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I don’t particularly like possessions, but when it comes to my passions  I simply buy what I need and love. If you are curious to know what I use, check out this page! 



I’ll be honest: I spent a lot of money on my photo and electronic gear, but it was well worth the investment. Sometimes buying cheaper means it also last less and you end up spending more in the long run. 

Hp Elite x2 Laptop


When I first saw this super light laptop I knew this was it! It fit basically everywhere on my carry on luggage and turns into a tablet in a second. The quality of the images and the colors are incredible. It is also fast for editing pictures and videos which make it for the perfect travel laptop. Never going back!

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ASUS Zenfone 5 Z

I checked out 3 models (Zenfone zoom, Max and Deluxe) and they are all great for photography, so great that when I had to decide which pictures I wanted to print for an exhibition… two of them were taken with the Zenfone! Why? They have the same settings as a DSLR giving me a lot more control on the effects I want to get. And it’s super easy to figure all the function out. Highly recommended!

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Talking about love at first sight! I tried to resist the urge to buy it, but I had to surrender. Tell you that I love it is an understatement. If you want professional quality video and you still don’t have a wide-angle lens, the GoPro is for you! Check my first video of El Nido, made entirely with my shiny new GoPro!

My Video!



Finally, after months of careful consideration, I upgraded to my dream Full Frame camera! It was more pricey but definitely worth it. The settings are very similar to my previous one so it wasn’t difficult to learn how to use my new baby. I brought it in Africa and I couldn’t be happier! Sharp images and great colors.

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CANON 16-35mm 2,8 Wide Lens

This was the most expensive lens I’ve ever bought but, oh my.. was it worth it? YES!!! It takes amazing wide shots, great for night photography as well. I’m testing it for the milky way but I still need to get the right settings 🙂 (give me some time!) Best purchase ever. Worth every penny. I’m in love, full stop.

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TAMRON 70-300 Zoom

When I finalized my African Trip, I had just switched to my Canon 6D and I was in need of a good Zoom Lense, (considering how much I spent on my Wide angle lens!), This was just perfect! Not too pricey but it took some amazing shot from very far away! The leopard you see in the picture was more than 1 kilometer away from our vehicle. 

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When I started traveling the world I couldn’t afford to buy the most expensive photo gear, and I also needed to learn how to use the manual settings on a proper DSLR. I have learned a lot and also took some great shot.

The entry levels are great if you have a point and shoot camera and want to take the next step towards great pictures! I kept this equipment for more than 4 years and it gave me great satisfactions!


CANON EOS Rebel T2 ( 550 in Europe)

My little baby! I love this camera. It’s perfect for beginners/intermediate photographers and my only recommendation is to buy the body separate from the lenses as the one provided is quite average. I bought mine in NY and it is called “Rebel t2” But it’s basically the same as the 550D in Europe! Not sure why they changed the name… Still, both versions work like a charm!

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CANON 10-22mm Wide Angle

This was my latest purchase before switching to a full frame camera. Excellent lens for wide angle shots, not super expensive (well…not like my new one so to speak!) but the results for this price were truly remarkable! I was really impressed by the pictures I was able to take. Highly recommended if you have an entry DSLR.

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TAMRON ZOOM LENS 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6

If you have to choose a separate lens for your camera, this is THE one: From landscapes to zooming in and portraits, it covers everything you need! The quality is excellent and very practical to carry around if you don’t want the hassle to change lenses on the go. I bought it online from Amazon together with the camera body and a second lens (details below). LOVE IT!

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CANON 50mm 1.8

Such a cheap and brilliant lens! It’s perfect for portraits and for pictures of details where you want the main subject to stand out by having the background completely blurred (also called depth of field). It takes very sharp and high-quality pictures. The only downside is that the lens is fixed (it means that it doesn’t zoom in or out) but other than that is awesome! If you want to know a bit more about tips on photography, check out my article!

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