Dreams Can Become Reality

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DISCLAIMER:This is an old post, when I still used my blog as a “Journal”. I’m currently reviewing the oldest posts and editing them for Spelling/Grammar/Style mistakes.

It’s nice to wake up one morning, at 35  and realize that you not only are still have big dreams, but that you are also able to fulfill them!

After 5 years here in UK, and many amazing memories and challenges, the world is calling me once again.
I think my call in life has always been traveling and discovering new places and cultures.

This is what keeps me alive inside and make my heart beat faster and the adrenaline run into my veins.

Some people are meant to put their roots somewhere, while others are meant to fly. I’m in the second group. No matter how many times I tried to settle down in one place, after a while I feel the call from the unknown again.

So here I am, organizing the trip I’ve always dreamed of when I was young: a backpack, just a few things for survival on my backpack and a big smile on my face.

I will be heading to South east Asia for at least 7/8 months, but depending on the circumstances maybe more, who knows?

I’ll be leaving in 6 months, so I still have time to plan the trip properly and to save the money I need.

It’s scary to leave everything behind: a job, a house and my friends for the unknown, but it is also very exciting and after one catastrophic year I’m strong enough again to make it happen!

I’m in the process of creating a travel blog, selling my stuff, and moving in with a friend to save the money of the rent.

I already started my vaccinations and I’m looking up online to find out how to properly plan the trip.

My friends are helping me by buying my stuff ( thanks Nish!) and giving me some very good and wise advice.

My “plan” is to visit :

  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Laos
  • Cambodia where I’ll try to volunteer for the homeless children in a community centre.
  • The Philippines
  • Indonesia  (depending on the budget I have left)
  • Nepal
  • Tibet
  • India

I cant wait to cut my connections with the western world and dive into the eastern culture. There is nothing more in life than really live it regardless on what society wants me to be according to their standards. Screw the standards!

Everybody expect a woman of 35 to settled down, be married with kids and with a steady job. There is nothing wrong with that. But it doesn’t suit everybody. Certainly not me. After turning down a marriage proposal and ended 2 important relationship lasted for years, I realized that maybe I’m not cut for the traditional family life.

So here I am, dreaming over some random You Tube video of distant places…It’s not going to be an holiday, but a life experience that will change me for ever. I’m getting ready for tough times, big smiles and countless adventures!

My only concern is, coming from Sardinia….will I find  any beach that can compare with the ones on my beautiful Island? The challenge is officially open!

I feel SO ALIVE! I cant wait to be packed on that plane for 20 hours!

Wish me luck! and remember: whatever your life is, never stop dreaming and never think that your dreams can’t became true. Seriously. If you want something really badly, you will find the way to make it happen!

Cheers! 🙂

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woh woh, you are travel girl, Have you ever visit any country out of the list,


Mi fai sognare!!!


You’ve come up with a brilliant idea.. Everything will be ok 🙂 and you will probably enjoy it here.. Best of luck! 🙂

Aaa you can’t beat sardinia beaches – they are absolutely beautiful! good luck with your travels ill be reading 🙂