Food is an important part of exploring a country’s culture and it is a great way to indulge and relax. Sitting down to a meal after spending your day exploring is one of the greatest things about traveling. Keep your eyes peeled for places that are really busy and frequented by locals for the best meals.

1 |Malaysia


Malaysia is a great stop for people who want to explore Asian flavors. The food here is a blend of Malay, Indian, and Chinese and it is simply delicious. You can sample food at street stalls or at outdoor pubs and restaurants.

Make sure that you try Bak kut teh, a wonderful slow-cooked pork soup, Char kway teow, a popular dish with wide flat noodles, Satay, freshly grilled meat on a stick, and Curry Mee, a spicy curry soup with vermicelli noodles, egg, coconut milk, mint leaves and your choice of tofu, chicken, prawns or cuttlefish.

2 |Dubai


If you love dining at multi-continental buffets, then a holiday to Dubai will be perfect for you! The food of Dubai is truly multicultural and you can find food from all over the world.

Chefs from all over the world have opened fabulous restaurants in this city. Be sure to try the snacks at the street stalls, stop at a pub for a hearty meal, and give fine dining a try in a 7-star hotel.

3 | Spain


Spain is a fabulous place for food lovers and the flavors you can experience vary from region to region. Make sure that you try churros (deep fried dough with sugar) and ensaimada pastries for a great start to your day.

If you are in the western area of the country make sure you try Tostas de tomate y jamón, a pork dish expertly cooked with the meat of pigs that have a main diet of acorns.

Tapas is really popular so make sure that you try favorites like Gambas al ajillo (a prawn dish), and Patatas bravas, a fried potato dish with a spicy tomato sauce. Here are some great ideas for food and wine holidays in Spain.

4 |Italy


Italy is known for pizza, pasta, cheese, cured meats, gelato, and fabulous locally made wine. The specialties will vary in different regions so do some research beforehand. In the Tuscany region, you can visit local farms and taste the best food in the neighborhood.

The local farmers work together offering up the best in locally raised meat, fresh seafood, fresh produce, wild mushrooms, cheese, and wine.

You can also enroll for cooking lessons and learn new cooking techniques, or you could go on a specific Italy food tour, where you can really embrace the culture of the area by learning about the history of the local food and most importantly by sampling it. If you love carbonara, you have to visit Rome!

5 | Greece


Greek food is popular all over the world and it is often described as a blend of Italian and Turkish food. Nuts, Seeds, Olive Oil, Oregano, Basil, and garlic are traditional ingredients that are expertly added to freshly caught seafood, locally raised meat, and fresh local produce.

There are fabulous dips available like Taramosalata, and Tzatziki that are fantastic with Pita bread. Spanokapita is a filo-wrapped pastry filled with spinach, spices, and cheese that will melt in your mouth.

Greece is also known for its cheese so be sure to sample the salty cheeses that are made from goat’s milk and sheep’s milk like Feta, Myzythra, and Graviera. The people of Greece have been making wine for 6,500 years so be sure to try some of the local specialties.

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