are travelling from Norway and arrive at Olbia. What we want is a modern or charming accomodation, good local food available nearby, a pool suitable for families and walking distance to a charming beach 🙂 relaxing, swimming and eating great Italian food is what our little family hope for! Internet and tv is a must as we will stay home at night, and a nearby restaurant so we can pop out and bring it back with us.. Thank you for a great page.

    1. Author

      Hi Signe!

      Thanks for your comment, first one here 🙂 Before I try to help you out, what kind of budget are you willing to spend? as there are fantastic places I could recommend but I first need to know the maximum you can spend per day! Thanks again for stopping by!

      1. Hi again! We want to try to find something under or around 100 Euro pr night.. A small apartment or studio with a terrace or balcony nearby the sea would be just the thing! Thank you so much for taking the time reply!

        1. Author

          Hi Signe

          So sorry it took me that long to reply, but I was actually updating the post on the best Sardinia beaches: to actually help people in finding the right accommodation for them. It took me forever to check out the best places (recommended by friends or at least with great reviews), and I showcase 3 of the best I could find for each beach (including the average price and the main points). I included some nice options but I noticed that the best deals will go very soon, especially in July!

          My advice is, have a look at it, click on the links and if you don’t find my suggestions suitable for you, just search the website as they offer many other options!

          I know that choosing the right accommodation can be quite difficult, but I’m sure you’ll find the one perfect for you! 🙂

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