From the Uk to Spain By Ferry. My next Travel Plan?


My Mission: Uk to Spain by Ferry!

I can imagine your face whilst reading the headline: You are probably shaking your head. “Here she goes again!” Traveling from the Uk to Spain only by car and ferry? Another of her crazy ideas!

On the boat at sunset. Picture owned by Clelia Mattana. All rights reserved.
On the boat at sunset.
Picture owned by Clelia Mattana. All rights reserved.

Well, why shouldn’t I?

Ten days ago, I went back to Europe from Asia, and I already feel trapped, even in my beautiful Sardinia. Being a traveler, this is not enough anymore. I need to move to be happy. Even if only for a couple of weeks before going back to work.

Where did I get the idea of a journey from the Uk to Spain by ferry and train?

  • THE PASSION FACTOR: First of all, people who know me well are fully aware that  I LOVE boats and ferries. Since I’m back in Europe, my friends in the UK are asking me non-stop to visit them, and I also love Spain. Not to mention that I  need to practice all those perfect Spanish sentences I’ve learned on the road, right? Perfect combination!

  • THE ADVENTURE FACTOR:  It is more adventurous to get on a boat/ferry than a boring plane and cheaper! Or maybe it simply reminds me of my teenage years of freedom, looking at the sunset on a deck and dreaming of faraway places.

The ferry is the most romantic way of transport for me. It’s an alternative travel experience, and most importantly, taking the ferry is the only way to bring your car with you without the hassle of renting one. A win-win situation for a different approach to your holidays!

That said, I’m still in the dreaming process here. But when I start dreaming, I also start the research process to see whether it’s feasible and check all the possible combinations to reach my destination.

So let’s start dreaming with my Itinerary for this amazing ferry/road trip! 

Plus: I will tell you step by step how I can make it possible



Sardinia ——>London (by plane)——-> Poole(by train)——–>Ferry to Gijon——–> Madrid (either by car or Train, bus or whatever vehicle I find available!)

How long is the journey going to take?

I researched online to see the best options, including the flight, the train to Poole, the ferry, and the road trip to Madrid. I calculated around two days.

The Ferry is the way of transport that will take most of my time (25 hours), but this is the best part, together with the road trip to Madrid.

The aim of this slow journey is reaching my final destination by enjoying everything in between, so being on a boat for a long time is something I am looking forward to.

The ferries covering these routes are usually fully equipped with restaurants, bars and shops. They also have lounges and cabins with beds to relax and enjoy the full journey.

I took so many ferries from Sardinia to mainland Italy, and I can define myself as an expert :). I loved staying outside on the deck, just reading a book, watching the sunset and the sunrise, or simply staring at the horizon and relaxing. These are the moments where I feel free: The wind on my face and an endless horizon in front of me!

How much will the journey cost me?

Before embarking (literally in this case) on this adventure, I had to check all the expenses involved, as the transportation costs are the ones that will influence my budget the most. I have friends in the UK and Spain, so the accommodation is not a real problem.


Thanks to the low-cost airlines, I will pay around 30£ from Sardinia to London. I always check the flights on Skyscanner.


I need to consider the cost of the train from London to Poole, which is around 14£. I went to my old faithful Trainline website to look at what companies operate from and to London and the prices. Feasible! Phewww 🙂

I also needed to calculate the cost from Gijon to Madrid, and below I found all the details on what to expect in terms of prices. Since I’m feeling adventurous, I think I will go for the ride (I have contacts in Spain, so it shouldn’t be too difficult).

from the uk to spain by boat, cheap ferries from the uk to spain, from gijon to madrid by train or by car

Looking at the map, I decided I wanted to make a quick stop in Oviedo.

What’s in Oviedo?? Call me sentimental, but I loved the movie Vicky Cristina Barcellona,” where Javier Bardem invited Scarlett Johanson to spend a romantic weekend in Oviedo.

From what I saw in the movie, I found it so fascinating that now I want to see it for myself. Being this a road adventure, I thought.. why not? I love stopping in small villages and looking around anyway; this is the perfect opportunity!


This was one of my main concerns as I know that the cost is pretty expensive for the Sardinia ferries. I looked online to find the best deals from Sardinia to Spain and some cheap ferries companies that operate on those routes.

To my surprise I found one that offers one-way tickets starting from 47£. Not bad at all. I compared that to the Italian ones and they are 20-30% cheaper, depending on the route, type of vehicle embarked and type of cabin.

 Recap of the expenses:

Below is a quick summary of the average cost for my ideal trip from the UK to Spain, only taking one plane, train, ferry, and car.

Flight: 30£ + Train 14£+ Ferry 47£+ car 25£ = GRAND TOTAL 116 £.

Not bad, huh? I am seriously considering the idea of this trip. Shame on me. I always wanted to discover a bit more of Spain (I never made it to Madrid) and take this opportunity to visit my dear friends in London.

Edit 2022: I did finally make it to the capital of Spain: Madrid 🙂

I am also pondering other European trips, but I have so much work to do, and so much material to write about my beloved Philippines that I doubt I will have much time to do anything more than this.

But I’m obsessed with boats, ferries, and road trips. Since I’m back from Asia, I’m missing all this.

The first few days back home, sleeping in a comfortable bed is a real blessing, but after a while, my travel bug starts screaming inside me again, and I can’t say no to the call of the wild, can I?

What do you think about this little crazy Idea? Would you do something similar to explore Europe without spending a fortune?

But most importantly…Have you ever heard of a Spanish place called OVIEDO??? 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I have been twice to Oviedo, it is a pretty nice little town in the north. Don’t expect to find the Spanish cliche (movida, parties, flamenco, sangria, …) and you will love it!

    1. Thanks Giulia! Don’t worry I never have too many expectation about a place. Just give me a quiet relaxing place, good company and good weather and I’m happy.

  2. This is an awesome idea! I’m surprised at the cost too, it’s much cheaper than I would’ve expected for a journey like that. Will interesting to see how it pans out if you go ahead with it!

    1. Thanks Nick! I know right? It’s not that expensive and honestly, if you count the hours you need to be at the airports for the check in and all, if i can …I’d rather take a fantastic road trip 🙂

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