Traveling in an RV to unknown terrains is exciting. You enjoy the outdoor scenery, spend quality time with nature and escape your boring daily routine. The best part, if you have a family, all of you can stay in one place and strengthen your bonding. 

However, a significant benefit of an RV is that it provides you with a kitchen. No doubt cooking is a necessity on your trip. You cannot keep on eating from diners or fast food joints. There should be some healthy options to keep you fit. It also helps you save money. 

Cooking in your kitchen is much less expensive than dining out. Therefore, meal planning is essential before going on any trip. The better the planning, the lesser the stress you experience. Here are some easy tips to make your trip worthwhile and memorable.  

Create a Menu in Advance 


No matter what the size of your trailer might be, there will be a kitchen that will accommodate all your cooking needs.

So make a menu to help you decide what to cook every day. It can be confusing to come up with ideas at the last moment, and you might not find the necessary ingredients. 

Having a menu is always better. You can fill your pantry with relevant ingredients and tools in advance.

For example, you plan on cooking pasta or chicken, or meat for a few days. Depending on your need, you can buy it and freeze it or store it in abundance. That way, you won’t have to spend time finding it while on your trip. 

Whether you have the Forest River Rockwood Mini Lite or any massive-size trailer, you can cook all kinds of meals in one place. All you need to do is look at your menu plan and start cooking.

Search for RV and Camping Based Meals 

There are several dishes dedicated to every occasion. Just like you can find Christmas and thanksgiving dishes, there are meals appropriate for camping experiences. If you plan to travel in an RV to the countryside or a far-fetched area, start looking for relevant recipes. 

For example, you could search for meals cooked over a campfire. From breakfast to main dishes and desserts, there are numerous options to consider. 

When you choose appropriate meals, you will find the cooking process manageable. Someone who picks gourmet meals to cook in their RV will find it challenging. Instead of this, pick delicious but easy-to-cook dishes. 

Once you find camping-based meal options, you could write them down on your menu. 

Get Familiar with Your Kitchen 

RV kitchens are different than kitchens in homes. So, get familiar with the new kitchen as soon as possible. Don’t wait till your trip starts. Learn to operate appliances beforehand. 

Sometimes, you need to make adjustments in RV kitchens. If you don’t explore the area in advance, you won’t be able to make meals easily.

So make changes according to your habits. A sense of familiarity will make your cooking experience enjoyable and help you prepare mind-blowing meals. 

Problems like stove setting issues or faulty fryers are not fixable at the last moment. Once you set on your journey, you will have to survive in whatever conditions present. 

Pack Electronic Gadgets and Cooking Tools  

Cooking is impossible without the correct vessels and tools. So, don’t forget to pack all the necessary cooking vessels, dinnerware, and utensils. However, don’t go overboard. 

Some things that will help you during your trip are air fryers, instant pots, slow cookers, and ovens. These vessels help prepare healthy meals in shorter spans.

Whether you need to cook a breakfast meal or prepare dinner options, you can do it with these four items. 

Similarly, if you and your family are coffee lovers, having a coffeemaker is a must. Your RV can power several electrical devices, so put it to good use. 

Lastly, don’t forget to pack essentials like plates, cups, and cutlery. You can’t serve your family their meals in cooking pots (like in the photo above 🙂 )

Believe in Batch Preparation


Another way to avoid stress is to prepare batches for the week ahead. That means you prepare all the ingredients needed to prepare a meal. It could be something as minor as chopping garlic to marinate your meat. 

The only important thing is to prepare batches that last the entire trip. If you plan a one-week trip, cut ad freeze vegetables accordingly. 

When half of your work is complete, all you need to do is toss ingredients in a pan. It saves your time, and you can indulge in more fun-filled activities. 

Plan to Use Leftover Ingredients 

RV meal planning is incomplete without the use of leftover ingredients. That way, you save on cost and need lesser storage space. 

However, that doesn’t mean you will need to eat the same thing again and again. No, you can prepare several dishes using the same ingredients. Such as using chicken leftovers from one meal for a salad or a wrap. 

All these steps help control food wastage as well. So, don’t forget to include leftovers in your plans!

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