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Koenraad Van den bossche

Dear,Clelia, very much interested to see the details of Itinerary #8 | SARDINIA EAST COAST (can’t open them or were not filled in yet] We booked in the 2 places you were describing.for end of October. Very inspiring Website & info .
Ciao (Worldtraveller) Koenraad


Hi! We (me, my husband, and our 4 year old son) are planning our first every trip to Sardinia. We only have a week and are flying in and out of Olbia. I really really nice some advice on my itinerary. What we’re hoping to get out of the trip is to enjoy beautiful beaches and nature, visit some cute town with charm and character. Avoid super crowded mass tourism places if at all possible and just have an enjoyable family trip where I guess we combine beach, culture, nice food and getting a true taste of Sardinia. My initial… Read more »


Hello Clelia, Great website, so informative. I am so overloaded with info as I have only just booked my flights for a big European trip for 3 mths! Can I please just ask a couple of questions? Family of 4 from Australia (inc 2 boys 7 & 10) We love beautiful beaches, bike riding, hiking, eating great food. We are looking at travelling to Sardinia for 2-3 weeks…in a few weeks (yes, you read that correctly) beginning of June. We will have a car, catching a car ferry from Rome region. We would love to stay near an authentic village… Read more »

mandy riches

Hi Literally just stumbled across your amazing site, so wonderful to have real knowledge from a local. Sardinia was recommended by some lovely Italian guys we met in London and scribbled down a few places for us – San Teodro or Villasimius. Now trying to decipher between the two options and any your opinion wold be greatly appreciated. It is my husbands 40th, we only from the 2-5th May. Not long enough really? but it will be kid free and as we live in a city would love hanging out together else where. Once upon a time we travelled a… Read more »



What a great blog! Am hoping you can help me with some advice…..we’re looking at going to Sardinia in September and are looking for good surfing sites. Can you advise? Also, any good accommodation nearby. We’re looking at flying into Olbia at the moment as the flights are significantly cheaper.

Thanks in advance for any help!!

Simon B

Hi Clelia Great site really enjoying all your handwork and passion. We are looking forward to visiting Sardinia for the first 12 days in June as a family of 4 ( Mum, Dad a 9 year old boy and a 6 year old princess). We fly into Olbia and wondered where you would recommend, we would consider staying at 2 locations. As a family we love the beach and my son really got into snorkelling last year whilst we holidayed in Corsica spending 5 days on the west coast then 5 days on the east and that worked really well.… Read more »


hi im looking to come sardinia in early july with my boyfriend. where is best to stay? somewhere with a nice beach and some nightlife (restaurants/bars/nice sights for walks in the evening).


Hi, I emailed you months ago and sent you a request to hire you and a. you never answered my questions and took it off your website and b. you never sent me an answer regarding my request to hire you for some personalized travel info. I am glad you are doing so well, but I think you should not take people’s questions down and should not advertise that a person can hire you if you can’t. I don’t think that is “putting your readers first”. Thank you.


Hi Clelia

I am planning an 8 day trip to Sardinia in late September/October. I will be travelling on my own and I really am just looking for great beaches, walks/hikes and restaurants. I don’t want to hire a car so I will need to rely on buses. What areas do you recommend I visit?

Pilar Benito

Hi Clelia! we are organising our family summer holidays to Sardinia for the second week of August. We will be travelling with our kid and would like quiet places, beautiful beaches (not crowded if possible), restaurants and some bars to have a quiet drink…family holidays! I jumped into your blog a couple of days ago and it’s amazing the useful info you provide. thanks!!! but…the most info we read the most doubts we have. I cannot chose an area to stay for the whole week. Cala Gonnone area? south? north west? the only thing I have very clear is that… Read more »


Hello Mattana I just wanna consult you for how good is my idea??? We are arriving on Sardinia this August and we have plan to spend 15 days there. So our plan is to stay 6 days in Cagliari and after day we want to move up to the island. Judging from your comments and posts on your blog I cant decide witch place is better for us. Actually we are three girls (26 old) and we dont want just to be on the beach all day long, we want place for fun, too. Maybe one day on a boat… Read more »


Hey Clelia!! Thank you for your amazing blog!
I’ll travelling with my husband next week for our honeymoon to Italy, and we will be spending 4 days in Olbia (we are arriving from Rome by plane). I would like your advice about beaches in the area, and how to reach them. we’re planning on spending 2 days on the beach and 2 other days to discover the city. we booked a hotel in Olbia, so we will be going back to Olbia every night.
thank you for your time and help.


Hi, as I see, you have a big knowledge of Sardinia, maybe you know, are there some cliffs around villasimius you can jump into water? I will be in Villasimius all week, and I’m looking for some rocks 🙂

[…] always a solution to everything. In this specific case, the best decision you will ever make is to visit Sardinia during low season. In this post, I will give you 5 excellent reasons which will make you want to […]


Hi Clelia! I stumbled upon your blog and site and it is one of the best on the Web! Thank you so much for putting so much passion into this and sharing it with travelers from all around the globe! My husband and I are planning on visiting Sardinia either during the second or third week of September (we also would like to go and visit the Amalfi Coast and are still confirming the details). We are thinking about staying in Sardinia for about 5-6 nights but we have no idea of where to go (there are just too many… Read more »

Michael Hare

Dear Clelia I stumbled across your blog when researching tips on travel to Sardinia. Your wonderful comments and obvious love for your home country have prompted me to respond in my first ever “blog”…….obviously I’m over 50!!! My wife and I (Australians) enjoyed a wonderful week in Sardinia a year ago, late May, flying into Caligari (I night) and driving up though Oristano, Tharros, lunch bought in Oristano and eaten on Is Aruttus beach and to Bosa (1 night )across through bandit country via Nuoro, Orgisolo seeing the painted street murals and for a short walk in Valle di Lanaitho… Read more »


Greeeat site!
Me, baby, 2 y-old daughter and husband are visiting Sardegna in sept. for 10 days.

We will fly to Olbia. Is there near something to spend next 3 days? Then I would go to agriturism. But first near Olbia, ith nature and so, i dont wanna go wild the first day.

What do you suggest?



Hey there, Great site! So nice to have a local’s point of view. I’m flying into Alghero at the beginning of June and flying back out a week later. I’m a little torn about where I should go and base myself, or maybe I should try to stay in a couple of different cities. I definitely need/want beach time. I’ll be traveling alone, 31, looking to relax and be a little social, meet new people and do a few activities. I won’t be by car (that’s a bit of a drag I know). A friend highly recommended staying in Stintino… Read more »


Dear Clelia I have read all of the information you have posted about Sardinia and it is really informative. I am about to book flights to Sardinia for the beginning of June ( yes I know we’re leaving it a bit late!). We are a couple in our 50s and we love to explore new places. Looking for lovely scenery, good beaches ( though more to look at that than for water sports!), interesting old towns etc. We don’t have a lot of spare cash so are hoping for cheap accommodation. I want to see a lot of the island… Read more »


Hi, Congrats for your beautiful site. Its really helpful. I will go at the 1st week of August in Sardinia with my friend, to spend 6 days. We are planning to rent a car from the airport. I am landing in Alghero airport and I need your advice for the following: – Is it worthy to stay 2 nights in Alghero or to go directly to another place? Any good beaches around? – Then I am thinking to move on to Porto Cervo for 3 nights. Any exciting recommendations there? Do you think my plan is good or I need… Read more »


I am so glad that I have found your website!! I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of information on the internet but have found your site very informative. I am due to travel to Sardinia mid July for a week but I am struggling trying to find a resort/area to stay in. I am 22 years old and travelling by myself and need somewhere that is close to beaches and a town (within a mile range). I am able to fly to any airport and have looked at Chia, Cagliari, Costa Smeralda, Santa Margherita Pula, Villasimis and Baia. Any… Read more »

Hi, I like your informative blog and beautiful photos! I see from some of the previous posts for people wanting beaches and food, you have recommended the Golfo di Orosei area. Do you have a particular town you would recommend to stay? I like the look of Orosei, but also Cala Gonone looks great as well due to the town being on the beach. Is the town there quite at Cala Gonone small though? Baunei looks nice too. Do you have any recommendations which differentiates the villages? Ideally, we want somewhere that is walking distance to a town with restaurants… Read more »


My husband will be visiting Sardinia for the last week in September and the first week in October. We loved reading about the beautiful beaches on your website (great photos). We love beaches but, we also love to hike. We love good food too. Can you suggest some towns or cities to stay in where we have access to good day hiking as well as good beaches and good food?


Hi Clelia, Our 1st trip to Sardinia is in May …or at least we hope so ….:) My boyfriend is a passionate swimmer /almost a merman lol / and he can’t stand “just” watching the crystal clear see, so now we try to find out if the water temperature in May is suitable for swimming!? We read all your sections/info about Sardinia and considering we both love the silky sand beach – La Cinta and San Teodoro region should be the perfect choice…. Please recommend us some place to stay /what city or small village anything/. If this was your… Read more »


Hi! First trip to Sardinia in july- yipppi..!! So excited. I know you are not finnished yet with your site for family trips, but I hope you don’t mindre me asking: Would you be able to recommand a place to stay for me, my housband and our little toddler, she will be 1,5 years at the time..? We read about all the different beaches and parts of Sardinia but we don’t get any smarter… 🙂 it’s a ten days stay, and we are open to travelling a bit around with one longer stay. We are travelling from Norway and arrive… Read more »